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The Media Does Not Answer Why the Board Commissioner Voted for Scanner That Cannot Do the Job

 NYC: Wrong Voting Machines Because of Pay to Play Bribery

Another Cover Up
BOE Untouchables
BOE officials have said since early 2011 that the replacement of lever-based voting machines with paper ballots in 2010 will make it difficult to hold a runoff within two weeks of a primary. The board says it will be a tall order to count the votes and reprogram the machines for any runoffs two weeks later. Under state law, runoffs are required for any race in which no candidate receives at least 40%. Why did they buy scanner that cannot do the job.Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice) Today BOE officials are in Albany to try to work out a voting plan for this year. State lawmakers might pass a law to hold any runoffs three weeks after the initial vote, after refusing to dramatically reshape the election calendar by moving the primaries to June.

New York City's Board GoodFellas Gang
While the Daily News Has Gone After the Problems at the BOE Only True News Has Explained Why Nothing Every Changes With Who Runs the Board Organize Crime Mob   No reform in sight for bumbling NYC Board of Elections(NYDN) There are already several red flags emerging at the agency for this year’s citywide mayoral election. The board last week warned it might not be able to conduct runoffs two weeks after the Sept. 10 primaries. The board’s top job has been vacant for years, after Executive Director George Gonzalez was fired in 2010 for ballot

  BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence Timeline(True News) More

True News: NY's Political Power Gangs Have Block Any Real Investigation of the Board Of Elections Corruption
Gang Member Sean Crowley
Not to be outdone, ES&S has its own congressional brother on its team, John "Sean" Crowley of Davidoff Malito law firm and brother of Joe Crowley, who is not only a congressman but also head of the Queens Democratic Party (a major plus, since Queens Dems have their own commissioner on the board) *  Guilty Westchester attorney Anthony Mangone will help feds in two seperate probes(NYDN) * “Among ES&S’ fleet of hired guns was Anthony Mangone, a Westchester-based attorney and lobbyist who was indicted on Jan. 6 on charges of extortion, tax evasion and conspiracy to commit bribery in connection with a vote-selling scam.“ES&S paid Mangone’s firm, Mardon Consulting, $63,100 from January-December 2009.

Pay to Play BOE's Lemon Contract Gang Member Ragusa
According to True News tipster Phil Ragusa nephew has been paid over 50,000 from ES&S last year in a two month period.  That means that nephew Ragusa was paid from the same voting machine vendor that his grandfather's BOE commission approved after a battle of the lobbyists for which voting machine the BOE would buy. Nephew Ragusa was paid $1800 by a day by ES&S at the same time we was on the BOE payroll. On one 4 day pay period nephew Ragusa was paid over $9000 for 4 days work on and hourly rate that would have taken two weeks to reach the $9000 bill. NYC Board Of Elections: Inquests & Invoices(NYDN) * From the NY Daily News: The name would naturally jump out at anyone who's interested in Queens politics: Not only is Phil Ragusa the Queens GOP chairman, but his nephew -- also named Phil Ragusa -- works for the Board as a supervisor dealing with voting machines in the Queens warehouse. *Biagio Ragusa, the brother of Queens Republican boss Phil Ragusa. He worked in a board warehouse for 20 years before retiring recently. The job is now held by his son, also named Phil Ragusa.

The New Gangs of New York Are A Rogues Gallery of Thieves That Run the Board of Election
Gang Member Graves
The NYC Board of Elections suspended an employee who’s also a top Queens GOP official, Stephen Graves, after he was caught on tape soliciting a “finder’s fee” from a voting machine contractor in exchange for recommending a particular lobbyist.* Qns. elections official under fire for soliciting money from a contractor (NYP)

In 2007 the Media Knew About Savino Involvement In FBI Probe of the BOE Voting Machines

