Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can't the Media Play This Game Anymore?

Can't the Media Play This Game Anymore?

Yesterday's True News
we tried to show the inconsistency of messages by the New York Media leaders NYT, NYP and DN Editorial Boards Give Up On Out of Control Albany We pointed out how all the papers were supporting Paterson's stand for real fiscal reforms. But that support on the day the governor seem to be ready to give into the legislatures demand not to cut health care and education, the same paper's editorial boards which back Paterson remained silent. The media short intention span is understood by the Albany pols and is the reason they pay little attention to strong media attacks against them. Simply the pols know the media has no follow up. Today not one editorial blasted Albany, not even with the same words they used in the last few weeks to support Paterson's efforts for force fiscal reform on Albany.

NYP Editorial Small change The Legislature yesterday delivered a modicum of deficit reduction, then tried to slip a lip-sticked pig labeled "pension reform" past the people 'Reform' landmines Pension bill's ugly sweeteners Statehouse OKs deal to fix hyper pension

NYT Editorial No editorial about the governor cave in on the budget, but there was a news story on the issue that left comment on the deal to financial watchdogs Legislature Passes Measures on Budget and Pensions, but Critics See Only Half Steps "The measures were greeted coolly by financial watchdogs, who said that lawmakers had made so many concessions that they had done little to change the fundamental problems that state government has faced. The NYT piece by DANNY HAKIM even downplayed the budget deal " Still, the developments (with the budget) were largely good news for Gov. David A. Paterson on a day when legalizing same-sex marriage, arguably his signature issue, was handily defeated in the Senate. The NYT did do an editorial on the failed gay rights vote Voting for Discrimination Gov. David Paterson was right to insist on a vote to legalize same-sex marriage during the current special session, but he was too weak to get the job done.

Daily News Editorial
Like the NYT the DN did not do an editorial but allowed other to attack the deal in story about how the legislature won in Albany "This is not good news," moaned Andrew Albert, a nonvoting rider representative on the MTA board.He said he feared the move "could put another fare hike on the table earlier than anticipated."Paterson again said he will cut local assistance money to schools and elsewhere on his own to ensure the state can pay its bills, despite threats of lawsuits. "Because certain legislators are unwilling to stand up and control spending for fear of the political consequences, I will move forward and implement the tough choices they are unwilling to make," he said.The DN like the NYT did an editorial about the gay rights vote The gay marriage vote: For once, Legislature takes a stand on a deeply divisive issue

As their circulations have drop so has the media ability to lead

Albany Votes On Gay Rights Albany pols nix gay nups *** Amid Small Wins, Advocates Lose Marquee Battles *** New York State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill *** Gay marriage goes down to defeat 24-38, and supporters commit to seeing it brought back. (TU) *** Gay couples rage as New York same-sex marriage measure is defeated in state Senate *** “I feel like I’ve been hit in the face with a 10-pound anvil,” says one advocate for the measure. (DN) *** “I’m frankly feeling betrayed,” says Sen. Tom Duane. (NY Public Radio) *** Ameriblog: "I suspect those GOPers bailed once it became clear the bill was going down. They didn't want to be the next Dede Scozzafava for a losing cause." *** Log Cabin Republicans: "We are deeply saddened that the Democratic Conference failed to secure the votes they promised." *** The Times Union says the failure is "one more thing over which New Yorkers can feel justifiable embarrassment." *** The floor debate was personal *** When Monserrate and Addabbo Favored Gay Rights

Gov of La Mancha Albany Governor Paterson's New London

Pay to Play Bruno A Trial’s Defendant, and Color Commentator, Too *** The Bruno jury looks at horse-trading. (TU) *** The jury mulling Bruno's fate asked for a read-back of 40 pages of testimony related to his relationship with Jared Abbruzzese * Will verdict come today? Bruno jury back at work *** Still no verdict; Bruno knocks ‘vague law’ *** PM Jury to return Friday; still no verdict on Bruno

Play to Play OTB
OTB Enters Bankruptcy Protection
As Reported in True News Paterson's OTB Sink Hole Maybe it the record of governing that has turn the voters against Paterson? In June of 08 the governor bail out OTB and made John Sabini its head as part of a deal with the Queens Organization to avoid a serious primary with Hiram Monserrate Paterson Grabs Sabini, Bails Out OTB , Opposing the mayor who Citing a Drain on Profits, Bloomberg Wants to Close OTB , You bet OTB is hurting *** OTB Keeping Politics First The little bookie that can’t OTB is probably the best argument out there against any government-run gambling operations

