Monday, May 11, 2009

Vito Lopez's Right of Rule

Vito Lopez's Right of Rule

Daily News Looks for Opposition to the King of Patronage . . . Not Happening

Last year, Brooklyn Supreme Court Civil Term Justice Jack Battaglia the brother of Angela Battaglia and girl friend of Vito Lopez, filed a $1 million lawsuit against the city after he slipped and fell on the recently mopped courtroom floor; The Daily News reports. Vito's machine made Jack a Supreme Court Judge. Today the Daily News learned that New York pols can keep silent on moral and corruption issues and get away with it. Pols keep silent on News' report of MTA job ploy by Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez. True News reported on corruption in the city's pension system and asked the candidates running for the Comptroller's office questions about the corruption. None of the them answered a single question or made any meaningful comment about reform and accountability. It is clear that their contribution lists are a toxic dump of pension corruption OUT OF COMPTROL, AS SCANDAL SPREADS, CITY COMPTROLLER CANDIDATES LOOK FOR BIGGER ROCK TO HIDE UNDER A pol has finally spoken out about problems in the city's pension fund: Phillip Morris/Altria has no place in NYC pension funds, Councilman says. Brooklyn's Dictator Vito Lopez demands his weight in gold from the MTA: MTA boss Elliot Sander refused Democrat chief's request to promote kin. So far, Vito has gotten Judgeships for his daughter, his girlfriend's brother and has put his entire clubhouse in Brooklyn on the government payroll. Growth of a New-Age Political Machine , All in the Lopez family. More on Vito's rule and still much more . . . Like we said no shame Spitzer, comebacks, and the today's shame shortage

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . The NYP pushes every day against teachers and for charters and mayoral control OT-SOAK TEACHERS UP THEIR PAY GRADE, SCHOOL CRIME GETS EXPELLED HOW MAYOR TAMED CLASSROOM VIOLENCE , THE CHARTER CHALLENGE - NYP Ed . . . All a pol has to do is promise to do something in a press release. He/She is not judged on his or her ability to make what the people want in terms of law or policy. POL: PUT NY PARENTS ON E-LERT FOR PERVS. Here is another pol promise: Bill introduced to restrict cell towers. And the King of the Media promises spin Schumer calls for phone spam probe (NYP), Schumer Urges Inquiry of Companies Behind Bogus Auto Warranty Calls (NYT) . . . Is the result of a democratic senate going to be "gotcha politics" in Albany? DEMS SET TO NIX GOV'S MTA PICK PATERSON'S likely nominee to head the newly re constituted Metropolitan Transportation Authority will be rejected by the Democratic-controlled Senate. The NYT analysis of Albany ignores the friction between Smith and Paterson which is leading to the no finger prints "Gotcha Politics," missing what is really going on. From NYT: Dissidents Disrupt Plans of Democrats in Albany rank-and-file lawmakers to disrupt major legislation, breaking Albany’s traditional pattern in which the three major leaders ran the Legislature. More fallout from gotyou PATERSON'S FALL GUY THE GOV'S FALSE MTA CLEANUP . . . . Where is the discussion about Albany and City Hall tax increases pushing businesses out TAXING THEM OUT OF TOWN SAVING MTA FARE COSTS RENTAL-CAR SECTOR JOBS . . . The corruption inside the city's construction industry and now the economy will lead to nothing being built at the Deutsche Bank site for a generation. Fewer towers in revised WTC plan, Construction delayed at Deutsche Bank building . . . Where is the Times' or any editorial for that matter, against the city's Conflict of Interest Board bombshell ruling last week that it is OK for pols to fund non profits that hire their family members? Today NYT: When after Larry Seabrook for the second time this month, is doing what CIB says is ok: A Councilman’s Pattern of Favoring His Family. If Cuomo goes after pols who use government funds, there'll be a lot of new faces running NY AG to probe Bx. pols after exposé by News . . . The media keeps helping the mayor change his image to warm and average: Mayor as Nervous Father: ‘You Just Hold Your Breath’(NYT) Mayor watches daughter compete in horse show(NYDN) . . . Why does the NYT always push the rose-colored-glasses view of the city's economy? Is that in line with the Bloomberg reelection campaign, also? Remember that the mayor is promising new jobs which the city is losing 200,000 of, this year. George Orwell would be proud. From NYT: Riding the Storm in Sheepshead Bay Looking back on hard times past, a Brooklyn appliances seller says business has held steady during this recession. . . NYT makes a good point about TV news being very quiet about their audience losses, while newspapers have been very open about their melt down: Few TV Reports on Audience Flight . . . Cafes attached to the newsroom of a Czech weekly are part of a new venture in so-called hyperlocal journalism, which aims to reconnect newspapers with readers A Latte With Journalism on the Side . . .

