Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Political Hustlers Take Empire State Down

Breaking News Obama: 'We will make BP pay' (Wash Post)

Political Hustlers Take Empire State Down

New York used to me known as the leader in finance, fashion and most other fields. Now we are known as a state hopelessly lead by a corrupt and dysfunctional Albany. A state help hostage by political operatives who discuss everyone. Who take the state budget crisis and me it a media event for themselves. State $till open (just) (NYP) * Fantasy budgeting (NYP ED) * Bipartisanship Saves NY Government, But GOP Furious - wcbstv.com * Another Emergency Bill Averts Albany Shutdown * New York Passes Budget, Avoids Shutdown * Lawmakers avert shutdown by approving Paterson's plan (DN) * Ragusa said he “warned the Bloomberg people not to go with this guy.” * Bloomberg scolded the press for pressing him on the Haggerty case. * The money given to John Haggerty Jr. came from the mayor's personal funds, not his campaign account. * Albany Lawmakers Approve Extender Bill, Avoid Shutdown (NY1) * State government shutdown averted, and Gov. Paterson says he'll decide by tomorrow what to do about controversial education cuts

No Albany Shutdown . . . The Media and Pols who Cried Wolf: Not True News
The entire budget shutdown threat is a new way for the pols to get their names in the news. The real work is being done behind closed doors like the attempt to loot the state's pensions. The media enablers epically TV make the shut down the story not the state weak economy which cannot support its spending habits. * On Thursday June 10 True News said Government Shutdown No Way: No High Noon in Albany On June 13 True News said The Media Makes Fiction Out of the Budget

Political Parties 4 Sale
Operative Charged With Duping Bloomberg A Queens political operative was indicted on charges that he stole $1.1 million from Mayor Bloomberg by tricking the city's chief executive and his aides into paying for work he never performed. (WSJ) * GOP Operative Pleads Not Guilty To Stealing From Bloomberg Campaign (NY1)* Independence Party Chair Frank MacKay declined to comment to the Daily News.

* Hizzoner 'bilked' by bud (NYP) * Haggerty the 'Weird' guy of the city GOP scene (NYP) * Bloomberg Scolds Reporters Again (NYT) * Paladino stands by his man (NYP) * Ragusa said he “warned the Bloomberg people not to go with this guy.” * If the case goes to trial, it could be embarrassing to the mayor, revealing how he uses his vast wealth to his own political benefit* If the case goes to trial, it could be embarrassing to the mayor, revealing how he uses his vast wealth to his own political benefit * Bloomberg's "personal" donation - Maggie Haberman - POLITICO.com *Andrew Cuomo Takes "We'll See" Approach To Indy Party Probe * Bloomberg and the Not-So-Independent Independence Party Gabe Pressman
NBC New York

Twitter Joseph Mercurio Now we know why Bloomberg's GOTV ops were so lame and panicky at the end, $1.1 million was missing in action, about 1% of the total campaign budget, a very big chunk of the get out the vote effort

New York's Political Parties Criminal Epidemic
Liberal Party Former Liberal Party Official Pleads Guilty - City Room Blog The former head of the state Liberal party pleaded guilty Tuesday to taking $800,000 in pay-to-play fees in the state pension fund scandal in exchange for selling the Liberal Party ballot line. Working Familes Party Working Families Party Documents Subpoenaed - NYTimes.com Accusations that the party’s for-profit arm, Data and Field Services — which provides staff members to knock on doors, call potential voters and hand out campaign fliers — was charging significantly lower fees than is usual for such services. Independence Party Independence Party's Lawyer Is Ordered to TestifyRepublican party G.O.P. Consultant Accused of Stealing Campaign Money Democratic Party Breaking News: Clarence Norman convicted on all 4 counts * * Rep. Joe Crowley is among lawmakers being scrutinized as part of a wide-ranging House ethics probe of fundraising. * Ethics officials want to know whether lobbyists' donations swayed House members' votes on the controversial health care reform bill, including Rep. Joe Crowley.

True News Has Been Reporting That the Parties Ballot Lines are for Sale
Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (True News) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again (True News) *

Election 2010 Barron Says He's Running to Protest Cuomo (NYT) * Siena Poll: Dems’ Leads Are Slipping, But Still Way Ahead Of GOP (YNN) * Black NYC councilman to challenge Cuomo for gov. * Independent voters are moving away from Democrats and into the “undecided” column, a Siena poll found. * The Godawful Opposition Party: N.Y. Republicans are letting Democrats win by default * Cuomo Sticking With Indys * Dinallo: Give AG Jurisdiction Over Elex Law, Camp Finance Cases * Kerry Kennedy called Pedro Espada Jr. a "stand-up guy."

