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The 2013 Mayoral Election: The Perfect "Can't Count" Storm

BOE Voted for a Voter Scanner That Cannot Do the Job
Poll: Democratic Runoff Likely in Mayor's Race(WSJ)
Christine Quinn's lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for New York City mayor continued to slide, with it looking increasingly unlikely she, or any candidate, will win the primary without a runoff, a poll released Wednesday showed.

BOE: Wrong Voting Machines For Runoff Because of Pay to Play Bribery(True News)

'Flirting with democracy': Bloomberg demands the Board of Elections Use the Old Machines (Capital)

Good Government Groups Oppose Return To Lever Machines For Election
True News Wags Vito and Dems

 On Monday True News Call For the Democrats to Remove Lopez From Their Party  . . .  Today They Call for His Removal
Memo from True News:the only thing that matters to him is his enrollment, with that he can run for council and he will be elcted
Monday's True News
It is Time for Cuomo Time to Remove Vito Lopez From His Democratic Party Position
It is Time For Cuomo to Get DSC Leader Keith Wright to Remove Vito Lopez From His State Committee Position in the New York Democratic State Committee

Weiner Starts

 “Look, I made some big mistakes and I know I let a lot of people down. But I’ve also learned some tough lessons,” he says in the video. “I hope I get a second chance to work for you.”

Asked Anthony Weiner if there was an error in releasing his launch video in the middle of the night. Answer: "Nope."
Sexting pol says in vid he's running for mayor — but it was supposed to come out later today(NYP) * RT : It's a website for my campaign for mayor. Take a look.

Weiner the Mets Fan Sticks With the Teams Official Colors, Orange and Blue
* It's official: Anthony Weiner is running for Mayor of NYC.
* Weiner Announces Candidacy for Mayor in Video(NYT)
Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, appears in the video, saying: “We love this city, and no one will work harder to make it better than Anthony.”
* Weiner to Run for NYC Mayor(WSJ)
* Weiner's Mayoral Campaign Site Goes Live (WSJ)
* Weiner, On YouTube, Officially Throws Hat Into Mayoral Ring(NY1)
* Weiner launches 2013 mayoral bid with same logo, accompanying subway sound effect as for 2005 run.
* Former Rep. Anthony Weiner Launches NYC Mayoral Bid(WABC)
. press secretary comes out of weiner's apt building to tell reporters he is not coming out at all today. * : Some NY media folk seem upset Weiner has chutzpah to run for mayor. that's what makes him formidable.”
video interviews with New Yorkers reacting to Weiner for mayor.
Actual statement from , reacting to : "If he can penetrate the field, I’ll be ready for him in November.”
Anthony Weiner hides from press after mayoral bid vid prematurely leaks online
Democratic Mayoral Field Reacts To Weiner's Run (NY1)
WEINER'S ALL IN! Disgraced politician officially thrusts his way into mayoral race after weeks of speculation(NYDN)
Cuomo Really Doesn’t Want To Comment On Weiner(YNN)
Anthony Weiner Does Midwood(NYO)
…Weiner’s former boss, Sen. Chuck Schumer, didn’t have any comment, either.
Weiner insists he sees a path to victory.
Andrew Cuomo Will Definitely Not Comment on Anthony Weiner, No Matter What(NY Mag)
Weiner disrupts mayor race, but can he win it?
New York Democrats tread cautiously as Weiner enters NYC mayoral race

Housing prices in NYC mentally ill. But not sure how Weiner intends to deal w scourge of million $ homes? Reinvigorate squatter movement?

Poll on Weiner - has less support among voters than he did last month

Quinn 25% (Down From 37%), Weiner 15%, Thompson/de Blasio 10%  Liu 5% Albanese 2%
Many City Voters Say Weiner Shouldn’t Run for Mayor(NYT)
The Quinnipiac poll, released Wednesday morning, found that the prospect of a mayoral candidacy by Anthony D. Weiner was given a thumbs-down by 49 percent of voters, while 38 percent approved.New Quinnipiac Poll Shows Anthony Weiner Still Placing Second In Democratic Mayoral Primary * New mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has less support among voters than he did last month: One more footnote: disapprovals up to 30% now from 18% in Jan. disapproval? 33%
  1. New poll finds more NYC voters disapprove of 's candidacy for mayor:

