Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Will the Cuomo Pension Investigation Take on the Establishment?

Nobody Asked Me, But
Will the Cuomo Pension Investigation Take on the Establishment?

EX-PARTY BOSS DUE IN COURT ON KICKBACK RAP Power broker Ray Harding, the former head of New York's Liberal Party, says he'll surrender today to face charges in a so-called pay-to-play scheme -- where big-buck investments were made by: Pension probe: Who's in, out of the moving spotlight. Payback can be a bitch - Harding was not a fan of Cuomo's father when he was boss of the City's Liberal Party. More importantly, this is what happens when party bosses control ballot lines for mayors and governors. It is hard to believe Joseph J. Savino Bronx GOP boss when he says he got nothing for delivering the GOP ballot line to Bloomberg Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again. *** Of Harding And Hevesis *** Hevesi's Friends in Need - Political pals cashed in on pension fund business
From Newsday Spin Cycle: The Times piece, in discussing Carlyle, recounts background involving Park Strategies, which for reasons unrelated is best known on Long Island as the firm of former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato: In Connecticut, Carlyle gained entrée to the state pension fund in the late 1990s by hiring Wayne L. Berman, an influential Washington lobbyist, who then worked for the consulting firm Park Strategies. At a 2003 corruption trial, Paul J. Silvester, the former Connecticut state treasurer, testified that Mr. Berman discussed a lucrative job for him at Park Strategies. . . at the same time Mr. Berman was seeking business on behalf of Carlyle. The pension fund invested tens of millions of dollars with Carlyle, and soon after the deal Mr. Silvester left state service to take the job at Park. He later spent four years in jail after pleading guilty to federal charges that included racketeering and conspiracy. Gregory Vistica, a spokesman for Mr. Berman, said he “was never interviewed by the FBI or the U.S. attorney, was never the subject of a grand jury subpoena, was never considered a person of interest, and most importantly, was never charged.”

The NYPD and Bloomberg press spin operation will do almost anything to get the media and the public not to connect the cutback in police presence to the reality and fear of increasing crime: yesterday - POLICE HQ REPORTERS GET BOOT reason stated lack of space--the HQ has 14 floors. Today N.Y.P.D. Backs Off Plan to Remove Press Offices. Bloomberg Says Killers Don't Read the WSJ. Commissioner Kelly said the reason for the increase (some say 25%) in bank robberies was bad security at the banks: Bank Robberies Are Up, But Not Because of the Economy NBC New York . . . West side project may take "decades". With the City's economic free fall and job losses, can we now start blaming the bums who opposed the Jets stadium and the Olympic bid on that site which would have created thousands of jobs and brought billions into the city and state budgets. Lets start with the MSG Dolans who spend millions in a lobbying campaign that promised affordable hosing on the West side site. Bloomberg should make this part of his campaign to teach the realities of the New York economy to the elected officials and activists who are clueless about how this city works. Most believe today that all you have to do is demand money, protest and like magic, someone appears to fund their program *** Follow-Up: Ejected Police Press Get Place to Plug In Laptops

Why did 911 pay for Larry Silverstein's new yacht? Developers Struggle to Fill Manhattan Office Space WTC Developer Silverstein Gets $21 Million To Do Nada *** Silverstein's Other Project WTC developer Larry Silverstein is trying to get his office skyscrapers built on the site of the 9/11 attacks. Meanwhile, he has another project to look after: his new yacht . . . Who is causing more terror? Homeland Security Warns of Rise in Right-Wing Extremism or the NRA? Guns From U.S. Flow to Mexico Cartels.

City's Meltdown MTA WATCHDOGS GIVE 'FARE' WARNING IN ADS *** SALES TAX HAUL IN BIG FREE FALL State sales-tax collections across the nation recently suffered their most dramatic drop in 50 years -- with further local revenue declines anticipated for the coming months, according to a report *** State's Revenue An Added Burden For MTA *** NY pension fund sends taxpayers the tab *** Plus: Official: MTA might face more cuts *** Critics: NYC cuts will kill 10,000 builder job... *** Frederick’s Madison restaurant files for Ch. 1... *** As Finance Offices Empty, Developers Rethink Ground Zero *** WTC Developer Silverstein Gets $21 Million To Do Nada *** Silverstein's Other Project WTC developer Larry Silverstein is trying to get his office skyscrapers built on the site of the 9/11 attacks. Meanwhile, he has another project to look after: his new yacht *** Developers Struggle to Fill Manhattan Office Space *** The New Condo Reality

