Thursday, June 10, 2010

Government Shutdown No Way: No High Noon in Albany

Government Shutdown No Way
No High Noon in Albany

Dems drop shut-down vow (NYP) Most of the press falls for the street talking thugs

No heroes like Gary Cooper in Albany . . . Lots of cowards who hid behind the lame duck governor's cuts to avoid heat with the voters.

Press Fooled Again
Parties Clash as Albany Edges Closer to Shutdown (NYT) * Skelos' unlearned lesson NYP Editorial says "Gov. Paterson is doing his level best to drag a budget out of the Legislature -- and it's time state Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos quit his posturing and lent a hand."(NYT) * It's Paterson vs. Diaz/Espada in vicious budget battle (DN) * Do it, Dave: Paterson must use his new-found budget leadership to the full (DN Ed) * State officials are preparing for the first government shutdown in New York history * Cries of "Thug! Lame Duck! Blackmail!" mark the ugly budget battle between Gov. Paterson and Sens. Pedro Espada, Jr. and Ruben Diaz. * Will New York State see its first-ever government shutdown? * The T.U. wonders if it will still happen * Government Shutdown Possible In Albany (Fox 5) * Skelos: Paterson Is Being ‘Hysterical’ * Skelos: Paterson Is "Hysterical"* Silver Doesn’t Know From Shutdowns, Doesn’t Want To (YNN) * Paterson: Espada Would Have Done Well in Orchestra on the Titanic (Obsever) * Uneasy on Camera, Paterson Opens Up on Radio * Cuomo Praises Paterson On Budget Tactics PM Update Crisis Averted? Espada Warming to Budget Extender * Governor Paterson criticized Republicans for now voting against cuts that they proposed * Shelly Silver thinks a deal on the entire budget could be struck by next week.

Twitter DNDailyPoliticsGov In Budget Doomsday Mode During AM Radio Blitz: To sum up, Gov. Paterson was in full doomsday mode during a rad...

Last Reform Card Nonpartisan Elections
Now that Cuomo has taken all the oxygen out of Koch's Group New York Up Rising efforts to get Albany to go for non political redistricting, with his own campaign cleverly tied into his campaign to clean up Albany Cuomo's Reform Agenda: Redistricting first
The only real reform Albany battle that seems on the horizon is Bloomberg attempt to use the charter commission to pass non partisan elections. That effort got a large boost yesterday when the voters of the largest state got rid of primaries Calif. Voting Change Could Signal Big Political Shift Under Proposition 14, traditional primaries will be replaced with open elections. It is a system that supporters hoped would spread to other states. The top two vote-getters — whatever their party, or if they have no party at all — will face off in the general election.(NYT) * A certain state government expert will participate in a Charter Revision Commission forum on Staten Island tonight * DiNapoli Lays Out Shutdown Consequences

Falling on the sword? Will Haggerty Take the Heat Like A Man?
Campaigner faces jail in Bloombucks 'scam' Will Haggerty take the fall alone and go quietly to jail? Without the public finding out the rest of the story? Bloomberg spent $109.9 million to get elected to a third term and contributed $90.7 million to candidates and parties. * Top Queens Republican Is Said to Be Mired in an Inquiry Into Bloomberg Campaign Funds (NYT)

Election 2010 Duffy says he won’t step down as mayor and is confident he’ll be able to run Rochester and also run statewide * Wayne Barrett notes one of Cuomo’s convention seconders, Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul, was one of the leading opponents of ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s push to let illegal immigrants get driver’s licenses * Carolyn McCarthy issued a strong defense of Israel after being criticized by a rabbi in her district. * New York's Third Party Mess (Huff Post)

City Cuts Service While Funding Expansion?
When bus and subway service is being cut back all over the city, is this the best time for the city to dump more money on top of the billion it is already putting in to extend the number 7 line to the Westside. The M42 bus along 42nd will no longer go to the convention center the last stop on the seven extension. There is no debate on this issue at all. City Weighs Plan to Build a Second Station on No. 7 Line (WSJ) * Still Light at the End of the Tunnel for Second Station on No. 7 Extension

Licensed and Illegal Vans Fight It Out (NYT) * Pol: Don't cut hacks $lack* Food Trucks Could Face Ban for Too Many Parking Tickets (WSJ)

UFT Fights Back State lawmakers are looking to force charter schools to pay union construction wages, a move that could be a devastating blow to the cost of building them.