    MT : 2) Our irreverent guide to the mayoral candidates, updated with Weiner:

Mayoral Race Beyond Weiner

Mayoral Election
Quinn says living wage law may cover more than 1000 workers, waiting to see new data later this month. * . insists final living wage bill will impact 70 percent of those covered under original version  is absent from debate but just sent tweet about * Mayoral candidates all reject premise that union labor will be more expensive & mean city can build fewer affordable housing units*  Thompson says PLAs save the city money. "I am a supporter of growth in" NYC. But can't impact affordable housing. * retroactive raises? "that expectation was established by the Bloomberg administration."--. * Albanese says the workforce is demoralized, pension system is outdated. Wants to emulate Toronto.   * Bill Thompson slams Mayor Bloomberg as "irresponsible" for failing to negotiate contracts with city unions. He's said the same before. * Thompson says he would bring outsourced contracts back in-house to create additional dollars. * John Liu on Weiner: "Honestly, I won't be voting for him." There's one in the minus column.*  .: "Why do we need a public advocate?...We're basically wasting a couple mil $ a year to have someone run for mayor."* Sal Albanese Explains His Beef With 'Broadway Bill' de Blasio via* Liu says his people's budget asks some to pay more in taxes, but will reduce fees for most others. * Only takes bait to attack 's tax-raising People's Budget. "The people's budget - we won't have any people left." * Albanese asks why we need a public advocate. Panel erupts. De Blasio, a frequent target of Albanese, is notably absent.* . questions why has a public advocate's office; says it's just to run for mayor. everyone laughs. * Quinn says no candidate should promise not to raise taxes bc can't predict the future. * Sal Albanese facetiously tells Christine Quinn that she needs to introduce him to the happy small business owners she referenced. * Albanese mocks Quinn's response about small businesses. Says when he talks to biz owners it's "like storming the Bastille." * "Fines, fees, penalties... That's what's hurting small businesses" Thompson says. * Crain's forum is essentially news free, other than candidates' initial responses to Weiner's entry into the race.” * On qualification for says, ""He's just another career pol except he has some additional quirks"

Quinnipiac poll confirms that has no chance. Polling around 5%.* Union Vocal In Opposition To Quinn Endorses Liu For Mayor(NY1)

Meanwhile, NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is trying to capitalize on the ascendancy of Brooklyn in his mayoral campaign.
To de Blasio, City Hall Shouldn’t Be All About Manhattan(NYT)
Bill de Blasio, 52, New York City’s public advocate, is determined to capitalize on Brooklyn’s ascendancy, grass-fed beef jerky and all, in his campaign to be mayor. * Poor de Blasio: Weiner sucking the oxygen he needs from the race the second he's in by stepping on Times profile

Rival Says Promotion of Quinn Memoir Is Political Spending(NYT)
The book, and any attendant publicity, would allow Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, to get her personal story in front of potential voters at a critical moment in the election cycle. New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio sent a letter to the city’s Campaign Finance Board, asking them to rule on whether the costs of his rival Christine Quinn promoting her memoir constitutes political spending * Quinn Faces Challenge on School Use(WSJ)

As Campaign Chair, Regents Chancellor Tisch in Balancing Act(WSJ)
Merryl Tisch, chancellor of the Board of Regents, is in a difficult spot. calls Bloomberg admin's non-negotiation with unions "act of irresponsibility."Thompson says he would bring outsourced contracts back in-house to create additional dollars.As endorsement nears, supports
Former UFT president Randi Weingarten will hold a fundraiser for Bill Thompson June 12; the union endorses a mayoral candidate a week later 

NY1 Online: Chancellor Talks Assessment Of Mayor Candidates


Campaign 2013

" Principled, Honest, Direct" -- Queens Ledger: We endorse Cathy Guerriero for public advocate |  

Preview for that CBS Brooklyn DA show:
Bloomberg Sticks A Fork In Lopez

Will You Love Me in 2013 As You Did in 2001, 2005 and 2009?