City's Economic Melt Down LIBRARIES: $PEAK UP! potential $23.2 million funding cut *** CUT-RATE HAMPTONS SUMMER VACANCIES FORCE BARGAIN RENTS *** CHILD-CARE COSTS SOAR *** How the Recession Is Affecting New York City New York Without Money (New York Magazine) *** Riding the Storm in Sheepshead Bay Looking back on hard times past, a Brooklyn appliances seller says business has held steady during this recession *** Even the cheap seats are getting cheaper at Yankee Stadium Even the cheap seats are getting cheaper at Yankee Stadium *** MTA set to approve 10% fare increase *** MTA Board To Vote Today On Fare Hikes *** Librarians are rallying their patrons to oppose Bloomberg's proposed budget cuts *** Jennifer Senior says the recession could have an upside for New York, namely making it affordable for the middle class and reviving “a rich bohemian culture.” *** MTA Approves Scaled-Back Fare Hikes *** M.T.A. Approves Smaller Fare Increases and Service Cuts *** A Smaller Fare Increase for M.T.A.

The City B'KLYN GAS STOP A KOSHER DELIGHT *** BRONX BOMB MAKES SEATS A STEAL FOR FANS Overpriced seats, tough economic times and sub-.500 baseball have made for the perfect storm of a Yankee-ticket collapse *** NEW PRINCIPAL GETS GRIP ON TROUBLED HS Jamaica HS, once considered one of the city's most dangerous schools, is on the rebound. Complaints of violent crimes at the Queens school plunged 81 percent last year *** Are Bloomberg and Klein lying about graduation rates? From the Times Ledger *** For Many Teachers, a Famously Fertile Market Dries Up Overnight *** Five nabes in Brooklyn are perv central *** Capt. Dave, a New York party boat, comes to the rescue of shipwrecked crew *** Metropolitan Opera hits its box office target *** Building Conditions Fuel Tenant Rally On Upper West Side *** Opening Arguments Scheduled In Graduate Student Murder Trial *** City Freezes Hiring Of Outside Teachers *** Rotating Barricades Installed To Protect NY Stock Exchange

Pay to Play LI legislator busted for bribe-taking From the NY Post *** AG to probe Bx. pols after exposé by News *** Dark underbelly of Bronx politics *** Jim Odato writes that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver took away indicted Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio’s member items *** State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. is the "Teflon pol," according to the Daily News, with cozy relations between his elected office and a nonprofit organization he runs. The piece also targets Assemblyman Peter Rivera *** Bronx Senator Is Rebuked Over Filings
Road to City Hall Benjamin: Dave, Chuck won't fight Gillibrand challengers *** Rep. Weiner says he will decide on mayoral run in weeks *** Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Steve Israel are moving closer to primarying Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and Gov. David Paterson isn't trying to stop them *** Israel accidentially forwarded Gillibrand an e-mail that said: "Gillibrand says she wants to be able to work with me? Ha, ha, ha."*** Bill Thompson Hopes for an Upset "*** Another Candidate for Manhattan D.A.? *** The Wall Street Journal cites Bloomberg as an example of mayors who are criticizing governors for how federal stimulus money is being distributed *** Tom Wrobleski has details of Borough President Jim Molinaro’s re-election campaign on Staten Island

Albany PARKER AN 'ULTIMATE' FIGHT FAN Parker, charged Friday with punching Post photographer William Lopez, is the sponsor of pending legislation to legalize mixed martial arts -- known as "ultimate fighting" -- in New York *** YAHOO! FOR BUFFALO? *** DN Editorial: Welfare reform as we have known it is under assault. Democrats, now in control of both houses, are pushing bills that would effectively repeal workfare - the smart policy that has diverted countless New Yorkers from a life of dependency *** Dems trying to derail return of ex-MTA big *** Paterson seen facing challenges at MTA *** Gay Rights Groups Appeal To Republican State Senators *** The Senate Democrats hope to break party-line votes with mayoral control and gay marriage *** Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith thinks Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has it easy, saying: "He can pontificate, he can change his mind, he can dance, he can sit still. Because at the end of the day, he has 60 or 70 members that don’t have to stand up and take a position on anything." *** Sen. Mike Nozzolio opposes Paterson's Empire Zone reforms *** Two Promoted To Fill Parker's Reduced Role *** In an analysis of Albany dysfunction, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky compares the State Senate to a catering committee at a junior prom *** David Paterson isn’t working to block Gillibrand’s challengers.

