Friday, August 7, 2009

NY's Watergate: Several Slush Fund Cover-up

New York's Watergate: Several Slush Fund Cover-up

From True News:
The City Council Slush Fund Scandal Is Way Bigger Than Miguel Martinez *** Councilmembers Enjoy Your New Home: Jail True News has been publishing exclusive after exclusive on the City Council slush fund scandal and the growing corruption in New York's government, examples follow: Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up *** Massive Lobbyist Scandal at City Hall *** Cover Up At City Hall Continues *** Inspector Clouseau Investigates *** The Dishonor Roll - The Shame of New York Newspaper reports of Councilmembers misuse of member items and their office *** The Sad State of Journalism in New York

Nixon Tapes = Mayor's Slush Fund Investigation?

Comptroller Thompson audits did not discover the council's slush fund, now he wants the mayor's audit on his own slush fund . . . The way this investigation is going we should turn this case over to Inspector Clouseau

From the NYT:
"Politics aside, Mr. Thompson and Ms. Gotbaum should not expect any big envelopes in the mail. The mayor’s office has said that there is little paperwork supporting the review and that it relied on interviews with staff members to reconstruct the financing. When The Times asked this week for a copy of the audit, a spokesman for the mayor said the report was really little more than a “spreadsheet that detailed what was funded and by whom.”" Thompson and Gotbaum Ask for Mayor's Discretionary Fund Data *** City Council officials awarding big raises to staffers Feeling pay envy, City Council officials are doling out hefty raises to their staffers similar to those awarded a month ago by Mayor Bloomberg to his staff

Arrogant Leadership They don't care what you think GOV'S PARTY PAL TAPPED AS 88G-A-YR. AIDE AMID 'HIRE FREEZE' *** What hiring freeze?! Gov. Paterson hires 'club' pal Despite a hiring freeze CITY COUNCIL HIKES STAFFERS' SALARIES *** Tainted carpenters union boss Forde still fave with pols *** Position Is Uncertain for Indicted Leader of Carpenters’ Union *** Congress to Buy Eight New Planes Congress plans to spend $550 million to buy eight jets, even as lawmakers have criticized firms receiving taxpayer funds for using private jets.

Dumb and Dummer Gov First the gov calls a special election then he calls it off? Paterson Calls Primary Day Special In The 38th AD Is it off or on? Not Special Yet And the Former Gov Gets Naked Again Court: Gov't Can Withhold Spitzer Documents

Free Campaign Mailing NYP continues it positive spin for Bloomberg education record A TRIUMPH FOR SCHOOL SPIRIT * SENATE OKS BLOOMY-RUN SYSTEM* GOV WILL SIGN SIX-YEAR RENEWAL *** O'S CZAR: NATION COULD LEARN FROM NYC *** 'THANKS' FROM PRINCIPAL BEHIND BIG TURNAROUND *** Maloney Decides Not to Challenge Gillibrand

Pay to Play Closed selection process raises questions From Crain's:Half a dozen bids to revive the Aqueduct racetrack in Ozone Park, Queens, were formally submitted to Gov. David Paterson’s office last week as part of a closed selection process, raising eyebrows among good-government groups

Road to City Hall Mayoral race heats up as Bloomy, Thompson trade barbs The campaigns of Mayor Bloomberg and Controller William Thompson traded barbs Thursday about who failed to protect New York renters at the tail end of the real estate bubble *** Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes recovering from heart surgery Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is recovering from heart surgery, his office said Thursday in a surprise announcement *** The Amsterdam News has its eye on 14 Council races *** Of Campaigns and Fund-Raising *** Paterson Calls Primary Day Special In The 38th AD *** Howard Wolfson criticizes Bill Thompson for investing in a land deal after getting contributions from the developer. Thompson people note that Bloomberg’s commissioner approved of the deal *** Did Two-Ton Tony order Parkway Hospital closed? From the Daily News *** Pigeon launches two new political funds for Espada

NY Economic Melt Down Retail rents plunge on Madison Avenue *** Yet another jeweler goes bankrupt

Washington Lobbyists Pay to Play The Health Insurers Have Already Won: How They Did It *** WATCH: Tampa Town Hall On Health Care Reform Disrupted By Violence *** Rahm Emanuel Puts Foot Down on Ads

National California Prepares for Inmate Release

International Taliban Leader in Pakistan Was Killed, His Aides Say *** China Executes Airport Chief for Bribes

Wall Street Mess Madoff Trustee's $15M Payday *** Ex-AIG CEO Greenberg settles fraud charges *** July nonfarm payrolls fell 247,000 in July. The unemployment rate dropped to 9.4%

Media Peace Talks With Fox Sparked Fierce Battle Within MSNBC *** WATCH: Giant Matzah Ball Sets Guinness World Record *** Director John Hughes Dies At 59 *** NYTimes Co. publicly shopping Boston Globe *** CBS profits plummet 96% in 2Q *** MediaBen Stein Loses New York Times Column