 Bloomberg: Pack it in, Vito(NYP)
Even Mayor Bloomberg has had it with pervy Vito Lopez. Commenting for the first time about the sordid sex-harassment revelations surrounding his one-time ally, Bloomberg suggested the just-resigned Brooklyn assemblyman retire from politics.  “I do...* : "Vito Override: Disgraced Politician Ponders a Second Act" (NYO)

Silver Lawsuit Possible

Gropez’s victims set to $lap ‘sorry’ Silver 
Shelly Silver (D - Weitz & Luxenberg) complaining about plaintiff's bar now that he is getting sued
Two ex-staffers of former assemblyman Vito Lopez plan to file a negligence lawsuit against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, accusing him of covering up their sexual harassment claims against Lopez through a confidential settlement
Gropez’s victims set to $lap ‘sorry’ Silver (NYP) The Post’s Bob McManus argues that Gov. Andrew Cuomo should consider deposing Silver.

Bob McManus says Cuomo “appears to be bug-eyed terrified” of Silver and needs to take action against him because the speaker is “not going to fix himself.” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver may have apologized this week for botching the Vito Lopez sex-harassment scandal — but now he’s really going to be sorry. Two of Lopez’s victims plan to sock Silver with a negligence suit after two reports released... “My clients are actively considering [suing Silver] and now that the investigations have concluded we would expect a decision about it in the near future,” said attorney Kevin Mintzer, who represents former Lopez staffers Chloe Rivera and Victoria Burhans.

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-staffer who once slammed Sheldon Silver for ignoring her rape claim says speaker is 'repeating' mistakes with Vito Lopez — 'I've seen Silver sleaze before'(NYDN)

A source familiar with the scandal said Silver — who on Monday said he now plans to ban hush-money payoffs — could be liable for enabling Lopez by covering up the first two complaints. Meanwhile, several of the Democratic Assembly members who dutifully stood behind Silver on Monday admitted that they hadn’t even read the JCOPE report.* Speaker Silver Faces New Inquires Over His Treatment Of Lopez Scandal(NY1)  * NY1 Online: GOP Chairman Calls For Special Prosecutor * Buff News: Silver's swipe at Kearns was "false, unprincipled, juvenile and insulting."  * Elizabeth Crothers, the woman who once slammed Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for ignoring her rape claim, says she can’t believe the speaker has mishandled another sexually charged complaint.* 1m, The Survivor

What did Anthony Weiner have to say about historic preservation during his 2005 mayoral bid? Find out here: NYC2013
How Anthony Weiner Managed To Screw The NYC Tabloids(TPM)

More Sexual Harassment

Corrupt Arroyo: Blames the Sexual Harassed Victims
But one ally, Harlem Assemblyman Herman “Denny” Farrell, said he didn’t think he needed to. “The speaker spoke and I stand for what he says,” Farrell said. Bronx Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo even blamed the victims for not complaining in person to Silver. “What I think is that those girls didn’t come directly to him at the very beginning — they should! If something like that happened to me, I would go to the top immediately. It’s my way of thinking,” Arroyo said. Asked if she would want her daughters to work for Lopez, she said she “would teach them how to defend themselves.”

What Silver Says  . . .  What He Means

What Silver Says
Regarding the Vito Lopez sex-abuse scandal, here is what Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver had to say this week: “The degradation and emotional duress endured by the young women who were harassed while they served in the Assembly weighs heavily on me. I accept the criticism.”

What Silver Means
Here’s the simultaneous translation from Albany-speak: “I would like to apologize to the woman who had to sandpaper Vito’s fingerprints off her upper thighs, as well as the young ladies who had to put up with that lecherous Quasimodo leering through the second and third buttons of their shirts, and so on and so forth, blah, blah, blah. I thought it was just boys being boys.Cuomo’s moment(NYP) Tackling NY’s Shelly problem


Good government groups say that a loophole in campaign finance law has allowed major parties to raise and spend $58 million in soft money over the last six years, with the money going into each party’s “housekeeping” accounts, the Times Union reports:

In the Daily News, former U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley urges the state Legislature to be a “beacon for the nation” by enacting public financing of elections:

Dan Halloran Shows Up For City Council Meeting For First Time Since Charges  

Donors Urge Cuomo to Press for Public Financing of Campaigns  
Bloomberg Taxi Industry Revenge

Mayor's amazing threat: 'When I am out of office I will destroy your f**ing industry'(NYP)
Mayor Bloomberg went on a spitting-mad rant against a city cab-fleet boss who won a court victory over Hizzoner’s planned “Taxi of Tomorrow” — vowing to “destroy your f--king industry” when he leaves.. * Furious over the defeat of his “Taxi of Tomorrow” plan in court, Bloomberg reportedly vowed to “destroy” the yellow cab industry when he leaves office.