ESS Lobbyists Mangone and Bronx Boss Savino Law Partners
A few years back, the Westchester lawyer Anthony J. Mangone, law partner of Jay Savino, the Bronx Republican leader, earned a cool $100,000 lobbying the board on behalf of a voting machine company, Election Systems and Software. In 2010, the board gave the company a $50 million contract. The next day, federal prosecutors indicted Mr. Mangone in an unrelated bribery case. Mr. Mangone has pleaded guilty and is talking with investigators. Mr. Savino received a subpoena two years ago.Bronx GOP Chairman Jay Savino, and his deputy and NYC Board of Elections Commissioner J.C. Polanco, were hit with Federal subpoenas, as part of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s investigation into political corruption, in Westchester and in New York City. Here is a compilation of stories that ran in the New York Post, The Daily News and The Gothamist in 2010. According to the Post-”the subpoenas were sent ‘all over the place,’ said one source.” “Another source said Bharara began focusing on the voting-machine contract after indicting Anthony Mangone, a politically connected lawyer, for allegedly bribing a former Yonkers city councilwoman to switch her vote on two development projects. Mangone, who has ties to the Queens Republican Party, was one of several lobbyists hired by ES&S.”*Ralph Savino, the board’s $115,000-a-year deputy general counsel, who is a brother of Jay Savino, who just stepped down as Bronx Republican chairman. *Pamela Perkins, second in command to Sandow, is the wife of state Sen. Bill Perkins (D-Manhattan), and Beth Fossella, the voter registration coordinator, is the mother of former U.S. Rep. Vito Fossella (R-Staten Island).

AEG is Not the Only Problem Sheinkopf is Facing
Gang Member Sheinkopf
Also pitching hard for ES&S is the team of Hank Sheinkopf and Norman Levy. Sheinkopf was considered a die-hard Democratic consultant/lobbyist but he went to pitch for Team Bloomberg in the last election. Levy is one of comptroller Bill Thompson's closest cronies. Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post  More on Sheinkopf 

The Competition for the Machine Contracts Was Extreme
Gang Stanley Schlein
The Daily News' Errol Louis reports today, the behind-the-scenes battle between Election Systems & Software and Dominion Voting Sytems(a/k/a Sequoia Voting) is being carried on by highly-paid proxies, namely the city's most politically wired lobbyists. Dominion/Sequoia's bid is being led by the estimable Stanley Schlein, who was Mayor Bloomberg's pick as chairman of the Civil Service Commission until he was found to be using the place and staff as his private law office. Schlein has a nice inside edge at the board, thanks to his long-time friendship with board deputy director George Gonzalez, a Bronx pol who is so cheap that he was billing the elections board for his morning coffee until the News caught him at it last year. Also on board for Dominion is the powerhouse Greenberg Traurig law firm, as well as Brown, McMahon, Weinraub which includes a brother of congressman Michael McMahon.

NYP Says the BOE Scanners Will Give NYC A Black Eyes in Tech Leadership, But Ignore the Corruption and Bribery That Lead to the Purchase of the Wrong 


Mayor Bloomberg fumed the board “better get its act together next year” after an Election Day debacle that featured hours-long lines at the polls, hordes of befuddled poll workers and the collapse of the board’s web site and phone lines.  The year? 2004.

New York’s techno-flop(NYP)
Amid headlines hailing New York as “Silicon Alley” over Yahoo’s billion-dollar purchase of Tumblr, the city’s reputation has taken a major hit — thanks to the Board of Elections.
The BOE says the optical scanners New York voters use for the primary can’t be reprogrammed in time for the runoff two weeks later. So if there’s a mayoral runoff in September, as appears likely, our state-of-the-art, $60 million system won’t be up to the job.“The only solution,” Mayor Bloomberg says, “is to bring back the old machines.” He means the one with the manual levers.  Seriously? America’s greatest city unable to run an election with modern technology? Under normal circumstances, the mayor might suggest the private sector would find a way to program voting machines the BOE bureaucrats can’t. But given the recent privacy-intrusion scandal involving reporters and terminals at a company he founded and shares his name, we suspect it’s an argument Mike Bloomberg might be reluctant to make right now.

