Sunday, June 13, 2010

True News Updated All Weekend: The Media Makes Fiction Out of the Budget

The Media Makes Fiction Out of the Budget

The entire budget shutdown threat is a new way for the pols to get their names in the news. The real work is being done behind closed doors like the 6 billion attempt to loot the state's pensions. The media enablers epically TV make the shut down the story not the state weak economy which cannot support its spending habits.

PM Update Espada Will Vote ‘Yes’

Dave takes a dive: Paterson caves again to do-nothing Legislature The temporary spending bill he sent the Legislature yesterday - the culmination of a week of overheated brinksmanship - turned out to be a scoop of chocolate ice cream, not the potent fiscal medicine lawmakers urgently need to swallow if New York is to survive a real fiscal crisis.It seeks just $327 million in mental health and welfare cuts - far less than Paterson wanted in January, and a tiny dent in a $9.2 billion deficit. (DN Ed) * The Latest Work Dodge: A Shutdown As Democrats and Republicans in Albany toss threats of a government shutdown back and forth, some big issues need to be solved to get the budget done. (NYT)*Paterson's emergency spending bill to cut $300M (NYP) * Budget game of chicken as shutdown looms (NYP) *** Sunday *** Silver: NY will duck shutdown (NYP) * Gov. Paterson wavers on education cuts (DN) * Sick joke: Gov. Paterson's promised crackdown on bad doctors is DOA (DN Ed) * PM Sunday Update State Lawmakers Work To Avoid Possible Shutdown (NY1) * In Albany, Questions on Averting a Shutdown (NYT)

Pay to Play Meeks Charity begins at Meeks' home (NYP) Little accounting for $1.2M. A second nonprofit founded by Rep. Gregory Meeks took in more than $1.2 million in taxpayer money over the past 15 years with little to no oversight as to how it was spent

NYT'S MTA Positive Spin Blinders
In Two Weeks New York's will lost bus and subway lines and the NYT give us spin to make the MTA executives and pols look positive. What a sell out to New Yorkers A Quick Kiss of Plastic, and Ready to Ride (NYT) More NYT Positives Murder is up and the number of police are down, yet the NYT gives us a story of cops giving directions. To Serve, Protect and Give Directions (NYT)

Sunday Education Updates Teachers party upstate courtesy of tax-payer funded vendor (DN) * D.C. schools boss offers fix for New York * Poor, multilingual gals are city's top grads: stats * Department of Education's elite cla$$ grows number of employees in the school system earning $150,000 or more surged by 25 percent this year (NYP)

Sunday Morning TV News Update
TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads *Demand BP set aside billion$ (NYP) * Obama will address the nation for the first time on the BP spill Tuesday night and outline his plan to force executives to pay compensation costs. * Probe ties Pigeon to 'pattern' of violations Paterson won't appoint a special prosecutor * Senators Call On BP To Set Up $20B Special Account To Pay For Gulf Coast Cleanup -

Albany Takes the Pension Money and Runs
Albany has learned from Hank Morris and the rest of the Pension scandal mob. The lesson of Willy Sutton who was asked why he robed banks and replied that where the money is. As Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Wall Street Mob show us you can dump any junk investment in the nations politically controlled pension funds. New York Plan Makes Fund Both Borrower and Lender Paterson and legislative leaders have tentatively agreed to allow the state and municipalities to borrow nearly $6 billion to help them make their required annual payments to the state pension fund. And, in classic budgetary sleight-of-hand, they will borrow the money to make the payments to the pension fund — from the same pension fund. (NYP)

Follow the Mayor's Money and Men
Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. fights for details of Mayor Bloomberg's presidential run (DN)

Sunday Update Even with donations to Independence Party under scrutiny, there's no stopping Mayor Bloomberg (DN)

From the Daily News:
Bloomberg used to try to do it through the state Independence Party. In each of the past two years, he pumped more than $1.3 million into the party's barely regulated "housekeeping account" to further his goals. Now, prosecutors are zeroing in on the Independence Party's transactions going back to 2007.

Where is the Investigation of
Other Parties Housing Keeping Accounts?

It's not supposed to work this way. Nobody in New York is allowed to give more than $150,000 a year to all candidates and parties combined. Candidates aren't allowed to accept more than a few thousand bucks each from most donors.

Bloomberg's way around it is to donate to housekeeping accounts, which parties are supposed to use to pay for day-to-day expenses, not helping any particular candidate.

In the past nine years, Bloomberg has given almost $6.3 million to Republican and Independence housekeeping accounts. That's an awful lot of day-to-day expenses, but his lawyers are confident that the loophole is legal.

Asked last week if Vance's probe would hurt his ability to give large donations to his friends, Bloomberg brushed away the question. "It has nothing to do with us," he said. "We've been informed we're not a party to that, and it doesn't change anything that I do." (NYDB)

Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey Left City Hall When this Investigation Started
Two years ago Bloomberg gave $1.35 million to the party to help Republicans keep control of the state Senate. Much of that cash went to consultants closely aligned with Bloomberg, such as pollster Douglas Schoen and operative Patrick Brennan - at the same time they were working to convince the City Council to extend term limits. . . .In 2007 and early 2008, Bloomberg also researched ballot requirements and petitioning rules in all 50 states to put him on the presidential ballot as an independent. . . Frank MacKay, the Independence Party's chairman, traveled around the country as part of that effort. He declined to comment yesterday.