The changing face of NY's Latino Politics

Latinos Underrepresented
The largest group in New York are Latinos. Yet they have no citywide or statewide elected officials or candidates. Bronx Borough President Diaz is the hightest elected Latino in the state.
Diaz Builds His Profile and Power Beyond the Bronx (NYT) Diaz is leading a campaign for legislation requiring that workers at all development projects receiving city subsidies be paid at least $10 an hour with benefits, well above the minimum wage.(NYT)

New York Economic Meltdown
ESPN Zone in Times Square to close in one week * A lot of construction projects are delayed because of the stalemate * New York City is looking for ways to trim its lunch tab at 1,500 public schools. The Bloomberg Admi

FBI Meets the New Mob in the Boiler Room
FBI Raids Alleged Boiler Room A suspected member of the Bonnano crime family and six others were arrested, followed by a search and seizure of an alleged "boiler room" operation in the Garment District. 10-year investment scam that hoodwinked mostly elderly investors out of more than $12 million. (WSJ) * In mob history, never before has been such an epic ratting out (DN) Contracting Mob Contractors Who Build Office Interiors Face Inquiry on Possibly False Bills (NYT) * 'Underboss' takes a courtroom snooze after son testifies against him (NYP) * FBI: Mob fleeced seniors (NYP)

Lots of T&A in the Daily News Today
Top Story of the week banker babe Debrahlee Lorenzana
Banker babe had two operations to get breasts * S.C. Dems split over surprise Senate nominee Alvin Greene, accused of flashing porn at a co-ed * My mic was on? Senate hopeful mocks Barbara Boxer's hair * Chinese toddler smokes, drinks beer as 'therapy' *No, that's not Obama in '93 'Whoomp!' video * Yet another marriage mishap for a Gore couple * Aniston, Cox ate same salad for a decade * Sexcapades caught on tape Staub is latest celeb caught with pants down * LiLo has some new ankle jewelr
Anthony Weiner will be bringing a goat to the Capitol today * Weiner Injured In Press-Conference Goat Run-In Horror

Media and New Tech AT&T Said to Expose iPad Users’ Addresses (NYT) *iPad glitch gives up Bloomy's, Diane Sawyer's e-mails * Spike Lee Meets Brooklyn Bloggers * WATCH: 13-Year-Old Girl Says 'C*nt' Twice On 'Today' Show * The Paywall: Will Good Writing Save Murdoch? (Wolff, Newser) * Neel Shah Leaves Page Six; Post Continues to Lose Staffers * The Word Tweet Shall Not Appear in the New York Times; Jargon is For the Birds

Long Silent, Captain in 2003 Ferry Crash Is Called to Testify

Oil Leak Efforts in Gulf to Limit Flow of Spill News (NYT) * Bottom of the barrel: stock value sinks $17B yesterday (NYP)

Law and Order 4 Wounded in Coney Island Shooting (NYT) * Court Lets City Withhold Data of Surveillance (NYT) * City Wins NYPD Records Case (WSJ) * Attorney Drops Attempt at Retry Brooklyn District Attorney's Office dropped its attempt to retry him amid Mr. Collins's allegations that secret favors and coercion of witnesses led to his 1995 murder conviction. (WSJ) * Conviction thrown out after 15 years in jail (DN) * Brooklyn father of four charged with molesting five kids (DN) * Mom Of 7 Clings To Life After Bklyn Shooting - * Queens Woman Fatally Beaten; Boyfriend In Custody (NY1)

Terrorism NY
New Ground Zero Deal Gives Plaintiffs $712.5 Million

Congress for Sale Rise of the Richies We’ve had theories that this election year is all about voter anger. But really, it’s all about cash. (NYT) *Watchdog Slams Feds For Not Doing Enough To Avoid 'Poisonous' AIG Bailout

Israel President Obama pledges $400M for Gaza Strip * Twitter He says it's stunning evidence of anti-Semitism and hate. The rabbi whose video led to the resignation of Helen Thomas says he's now the victim of a vicious email campaign.