For Years The NYT, Daily News, NYP, Mayors and Reform Politicians Have Been Demanding Changes At the Board of Elections.  Now in Spite of the 2012 Election Day Disaster and the BOE Commissioner Appointment Scandal They Remain Silent.  Could it be they really want the party leaders in control and the corruption at the BOE to continue. This means when they cried about the BOE caused long lines, closed polls by poor planing rob NYC of its Democracy they really did not mean it. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post * Everyone Wants to Keep the BOE's Corruption and Incompetence(True News)* Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice) *  Brewer Who Threw Her Council Investigation of the BOE Mishandling of Last Years General Elections is Also Silent of the BOE City Council New Commissioner Scandal. * City setting aside $800K to investigate the Board of Elections(Capital)
Lopez "I'll Be Back"

Council Voters Will Vote For Lopez Because It is Their Economic Interest
Only Lopez and His None Profit Machine Have Influence In Vito's Council District

The NYT Has Less Readers In the Council District Than True News
For 20 years Lopez has used with the NYT called his new age political machine to provide thousands of jobs and all kinds of social services, including low cost housing to the people who live in the council district he is running in.
No Public Office for Vito Lopez(NYT Ed)
From the NYT: "Now that he has resigned from the Assembly after accusations that he sexually harassed young women on his staff, Mr. Lopez is threatening to run for City Council. New Yorkers deserve better. "* NYC Council Minority Leader James Oddo is renewing a push for legislation requiring that a more stringent standard be put in place before the city Campaign Finance Board hands taxpayer funds over to candidates for elected office. * Alex Camarda of says existing campaign finance system creates environment conducive to corruption * Vito Override: Disgraced Politician Ponders a Second Act (NYO)

Only Bloomberg, Cuomo and Quinn Can Stop Vito Lopez From Become the Next City Councilman

In 1993 the NYT wrote an article about Vito Lopez's New Age Political Machine. Lopez has been using his government funded political machine to get himself and a lot of other politicians elected through the years since.  Lopez's machine the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council is what he is counting on to get himself elected this year to the city council. Lopez's machine employees almost 2000 people in his council district.  Those 2000 people service thousands of other voters in Lopez's council district, especially seniors who vote.* The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, a nonprofit founded by Lopez in 1973 when he was just 31, is likely to survive this scandal, though it will long be linked to the scandal-scarred former lawmaker.

Lopez Gone from Albany
...No one minds if legislators embezzle $10's of millions of public housing subsidies

Hide the (100!) council interns if Gropez wins (NYP) Pervy pol Vito Lopez could have as many as 100 interns to hit on should he bring his governmental groping act to the City Council, staffers said yesterday. Dozens of paid and unpaid interns from colleges and high schools throughout the city roam the...  *Joy as gruesome groper Vito Lopez leaves Assembly(NYDN) No trace of disgraced Brooklyn Dem as nameplate and Web page vanish minutes after he resigns* Vito Lopez's office is locked. His legislator neighbors are inquiring about his couch and other furniture. 

Silver: Too Powerful to Fail
Daily News Sorry apology by Sheldon Silver in Lopez case is not enough(NYDN Ed)
Ethics panel took a dive for powerful speaker . . .DN editorial: Silver's apology "was the product of supreme above-the-law arrogance rather than penitence."

Sheldon Silver: Ban hush money for sex-harass complaints (NYP) ALBANY — Better late than never! In a last-ditch effort to hold on to power, embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver yesterday proposed sweeping changes to the way the Assembly handles sexual-harassment complaints — banning the same type of secret...  Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, the special prosecutor who conducted a criminal probe of the matter, issued his own withering statement that found Silver’s actions enabled Lopez to abuse more female staffers. Meanwhile Gov. Cuomo finally said he didn’t think what the speaker did was bad enough to warrant the loss of his 19-year leadership perch.*The tabloid war against Speaker Shelly Silver continued this morning. The Daily News editorialized that his supporters were “all complicit in sneering at the law” and columnist Bill Hammond penned a critical column in the publication as well. The Post blasted Mr. Cuomo, whose governorship “will be held hostage by Shelly’s corruption.”