President Obama OSAMA? WHO KNOWS?: GEN. national security adviser says he isn't sure if Osama bin Laden is dead or alive *** Obama adviser says US won't stop Afghan airstrikes *** Catholic political divide over Obama at Notre Dame *** Petraeus: Taliban threaten existence of Pakistan *** Biden to grads: You have chance to shape history *** Obama Enlists Biden's Expertise About High Court *** Cuban parliament big turns up nose at Obama *** Administration Plans to Strengthen Antitrust Rules *** Plan to Shift Military Spending Faces Skepticism *** A Lot More to Cut President Obama should have further cut the Pentagon budget by harvesting savings from costly weapons systems designed for the cold war, NYT Ed *** Obama Adviser Sees Unemployment Rising Until 2010 *** Lupica: Wanda shouldn't get pass *** STIMULUS WATCH: Early road aid leaves out neediest; Auditors can't track transportation funds... *** POLL: Obama more popular than USA among Arabs... *** Petraeus: Al Qaeda has been hard hit *** W.H. dinner: the week that was *** Justice Plans New Antitrust Effort *** When Obama Meets Netanyahu *** Liberals are calling for Obama to address the Darfur issue *** Obama's Netanyahu Meeting Will Decide The Mideast's Future, Says King Abdullah *** Obama vs. Monopolies *** VP Joe Biden delivered the commencement speech at Syracuse University, telling students they can control their destinies even in difficult economic times *** W.H. Proposes Cuts in Military Recruiting Budget - Washington Post *** Interview with General David Petraeus - Fox News Sunday *** Interview with Fmr. Vice President Cheney - Face the Nation *** Why Did Obama Laugh? - Tony Harden, Telegraph

National Health Care Harry, Louise and Barack The fact that the medical-industrial complex is trying to shape health care reform rather than block it is a good omen. But I still won’t count my health care chickens until they’re hatched, Krugman, NYT *** $2T SHOT FOR O HEALTH BID big step towards national health insurance *** Health care cost cuts could kick-start reform *** Health-Care Industry Vows to Control Costs *** Ex-Hospital CEO Battles Reform *** Industry Pledges to Control Health Care Costs Voluntarily *** Hospital, union groups pitch massive reform *** Family ties aid Obama applicants *** Obama to unveil health care cost cuts *** Providers Pledge To Curb Health Costs *** Why Hospital Gowns Prove Intractable *** Aide Guides Overhaul With Light Touch *** WSJ: Captain In Fatal Buffalo Plane Crash Had Flunked Numerous Flight Tests *** Shuttle Atlantis Fueled, Readied For Most Dangerous Mission Ever *** Cheaper Health Care, Anyone? *** Obama, AIDS, and the World - Boston Globe

Congress & GOP Cheney backs Limbaugh over Powell on GOP future *** Senate Bill Would Allow FDA to Regulate Tobacco *** Sallie Mae's About-Face on Loan Subsidies *** Hearings to Focus on Pilots’ Alertness in Crash That Killed 50 Near Buffalo *** Cheney Prefers Rush Limbaugh to Colin Powell as Role Model for Republicans... *** GOP's torture strategy: Pelosi *** GOP women: a minority in a minority *** Crist to announce Senate bid on Tues. *** McCain pushes for GOP inclusiveness *** Bunning says he's running *** Moderate Dems become decisive factor *** Obama, Congress Go AWOL on Fiscal Responsibility - USA Today *** Tracking Stimulus Funds: Transparency Takes a Big Hit - Denver Post *** McCain Pushes for GOP Inclusiveness - Politico *** Bunning Drama Continues to Haunt GOP - The Hill