Bloomberg MSG Dolan Revenge

Dolan Stop Bloomberg Olympic Westside Stadium

Banana republic(NYP ED)
Mayor Bloomberg would surely dispute the notion that the city he runs is a banana republic. But what else should it be called, given that a panel he controls is today expected to OK a plan to single out a private company, Madison Square Garden, and hold it for ransom? The plan would deny the Garden the right to remain in its current location as long as it wants. Even though it owns the property rights at its site above Penn Station. Even though it just poured a cool $1 billion into renovating the place.

MSG Limited To 15 Year Permit(Huff Post)

Lame-Duck Bloomberg Administration Frets Over Its Legislative Legacy(NY1)

Bronx Gentification
Bumpy Bike Sharing Start

Bike racks removed after Post’s queries(NYP)
   City workers swooped in Monday night and yanked out part of a bike-share rack blocking the front of a West Village co-op — just hours after The Post called the Department of Transportation over... * Bike-Share System for New York Is Built With Ideas From Around the World(NYT)
* 11 Things To Know About Bike-Share Programs(WSJ) * App released to find Citi Bike docking stations, routes(NYDN) * Delays with some Manhattan sites mean Williamsburg gets some love ahead of schedule.

NYC & NYS Governments

Church and State  

A New York City Council committee approved a resolution calling on the state to allow religious institutions to hold services on school property, despite the objections of Council Speaker Quinn, The Wall Street Journal reports: * A NYC Council committee approved a resolution calling on the state to pass legislation allowing religious institutions to hold services on school property, laying the groundwork for the first measure to win council approval over Quinn’s objections.

Budget Hole
A Bloomberg administration plan to sell the naming rights on certain spots in municipal parks has fallen through after no one applied to the program, leaving a $13 million hole in the city budget, the Daily News writes: * A Bloomberg administration plan to sell naming rights on dog runs, basketball courts and other spots in municipal parks has been a bust, leaving the city with a $13 million hole in its budget.

Bloomberg, the soft money king of New York. Good government groups say Bloomberg exploited the housekeeping accounts loophole in the state election law that they’re seeking to have closed.  

Gun advocates delivered some 400,000 signatures to Cuomo’s office calling for a vote on a proposal to repeal the SAFE Act.  

So Gov. Cuomo has made NY the capital of TOXIC WASTE? Greek yogurt's half a supertanker per year toxic waste problem - 
Illegal Hotels

Web-site sublets 'illegal'(NYP)
Thousands of New Yorkers who rent out their apartments on the popular traveler site are breaking the law, a New York judge ruled — and they...


City Agrees to Faster Cleanup of PCBs in Schools(NYT)
The administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has consented to replace light fixtures containing the toxic substance in hundreds of schools by 2016, rather than 2021.* City To Replace Light Fixtures Containing PCBs In Schools By 2016(NY1)
* Light fixtures with PCB's set to be replaced(WABC)

Schools Chancellor Walcott met by loud boos from bus union members at ; panel expected to vote on new bus contracts
Brooklyn high school evacuated after old science experiment (NYDN)
Soccer Boos

A Team Is Born, but Not All Cheer(NYT)
Manchester City and the Yankees teamed up to buy the New York City Football Club, a new Major League Soccer team that is expected to begin competing in 2015, but it has no home to move into.* Yankees To Co-Own New MLS Franchise(NY1)
Owners of the Manchester City football team announced yesterday that they would be buying an Major League Soccer team for $100 million and bringing it to Queens after forging a partnership with the New York Yankees.
* New York is getting a new soccer team, but where will it play?
How the Wilpons repelled Major League Soccer, and why they may regret it. [via

Cuomo Games Gambling Deal

Cuomo Signs Deal With Mohawks to Protect Casino Territory(NYT)
The agreement allows the tribe to keep its exclusive casino territory in northern New York while paying the state $30 million in gambling proceeds that have been withheld.

