Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Washington to NYC: Drop Dead Again?

Washington to NYC
Drop Dead Again?

In the 70's when President Ford told NYC to Drop Dead the democrat congress when to bat for the city and got the loans to get over the city's uncontrolled spending ways at that time. This time many of the leaders of the Democratic Party are supporting the financial reforms that will hurt NYC. Wall Street and the mayor are very upset that NY's representatives are not publicly fighting for the city economic engine.

Don't tear down 'Wall' New bank reforms $lam NY: Mike - costing the middle-class jobs and the city precious tax revenue. (NYP) * Death tax cometh Senate stalemate would hit New Yorkers hard (NYP) * Crushing Wall Street Blanche Lincoln may represent Arkansas in the US Senate -- but given the pain she's trying to inflict on New York's financial sector, she might as well hail from London or Hong Kong.(NYP) * Currency Fall Hits Real Estate The declining value of the euro and the British pound is threatening sales of some New York City residential properties because of the decreased buying power of those currencies. (WSJ) * Yankees' garage system owes city rent (DN) PM Update New York Dems Standing Strong For Wall Street

Bloomberg Also Gets Nothing from Albany
Bloomberg's handgun measure shelved before Albany vote (DN) * Bloomberg “privately ripped into the Senate Republican leadership” as he lobbied for the microstamping bill that was pulled from the floor, Glenn Blain reports * HTC appears to have successfully enlisted the pro-development Bloomberg in its fight against non-union, limited-service hotels in NYC. * Bloomberg Goes After Albany For Lack Of Boldness On Guns (VIDEO) * Bloomberg, Quinn To Albany: Revenue-Sharing Cuts Will Kill Us

Mark Green on Mike Bloomberg

A Model Billionaire: Mayor Mike is the Berlusconi of Our Age (Obsever)

Is this New DA Out to Change Politics in NYC?
Elex board to probe Indies' $$ State Board of Elections is going to scrutinize the filings of the state Independence Party to determine if it tried to hide $133,000 it forwarded to indicted political operative John Haggerty (NYP) * Vance goes after Independence Party as Cuomo waits * Gabe Pressman takes Mayor Bloomberg to task over the Independence Party/Haggerty mess. * Bloomberg’s security detail got a little grabby with The Post’s Fred Dicker yesterday * Could Microstamping Split Bloomberg And Senate GOP? (YNN)

True News Out In Front
On June 6th True News warned that most Albany pols would not have opponents New York's Democracy Disaster
Incumbent Protected, Nobody is Running to Throw Out the Bums Today we learn: Six of the 17 incumbent state legislators from Central New York have no major-party opponent despite widespread dissatisfaction with state government. Many of the other 11 have very weak underfunded long shot challengers.

Update Gov. Paterson: Finish Budget By June 28, Or I'll Do It Myself
Albany Cuts Paterson will release the economic development, prisons and police, and transportation portions of his budget later this week and ask the Legislature to pass them. * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said his house will vote on Paterson’s budget bills.Gov eyes emergency cig-tax hike *Gov. David Paterson suggested public employee layoffs could be accelerated into the current year.

New York's Economic Meltdown And hundreds of angry senior citizens demonstrated against the proposed closure of 50 senior centers * Study Faults School Accountability System (NYT) * Highest-Paid State Pensioner Rakes In $261,037 A Year * NY’s 21st Century housing slump (NY Fiscal Watch) * How Much is Your Ex-Governor’s Pension? * Yankee Stadium Parking Boondoggle Getting Worse Every Day * New York State ranked third-to-last for new housing production between 2000 and 2009 * City Workers Rally Against Proposed Budget Cuts (NY1)

Author of "For It Before I Was Against It"
“Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, is scrambling to explain how he was really for borrowing before he was against borrowing, right after he was for it again, but in a different way,” The Middletown Times Herald-Record says.