Is there an 18 minute tape gap?
Independence Party’s Lawyer Is Ordered to Testify Called lawyer because party failed to comply with subpoenas. The items requested include bank statements, checks, payroll ledgers and documents “concerning ballot security or poll watching for the 2009 election cycle.” The two subpoenas also include a request for documents relating to correspondence regarding Mr. Haggerty or Special Elections Operations L.L.C., a company he established.(NYT) * DA: Independence Party Slowing Probe The Manhattan district attorney's office accused the Independence Party of stonewalling a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding $1.2 million Mayor Bloomberg sent the party. (WSJ)

Bloomberg Market Upswing

Tax returns show Bloomberg's investments better in ’09 (NYP) * Bloomberg Spent More as Market Bounced Back (NYT) * Bloomberg's Tax Bill: $500,000 (WSJ) * It’s lucrative to be Bloomberg’s ex. * 0Bloomberg's Tax Bill: $500000 Wall Street Journal

Rich Defend the Rich
Just wait til the oil starts to hit Bermuda
Mayor Defends BP’s Chief Over Oil Spill in the Gulf (NYT)

Some Rich Mayor said no to $86M Tavern on the Green deal out of 'spite' for LeRoys

New York Economic Meltdown Jets reducing prices for 18,000 PSLs (NYP) * Park Avenue Appeal Dims for DoctorsSome doctors are having a hard time finding buyers for their Park Avenue offices, prompting efforts to sell the space as apartments instead. (WSJ) * Hospitals' Woes Grow With State Cuts (WSJ) * Students Rally Behind MetroCards (WSJ) * As MTA Cuts Loom, Schumer and Others Turn to Washington (WSJ) * Buyer of CBGB Brand Files for Bankruptcy (WSJ) * NY Dairy Farms Struggling (WCBS TV) *** Sunday *** Hard times hit high-end hospitality in the Hamptons * Mayor said no to $86M Tavern on the Green deal out of 'spite' for LeRoys (NYP) * 24-Hour Read-In Protests Cuts to Libraries (NYT)

Election 2010 Republican state comptroller candidate Harry Wilson wants a no-holds- barred debate with incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli "in every statewide media market" through Election Day. Watching the watchmen (NYP Ed)

Why is this game being hyped so much in the newspapers and TV?

We are not enthused
90% of New Yorkers will be watching the Mets, Yanks and NBA Playoffs. How much is the world cups sponsors giving the PR consultants in New York to make us like this game?

Snake in the Grass
Quinn Defends Decision on Term Limits City Council Speaker Quinn, stepping into a politically perilous issue that could play a role in the 2013 race for mayor, said the City Council should retain the power to overrule the will of the voters on the issue of term limits. (WSJ)

Terrorism NY From Troublemaking Teenagers to Terror Suspects (NYT) * Sanctions Against Iran Fall Short - Miami Herald * Wannabe New Jersey Jihadist Was An Internet Meme (Gawker)

Law and Order Rapper Kid Cudi arrested in NY (NYP) * Man accused of stealing $1M in rare books says they were left to rot (NYP) * Fire victim fingered killer moments after fatal blaze: DA (NYP) *3 suspects in Central Park sex attack released (NYP) * Starr pleads not guilty in celeb swindle case (NYP) * Brooklyn man arrested in the murder of mother of seven (DN) * Suspect Charged With Fatal Shooting Of Brooklyn Mother (NY1) * Shot Coney I. mom dies (NYP) * $59M 'scam' Starr in court (NYP) *** Sunday ***Penthouse attack Cops probe rape at power pair's pad *Police Officer Shoots Man Armed With Knife in Brooklyn * NYPD eyes Fabolous link to slay of rapper G-Baby * He fools with mom's gun and blasts pal (DN) * No bail set for Coney Island murder suspect (DN) * Truth and justice: Court wisely let NYPD keep undercover files secret (DN Ed) * Teen girl shot dead on Staten Island (WABCTV) *Fatal shooting in Stapleton (SI Advance)

Wall Street Hedge-fund manager made off with $6 million: feds*'Princely' $6M Ponzi scheme (NYP) * Battle Over Reform It is disturbingly unclear whether Congress will come up with the changes needed to avert another financial meltdown. (NYT) * How to Start Planning for a Double-Dip Recession - Rick Newman, US News * Wall Street to Cities: Wanna Sell That Bridge? - Katie Benner, Fortune * New rules for Wall Street must clear final hurdles

No Sun Won't Come Out Tomorrow
Annie comic ends, but the redhead's fate uncertain Media and New Tech Tops Yahoo As #1 Online News Property * Newsweek Cover Paints Sarah Palin As A Prophet

The Presidents Media Mess
Isn’t It Ironic? Barack Obama was supposed to be the charming new JFK, but more and more the White House sends out Joe Biden to meet with the media. (Dowd, NYT) * The President’s Moment President Obama cannot plug the leak or magically clean up the fouled Gulf of Mexico, but he needs to do a lot more to show he is on top of the mess. * Obama Presses Congress to Avert Medicare Pay Cuts (NYT) * How the Financial Crisis Has Undermined U.S. Power (Time Magazine) * Obama 'not anti-British' over BP BBC News * Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid (Wash Post)

Brown Compares Whitman to Nazi Propaganda Master Goebbels - Politico