Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Important PensionGate Update Coming

Important PensionGate Update Coming

True News Pensiongate Coverage to This Point Organized Crime Politics: Comptroller Office for Sale $$$ *** OUT OF COMPTROL, AS SCANDAL SPREADS, CITY COMPTROLLER CANDIDATES LOOK FOR BIGGER ROCK TO HIDE UNDER *** Steve Rattner the Untouchable *** Cuomo: The New Sheriff of Wall Street *** NY PensionGate Explodes in New Mexico *** The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know *** The Wolf at Thompson's Door *** Will the Cuomo Pension Investigation Take on the Establishment?

What They Said: “If I have to bring (my son) with me -- to an event, to City Hall for an emergency session -- do I have to think twice about being accused of using him as a political prop...?” - Melinda Katz, controller candidate

What They Mean: In spite of direct questions about it from reputable people, I STILL ain’t talking about the pension fund scandal. Katz in the Cradle, and Liz from the Daily News Blog got this from Katz: Let’s talk about motherhood, instead of the pension fund scandal. After all, I have an excuse. It’s MOTHER’S DAY!

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . The WSJ four days ago said the SEC is expected to propose a federal rule that would ban investment advisers from managing public pension-fund money after contributing to the campaigns of state pension fund overseers SEC Trains Its Sights on 'Pay to Play' Participants four days later DiNapoli agrees DiNapoli Wants SEC Limit on Gifts from Pension Firms, Controller Thomas DiNapoli - keep campaign donors from pension funds. . . A good example why the City's economy is melting down, is the lack of leadership of Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO of the Partnership for New York City. In a sick statement in today's post she said that waiters would make more in tips because of the proposed increase in sales tax. Karthryn your supposed to be the strong captain in rough seas, not a pathetic hanger on WAITERS MAY DINE OUT ON TAX HIKE . . . NYP daily push for mayoral control KLEIN DIGS IN HIS HEELS ON MAYORAL CONTROL . . . Too late for firefighters Robert Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino who died because of connected contractors who do whatever they want, while the city looks the other way. While the city's pols are telling us how great they are for cracking down, it's hard to not think of the families of the firefighter who died because of a lack of political leadership DEUTSCHE BLAZE SPURS CRACKDOWN . . . The WTC will now become a symble of New York's lack of leaderhip, which is causing the great city that past generations built, to fall apart. It will be very sad to look at 6 story buildings and remember the strength of the two great towers, that said this was a place to make dreams possible The incredible shrinking World Trade Center, Speaker Silver fumed, "I am fed up with the stalling and exasperated with the current state of the World Trade Center project." . . . New York Used to have people like Suzannah Artist who were not afraid to speak out against the bums that run this city. In her video she calls the Conflict of interest board the biggest joke in town . . . Every media outlet in town is spining that Albany saved the MTA from a "Doomsday." Albany caused the problem by the way they structured MTA funding and the agency itself. And why is the media so relieved that the fare increases have been reduced? Every subway rider still has to pay the increase in fees and taxes that Albany put in place to hold down the increase: Subway and Bus Riders Will Pay More, but Less Than They Feared . . . It is so shocking to see a pol take on New York's corrupt culture, beyond the usual spin that they are cleaning it up, during elections. Is Cuomo the first pol to break the elected officials wall of silence? His actions seem to say so. It took Rev. Al to crack the cops "Blue Wall of Silence," maybe it will take someone like Cuomo to take on this media protected group Andrew takes out the trash: Cuomo's risky all-out attack on Albany's culture of corruption . . . Which pols blocked New York's bid to host the 2012 Olympics? Do you think we could have used the jobs and bucks flowing into the city? Obama: Bring Olympics to Chicago *** The Politicker says that the controller does not want to take money from those doing business with his office, I wonder why? Tom DiNapoli said

City's Economic Melt Down New York Transit Riders Will Pay More, but Less Than They Feared *** Council Probes Impact Of Mayor's Sales Tax Plan *** FARE BOOSTS ARE ON TRACK FOR JUNE 28 *** LUXURY LIVING AT WTCTOWER 5 HOTEL PLAN *** Corporate Cabbies, Others Tell of Economic Plight *** As Storefronts Become Vacant, Ads Arrive *** New Hotels’ Big Expansion Plans Get Squeezed *** NY bracing for more health layoffs *** Mike's tax would kill jobs, pols say *** Without Astor, zoo loses luster *** Anger as FDNY announces it will shut four fire companies by July *** Board approves two-bit fare hike *** Raising the sales tax in the city could cost 1,200 jobs, said City Council members *** wasn't "doomsday," but it was "gloomsday," writes Clyde Haberman *** Critics Question Logistics Of Taxi Surcharge *** FDNY Commissioner Defends Need To Close Engine Companies