Sheldon Silver's life beyond consequence. and unpack NY Speaker's unaccountable power.
 Very Bad Week Is Merely Bump for Assembly’s Master of Power(NYT) Faced with calls to resign and growing criticism over his handling of sexual harassment allegations against an assemblyman, Sheldon Silver has unwavering support among Democrats. * Silver announced he would establish an independent investigator to handle and direct any complaint of that type brought by an Assembly employee, and would make all lawmakers and supervisory staff “mandatory reporters” of harassment complaints.* The NY Post ties Cuomo firmly to the Lopez mess, calling on him to change his tune on Silver. “So long as the governor defends Shelly, he will be defined by Shelly.” * “People say the speaker should resign…I said, I don’t,” Cuomo said yesterday. “The Assembly will decide who is the leader of the Assembly. They vote. I don’t vote.” * “Even after a state ethics report criticized him for covering up allegations of sexual harassment against a powerful assemblyman, even after a prosecutor said his failure to act might have put other women at risk, even after a number of editorial boards called for his ouster, Mr. Silver is still standing strong.” says he's heard Brian Kolb compared to Silver's towel boy in a Turkish bath. (Somebody's been watching "Spartacus" recently.)

“I’m sorry” for helping to cover up the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal
Facing growing pressure to resign his leadership post, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for the first time publicly said “I’m sorry” for helping to cover up the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal.
* New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says 'I'm sorry' for his role in the Vito Lopez sex scandal coverup (NYDN) Silver faces growing pressure to quit leadership post, including from upstate Democratic Assemblyman Michael Kearns
* Speaker Silver Apologizes As Assemblyman Lopez Resigns From Office(NY1)
*After Lopez, Speaker Proposes New Rules in Albany(WSJ)
New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, facing a rare public rebuke from within his conference over his handling of a sexual-harassment case, proposed changes to the chamber's policies on such cases.In the wake of the Vito Lopez scandal, Silver proposed several changes to the Assembly’s policies on sexual harassment, including an independent investigator charged with probing complaints
* Speaker Silver apologizes for handling of Lopez sex cas(Fox 5)
* Speaker Sheldon Silver offers mea culpa as Assemblyman Lopez(WPIX)

I want NYers to know I care deeply about this institution and its employees. I remain dedicated to our core mission: protecting incumbents.
Allred: "Simply not believable that Sheldon Silver understood our invitation to mediate as an instruction or request not to investigate."
 Silver: I am deeply dedicated to ensuring that every woman in this state feels safe." (In 2008, re Boxley)

* Bill Hammond: How Shelly tarnished himself (NYDN) The News’ Bill Hammond writes that JCOPE's toothlessness is Sheldon Silver’s fault and the power of Albany bosses to secretly block investigations into themselves is “laughably unworkable”  Emery on JCOPE's secret vetoes: "Your worst suspicions will always be confirmed by the absence of denial. It's crazy"

Church Whistle-Blowers Join Forces on Abuse(NYT)
A group of priests and nuns calling themselves the Catholic Whistleblowers has organized in an effort to stop sexual predators in the church and to push for enforcement of zero-tolerance policies.

Cuomo Does Dicker
Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s aide forwarded New York Post columnist Fred Dicker‘s email to other reporters: “Monday, Vlasto forwarded that exchange to ten reporters with the subject ‘off the record’ and wrote, ‘Just to clean of conscience, I never denied she was leaving. I, in fact, confirmed it.’ ‘Vlasto, in his grammatically challenged blast to other journalists this morning, created a totally false straw man by saying he ‘never denied’ Glazer was leaving,’ Dicker told POLITICO. ‘Well, I never wrote that Vlasto did deny it, just that he handed my story to someone else.’”* Dicker, now a Cuomo enemy, bridles at the Josh Vlasto treatment(Capital)
* Will tonight’s executive mansion reception be the first meeting between Cuomo and his hand-picked state Democratic Party Co-Chair Stephanie Miner in seven months?