In the Times-Union, Ray Halbritter a representative of Oneida Nation, praises last week’s “historic agreement” that make the state and county partners in sharing casino revenues:

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe will release $30 million in suspended slot-machine profits, retain casino-exclusivity rights and revive land-claim negotiations in an agreement reached with the Cuomo administration.  

The Oneida and Mohawk agreements leave the Senecas out on their own, but that tribe and the governor remain far apart.
City College ROTC 45 Years Ago

Once a hotbed of anti-Vietnam War activism, City College welcomes back R.O.T.C.

After Decades, Boots Are Back on Campus(NYT)
At a ceremony at City College on Tuesday, the hall was filled not with graduates in cap and gown but by Army officers in dress uniform. * City College brings back ROTC(WSJ)


Sandy Relief Workers Send Supplies To Tornado-Stricken Oklahoma(NY1)

Landmark Saved

Landmarks Commission Votes to Preserve Bialystoker Building(NYT)
Developers have expressed interest in making condominiums out of the Bialystoker Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, a nine-story Art Deco building on the Lower East Side.


I.R.S. Aide Denies Lying and Cites 5th Amendment(NYT)

I’ll speak no evil: IRS honcho to plead Fifth on scandal (NYP) WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service boss in charge of the office that targeted conservative groups will take the Fifth today when she faces a House panel, her lawyer warned. Lois Lerner, who runs the IRS tax-exempt division at the heart of the..
Darrell Issa slams IRS watchdog for not alerting Congress to the targeting of conservative groups earlier
Lois Lerner's Brief And Awful Day On Capitol Hill
Republicans Relish Role as Party of No - DeWayne Wickham, USA Today
Scandals Unlikely to Backfire on Republicans - Philip Klein, DC Examiner
Questions About Obama & the First Amendment - Major Garrett, Natl Jrnl
The Obama Administration Pleads Inefficacy - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
Why I Have Sympathy for the IRS - Clive Crook, Bloomberg
The Political Environment Turns On Dems - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
President Obama as the Green Lantern - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
Liberalism Not at Fault for Recent Scandals - Kirsten Powers, USA Today
What If Americans Don't Pay Their Taxes Next April? - Charles Hurt, WT
Obama Should Call for Special Counsel on IRS - Bill Keller, New York Times
Bad Faith and Budget Politics - Paul Starr, American Prospect
The Corruption of Traffic Light Cameras - Seth Mandel, Commentary
The Big Fat Truth: Overweight Can Be Healthy - Virginia Hughes, Nature
Videos: Lerner | Gowdy | Todd | Krauthammer | Cruz | Weiner

The New York Times editorial page: Obama is "threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news."
Message to Obama: Come Clean on IRS - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
On IRS Targeting, White House Adds to Confusion - Dan Balz, Wash Post
IRS Official to Plead the Fifth - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
Obama in Charge on Tornado, AWOL on Benghazi - Michael Graham, BH
GOP Blind to Public Disinterest in Scandals - Charlie Cook, National Jrnl
Obama Led Astray by His Friends in the Media - Clark Whelton, City Jrnl
WH Investigates Reporters for Doing Their Jobs - Dana Milbank, Wash Post
Obama's "Idiot" Defense - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Immigration Bill Clears Senate Panel - Parker & Preston, New York Times
Ted Cruz Versus Marco Rubio on Immigration - Alan Gomez, USA Today
US Forfeits Lead in Nuclear Technology - William Tucker, RealClearEnergy
The Greening Of Gore's Bank Account - Larry Bell, Forbes
Weaseling Out of ObamaCare - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
ObamaCare, IRS Creating Chaos for Docs, Patients - Charles Willey, IBD
As Job Flow Slows, Americans Get Stuck in Place - Peter Orszag, Bloomberg
The Debt Problem Hasn't Vanished - Gramm & McMillin, Wall St. Journal
Begging, K-Street Style - Grae Stafford, The Daily Caller
Video Highlights: Krauthammer | Maddow | Powers | Carney | Gutfeld


