Friday, December 4, 2009

The Hevesi Team is on the Pay to Play Varsity Division

Breaking News: No Jail for Monserrate

The Hevesi Team is on the Pay to Play Varsity Division

Hevesi accepted six luxury vacations to Israel and Italy from a California venture capitalist Elliott Broidyto gain the right to manage $250 million in state pension-fund assets.Broidy pleaded guilty to a felony charge of rewarding official misconduct -- in cases involving at least four high-level officials in the comptroller's office whom he didn't name -- and had agreed to forfeit $18 million in fees he received for managing pension-fund investments Hevesi took swank trips as 'payoffs' (NYP) * Ex-Controller Alan Hevesi and actress Peggy Lipton caught up in huge pension bribery scandal *** The Morning Leverage: The Most Direct Link To Hevesi Yet * L.A. venture capitalist pleads guilty (LA Times) *** Lies, lies - all lies: Alan Hevesi's falsehoods come back to haunt him in bribery case In 2006 the Daily News Editorial Board interrogated Hevesi about some of these very matters in October 2006 - when the issue was not bribes, but campaign donations from Broidy and his wife. . .Hevesi acknowledged that entrusting Broidy with a quarter-billion was his idea but claimed it was vetted and approved by outside experts. The truth, according to Broidy, was far different. His was a tale of public officials bought and paid for. And cheaply, at that. In return for his $1 million investment in bribes, Broidy reaped an $18 million jackpot in management fees - money he must now give back *** Guilty Plea in Fraud Case Tied to New York Pension *** Here's the Release on Broidy's Guilty Plea in Pay-to-Play Probe* Harding Pleads Guilty in New York State Pension Scam (Update7) Oct ...

Robin Rosenzweig, Broidy’s wife, contributed $80,000 to Hevesi’s comptroller campaigns between 2002 and 2004, according to New York state Board of Elections data. On Sept. 20, 2002, she gave “Hevesi 2002” $20,000. She gave another $10,000 on Oct. 4, 2002. On July 30, 2003, she gave “Hevesi for New York” $25,000, and on Dec. 10, 2004, she gave another $25,000. In addition, Broidy and his wife also each contributed $3,400 to the “Hevesi for Assembly” state campaign of Alan’s son, Andrew, on April 13, 2005.
Hevesi and others have be having sleepless nights. As part of his plea bargain, Mr. Broidy has agreed to forfeit $18 million. He was freed on bail after entering his plea on Thursday and will be allowed to travel, with restrictions. He could get up to four years in prison, but his cooperation could lead to a lighter sentence.

Cuomo said Broidy put up $300,000 that eventually was invested in the indie flick "Chooch," produced by the brother of David Loglisci, Hevesi's chief of pension investments.Loglisci is under indictment. The movie was financed with contributions from a number of businessmen trying to land investments from the state pension fund, valued in May at $109.9 billion. It was distributed on DVD by a company owned by the Quadrangle Group, the private equity firm founded by Steven Rattner, now the former head of the Obama administration's auto industry task force.

"So what did the genius Steven Rattner? Rattner agreed to pay $88,841 to Loglisci for the right to distribute Chooch on DVD. (I would like to know the financial model, which Rattner used to value the DVD rights of Chooch at $88,841.)" (Black Star News ) Car Czar Steve Rattner Is All About "Chooch" * Steve "Chooch" Rattner | Another Obama Headache? * Small film ‘Chooch’ at center of big political storm * The Public Pension Shakedown Why would a smart guy invest in a movie named 'Chooch'? (WSJ)

Indicted NY Consultant Earned Fees From LA Police and Fire Pension Plan Morris -- through his firm Searle & Co. -- earned fees from a $10 million deal in 2005 between the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions and Quadrangle Group [4], the hedge fund founded by Obama administration official Steven Rattner. The California Public Employees' Retirement System [5] also made a $100 million investment in Quadrangle in 2005.

True News has reported earlier that Morris had a connection with a California firm called Wetherly Capital Group [2], which split fees with Morris in two deals at the New York fund and three deals in California.

Mod Squad admitted briber Elliott Broidy, whose pension-fund payoffs allegedly included $90,000 to ex-Hevesi aide Jack Chartier and "Mod Squad" actress gal pal Peggy Lipton

The Circle that Controls NY's Pensions Continues

Broidy also rewarded another official in Hevesi's office by providing a "sham" $380,000 consulting contract to a relative, Cuomo said. According to the NYP a source identified the official as former Deputy Comptroller Tom Sanzillo and said the contract went to his brother Frank Sanzillo, a lobbyist at the state Capitol.