Mayoral Campaign

Thompson’s NYPD about-face(NYP)
Bill Thompson was in favor of the inspector-general proposal to oversee the NYPD before he was against it. The Democratic mayoral candidate (pictured) is now denouncing the City Council bill as he woos law-enforcement unions and moderate voters.  But in March, at a candidate forum, he supported Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s IG bill, saying, “Parts of this legislation, particularly an inspector general, go a long way to . . . create that openness and transparency and repair that rift [between cops and communities].”

Thompson Campaign Consultant and His Top Endorser Being Investigate As Part of the AEG Investigation
On Road to City Hall last night, Bill Thompson was asked if he had any hesitation in trumpeting the support of Rep. Greg Meeks, who has been the target of various investigations. “No, I think I have full faith in Congressman Meeks,” Mr. Thompson replied. “I think he’s been an excellent leader out in Queens … I had no second thoughts, no hesitation.” Thompson campaign consultant Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal * Thompson explains the success of the Board of Education(Capital) * Thompson releases a video with Meeks, a little(Capital) * Can Merryl Tisch support a mayoral candidate who doesn't agree with polices she oversaw as Regents Chancellor?

De Blasio Ups Push For Free Pre-K As Several Mayor Candidates Get Endorsements(NY1)

Former Brooklyn Councilman Sal Albanese, one of Weiner’s potential Democratic primary rivals, demanded that the ex-congressman pony up $350,000 for the cost of the election required to fill his hastily vacated House seat two years ago.* Sal Albanese Explains His Beef With ‘Broadway Bill’ de Blasio(NYO)

Sal: Squeeze Weiner for cost of election (NYP) With Anthony Weiner about to pop into the race for mayor, one of his Democratic rivals demanded yesterday that he pony up $350,000 for the cost of the election required to fill his hastily vacated congressional seat two years ago. Weiner resigned...

Comptroller John Liu scored a nice endorsement from CWA Local 1180. “The rich and powerful in our city fear him because they can’t handle the truth,” union president Arthur Cheliotes said. “By speaking truth to power, he has become the target of a smear campaign that is long on repetitive rhetoric and innuendo but short on the facts.”
At endorsement, CWA 1180 says is a target of a smear campaign #2013
Helen Marshall Didn’t Know John Liu Was Running for Mayor(NYO) * CWA Local 1180, a union whose leader is a force in a superPAC attack on NYC Democratical mayoral primary frontrunner Chris Quinn, endorsed Comptroller John Liu for mayor.* Union Vocal In Opposition To Quinn Endorses Liu For Mayor(NY1)
Bill and Hillary Clinton are making clear they are staying out of the New York City Democratic mayoral primary, just as the race is about to be roiled by the candidacy of their close aide Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner.

Blasts MTA In a Flyer
John Catsimatidis has a new mailer out where he says he could have been doing a better job at the MTA than his Republican rival, Joe Lhota. “Years of mismanagement is being balanced on the back of Staten Islanders,” the ad reads. “John has the business acumen to restore the MTA to fiscal soundness.”

de Blasio
Upper Manhattan's Barack Obama Democratic Club Endorses Bill de Blasio (NYO)
. hits Bloomberg. Schools chancellor Walcott hits back at Dem candidates. What does Merryl do?

Mayoral Candidates Downplay Potential Weiner Run(Huff Post)
Campaign 2013

Boon for Melinda Katz RT : Barry Grodenchik drops Queens borough president bid

Corruption Update

 Brooklyn State Sen. John Sampson, facing federal embezzlement charges, has so far kept his seat in Albany, but he has apparently lost a different position: Chief Executive Vice President of the New York City Real Estate Regional Center (NYCRERC). The firm recruits immigrant investors seeking green cards in exchange for  low-interest loans to job-creating businesses, under a federal program known as EB-5.