National STIMULUS WATCH: Early road aid leaves out neediest *** Peel 'em and weep: First-class stamps rise 2 cents *** Cadets Trade the Trenches for Firewalls In war games at military schools, hackers replace snipers and the only mines are computer viruses *** Top Colleges See Little Fall in Commitments *** Outbreaks and Recalls Put Worry on the Table The incidence of food-related illness has fallen drastically from the days before pasteurization and refrigeration, but new dangers have emerged *** Substantial Complications Far too many medical devices are cleared for sale by the Food and Drug Administration without undergoing rigorous clinical trials, NYT Ed *** When Chevron Hires Ex-Reporter to Investigate Pollution, Chevron Looks Good *** Utilities to Upgrade Storm Response *** U.S. soldier kills 5 fellow troops, officials say *** Schwarzenegger Says U.S. May Deny Ca. Funds over Cuts - Bloomberg *** The American Dream Is Not Coming Back - William Greider, The Nation

International Terrorist Traffic Via Syria Returns *** Lawyer: Iran to Free Reporter *** Fear, Worry Pervade Camps Some 200,000 refugees from army assault on Taliban fill Pakistani camps *** Pope in Israel Calls for Palestinian Homeland *** Iraqi trade minister's brother arrested for corruption *** Shaky Pakistan Is Seen as a Target of Plots by Al Qaeda *** In Israel, Pope Calls for Palestinian State *** China Outpaces U.S. in Cleaner Coal-Fired Plants *** Ethnic Groups in Myanmar Hope for Peace, but Gird for Fight *** Christians in Gaza Make Their Appeal to the Pope *** Pakistani Assault Kills 700 Taliban in Swat *** Iran Frees Jailed Journalist *** Pope Urges Mideast Compromise *** Japan Opposition Leader to Resign *** Iraq's Economic Plunge *** Al Qaeda's New Target *** Pakistan's Ethnic Fault Line - Selig Harrison, Washington Post *** How Ahmadinejad Helped Israel - Rasool Nafisi, Jerusalem Post *** U.S.-Iran Cold War Unfolds in Lebanon - David Samuels, The New Republic *** Russia's Lawless Legality - Susanne Scholl, RealClearWorld *** The Pope's Pilgrimage of Healing - James Carroll, Boston Globe

Wall Street Mess GIVE ME MY BONUS! EX-EXEC SUING BEAR STEARNS *** GM'S DESTINED FOR B-WORD; AND IT'S NOT BAILOUT bankruptcy *** THE WEEK'S WINNERS AND LOSERS *** GET ME REWRITE WALL STREET 2.0 TESTS BLOOMBERG *** The Foreclosure Auction *** Rising Credit Card Losses Are Next Challenge for Banks *** Banks Brace for Credit Card Write-Offs *** 3 Banks Plan Stock Offerings to Repay Gov't Funds *** Trustee unveils Madoff investor hardship progr... *** STRESS TEST LESS: Fed cut banks' deficits after negotiations... *** Shortages stir coffee and sugar prices; Supply problems could see prices 'explode'... *** World Regains A Taste for Risk *** AIG Sees Long Road Back From the Brink *** Banks to Sell Stock to Repay TARP *** U.S. Forced Chrysler Creditors to Blink *** For Bullish Hedge Funds, 2009 Has Been a Winner *** Government Holds Strings to Markets *** Is the United States About to Go Broke? - Scott Burns, MSN Money *** Should Ben Bernanke Cool It? - Irwin Stelzer, The Weekly Standard *** Addressing the 'Too Big Too Fail' Issue - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

Media RUN OUT OF TIMES SULZBERGERS' FIRM-BASED INCOME SLIPS TO $4.5M The family that controls The New York Times empire has lost more than 86 percent of its fortune and may have sell their controlling stake to get out of debt *** No Slowing in Cash Flow for ‘Idol’ *** Ad Losses Put Squeeze on TV News *** A Resting Place of Reruns Tries to Turn Up the Heat *** Few TV Reports on Audience Flight *** Hollywood Has Feb. 14 Circled in Red *** 'Star Trek' Boldly Lifts Paramount *** MediaMicropayments Planned For Wall Street Journal Website *** Washington Post, Google In Talks For Possible Collaboration *** Metro Sells Off US Newspaper Business To Former CEO *** This Week In Magazines: If The Economy is Driving You to Drink... *** GEFFEN SETS SIGHTS ON NY TIMES...GOOGLE CONSIDERED INVESTMENT...

People and Places LENO'S (COMIC) RELIEF MISSION *** Legacy of Pullman porters: Honoring the roots and future of overnight train travel *** Joan Rivers becomes Trump's new 'Apprentice' *** Elizabeth Edwards Fed Herself to the Vultures - Tina Brown, Daily Beast *** Why Sinatra Liked Patsy's Restaurant *** 50 Years In, Lincoln Center's Name Is Still a Mystery