Pay to Play Liu, Comrie targeted by towing industry From NY1: A proposal by the City Council to more than double tow truck fines for New Yorkers has some critics questioning the link between the bill's supporters and its political sponsors *** Assemblyman attacks pay to play *** Lobbyists in Washington are working around new restrictions *** 'Pay to Play' Probe Ensnares Another an associate of Hank Morris, the indicted political adviser at the center of New York's "pay to play" pension probe, has pleaded guilty to securities fraud and is cooperating with the investigation, according to people familiar with the matter *** Former Health Commissioner Antonia Novello will be indicted today *** Bob Kappstatter wonders about the identity of the couple with young children living in the apartment that is supposedly Espada's official residence in the Bronx *** California Firm Is Pulled Into N.Y. Pension Inquiry *** Ca. Businessman Pleads Guilty in Pension Probe *** The Bronx D.A. is investigating whether Pedro Espada Jr. does or does not live in his district.

Road to City Hall The Campaign Finance Board launched a new, on-line searchable database - just in time for the May 15 filings *** Tony Avella Looks Forward to Running Against Bloomberg *** Congressman Accuses Bloomberg Campaign of Spreading Negative Stories *** Verdict's out on DA candidate Recent trial experience is "essential," says one candidate, Cyrus Vance Jr. *** Mike's tax would kill jobs, pols say *** Katz in the Cradle *** No DA Run For Feinblatt

The City The Yankees will give the city $11.5 million for the rights to dismantle and sell seats, lockers and other items from their old stadium *** Yankees to sell off memorabilia from old stadium *** In Bouncer’s Murder Trial, Victim’s Friend Recalls Their Last Night A friend of Imette St. Guillen *** GASPS OF SHOCK AT IMETTE TRIAL FRIEND TELLS JURY OF FATAL NIGHT OUT *** ROBBER COP GETS 10 YRS. *** ATTORNEY: I AM A CROOK*** FAA & BLOOMY SHOOT DOWN ANOTHER FOOLISH FLYOVER *** CitiField may become a hunk of junk From the NY Post:The Mets are striking out with Wall Street's bond investors after the credit rating of team's new home Citi Field got slammed with a threat of being downgraded to junk status *** Hillary Clinton to speak at NYC commencement *** F.A.A. Rejects Navy Request for Low Flight Over Hudson *** After 2 Years, a Meeting on Village Landmarks *** Cablevision says MSG division not for sale *** Woman left in OR speaks out *** Union blasts Transit after Metrocard maintenance worker is shot*** Without Astor, zoo loses luster *** Rapper T.I. and Al Sharpton march in Harlem to stop gun violence *** West Sider wins award for smallest, coolest apartment *** Bob Herbert says the press is very race-conscious when covering crime stories, and not in a good way *** Record Street Stops For NYPD In Early 2009 *** "The Addams Family" Is Coming To Broadway

Albany Now, Smith Comes Down on Espada *** Assemblyman Makes Gay Marriage Bill Personal *** Bronx Senator Is Rebuked Over Filings *** COPS: WE WARNED BOSS OF RAGE POL TWIST IN SAVAGE SEN.'S ATTACK ON FOTOG State Police warned state Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) about Sen. Kevin Parker's temper just days before the Brooklyn Democrat flew into a rage and attacked a Post reporter *** Bronx pol gets a week to clean up his campaign finance mess State Sentate leaders gave Sen. Pedro Espada *** Assembly to tackle same-sex unions *** Regents, SUNY clash over charter schools authority *** Embattled state Senator Kevin Parker pockets 22G stipend despite *** The Assembly will vote on the gay marriage bill today. The Senate still doesn’t have 32 votes, but advocates say they have the support of some Republicans. A number of Latino clergy will protest gay marriage next week *** The Senate Elections Committee hears testimony on a voting bill *** Paterson proposes to change the bottle bill, including the handling fee given to stores and redemption centers for taking in the bottles *** Parker speaks: upbeat despite assault charges *** After the Vote, An Engagement Party *** Parker Says He Supports Smith's Action Against Him *** There still aren't enough votes to pass the marriage bill in the Senate, according to Majority Leader Malcolm Smith *** Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. will join fellow Hispanic religious leaders for an anti-gay marriage protest in front of Paterson's Manhattan office this Sunday *** The Post calls on Parker to resign *** Schools Chancellor Joel Klein is open to proposals that allow more parental and community involvement, but drew the line at weakening the mayor's authority over the system *** Dan Janison thinks Eliot Spitzer doth protest too much about a possible comeback.