Pay to Play Pension Corruption Cuomo: Still 'Systemic Corruption Issues' in Comptroller's Office *** Banker Eliot Broidy pleads guilty to bribing ex-Alan Hevesi aides in $250M pension fund scheme *** Peggy Lipton, The Girlfriend Who Sparked the Pension Scandal (Robbins Village Voice) How a Queens schlub went head over heels for Peggy Lipton and brought down the system - Jack Chartier in love? Eliot Broidy is said to have paid $90,000 in rent, living expenses and hospital bills to the girlfriend of a senior controller's office official,identified in past press reports as Chartier. Cuomo said Broidy also gave $300,000 to help finance a poorly received movie "Chooch," which was produced by the brother of Hevesi's chief investment officer, David Loglisci.Broidy pleaded guilty to a felony charge of rewarding official misconduct. He is said to be cooperating with Cuomo's ongoing investigation. Broidy agreed to forfeit $18 million * Pension executive pleads guilty in New York corruption case (LA Times) *** Pay-to-Play Probe Turns to Venture Capitalist(WSJ) *** Pension board member directed funds to a firm with ties to his, documents show * A source tells the Post the California venture capitalist who pleaded guilty footed the bill for luxury vacations taken by ex-state Comptroller Alan Hevesi.
"So what did the genius Steven Rattner? Rattner agreed to pay $88,841 to Loglisci for the right to distribute Chooch on DVD. (I would like to know the financial model, which Rattner used to value the DVD rights of Chooch at $88,841.)" (Black Star News ) Car Czar Steve Rattner Is All About "Chooch" * Steve "Chooch" Rattner | Another Obama Headache? * Small film ‘Chooch’ at center of big political storm

True News over the last year has broken many angles in the nation wide pension scandal that involves many political heavy weights Steve Rattner the Untouchable * Who's Afraid of Steve Rattner? Everyone? * NY PensionGate Explodes in New Mexico * The Wolf at Thompson's Door * Follow the Pension Money: NY Magazine Hangs Morris, Rattner Richardson Not Involved?
* Organized Crime Politics: Comptroller Office for Sale $$$ * Everyone is Covering Up the Pension Scandal for Their Own Reasons
Inside City Hall City, DA in cash clash*** Katz joining real estate lobbying firm Surprise, surprise *** City Hall Looking Into District Attorney’s Office Accounts *** After clash, Barron wants CUNY trustee canned *** Two of a kind: Charles Barron and CUNY trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld are Knuckleheads (DN Ed) ***City to shut 3 schools least likely to succeed *** Survey finds drivers block bicycle lanes *** Gay couples rage as New York same-sex marriage measure is defeated in state Senate *** Rachael Ray & Bronx student fight hunger *** Post-election, Mayor Bloomberg returns to his ol' globetrotting ways On the Road to Copenhagen *** The Long Island Press meets the guy who defeated Tom Suozzi *** City Wants Input On Adding Seats At Local Schools (Sheepshead Bay Bites)

New York's Economic Melt Down City retail rents still priciest in the world *** Ex-Met bags Ocelot buildings in foreclosure *** Broadway shows close early *** Forbes denies deal for its building *** Some 260 US Airways jobs to depart La Guardia *** Stuy Town ruling may drain landlords of cash Landlords and real estate investors could lose billions of dollars as a result of the recent Stuyves *** Many Dislike Deficit Deal, Few Voted Against It *** Report: Hofstra Drops Football Program High Cost *** OTB Plans Bankruptcy Action, Threatens to Close (Wins) *** M.T.A. Chief Says Fares Won't Rise Next Year

Law And Order Granny attacker to rot in prison *** In Egan’s Depositions, a New View of a Sex Scandal *** Gotti likely free for good as prosecutors shy away from 5th try *** Someone pulled the trigger: Junior Gotti got off, leaving murderers yet unpunished (DN Ed)
*** A Queens pimp is the first person convicted under a harsh sex-trafficking law signed by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer *** Illinois Faces Another Backlog on DNA Evidence - Chicago Tribune *** Houston Fingerprint Unit is Focus of Criminal Probe - Houston Chronicle *** Eliot Spitzer told Interview Magazine: "(T)here are some folks who were out to harm my political career, and that's fine-that's their right. Did they do some things that maybe I wouldn't have done? Maybe

Judicial Sausage Making Civil Court Judge Admonished The state Commission on Judicial Conduct has admonished New York City Civil Court Judge Margaret Chan for misrepresenting her endorsement by the Times, improperly soliciting contributions and demonstrating a "pro-tenant bias" during the campaign *** Court Nixes Columbia's Expansion Plans using eminent domain while the State Supreme Court ruled last week Top court: Eminent domain OK in Ratner's Nets arena deal