Political Party Slush Funds
Common Cause: Spending by Albany's "housekeeping" accounts, ostensibly for noncampaign purposes, peaks during election seasons. Lerner: NY Senate Republicans, who are resisting campaign finance reform, "make out like bandits" from housekeeping loophole. Common Cause found that business interests account for 52% of soft-money donations overall.Common Cause decries ‘soft money’ housekeeping ‘slush funds’

NYS Government

The Cuomo administration’s agreement with the St. Regis Mohawk dashed any hope of building a casino in Lake George.
Cuomo says any decision on whether to move forward with hydrofracking won’t be based on the economy in the Southern Tier.
Pro-life groups want to know: Where are the pro-choice advocates on the Assembly sexual harassment scandal – specifically, on the “should Sheldon Silver remain speaker” question?
There was another anti-SAFE Act rally at the Capitol today. More here.
In the next step in what investors hope will be one of the new casinos built in the state, investors for the new Nevele Resort and HTC reached a labor agreement.
Bike Share Bump

Racks block EMS at victim’s co-op(NYP)
  A Greenwich Village co-op board that has sued the city for blocking its entrance with bike-share racks nearly saw its worst fears realized yesterday when emergency responders had trouble getting...* NYC bike share station vandalized(WPIX)

Bike Share in New York, Built From Ideas Around World(NYT)
Hard Time for Jobs

Camping Out for Five Days, in Hopes of a Union Job(NYT)
Hundreds of job seekers gathered in Queens, waiting until Local 3 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers would hand out applications for its training program.

Yankees Sheik Soccer Deal

Yankees, Manchester City partner on MLS' 20th team: New York City FC(NYP)Yankees, Masters of the Sweetheart Stadium Deal, partner w soccer Sheik & eye Queens park land:
Professional Soccer to Add Team in New York City(NYT)

Handicapped Taxis Fold

Oliver Koppell killed his own bill requiring all taxis handle wheelchairs(NYDN Ed)
After years of waiting, Bronx councilman buckled under pressure

Ghetto Tour Canceled

Bronx ghetto tour ditched  (NYP) The Bronx “ghetto” tour is no more. A tour company exposed by The Post on Sunday for bringing tourists to the South Bronx to gawk at food pantry lines, a “pickpocket” park and a housing project, yesterday announced it would stop all tours...*Bronx Tour Company Drops Pitch to See a Real Ghetto  (NYT)

Piggy and Bloomberg
Mayor Bloomberg Smooches Miss Piggy to Announce Astoria Jim Henson Exhibit(DNAINFO)


Posh schools scold parents who send nannies(NYP) Wealthy New Yorkers are shunning their parental duties — choosing instead to send nannies to their children’s private schools to take part in everything from “safety patrol” to accompanying the...

* Students At Adult Learning Center Worry About Proposed Co-Location With Charter High School(WSJ)

* Lawsuit Alleges Racial Bias In School Admissions(NY1)

Shocking NYC Parking Ticket Blitz: $115 Fines For What Was (WCBS)
City Posts No Parking Signs, Tickets Cars Already Parke …(NBC)

City To Replace Light Fixtures Containing PCBs In Schools By 2016
will replace toxic pcb-laden light ballasts in all 645 schools in 3.5 years, not 10 as originally planned!City To Replace Light Fixtures Containing PCBs In Schools By 2016(NY1)


Wireless Home Phones: A Plan Strikes a Chord(NYT)
Officials and consumer advocates have expressed concern over a proposal by Verizon to switch customers to wireless phone service in areas where copper wires were damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
In rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, Verizon is hoping to turn the home phones of customers into tethered cellphones
Removable steel panels up to 12 feet high, preventing river water from once again overwhelming NYC streets, may soon line the West Side Highway and other parts of New York’s waterfront.


Bourbon Outfitters: Hipster chain out to sell booze in Williamsburg(NYP)  Soon, the hipsters in Williamsburg will be able to down their Pabst Blue Ribbon while buying ironic T-shirts.  National hipster clothing chain Urban Outfitters is planning to soon open its latest outlet on North Sixth Street by Wythe Avenue in

Bridge-and-Tunnel 'Poser Hipsters' Clog Williamsburg Bars, Locals Complain(DNAINFO)

Local partiers are abandoning blocks that draw Manhattan and New Jersey "weekenders" and tourists.

