Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NYT, NYP and DN Editorial Boards Give Up On Out of Control Albany

Breaking News: The New York State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill, 38-24.Eight Democrats voted "no" - Addabbo, Aubertine, Diaz Sr., Huntley, C. Kruger, Monserrate, Onorato, Stachowski - while not a single Republican voted "yes."* Same-Sex Marriage FailsSenate -- Roll Call* Senate Passes Measures on Spending and Public Authorities* State passes landmark pension reform

Alice in Wonderland: If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

Doublespeak Gov. David Paterson said he would accept the legislative DRP, but refused to call the measure a "deal." At least he did not say he was against the deal before he was for it.

NYT, NYT and DN Editorial Boards Give Up On Out of Control Albany On Monday and Tuesday the NYT blasted Albany In Budget Impasse, Governor Warns of Withholding Municipal Aid *** Not I, Said the New York Senate As New York State’s money supply runs down, its senators need to start taking real actions instead of hiding from reality (NYT Tuesday) * It’s All About the Money Twenty years have passed since a commission report declared New York’s campaign finance laws a disgrace and still nothing has changed in Albany (NYT Monday) Today's Times Union Editorial New York puts off the pain *** and the Buffalo News Editorial says Kings of denial Legislators run from hard decisions, leaving Paterson to do what he can

Today when the deal the NYT opposed seems ready to pass there is no comment on the deal they opposed. Both the NYP and NYDN had also opposed the deal ready to pass and like the NYT have no editorials today on the impeding deal * Fed-up gov blasts do-nothing pol$ (NYP Monday) * The worst of times: Legislature fiddles in Albany while mayor faces down city deficit * This is what the papers are reporting *** Governor Paterson Praised for Bold Leadership on the budget* Let Dave do it (Nov. 25 NYP)

Even Michael Bloomberg stands up yesterday for Paterson in the deficit battle. What does he think about Paterson cave in to the senate? Paterson Gives In, Does Not Agree * The Un-Deal He'll take it, but he won't own it

Update: The Assembly voted on a $2.8 billion plan to address the state's mid-year budget deficit. It passed After the Senate past the bill Paterson said "It does not fully address our current-year budget deficit," Paterson said in a statement. "It does not solve our severe cash-flow crunch. It does not address our long-term structural imbalance. And at $2.7 billion in current-year savings, it does not even achieve the $2.8 billion deficit reduction target that some have touted for two days." Paterson Slams the Deficit Reduction Plan *** Senate Ends "Shadow Governments"

Votes on Budget and Gay Marriage Delayed "State Legislature has proved once again that it is a place where expectation and reality rarely converge."“The fact that governor is in Brooklyn tonight doing politicking instead of doing the budget is a great illustration of what we’ve been dealing with,” said Senator Carl Kruger, a Brooklyn Democrat.Mr. Paterson’s office shot back.“Nobody has stalled negotiations or dragged his feet for political purposes throughout this process more than Carl Kruger,” said Marissa Shorenstein, a spokeswoman for Mr. Paterson. “From his unsubstantiated projections of the deficit to his own plan filled with fiscal gimmicks, borrowing and one-shots, Senator Kruger has devoted weeks to trying to roadblock a sound fiscal plan.” (NYT) * State Lawmakers Reach Tentative Budget Deal (NY1) * State pols stick $700M finger in budget dike State lawmakers reached agreement last night on a hodgepodge of one-shot revenue bills totaling over $700 million that are designed to help Gov. Paterson close the state's projected $3 billion-plus budget deficit * Lawmakers finally move to pass a deficit reduction plan, falling short of closing the estimated $3.2 billion budget deficit. It avoids cuts to health care and education aid. (TU) * Vote due on deficit reduction plan(TU) Measure to trim $2.8B expected for today amid procedural fights * State Assembly again OKs legalizing gay nuptials (NYDN) * Sen. Antoine Thompson went home to attend a fundraiser, but will be back today for a vote. (BN) * Assembly Pulls All-Nighter *** Assembly members passed legislation creating a new, less-generous pension tier. * Even Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver admitted it doesn't come close to closing a deficit that might now be as large as $3.9 billion *** Paterson Gets A Standing O In Brooklyn *** Gov. David Paterson’s threat to delay payments to local government could hurt. (TU) ***New York Senate Set for Gay Marriage Vote *** Cuomo On Budget Cuts *** Espada's Lecture On 'Morality' *** Teachers clean up on “pension reform”