Pay to Play MTA to probe allegations that Lopez tried to bully Sander over relative's promotion MTA Inspector General Barry Kluger will probe allegations that powerful Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez tried to bully the top transit executive into *** Ex-state senator's galpal gets plea deal in federal fraud case Disgraced former state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez's sweetheart scored a sweetheart deal Monday. Lucia Sanchez admitted her role in Gonzalez's theft of $200,...

President Obama Obama’s Push for Health Care Cuts Faces Daunting Odds *** TOP US GENERAL GETS AF-CANNED *** Reboot in Afghanistan: Gates replaces top general *** O TO VISIT RUSSIA *** O SEES TURNING POINT IN HEALTH CARE *** Questions and answers on health care plan *** Obama praises health industry's vow to cut costs *** A Push for First Hispanic Justice *** Obama Tourism Is Up in Chicago *** Commander’s Ouster Is Tied to Shift in Afghan War *** Potential Justice Offers a Counterpoint in Chicago *** After Iran Frees Saberi, Will the U.S. Reciprocate? *** New Tax for the Rich *** Obama: Bring Olympics to Chicago *** Afghanistan Now 'Obama's War' *** W.H. lobbies for Olympics in Chicago *** Women weren't Edwards' only problem *** Obama's energy triangulation *** Gibbs on Sykes: 9/11 is not 'comedy' *** Netanyahu, Mubarak, Abbas visits *** W.H. steps up IMF funding *** Open government delays irk some *** Detroit should hear from Obama *** As promised, Obama has been tested *** Obama wants to close “unfair” tax loopholes for revenue *** Obama takes a tougher antitrust line *** Opinion: Obama and Clinton's Legacy *** With McKiernan Firing, It's Obama's War Now - Fred Kaplan, Slate *** Obama's Huge Budget Leaves GOP Speechless - Byron York, DC Examiner *** Cheney's Nonsense - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** NOW OBAMA ADMIN BATTLES CHEERIOS

Congress & GOP Reid Threatens Monday Votes *** Democrats race to hearings on interrogation memos *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: New curbs slow lobbying, a bit *** Sharing Congress’s Research Making Congressional Research Service reports available to the public would narrow the information gap between Washington insiders and ordinary Americans, NYT Ed *** Romney Camp Hits Back At Steele For Mormonism Comments *** Glass-Steagall Act: The Senators And Economists Who Got It Right *** Pelosi defense: couldn't object in '03 *** Business ready for war over tax plan *** Conservatives may buck Crist *** Health cuts mark detente or dodge *** Will cash follow Specter? *** Compromise sets up credit card bill *** Burton may face four in GOP primary *** Schakowsky ramps up fundraising *** Vitter's stall on FEMA draws criticism *** Boehner flack responds to Obama joke *** NRA, mayors agree on gun change *** Franken team pushes certification *** Sessions: Obama wants to 'kill' capitalism *** Lieberman knocks Cheney *** Democrats are racing to hold hearings on the torture memos, but so far the biggest embarassment has been suffered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi *** Gov. Crist Enters Florida Senate Race *** Wall Street & Washington Still in Denial - Arianna Huffington, Huff Post *** Is A 2010 Republican Comeback Really Impossible? - Sean Trende, RCP *** GOP's Misguided Campaign Against Empathy - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate *** Franken Defends His Win to Minn. Supreme Court - Star Tribune *** Dodd Blasts Newspaper Piece on Wife's Income - CQ Politics *** How the GOP Should Oppose Obama's Nominee - Dan McLaughlin, RedState *** TNPM *** APPROVED: $800,000 Stimulus Funds for Murtha Airport...

National PILOT'S FATAL 'DISTRACTION' CRASH CAPTAIN WAS 'COMING ON' TO PRETTY CO-PILOT *** Annual checkup for Social Security and Medicare *** Everyone Suspicious of Health-care Industry *** Despite Boost, States Slash Jobs Federal stimulus package provided $135B to limit layoffs, but budget shortfalls prompt major cuts *** They Had It Made The Grant Study, a longitudinal study of a group of promising young men that began in the late 1930s, reveals life stories more vivid than any theory one could concoct to explain them, NYT Ed *** Workers Pressure Bank to Keep Clothier’s U.S. Plants Open *** Hospitals Begin to Move Into Supermarkets *** Former Catholic Bishop Of Milwaukee Says He's Gay *** Schwarzenegger Warns Next Year's Deficit Could Climb To $21.3 Billion *** Bob Schieffer Raps David Souter For Disliking DC *** Archbishop Comes Out in Memoir *** Vote Will Dictate California Budget *** TNPM *** Insolvency for Social Security and Medicare Is Seen Closer

