Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care War Goes on Vacation

Health Care War Goes on Vacation
Health Debate Turns Hostile at Town Hall Meetings *** Protests spread over Obama health reform plans... *** White House to Dems: 'Punch back twice as hard'... *** Lawmakers' Trip Hit Tourist Hot Spots *** Lawmakers Rethink Town Halls *** Democrats Must Fight Back on Health Care - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Beware of Bureaucrats' Prescriptions - Thomas Sowell, Detroit News *** Hooligans Hijack Health Care Debate - Charles Blow, New York Times *** House Bill Oversteps on End-of-Life Issues - Charles Lane, Washington Post *** Mr. President, Americans Are Not an 'Angry Mob' - Washington Examiner

Nobody in Charge GOV'S ELECTION CORRECTION *** Vacation offers no holiday from goofs: Gov announces, then cancels election ' *** JUST DO' WTC, MIKE TELLS GOVS *** Not Sen. Shirley Huntley SCHOOL CONTROL 'HELD HOSTAGE' POL VOTED NO ON 'PRINCIPAL' *** SUBWAY HEADS IN 'LINE' OF FIRE *** High Line costs enter stratosphere From A Walk in the Park (a new blog about parks) *** Post Tries to Sex Up Paterson Story *** Sunday $12M IN CITY PAYCHECKS SAT FOR 15 YRS. *** Broken Tribeca Water Main Was From 1870

Tammany Still Controls the Board of Elections New pols hit old walls: Local candidates bring fresh blood but trip on procedural snags True News has been on this corruption all along Tammany Hall Board of Elections Control Goes On and On *** True News last year examined how hard it is to change the BOE why not the times *** The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers *** Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again *** More on Tammany’s Control of the City’s Elections not happening Competive Elections + Press/Public Outrage = Change and Action

The Accidental Ballot Access Reforms
The only reform in ballot access in the last 20 years occurred because the Bush campaign tried to keep John McCain off the New York Primary Ballot in 2000. A Federal Judge ruled after the McCain campaign took the Republican Party to court, to eliminate the need for ADs, EDs and totals on nominating petitions cover sheets. Judge Edward Korman who also ruled that candidates can correct their petitions cover sheets for defects after they are submitted to the Board of Elections, did more then any Good Government group to make a very restrictive ballot access system a little bit easier for challengers Good Government groups and Reformers Have Their Annual Press Conference . . . Nothing Else Notice how good government groups never are at the Board of Elections each year and hold no press confrences each year when challengers are knocked off New York Times Recommends Filing Fee In Place of Petitions for Candidate Ballot Access (Ballot Access News)

Secret Governnment What happen in the smoke full rooms to get Maloney out of the race, Schumer knows how to operate and is effect in that world SEN. SOCK-PUPPET *** Recognizing Long Odds, Maloney Drops Her Senate Bid *** MALONEY BOWS OUT OF RACE FOR GILLY'S SEAT *** Schumer Aide Is Confirmed as United States Attorney *** Appeals Panel Denies Release of Wiretaps in Spitzer Case

Groundhog Day, Again NYT for the 1000 times calls for election refrom in its editorial. Without calling for a constitutional convention it not going to happen, not with this group in Albany. Do this editioral mean the NYT is clueless or is just a cover your ass move? To Reform Albany: Start Here To address Albany’s epic corruption and incompetence, New York State needs to open the ballot to more candidates, reform campaign finance rules and redistrict honestly Only Door to Real Change Constitutional Convention

Road to City Hall MIKE SCORES A 'MATCH' POINT *** Candidate John Liu plays immigrant card in campaign video City Councilman John Liu is playing the immigrant card in a new biographical video he's launching on the Web *** Sunday The city Campaign Finance Board says it's watching all candidates for improper coordination with outside groups following a letter from public advocate hopeful Mark Green that was widely seen as a jab at rival Bill de Blasio and the Working Families Party *** Daily News Editorial: Cy Vance for District Att'y *** Mayoral candidate William Thompson to get nod from city's largest union *** Governor backtracks on special election for Seminerio’s seat *** Term Limits Backlash:Incumbents In Trouble (City Limits)

Pay to Play Parkway Hospital files suit to reopen, citing failure to bribe Seminerio


City & State News 9 Dead After Copter and Plane Collide Over Hudson ***
Big, Yellow and Ripe for Budget Cuts School districts across the New York region and elsewhere are cutting bus service this fall in an attempt to save money on transportation costs *** Hot dog vendor gets bun's rush from spot near Met

Alex Baldwin or Any Millionare Grab this Seat No Primary for Gillibrand with Maloney Now Out of the Way All you need is balls to ignor the pols who want the fix *** Insider pol does not matter when your running for U.S. Senate. If this report is true to bad Maloney and her handlers were clueless. Running agaisnt the system would have won it easy for her Source: Maloney Won't Challenge Gillibrand, Schumer Instrumental

Washington Sotomayor sworn in as Supreme Court justice *** Sunday Is Obama Punking Us? While it’s unlikely that the chorus of President Obama’s most strident doomsayers will be proven right, there is growing cause for concern that the president is not the reformer he promised to be *** Sotomayor Joins The Supreme Court *** Former President Bill Clinton To Give Opening Keynote At Netroots Nation 2009 *** Will Obama Rethink His Gitmo Plans? (Mother Jones)

Wall Street Protection Society U.S. and UBS Are Given More Time to Forge Deal ** A.I.G. Posts Its First Quarterly Profit Since 2007 *** A Longtime Aide to Madoff Is Expected to Plead Guilty *** Plea Is Due From Aide to Madoff *** Regulators Seize Three More Banks *** Bundled Mortgages Pose Problems for Housing Program *** Oregon, Florida Banks Fail Friday *** Bailout: $10.7 Billion More to Fannie Mae *** Sunday LIFE & SLIMES OF BERNIE THE BORN HUSTLER OLD PALS BARE HIS SCHEMING PAST *** Pay Czar Quietly Meets With Rescued Firms *** Stephen Feinberg & the fall of Chrysler (Sunday NY Times) *** How You Finance Goldman Sachs’ Profits (Mother Jones)

Small Automakers Take Big Leap Inspired by prospect of market for electric cars, innovative companies bet they can beat giants

National Why is Los Angeles Losing Its Police Commissioner?

International Long, Costly Afghan Effort Likely (Washington Post) *** N. Korea leader uses Bill visit to groom Mini-Kim

Media Another Bidder Pursuing Globe *** At Fox and MSNBC, Hosts Refire the Insult Machines *** GOP Peril Is Actually Fox News Profit *** UPDATE: Murdoch tests charge-for-content policy at SUNDAY TIMES...

Blog Report Coney Island's Globe Tower That Never Was (Gothamist) *** Bloomberg’s Transportation Record and Rhetoric(Tri-State Transportation Campaign) *** Dormitory Authority Minor Victim of Structured Finance(NY Fiscal Watch) *** New York Should Follow San Francisco’s Lead on Health Care(Huffington Post) *** How Public Comments Can Affect Atlantic Yards(Atlantic Yards Report) *** Desperate? Even before state files legal response, Daily News editorial attacks eminent domain case, ignores issues of blight and relative benefit (Atlantic Yards Reports)