Gay Marriage Update
Pro-Marriage Spin: 'Betrayal,' 'Road Map,' 'Contagious Lack of Backbone' *** New York State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill ***Duane: 'I'm Betrayed, But I Am Not Going Away' *** The National Organization for Marriage said today's Senate vote "put the nail in the coffin on the idea that gay marriage advocates can persuade a majority of Americans their cause is just." *** The Marriage Vote and The Aftermath *** State Senate Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Bill (NY1)

New Nets Arena Wins Another Court Challenge when two rating agencies assigned an investment grade rating for $646 million in bonds for the project. In addition, the developer and his partners will use a $131 million subsidy from the Bloomberg administration and invest $293.4 million of their own to build the 18,282-seat arena at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues.

Inside City Hall Bloomberg sues former rival Thompson over jail *** Thompson had said the project was "flawed and wasteful." *** Fire Department to Reduce Crew Sizes on Pumpers to Limit Overtime Pay *** Councilman and CUNY Trustee Trade Insults at Ceremony *** Bloomberg sues election rival Thompson over Brooklyn jail (NYDN) *** Gonzalez: DoITT's Cosgrave resigns after 911 problems *** When it comes to City Council politics, the biggest spenders don't always win *** Quinn hits home with lawmakers *** A groundbreaking for a replacement for the City University’s Fiterman Hall, damaged on 9/11, resulted in a full-throated shouting match between Councilman Charles Barron and a CUNY trustee. [NYT] (Also see The New York Post.) *** Bloomberg: Fire Department Cuts Won't Hurt Security *** Liu fined $543,900 for campaign signs

Pay to Play Working Families All In The Family Part 3 In The Progressive America Fund, Another Tax-Exempt Entity That Shares Working Families Staff And Provides The Basis For Its Mission *** *** WFP Scrutinized (NY Civic)

Pay to Play Fidler Fidler Hopes To Return $10k From Campaign Funds His opponent, Gene Berardelli, only raised about $4,000 and did not qualify for matching funds.

Election 2010 Insensitive and inexcusable: Gov wanna-be's slam on Speaker Silver way out of bounds (NYDN Ed) *** Thompson's Options: Senator (Risky), Comptroller (Safer), Mayor (TK)
Tax Revolt A Misguided Tax Revolt (NYT Ed) * Suozzi's not the last (NYP Ed) Tom Suozzi's 27 day post general report had a closing balance of $2,116,780.40. Unbelievable

Inspector Clouseau Paterson's counsel Peter Kiernan is making inquiries about Steve Pigeon

MTA Off the Track Rail-repair gravy train Outdoor subway-track workers routinely get paid for a full day's work, even though they are busy for only four hours out of their eight-hour shift ***Report Faults Plan for Handling Subway Emergencies *** MTA CEO Jay Walder insists the bailout for his troubled authority - including the unpopular payroll tax - was necessary.

New York's Economic Melt Down Ill tidings for FDNY FDNY announced yesterday it will slash staffing at scores of engine companies because of an increase in the number of sick days taken by firefighters and rising overtime expenses *** Forbes may unload HQ for $55M *** Tough times in Times Square *** Star of Real Estate Boom Is Confronting Hard Times *** Lawsuit against Coney redevelopment *** Report: MTA crews slackin' on tracks *** New York's debt level of $64.8 billion is higher than ever *** Hudson Valley business leaders are still mad at Jay Walder about the M.T.A. payroll tax *** Some 260 US Airways jobs to depart La Guardia US Airlines plans to eliminate 261 positions at the airport starting in January, part of its scaling back service from the NYC air hub.

Pay to Play Secret Plan OK'd, kept quiet State grants Harriman development rights, won't release details
Law and Order NYPD in line of friendly fire *** Acorn 'phone-y' Probers eye 500G ed.-bill rip-off *** Woman Stole From Union, Charges Say *** Money manager took sandhogs for $40M ride: claim *** Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Tuesday that a federal judge who slammed 'widespread' false testimony by cops 'is entitled to his own opinion.' " *** Fewer Officers, Attracting More Lawsuits ***Man who robbed 101-year-old woman gets 75 years

Teflon Don Jr Jr.'s joy as jury gives up Gotti's 4th mistrial *** For Fourth Time, Mistrial in Prosecution of Gotti (NYT) *** Fourth Gotti Trial Ends With Mistrial *** After mistrial, Gotti to jurors: 'Come to my house for Christmas!'