Tom Sanzillo is Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli First Deputy Controller
It Should Be Goodby Desiree Rogers

Spin of the Day It’s half-off at Brooklyn arena, but Islanders 'could' join Nets
The real story is the the sponsors of the economically and legally troubled proposed Nets Brooklyn Arena Barclays is cutting in half its fee for the rights to name the stadium after them from 400 to 200 million over 20 years. To cover up more financial problems that could help sink the Ratner project their public relations people dream up or dig up a proposal that has already be rejected several times. The Islanders owner is already on record he wants to stay in Long Island and the new redesigned less costly arena playing space is not wide enough to host a hockey games * Brooklyn fans to Nets: win or forget move

Did Monserrate Sentencing Today End the Budget Fight? The gov back down from his demands despite what Politicker reports he said Paterson: 'People Are Going to Remember Who Stood Up' to This Deficit , Monserrate Sentencing Day State Senator Could Spend 1 Year In Prison * Karla Giraldo asks judge to lift restraining order. She wants to continue her life with Monserrate and get married * No Jail Time For Monserrate * Monserrate's Sentencing Doesn't Change Anything (Updated)

StuyTown lawyer sees red on property report

Gov of La Mancha Gov gives up on gay nups *** Paterson Sidelined in Push for Same-Sex Marriage *** Sen. Eric Schneiderman warns that Gov. David Paterson’s plan to withhold certification from local assistance funds could land two branches of state government in court on opposite sides. (TU) *** Gov. David Paterson vows more spending cuts, but Senate Democrats say it is illegal. (GNS) *** Feisty Gov. Paterson to lawmakers: Sue me if you want over unilateral budget decisions *** The Pension V legislation is a boon to unions and taxpayers. (AP) *** Environmental groups want to the draft rules for hydrofracking shelved, and asks former state environmental secretary Judith Enck to take charge of formulating the policy from her new post at the EPA. (TU) *** Dan Janison notes the job of lining up votes was "really the job" of the Senate leaders and marriage advocates *** "Addabbo's "no" made it clear to the Republicans that the Democrats would not come close to the 29 or 30 votes they needed" *** Addabbo: Gay Marriage 'Transcends' Civil Rights *** NY housing czar steps down *** Addabbo: 'At No Point Did I Ever Say Yes' on Gay Marriage Bill WNYC

Election 2010 Pataki Again?

Pay to Play Bruno Boss and Close Friend, and Not Afraid to Tell Bruno to ‘Stop It’ in Court *** Jury set to convene again; Day 6 of deliberations set to start *** Bruno jury back Monday; case still undecided

Inside the City Hall
Manhattan DA blasts mayor's office *** Mayor and Morgenthau Battle Over Funds ***Bloomberg joins U.S. World Cup soccer bid group *** Mr. Burns for mayor! 'Simpsons' star got write-in votes *** Morgenthau rips Bloomberg for 'chickens--- comments' *** Jamaica High School to close doors, end rich history *** UFT President to fight attacks on tenure and seniority *** Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser referred to Morgenthau's "second set of books." *** U.F.T. president Michael Mulgrew fumes: "Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein have chosen to focus on and promote fake reforms, simplistic 'solutions' and sheer fantasy as the answer to our schools' problems." *** "Earlier today I was obviously very very upset because this is an extremely personal issue," said Christine Quinn *** Joe Addabbo explains: "This past Saturday I was at Woodhaven Library and two residents made it their business to sit down with me and talk about their opposition to marriage equality." *** Bloomberg On Morgy's 'Two Sets Of Books' *** The mayor and the DA have "long shared an uneasy, sometimes bitter relationship" that has been "veiled in outward civility" - until now, Ray Rivera and William Rashbaum write *** Queens Chronicle - Four Queens Dems help defeat gay marriage bill *** Black, Latino and Asian Caucus Say They Can't Get a Meeting with Bloomberg
New York's Economic Melt Down Italian eatery Mangia files for bankruptcy *** L.I.'s Hofstra University drops football program *** FDIC smacks Shaya Boymelgreen's bank *** Sen. Craig Johnson tells the MTA not to expect help from the legislature in filling their $10 billion gap in its Capital Plan. (DN) *** The Port Authority's preliminary 2010 budget calls for 150 job cuts and $3.1 billion for capital projects, including the World Trade Center *** N.Y. Pays Third-Highest Car Insurance Premiums In USA *** Perkins Says Eminent Domain Is 'A Gun To The Community's Head'*** State senator throws cold water on MTA's 'extremely ambitious' plan to improve bus stopsLaw and Order DA takes gun gang down *** Trippy tributes to Obama *** Despite Law, Few Trafficking Arrests *** Giuliani To Fight Crime In Pre-Olympics Rio *** President of Police Foundation to Step Down *** Italian Jury Convicts U.S. Student of Murder *** NYC Shuts Down Illegal Hotel Filled With Tourists *** NYPD Officer Accused of Helping Drug Gang