Yahoo NYC Gray Lady II

A dropout from Bronx High School of Science sold his company, Tumblr, for $1.1 billion yesterday
Yahoo Getting Space at Old Home of The Times(NYT)
The company has signed a long-term lease to establish its New York headquarters in four floors at the former home of The New York Times on West 43rd Street. * Tumblr Deal Boosts Tech(WSJ)

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Jon Stewart Slams Obama, GOP, And Media For Big DC Scandals: ‘Can Anybody Do Their Jobs In That Town?!’

Wall Street

The Times’ Michael Powell examines the lengthy legal battle of former AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg, who has enlisted the support of prominent New York politicians such as Mario Cuomo and George Pataki: http://nyti.ms/164OF7F

Law and Order

NYPD detective arrested in computer hacking case

In a private meeting, Andrew Cuomo told sheriffs upset about his gun bill to keep quiet (TU)
Cuomo invited leaders of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association to the Capitol to tell them to end their public criticism of the SAFE Act, and threatened to remove them from office if they didn’t. 

Stop and Frisk
"A lot of people are being frisked or searched on suspicion of having a gun and nobody has a gun," - Judge Scheindlin
has left little question as to her opinion on the practice, criticizing the NYPD’s “high error rate.”
Judge Criticizes ‘High Error Rate’ of New York Police Stops(NYT)
Judge Schira A. Scheindlin, hearing a civil rights lawsuit against the city on stop-and-frisk practices, said 88 percent of street stops find no criminal evidence. * Closing Arguments Heard In Stop-And-Frisk Trial(NY1) * City slams stop-frisk suit in closing(NYDN)
The cop who tried to do his job: Jennifer Gonnerman on stop and frisk whistleblower Pedro Serrano(NY Mag)
Should NYPD cops wear cameras?(WOR)
Sen. Kevin Parker and NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams make cameo appearances in a music video denouncing the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Police Pursue Persons of Interest in Girl's Bus Death(NBC)
Detectives believe the intended target in shooting that killed a 14 y/o girl was another girl on the bus: Sources.

‘Pic’-a-boo: Stolen phone snaps ‘thief’ (NYP)  A stolen smartphone was able to do its own detective work — by taking a photo of the man who might have snatched it.  Police want to talk to this “person of interest” (pictured), who was photographed holding a phone stolen from a man in the Inwood...

Hearing of Robbery Plan That Led to Killing(NYT)
In the trial of two men charged with the murder of Officer Peter J. Figoski, an accomplice testified about how the group decided to rob a drug dealer.

Former Queens Teacher Pleads Guilty To Statutory Rape Charges(NY1)

2 women shot in Brooklyn.

$2M in heroin, crystal meth seized in Queens(NYDN)

Police Search For Suspect In Southeast Bronx Robbery(WCBS)

Bin Laden’s Son-in-Law Seeks a New Lawyer, but There’s a Snag(NYT)
Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, facing terrorism charges in Manhattan, wants to be represented by Stanley L. Cohen, who himself is under federal indictment in a tax case.

Chinese ‘spy’ busts at NYU (NYP)  Three Chinese citizens engaged in industrial espionage while conducting federally funded research at NYU Langone Medical Center, authorities charged yesterday. The men — one of whom was called an “innovator” in MRI technology” — allegedly funneled...  *  3 N.Y.U. Scientists Accepted Bribes From China, U.S. Says(NYT)  The N.Y.U. researchers, who specialized in magnetic resonance imaging, colluded with Chinese institutions to reveal confidential information, prosecutors said. * Researchers Accused of Sharing Data With China(WSJ)

Rep. Peter King confirmed that New York City, Long Island, and Westchester will receive $22 million more in federal funding this year from the Department of Homeland Security for counterterrorism and disaster preparedness programs, Newsday writes: http://bit.ly/163ViHs

New York to receive $34 million increase in anti-terrorism funds

U.S. Quietly Monitors Outflow of Foreign Tourists(NYT)