Monday, August 10, 2009

Lobbyist Al D'Amato Helps Himself $$$

Lobbyist Al D'Amato Helps Himself $$$

Daily News Editorial: Al's big coin trick Al D'Amato, ex-senator and lobbyist extraordinaire, has pocketed $50,000 from the foundation building the World Trade Center's 9/11 memorial, and he has delivered nothing. He should refund the money, with interest *** Note: to Daily News he delivered nothing to OTB also Alfonse D'Amato Received $144000 No-Bid Contract From NYC OTB ... *** Your Free Press: CITY BUDGET: AL D'AMATO'S PERSONAL COOKIE JAR *** Stern - D'Amato - The Mob - HUD - Cumberland Packing Corp. *** News Copy, New York: Who Is Kirsten Gillibrand's Father ... *** D'Amato To Get $5 Million If He Does His Job News *** D'Amato upstages Schumer at Gillibrand press conference Muckety ... *** Kirsten Gillibrand - Swampland - *** Ratner Pays D'Amato $400K for Eminent Domain Lobbying The New ... *** Al D'Amato: Republicrat? (Spin Cycle) - *** - The new sheriffs in town *** Albany Lobbyist System Caused by Leaders Lack of Ethics and Morals Standards *** INQUIRY TARGETS D'AMATO CALL TO HEAD OF MTA.(CAPITAL REGION ... *** The Transit Strike - December 20, 2005 - The New York Sun *** The Transit Strike - December 20, 2005 - The New York Sun Nov 29, 2007 ... a former senator, Alfonse D'Amato, to indictments for overbilling in connection with renovations to the MTA headquarters at 2 Broadway.

Pay to Play the slush fund goes way beyond the council East Side nonprofit tied to political campaign work for Bill Thompson, Sheldon Silver *** A Window Into Politics On The Lower East Side *** WFP Plays Defense

On the Road to City Hall Bloomberg gives Obama green light to raise taxes on the middle class *** Special Interests Apply Here "Most of Bill Thompson’s campaign dollars -- an astounding 86% -- have come from donors giving $1,000 or more this cycle. Another 12% comes from donors giving more than $250. Shockingly, Mr. Thompson has raised just 2% of his money in donations of $250 or less," Bloomberg campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said.

Incompetent Leadership Again and Again DEUTSCHE RAZING $TALLS WTC RAISING *** NY1 calls it a progress hearing? Dumb Public Hearing To Address WTC Progress *** DEM FEUD SPARKED GOV'S BUNGLE GOV. PATERSON'S bizarre ac tion Friday announcing and then canceling a special Assembly election resulted from secret pressure from three powerful Queens Democrats who are on the outs with their county organization *** Airspace Above Hudson a Highway With Few Signs *** His Kind of Crowd, in Queens, Not Albany Back in his home district, State Senator Frank Padavan of Queens was welcomed warmly by voters despite the recent turmoil in Albany *** Ground Zero Stalls Again Gov. David Paterson’s compromise for ending the building stalemate at ground zero should be recognized as a good deal (NYT Editorial) *** Hudson disaster 'inevitable,' pilot says *** New York once led the nation in medical error reporting but now, the system itself is on life support. (This story is part of a national series called “Dead by Mistake” — read the full report here.) *** Jim Odato writes that some legal minds believe fundraisers at Saratoga could be in violation of state law…and the latest round of bidding for Aqueduct could cost the state $685k *** The state paid almost $50 million to private stock managers to actively invest in the state’s pension fund, investments that cost the state $1 billion *** The Assembly ethics committee didn’t meet once during the past session (when an Assemblyman resigned and pleaded guilty to corruption charges)

Albany The fight over a sex abuse bill hotly opposed by the Catholic Church sent Assemblywoman Margaret Markey to the hospital with dangerously high blood pressure *** The state is expected to select a VLT operator for Aqueduct Race Track by the fall.

Washington TURBULENCE AFTER HOUSE DOUBLES PRIVATE JET BUY *** Opposition Emerges to House's Jet Spree *** Chris Smith predicts health care reform will put Sen. Chuck Schumer at "one of the most difficult political crossroads of his career."