New York Terrorism Zazi planned own 9/11: feds coordinating a bomb attack in New York City timed for the anniversary of 9/11 *** New Charges Planned for Suspect in Terror Plot Case *** 9/11 responders: Obama offers sympathy, but no support *** Bin Laden Spotted in Afghanistan?
White House NASA big: Scrap cap and trade *** NATO Pledges 7,000 More Troops for Afghanistan *** C.I.A. Authorized to Expand Use of Drones in Pakistan *** Obama Turns to Job Creation, but Warns of Limited Funds *** The Analytic Mode We should embrace the analytical governing style of President Obama, and learn to live without the passion and clarity of his presidential campaign *** Obama’s Afghanistan Decision Is Straining Ties With Democrats *** Gates Says Afghan Drawdown Timing Is Flexible *** 'One deployment after another': Soldiers brace for surge *** Krauthammer: Obama is a man for all reasons *** Public Souring on Obama's Era of Big Government - Nina Easton, Time *** World Must Help in Afghanistan - Sec. Hillary Clinton, Daily Telegraph *** End the War By Winning It - Sen. John McCain, Foreign Policy *** What's Missing from Obama's Plan - Paddy Ashdown, The Times *** U.S. Still Masters the World - Zaki Laidi, Financial Times *** Obama's Approach to Pakistan Can't Work - Mosharraf Zaidi, National Post *** The Welfare State and Military Power - Wall Street Journal *** 2010: The Year of Living Dangerously - David Broder, Washington Post *** Certainty Creates Jobs, Not Govt Action - Irwin Stelzer, DC Examiner *** Staffer Should Testify About Party-Crashers - Miami Herald *** NATO Pledges 7,000 More Troops *** VIDEO: Bill Ayers dumps on Obama... *** Obama's Got My Trust, for Now - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** A Path in Need of More Clarity - Senator Jim Webb, Washington Post *** Obama Pushes Copenhagen Trip Back *** Obama Wants Bailout Funds for Jobs *** WATCH: Christina Romer Dodges Questions About Windfall Profits Tax On Morning Meeting

Congress Washington Considers Funding Parks to Rebuild Cities *** Good News on PremiumsThe Congressional Budget Office’s analysis shows that tens of millions of uninsured Americans can be covered without driving up costs for everyone else (NYT Ed) *** No Place for (Registered) Lobbyists The decision to remove lobbyists from government advisory boards raises hopes that the lobbyists’ influence in Washington will be ratcheted back (NYT Ed) *** Reform or Else Those concerned with fiscal responsibility should be worried about what will happen if proposed health care legislation doesn’t pass (Krugman NYT) *** Senate Backs Preventive Health Care for Women *** House Votes to Extend Tax on Estates of the Wealthy*** Health care reform avoids a GOP attempt to scuttle it by upsetting its fiscal applecart. (AP) *** Aetna Forcing 600,000-Plus To Lose Coverage In Effort To Raise Profits *** Palin, Barney Frank to Speak at Event
Wall Street Potential Successor to Buffett Has Tough Task *** U.S. Economy Lost Only 11,000 Jobs in November *** Deal With China Partner Will Lift G.M.’s Finances *** Bernanke Says Fed ‘Should Have Done More’ *** Is Bernanke Risking the Fed's Independence? - Noam Scheiber, TNR *** Certainty Creates Jobs, Not Govt Action - Irwin Stelzer, DC Examiner *** Bernanke Has Earned a Second Term - Washington Post *** Near-Zero Rates Are Hurting Economy - David Malpass, Wall Street Journal *** Dubai Should've Been a Wake-Up Call - Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post *** Massive Jobs Program is Only Hope - M. Wilson & P. Manchester, McClatchy *** FCC Examines Verizon's Doubling of Early Termination Fees

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Media and New Tech NBC's Roberts' (content) rules *** Sale of NBC ends era and excuse for GE ***GE loses NBC, but not 30 Rock *** Comcast to pay $13.75B for NBC stake *** Web-TV Divide Is Back in Focus With NBC Sale*** Don't panic, NBC viewers! Comcast won't create static *** Jayson Blair spoke at SUNY Albany ***Will Comcast Push Hulu Toward Pay Model? ***Universal Studios Unfazed By Comcast Deal ***Laid-Off USA Today Editor To Managers: 'Good Luck Steering The Titanic' ***Google edges toward Rosetta Stone status move to lower language barriers, offering the ability to translate search results from one language to another *** nbc's Zucker Has 'Excuses, Few Results' for New Comcast Bosses