The City CUNY STUDENTS BOOST AID BIDS *** HAMPTONS' 'REAL' PAIN CONTINUES real-estate free fall showed little sign of slowing *** KNOCK ON HEAVEN'S DOOR: DOLAN IS WELCOMED AS NEW ARCHBISHOP *** A-LIST WITNESSES RICH AND FAMOUS FOR ASTOR TRIAL *** MAFIA BOSS BOOT: FACES DEPORTATION *** Historic district designation threatened in Brooklyn From Brownstoner *** Unfinished projects may become "affordable housing" From City Hall *** Some CitiField views really suck
From Section Six, Mets *** NYC considering cellphone blockers in front of cabs; Stop chatty drivers... *** Spanish-language newspaper debuting in NYC Former reporters and editors of the New York edition of Hoy have come up with the idea after that newspaper ceased print publication in December 2008 *** Public Library debuts employment center *** A Grand Entrance at St. Patrick’s Cathedral *** Potential Bidders Tour Tavern on the Green *** Sweet and Sour Veal, and Some Matzo, for Passover *** Newark Mayor: If Nets Aren't In Brooklyn, Then Newark *** Stop Work Order at Lundy’s Site Halts ‘Cherry Hill’ *** Astor's A-List Witnesses

Road to City Hall TEACHER QUALITY PAYS: MIKE IS REWARDING CLASS A INSTRUCTORS WITH MORE MONEY *** Campaign finance deals Thompson a setback *** The Plums and Paybacks of Parking Permits *** Bloomberg Says Killers Don't Read the WSJ *** Why Is Mayor Bloomberg Praising Dick Fuld? *** Bloomberg, V Fair team up on bash for a joint post-White House Correspondents' Association bash *** Republican Greg Camp has formed a campaign committee for a potential Manhattan DA run.


Albany PATERSON SHOWS A LITTLE 'GIVE' Just don't call him a tightwad. Gov. Paterson -- who gave a shockingly low $150 to charity in 2007 while serving as Eliot Spitzer's lieutenant governor -- showed *** DEMS DESERT GAY-WED BILL The gay-marriage bill Gov. Paterson is expected to unveil tomorrow faces huge hurdles in the narrowly divided Senate, where several lawmakers from the governor's own party are lining *** SACK SOME FAT CATS, DAVE, NYPost Ed *** Paterson To Push Same-Sex Marriage Bill *** Paterson: All the reasons to go for same-sex bill *** Governor to Submit Bill Legalizing Gay Marriage *** Paterson Donated More, Tax Return Shows *** Paterson’s ‘Save the Governor’ Retreat *** Governor Paterson's Gay-Marriage Gamble *** Why Spitzer Can't Have His Old Job Back *** Gov. David Paterson and his wife donate much more to charity this year, according to their released tax return *** Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli also release their tax returns *** Paterson will introduce a program bill to legalize gay marriage in New York. At least four Democratic senators oppose the bill, but there may be some Senate GOP support *** And aide to Albany County DA David Soares is put on paid suspension *** Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s absentee ballot is challenged by the GOP. She pens an op-ed in the Huffington Post calling for her vote, and others, to be counted *** Albany continues to jostle over a bailout *** The public employee pension fund is shrinking, and DiNapoli said taxpayers will have to make up the difference ***Neither Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver nor Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith are releasing their tax returns.

President Obama WE NEED MORE SCIENTISTS: O *** Obama tempers optimism with reality on economy *** Here's Bo! Obamas show pooch with 'star quality' *** Obama Stands Firm on a Sweeping Agenda *** Education Standards Likely to See Toughening *** Idea of the Day: Carter’s ‘Malaise’ Speech *** An Impressive First Nominee President Obama’s first judicial nomination, David Hamilton for the Chicago-based United States Court of Appeals, is a good choice, and one that senators from both parties should support, NYT Ed *** Economic Data Clash With Obama's Optimism *** Top Obama Officials At Odds Over Revealing CIA Tactics *** Source: Napolitano to name a 'border czar' *** Gates: No need to bulk up response to piracy *** Obama Team Tells Jewish Leaders: UN Durban Text Crosses "Red Line *** Obama to Keep Some CIA Secrets *** Obama Taps Border Czar *** Obama Gets Gun-Shy *** Obama to speak on making changes to tax code *** Charter schools are lobbying hard for federal stimulus cash to make up state funding shortfalls *** Obama Wavering on CIA Memos *** 5 reasons Obama sounds optimistic *** W.H. reaches out to Jewish groups.

Congress Transcripts show Stevens turned down plea offer *** Rep. Peter King's punchy promo *** In Minnesota, a Battle Without End for a Senate Seat *** Senator’s Ballot in Upstate Race Disputed *** GOP Candidate Challenges US Senator's Ballot... Gillibrand Responds *** Of Tax Day and Tea Parties *** Offshore Tax Havens: A State-By-State Breakdown Of The Cost To Taxpayers *** Palin's Senate Three For One *** GOP Strategist: My Party Needs to Stand for Something *** A taxpayer advocacy group gives Rep. Charlie Rangel the “Mighty Windbag Award” for his effort to secure almost $50,000 to put a windmill on a Harlem building *** Coleman-Franken: new Bush v. Gore? *** DNC ad urges Coleman to give up *** FEC scorecard: 10 reports to watch *** Ron Paul's plan to fend off pirates *** Toomey is challenging Specter *** VIDEO: Pigs and pork at Press Club.