The New York Power Authority wants to put windmills in the Great Lakes.
Terror and New York Suspect Cites Trial Delay in Seeking Dismissal *** Army wants exam to see if Hasan is fit to stand trial *** Sessions: KSM in N.Y.C. is bad for America
*** NYPD Commish: Nobody Asked Us About Hosting the 9/11 Trials *** Fort Hood Shooter Charged With 32 Counts Of Attempted MurderWhite House Obama's surge *** War-$$ bill due in 2010 *** Obama Adds Troops, but Maps Exit Plan (NYT) *** Warns of Al Qaeda ‘Cancer’ and Asks Greater Afghan Role *** With Troop Pledge, New Demands on Afghans *** Before Audience of Cadets, a Sobering Message of War *** Video and text of speech *** Obama's speech means statute of limitations up for Bush-blaming (DeFrank NYDN) *** Obama Bets Big On Troop Surge *** This I Believe Nation-building in Afghanistan is just too expensive, when balanced against our needs for nation-building at home right now (Friedman NYT) *** Obama Makes Afghanistan Truly His Own - Dan Balz, Washington Post *** President Obama Sticks to His Guns - Michael Crowley, The New Republic *** Never Before Has a Speech Felt So False - Gabor Steingart, Der Spiegel *** Obama Has Made the Right Decision - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Betrayed Progressives Have Themselves to Blame - Joan Walsh, Salon *** Would It Kill Obama to Endorse Victory? - Tunku Varadarajan, Daily Beast *** Obama's War Begins, But Where Does It End? - Fred Kaplan, Slate *** Obama's War - The Economist *** Imagine Obama Being Arrested for War Crimes - Washington Times *** Gates: Failure in Afghanistan Would Lead to 'Taliban Takeover' *** Gates, Mullen & Clinton argue for new Afghan plan *** Pakistan officials wary of Obama's strategy for AfghanistanWashington Post *** The President's War Is to Save His Own Skin*** Gates portrays much softer withdrawal 'timeline'*** Gates portrays much softer withdrawal 'timeline' *** This Will Not End Well - George Will, Washington Post *** The President's Afghan Strategy Isn't Logical - Bob Schieffer, CBS News *** Cheney's Sniping Only Masks Bush Failures - Celestine Bohlen, Bloomberg *** White House Social Secretary Won’t Testify on Intruders *** Obama Afghan Talk Draws 40.8 Mill. TV Viewers *** Separation of Powers Cited for W.H. Social Secretary *** Conservatives Blast Obama Withdrawal Timetable (Newsweek)

More WH Who’s Sari Now? The breaching of the White House wall by Michaele and Tareq Salahi serves as a prism to examine our society, our president and our values *** Obamacare at Any Cost - Wall Street Journal *** World AIDS Day at the White House *** Geithner: $700 Billion Bailout Program Will End Soon *** African-American Protest Against Obama Jobs Policy Heats Up In House

Congress Senate pushes toward health car e vote *** Senators Pitch to Women and Elderly on Health Bill *** New Senate Public Option Plan To Be Unveiled *** Dems Suffer From Yawning Intensity Gap - Markos Moulitsas, The Hill *** The Dangerous Dozen House Seats for 2010 - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call *** Dems See Opportunity in Obstacles - Gov. Jack Markell, RealClearPolitics *** Murtha Predicts $40 Billion Supplemental This Spring (Roll Call) ***Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation *** Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation

Wall Street
King me, BlackRock boss says BlackRock Inc. closed its deal to buy Barclays Global Investors yesterday, making the New York fixed-income giant the world's largest money manager with a whopping $3.2 trillion in assets *** Banker strikes back against liberal school *** GM boss Henderson steps down *** AIG reduces gov't tab by $25B*** Dubai Quake Brings No Collapse *** G.M. Asks Its Chief to Resign *** New York Fed Takes Stakes in 2 A.I.G. Insurance Units *** Currency Rise Helps Canadian N.H.L. Teams *** Crash and burn - again? U.S. auto sales take a tumble*** Markets take little comfort in Dubai World's debt plan *** Private Sector Sheds 169,000 Jobs *** FHA Considers Ways to Boost Reserves *** GM Chairman Seizes Wheel (WSJ) *** Fed Debates New Role: Bubble Fighter *** Fewer Shoppers Use Credit Cards for Gifts *** Putting Americans Back to Work - Christina Romer, Wall Street Journal *** As Housing Falls, So Falls the Economy - Irwin Kellner, MarketWatch *** Wall St. Revives Dangerous Debt *** CEO Hopefuls Want to Break Up BofA *** Goldman makes big investment in affordable housing New York Equity Fund gets $61 million from arm of Wall Street titan to rehabilitate 568 units in 47 buildings across Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx *** GM to launch Volt in California next year *** Bank Of America To Repay Government Bailout *** Goldman Takes Offensive on Pay *** Ford Bets Big on Small Cars' (Business Week)

Pay to Play Wall Street The new Madoff? Former lawyer charged in $1B Ponzi schemeNational Baltimore’s Mayor Is Convicted *** California to Use Deflation in Assessing Property Taxes *** The Racial Divide - Again - Leonard Pitts, Miami Herald*** Baltimore Mayor Stole Gift Cards Meant for PoorInternational Iran releases 5 seized Brits *** Iran’s Plan to Phase Out Subsidies Brings Frenzied Debate *** In Denmark, Ambitious Plan for Electric Cars

Media and New Tech
Content is king Google backs down to media on free news clicks. n the intensifying staring contest between publishers and the Internet giant, Google made a play to appease media companies yesterday, allowing them to cap free news access*** GE overpaid Vivendi *** YouTube sets sights on iTune TV territory *** Nielsen to get $70M for four media titles *** Political Google Who gets Googled the most? *** Surviving NBC’s Upheaval *** Google's 'First Click Free' Will Allow Newspapers To Limit Access To Stories *** BAD TIMING? Tiger Woods, Obama On Golf Digest Cover Together *** Twitter, Michael Jackson: Most popular Google searches *** Harlem choir nixes Glenn Beck film role *** 3,500 New York sex-pervs get kicked off MySpace, Facebook sites *** Google to Let Publishers Set Limits *** E-Readers May Hold More Surprises *** Newseum trims its staff once again *** Where Google Goes From Here *** Murdoch Accuses Google of 'Theft' *** Marilyn Monroe Smokes Pot on Film? *** Comcast Targeting ESPN With NBC Acquisition *** Dobbs Tells Imus: I Never Talked To CNBC, I'd Consider Working At Fox *** At 100 Years, Black Newspaper Seeks to Preserve Its Legacy The Amsterdam News *** Did Google just blink? BBC News *** FTC explores future of journalism in Internet age *** Murdoch Says Mobile TV Is Key to Future*** Anderson Cooper's Ratings Plummet

Blog Reports
Some people believe that Forest City Ratner distorted many aspects of its proposed Atlantic Yards development to win its eminent domain appeal. Here is a list of some of the professed falsehoods. [Noticing New York] *** A bagel store will replace the Papaya King at Seventh Avenue and 14th Street. [Grub Street] *** Brooklyn pride, now available on a T-shirt. [Pardon Me For Asking]*** The Federal Trade Commission released regulations requiring bloggers to disclose any “material connections,” in other words payola, that might affect their coverage. [Valleywag]***Woods says he lets family down *** Photo slideshow: Job fair on Staten Island *** Rethinking Jeff Zucker's NBC Reign *** Zell Out As Tribune CEO *** Govt will need to help shape U.S. media: Waxman *** WashTimes cutting staff up to 40 percent ***Inside the Times' Blog World *** People Want to Watch Fox Watch Obama *** CNN: Missing Dobbs *** Pulitzer board eases eligibility for online-only entries *** FTC Testimony Explains 3 Trends for Newspapers in 2010 *** Power Struggles over Converged Newsrooms May Diminish Value of Web Sites *** Watch Out, Times! Murdoch Plans $15 M. N.Y.C. Edition