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli was for pension fund borrowing before he was against it

If you wonder why

Comptroller Backflips on Pension Borrowing (NYT)

Read True News
No Strings Pension Funds 2010 Vs 70s Strings (True News)

Breaking News: BP Pension $$$
BP's oil spill springs leak in NYC pension funds British Petroleum stocks have lost about 40% of their value, which resulted in a loss of an estimated $70 million from New York City's pension funds. Separately, public records from last year show New York state pension funds also invested in the oil-firm-in-crisis. As of March 31, 2009, the state's shares of BP stock had dipped in value to about $8.1 billion, down from $12 billion. The Office of the State Comptroller would not comment on more recent numbers since the Gulf oil crisis. (Crains)

New York Economic Meltdown
Talk of Fairway Cafe Closing Prompts Patrons to Mobilize (NYT) * Brooklyn Museum’s Populism Hasn’t Lured Crowds (NYT) * Schools Face Test on Budget Math (WSJ) * Left homeless and rock bottom, student earns college scholarship (DN)* Failed Aetna deal leaves thousands footing hospital bill * The city wants to cut funding to the Samaritans, the group that operates a 24-hour suicide hotline * Proposed Rent Hike Hearing Underway In Queens (NY1)

Public Health
The city's Department of Health will now grade restaurants with on a scale from A to C * City Buys Buffer Land Around Reservoirs
New York Charter Schools Lag in Enrolling Hispanics (NYT)

Terrorism NY Families in 9/11 Financing Case Ask to Have Judge Replaced (NYT)* Trial of Newburgh Men Accused of Terror Plot Delayed (NYT) * Bronx Bomb Plot Trial Delayed (WSJ) *Man busted with sword, pistol on way to kill Bin Laden: cops (DN) * Two detained after trying to enter Fla. base with weapons * California man detained in Pakistan, says he was out to kill Osama bin Laden - NYPOST.com

Law and Order Easy St. for DWI slayer Mom gets 6 months in death of cycling LI teen * 3 Years in Prison for an Ex-NJ Official (NYT) * Geico Alleges Scam in Queens (WSJ) * Student fight promoters post violence on YouTube (DN) * Prison big helped to parole cop killer (DN) * Reputed Genovese capo charged in 1992 murder plot * Central Park Serious Crime Up 52% This Year * Drug violence in Mexico on rise (Wash Post)

After Goat Impalement, Weiner Hosts Facebook Caption Contest

Cheap Bus Rides
The Secret History of the Chinatown Bus The cheap curbside bus services that have become a travel fixture between New York and other East Coast cities got started when immigrants wanted to visit their kids at Boston's colleges. (WSJ)

Gambling on Long Island
U.S. Recognizes Long Island Tribe * Hamptons Tribe Recognized; Casino Talks Are Next

Israel Phony friends of Israel Congressional Democrats say they want to defend Israel -- but without taking on Israel's enemies.

The Forgotten American
The Unemployed Held Hostage Desperately needed unemployment benefits have been held up by a tax break for the rich. Congress must act now. (NYT Ed) * Unfazed by RealityFederal help is urgently needed to save jobs threatened by state and local budget cuts. (Herbert, NYT)

Congress An NPR poll showed voters in Democratic districts less inclined to re-elect incumbent House members than in Republican districts.

Oil Leak
Documents Show BP Crew Focused on Costs (WSJ) *How the spill reaction echoes the bungling before and after 9/11 (DN) *A President engulfed: Obama has not shown the leadership the oil spill requires (DN Ed)* Poll: 71% say Obama too soft on BP (Politico) * Oil spill: BP Gulf leak could stain President Obama like Iran hostage crisis destroyed Jimmy Carter PM Update Panel Sharply Raises Estimate of Oil Spilling Into the Gulf

Local TV a T&A Business Note to local reporters: Your not hired for your journalist abilities Tong, other WPIXers suffered from age discrimination: suit (DN)

From True News Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News More Sexy Reporters

An Inconvenient Mistress
. . . Al failed to curb his enthusiasm Twitter Joseph Mercurio OMG "This would be my first-ever Star Magazine pickup (via Helen Kennedy) but the tab-mag claims Al Gore had an affair with Larry David's environental activist ex-wife, with whom he split over the last few years." Maggie Haberman POLITICO

FBI files say Ted Kennedy may have participated in wild "sex parties" with Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra right here in New York, New York. Media and New Tech Piers Morgan to replace Larry King in CNN deal * Shrinking CNN taps Spitzer, Morgan * A Closer Look at Carlos Slim's Fifth Avenue PurchaseMexican billionaire Carlos Slim * Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Assaults Student * Stewart Takes On The Alvin Greene Victory (VIDEO) * Starbucks To Offer FREE Access To Paid Sites (Like WSJ.com) * Three Steps Forward for News Corp. on Digital Front; Murdoch Buys into Steve Brill's Journalism Online * Investigative Reporter Murray Weiss Leaving The New York Post * Good Questions From and About Larry King