International Pope Visits Holy Sites in Jerusalem *** Journalist’s Release Shows Divide Among Iran’s Leaders *** Accused Nazi Criminal Arrives in Munich *** Pakistan Says It Is Stepping Up Attack *** BofA Reported to Sell China Bank Stake *** Chinese Exports Fall 22.6% in April *** China Marks Anniversary of Quake *** An Agenda for Mr. Netanyahu
As new leaders of two deeply entwined countries, President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel have an interest in getting their relationship off to a good start, NYT Ed *** Russia Stockpiles the Gems, Awaiting the Return of Demand *** Germans Turn Doubtful on Fiat’s Plans for Opel *** French Find Safety Nets Multiplying in Pastures *** Refugee Crisis Clouds Pakistan's Anti-Taliban War *** Pope under fire for speech at Holocaust Museum...'Restrained, almost cold'...Vatican defends... *** Lingerie model looks to run for Italian parliament *** Why Iran Freed U.S. Reporter *** Castro: Mexico Covered Up Flu *** Iraq’s Economy Finally Slumps *** Pakistan Pushes on Against Taliban *** Small Step For Justice in Iran - Boston Globe *** Persian Smoke, Persian Fire - Joe Klein, Swampland *** U.S. Spurned Offer for Iraq Peace - David Rose, Vanity Fair

Wall Street Mess FEDS DROWNING IN RED INK *** US to borrow 46 cents for every dollar spent *** Madoff's Cameltoe: Even More Wrongdoing *** Retailers Cut Prices to Match New Frugality *** We’re Dull, Small Banks Say, but Have Profits *** Budget Gap Is Revised to Surpass $1.8 Trillion *** Bernanke Defends Bank Tests as a Confidence Builder *** G.M. Says Bondholders Have Its Final Offer on Debt Exchange *** Lawyer Pleads Guilty in $400 Million Fraud *** Goldman Pays to End State Inquiry Into Loans *** U.K. Role in Eurofighter Jet Project Is at Risk *** A.I.G. Gets $1.2 Billion for a Building in Tokyo *** Surprisingly big vote for Citigroup board *** SL Green Realty cuts its dividend *** Japanese bank buying Citi division *** 'Stress tests' find banks need $75B *** Massachusetts AG in $60M deal with Goldman *** The Real Problem with Credit Cards: The Cardholders *** GM CEO: Bankruptcy looking more likely *** CEOs Enjoy Job Security In Spite Of Financial Crisis *** Forget Planes: New Site Compares Bus Ticket Prices *** GM to Bolt Detroit? *** Stress Tests Loosen Lending *** Bank stock sales are infusing billions in new capital *** Climate-Bill Breaks Bode Ill for Deficit *** Bad Economy Has a Silver Lining - Michael Medved, USA Today *** $2 Trillion Worth of Hope - Washington Post *** Business Must Become More Like the NFL - Roger Martin, Financial Times *** Credit Card Holders Have Rights, Too - Rep. Carolyn Maloney, The Nation *** Hedge Fund Failings Repaid With Backlash - David Weidner, MarketWatch *** Home Prices Drop Most on Record...

Media & New Tech Losses at Playboy, Across Television *** Plunging Playboy to pump up prices *** New Yorker's Office Is Creepy, Quiet *** Print Books Are Target of Pirates on the Web *** ‘NewsHour’ on PBS to Get Makeover *** Study says newspapers will survive *** GEFFEN SETS SIGHTS ON NY TIMES...GOOGLE CONSIDERED INVESTMENT... *** Ratings Dip For Anderson Cooper's '360' *** Report: Geffen Offered To Buy 19 Percent Of NY Times *** Local TV News Squeezed By Plunging Profits *** CNN Asks Ashton About Twitter Feud At Correspondents' Dinner *** MSNBC's Carlos Watson Launching News And Opinion Site *** Dr. Oz To Make Final Oprah Appearance This Week *** Geffen Wants Piece of Times *** Radio Tunes Out Google in Rare Miss *** Oh, for God’s Sake, Newspapers Should Go out of Business, Wolff

People and Places Exhibit Captures Lennon's NYC Years *** BEBE, LANE IN 'ADDAMS' Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth to appear in a musical version of "The Addams Family" *** NOW SHE'S EVICT-ORIA GOTTI MAFIA PRINCESS LOSING TV CASTLE TO FORECLOSURE AFTER STIFFING BANK OUT OF $650,000 *** Oprah Tells Students: 'It's Great to Have a Private Jet'... *** Gotti Home Foreclosed *** Susan Boyle Dishes to Oprah *** Elizabeth Edwards & 'Oversharing' - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal

Blog Report Gillibrand Turns NRA Coat {Angry New Yorker} *** Promised Parks, Greenpoint Shorted In Rezoning {Brooklyn 11211} *** Greenpoint: Dude, Where’s My Park? {New York Shitty} *** As Mainstream Media Shrivels, A Call To Blogger Action