National Report: US is ripe for recruiting by extremists *** DON'T MESS WITH TEX: GOV. DECLARES STATE SOVEREIGNTY *** Los Angeles school board votes to lay off 5,400 employees... *** PIRATES ATTACK US-FLAGGED SHIP OFF COAST OF AFRICA, FAIL TO BOARD... *** Food Safety, One Pistachio at a Time Though the Food and Drug Administration is trying to do better as evident in the advisory about salmonella in pistachios, Congress needs to improve the agency’s staffing and recall authority, NYT Ed *** Insurance Lags as Cancer Care Comes in a Pill *** Bringing Change to the Heartland Gay rights group Lambda Legal staged seven-year effort to make same-sex marriage legal in Iowa *** SHOCK VIDEO: Dominos Workers Caught Contaminating Food With Spit, Snot And Worse *** Pirates Attack Another US Ship *** Drug Makers, Hospitals Raise Prices.

In the Age of Pirates This is increasingly an age of pirates, failed states, nonstate actors and nation-building — the stuff of snipers, drones and generals, not diplomats, Friedman, NYT
International International donors pledge money for Haiti *** Ukraine arrests 3 in radioactive material sale... *** Mexican police seize 20-year-old guarding vast weapons cache... *** Iran complains to UN about Israeli 'threats'... *** Castro criticizes Obama's Cuba measures; Moves fall short of lifting 'cruel' embargo... *** Guns From U.S. Flow to Mexico Cartels *** As Elections Near, Tightrope Awaits in India *** In Recruiting an Afghan Militia, U.S. Faces a Test *** Women, Extremism and Two Key States Officially sanctioned brutality against women in Pakistan and Afghanistan is a reminder of the extremism that sabotages those societies, NYT *** Harder-Edged Warnings About Britain’s Economy *** Yahoo Is Said to Plan More Layoffs *** Use of Web Tracking Tool Raises Privacy Issue in Britain *** Russia May Turn to Foreign Banks for Loans to Cover Deficit *** An Auto Merger Could Pay Off *** At Summit, U.S. May Face Blame Latin American, Caribbean leaders will be less forgiving than Europe about U.S. role in crisis *** S. Korea Set to Join North Arms Interception *** Whopper of an Insult *** Iran Looks to Break Impasse With U.S. *** Pakistan Aid Effort Hits Saudi Hurdle *** North Korea Evicts Nuclear Inspectors *** In Japan, Jobless Learn to Farm *** U.S. Takes Afghan Strategy to Villages.

Wall Street Mess Fool's Goldman Tarnished By AIG Cash *** Yahoo! Hones Job Ax *** ALSO: Wall Street refugees seek work *** U.S. Planning to Reveal Data on Health of Top Banks *** UBS to Cut 7,500 More Jobs After $1.8 Billion Loss *** Hedge Fund Executive Guilty of Securities Fraud *** Madoff’s Car to Be Seized *** Gasoline expected to increase, but not much *** Retail Sales Disappoint *** U.S. Planning to Reveal Data on Health of Top Banks *** Retail and Price Data Show Continuing Economic Weakness *** Offices Go Vacant at Fannie and Freddie *** Public Pension Managers Rethink Hedge Fund Ties *** Intel Says PC Sales Have Reached a Bottom and Forecasts Moderate Growth *** Bankrupt Lehman Brothers Sitting On Enough Uranium Cake To Make A Bomb *** Bernanke's PR Push Rewrites Fed Script *** U.S. May Disclose Bank Stress-Test Results *** Intel Calls a Bottom For Battered PC Market *** The Goldman Two-Step Freedom from TARP, but not exactly swearing off all federal help *** Playbook: Bernanke wants another term *** Ruth Madoff Is One of the Little People

Dinosaur at the Gate Does Google have the right to profit so profligately from newspaper content at a time when journalism is in such jeopardy? Dowd, NYT

Media 'JUNGLE BOY' BLAGO EYEING TV reality show *** NBC hires Blago for reality show... *** Union At Globe Warming To Cuts *** UPDATE: Murdoch creates new unit to share content... *** News Corp. forms new editorial unit Media company to launch portal that will combine content that can be shared between news units *** BRILL'$ CONTENT: New venture aims to introduce fees for online news... *** Newspaper Ad Revenue Could Fall as Much as 30% *** Media Executives Plan Online Service to Charge for Content *** On the Bright Side, a Magazine Devoted to Pole-Dancing Launched Today But it's online-only. Meanwhile, the ax came down at some traditional media companies *** Does FOX News Have It In For Rick Warren? *** Google Earth Car Spotted Stealing Souls in SoHo! *** Cramer Slams Stewart Again: 'His Goal Was To Humiliate And Destroy Me' *** Media execs launch Journalism Online *** Sam Zell Calls Buying the Tribune a ‘Mistake’