White House Subpoenas Possible in White House Gate-Crashing *** The Job Summit Once job creation has the priority status it deserves, the next step is to build on proven programs and add new ones to address the scale and nature of joblessness (NYT Ed) *** Johnson, Gorbachev, Obama Despite the risk of nationalist backlash, President Obama has emerged more enthusiastic about adding troops than even the corrupt Afghan government we are buttressing (NYT Ed) *** White House Blocks Testimony on Party Crashers *** Murtha Draws Vietnam Comparisons *** Afghanistan and Pakistan Rattled by Plan for Drawdown *** Most New U.S. Forces for Afghanistan Will Be Sent to Taliban Stronghold in South *** Some Allies Wary of New Troop Pledges *** Ten fears over President Obama's plans to send more troops into Afghanistan *** Hillary hedges on date for Afghan exit *** Analysis: Afghanistan is Obama's war now *** How will President Obama’s Afghanistan plan game out in the 2010 elections? (Politico) *** The Goldilocks Strategy - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic *** Obama Can Win in Afghanistan - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** Crashing the White House Jobs Summit - David Weidner, Wall St. Journal *** Obama Persists on Broad Front as Polls Drop - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call *** Obama Proposes a Surge of His Own - Gloria Borger, CNN *** President Obama's Churchill Moment - Michael Tomasky, The Guardian *** Barack Obama is So Last Season - Noemie Emery, Washington Examiner *** Obama Doesn't Make a Case for More Troops - Orange County Register *** Afghanistan and the Economy: The Impact - Elizabeth Trotta, SmartMoney *** New Index Measures Wall St.'s Fuzzy Math - David Weidner, MarketWatch *** Why Are We Still Worrying About the Banks? - David Reilly, Bloomberg *** Afghans to U.S.: Don't Abandon Us*** Justice Dept. No. 2 Stepping Down*** Obama's Jobs Road Show *** As summit opens, job growth options limited (Wash Post) *** Did Obama really set a deadline? (Milbank) *** Secret Service agents who admitted couple placed on administrative leave *** In Depth: Blackwater’s Role in the War on Terror - Vanity Fair *** Afghanistan: Can Obama Sell America on This War? - Joe Klein, Time *** U.S. Needs a Bold Jobs Bill - Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation *** Obama Got It Right on Afghanistan - Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast *** More Troops? Obama Was Vague & Unconvincing - A.B. Stoddard, The Hill

Congress Senate Breaks Health Stalemate; First Votes Today *** Subpoenas Possible in White House Gate-Crashing *** Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation *** Black Caucus Seeks to Ease Radio’s Woes ***Ben Bernanke better wear his asbestos boxers to his House confirmation hearing today. (LAT) *** The Senate Should Thank Ben Bernanke - Steven Rattner, Washington Post *** Black Caucus Stalling Financial Reform -- To Bailout Radio Station? *** Stimulus is Boon for D.C.-Area Contractors - Washington Post *** Drugmakers Pay Off Competitors to Keep Generics Off Market - TPMMuckraker *** Bernanke Tells Senators Fed ‘Should Have Done More’ *** Politico: Dems Hinting Dodd Should Go *** Mark Green: Why 60 Senate Votes? Why Should 10% Veto 90%? *** Time for More Stimulus - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post *** Senate Passes Amendment on Health Services for Women *** Secret Service officers placed on leave after party crash

Political Parties
U.S. Judge Opposes Republicans on Elections *** Palin brings book tour to southwest Missouri

Wall Street Goldman grab bag Tries shareholder sit-downs on bonus pot *** BofA to repay TARP funds, raise cash *** Goldman makes big investment in affordable housing *** Move to Repay Aid Helps Bank of America Shed Stigma*** As Crisis in Dubai Unfolds, Quick Answers Are Unlikely *** Pay Limit May Hinder Search for a G.M. Chief *** World Markets Buoyed by Bank of America Move *** Jobless Claims Fall For 5th Straight Week *** Once high-flying Dubai World to meet creditors *** What's GM's new CEO really like? *** Job Creation Made Hard - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Global Finance's State of Nature - Nicole Gelinas, City Journal *** Wal-Mart Surges in Video Game War*** Banks Closed to 60 Million Americans *** Who Creates Jobs? - John Stossel, FOX Business *** Here's How to Lift Our Economy - Mitt Romney, USA Today *** Bernanke Doesn't Rule Out Using Rates to Control Asset Bubbles (Bloomberg)

Pay to Play Wall Street
U.S. Seeks Client Names of Texas Financier *** Alleged Ponzi Schemer Wooed Politicians With Big Donations - Sun-Sentinel

Terror Al Qaeda in America *** Feds To File More Charges Against NY Terror Suspect *** Army Missed Warning Signs of Another Shooting Spree - Seattle Weekly

International Putin Shows Command in Public Forum

Media and New Tech It's official: Comcast plans to buy 51 percent of NBC Universal for $13.75B *** $37B Comcast NBCU merger set to begin *** In Secret Meetings, Comcast Wooed G.E. and Won NBC *** Tiger's $110m ad tale What will his sponsors do ***Yahoo! expands Facebook tie-ins *** Comcast's Roberts no Jerry Levin *** Scrapper Redstone back from the brink ***Comcast Gets NBC From G.E., Reshaping the TV Industry ***Large Staff Cuts Announced at the Washington Times ***In NBC Interview, a Failure to Note Network Ties ***How Google Can Help Newspapers ***Time Inc. Unveils Tablet-Based Digital Magazine Prototype (VIDEO) ***A Tweak in Google’s Relationship with Publishers *** FT: 'Nasty Rupert Murdoch' Is Back ***Google Friend Connect Links to Twitter, Too *** Did Carr's Column Mark the End of Manhattan's Journalistic Reign? *** At The Dallas News a New "Bold Strategy" Section Editors Reporting to Sales Managers - Dallas News - Unfair Park* ** George Stephanopoulos Offered "Good Morning America" Job