Election 2010 NYC Councilman Charles Barron, who says he’s running for governor to protest Cuomo, might call his new party the “Freedom Party.” Barron: Cuomo’s Mississippi on the Hudson

You Need A Study to Know There are Rat in the Subway?
Subway squeak attack Rats have infested multiple subway lines in lower Manhattan and often live right in the station walls, according to a rodent expert overseeing a new approach to battling the pests in the subway system.(NYP) * Study Scours the Subway, Finding Rats Remain Wily (NYT) * City Set to Serve Grades to Eateries The city rolled out its final rules for a system that will require restaurants to post letter grades based on inspection scores beginning in late July.(WSJ) * City declares war on rodent straphangers (DN) * 2-DMB-4-WRDS: Transit Authority's ridiculous war on smut hiding in its signs (DN Ed)

Update BP agrees to $20B fund to pay gulf spill claims (Washington Post)
Can Obama Communicate His Message?
From the Oval Office President Obama pledged to fight the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for as long as it takes. Now he and his team have to follow through. (NYT) * Bam: I have well-oiled spill plan (NYP) * Lack of fury bares O's energy crisis: pundits (NYP)* With Call to Arms, Obama Seeks to Shift Arc of Oil Crisis (NYT) * Estimates of Oil Flow Jump Higher (NYT) * Can The One Drop the Buzzer-Beating No. 23 Act? In the Oval Office, a place usually reserved for addresses on war, the president tries to “seize the moment” and “seize control of our own destiny.” (Dowd, NYT) * BP Chairman Takes the Stage (WSJ) * BP oil spill: Grand Isle residents praise President Obama's speech, but say more needs to be done (DN) * Obama accuses BP of 'reckless' behavior in TV address(DN) * In the wake of his Oval Office speech on the gulf oil spill last night, President Obama is scheduled to meet with BP executives today. * A Louisiana congressman just suggested BP America's president commit ritual suicide. * WATCH: Jon Stewart Critiques Obama For Failed Campaign Promises, Bush-Like Policies

Ravitch TV?
Cut out of the budget negotiations Ravitch is down to a TV show to get his name in the papers. Coming Friday: Richard Ravitch Gets the Ira Glass Treatment This American Life will to air a highly anticipated piece on Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch this week.(WSJ) * Gov eyes emergency cig-tax hike (NYP) * Ravitch: Ask Schwartz Why I’m Not Involved * Dick Ravitch, not in budget talks, told Melissa Russo "All I have is my big mouth and some don't like me using it as much as I do."

U.S. Recognizes an Indian Tribe on Long Island, Clearing the Way for a Casino (NYT) * Long Island Tribe Wins Recognition (WSJ)

City Buys Buffer Land Around Reservoirs

Terrorism NY Newburgh Terrorism Case May Establish a Line for Entrapment (NYT) * Rocky Mountain Rambo grew beard to blend with Taliban (DN) * What's there to hide? Closed meeting in WTC lawsuit is a mistake (DN Ed) *Pakistan psych tests confirm American bin Laden hunter 'not mad' (NYP)

South Sea Seaport Concert Chaos
Drake concert canceled after violence at South Street Seaport Law and Order Riot nixes rap show Rampaging fans at the South Street Seaport last night forced promoters to pull the plug on a planned free concert headlined by rising rap star Drake. (NYP)*Eye Opener: Hanson Causes Riot at South Street Seaport*Free Concert Ends in Chaos (WSJ) * Capo rap in '92 hit (NYP) * Slay defense: 'It was booze' (NYP) *Russian ring in '$3M scam' Medical equipment *7 Charged in Health-Care Scheme (WSJ) *Man Is Arrested in Killing of a Livery Driver (NYT) *Fraud Alleged by Car-Donation Charities (WSJ) * Sex offender tries to rape counselor: court papers (WSJ) * We are not criminals, homeless tell NYPD (DN) * Victim AWOL in savage 2008 Manhattan police brutality case

Wall Street Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Shares To Be Pulled From NY Stock Exchange

Media and New Tech Eliot Spitzer's Next Career Move: CNN? * The Over-50 crowd flocks to Facebook (DN) * NYT: We Weren't Played On Afghanistan Mining Story (NYT)