The Apple Tax Diversion - Wall Street Journal
Another Chilling Leak Investigation - New York Times
Apple Makes Case for Corporate Tax Reform - Washington Post
Dem Senator Blames Tornado on Climate Change, GOP - Investor's Biz Dly
New bill will permanently block TSA's plan to allow small knives on airplanes
In a First, U.S. Admits Drones Have Killed 4 Americans(NYT)
The House Ethics Committee has granted a waiver for Rep. Sean Maloney to receive gifts from his partner, Randy Florke, without having to report them on his personal financial disclosure report.
Lawmakers in D.C. have introduced a bill that would create a “critter car” on Amtrak trains.
First Lady Michelle Obama has overtaken Hillary  Clinton in Forbes list of the world’s most powerful women.
The best moments from today's IRS hearing, via :
Law and Order

Stop-and-Frisk on Trial(NYT Ed)
Closing arguments in the case helped bring to light numerous problems with the New York Police Department’s controversial program.

Shock 'freedom for bribes' plot at Rikers(NYP)
A crooked Rikers guard offered to break into jail computers and advance the release dates of no fewer than five inmates — demanding to be paid in...

Bigots hit back: Gay-bashings plague Village after march(NYP)
Gay men were brutally attacked in two separate incidents in Manhattan just hours after demonstrators protested a hate-crime murder by a homophobic gunman, cops said yesterday Steven Dixon, 42, and Michael Coleman, 41 were walking along Broadway...  * 2 More Antigay Attacks Are Reported in Manhattan(NYT) * NYPD Investigates Two More Alleged Bias Attacks In Manhattan(NY1)
* Victim Describes Horror Of Monday Night’s Anti-Gay Attack(WABC) * Arrest made in East Village bias attack(WABC) * Arrest Made In Lower East Side Bias Attack (NY1)
* Two more antigay attacks in Manhattan add to a troubling uptick in hate crimes against gays.
DA: Queens Man Headed To Prison For Stripping Church Van Of Parts  
Suspect in Antigay Attack in East Village Is Arrested(NYT)

Kerry Kennedy's trying time: Drugged-drive rap stands(NYP)  *Kerry Kennedy DUI trial set for fall(NYDN)
Questions About New York Police Response to Killing of Gay Man in October

WATCH: Stewart Takes On Crack-Smoking Mayor

Bronx Officer Is Accused of Hiring E-Mail Hackers(NYT)
Detective Edwin Vargas gained access to the accounts of 30 people, including at least 19 members of the New York Police Department in the Bronx, according to court documents. * New York Police Officer Is Accused of Hacking(WSJ)
Guns, Illegal Drugs Allegedly Sold Out Of Brooklyn Pharmacy
Three Men Arrested For Allegedly Abducting, Holding Queens Resident For Ransom
NYPD captain attacks wife in front of son: cops(NYDN)
2-Year Term for a Father Who Avoided Child Support(NYT)
Robert D. Sand, who had fled to Thailand with the intention of avoiding making payments for his  Nation's worst deadbeat dad gets 31 months in prison(NYDN)

Bronx mom and boyfriend charged with beating death of 3 (NYDN)

The Boston Bombing’s ‘Saudi Suspect’ Wasn’t Sure Exactly Which Prejudice Was Being Used Against Him(NY Mag)

BREAKING: Friend of bombing suspect shot and killed by FBI agent in Orlando.

Deadly End to F.B.I. Queries on Tsarnaev and a Triple-Killing(NYT)

: JUST IN: Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev and man killed by FBI in Orlando responsible for 2011 triple homicide, sources say

City to get $174.3 million in counterterrorism funds(NYDN)

Jail for Man Refusing to Testify in Bomb Case(NYT)
A federal judge ordered Tuesday that Gerald Koch, 24, be sent to jail for refusing to testify before a grand jury believed to be looking into a 2008 bombing in Times Square.

YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE’: Stunning moment mom of 2 and Cub Scout leader stood up to CLEAVER-WIELDING TERRORISTS after they BEHEADED British soldier on London street

‘Barbaric Attack’ in London Prompts Meeting on Terror(NYT)