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Kruger Lobbyist Talks to the Feds We Follow the Money

Deep Throat Told Us to Follow the Money to Find the Corruption.  Bloggers Queens Politics and True News Follows the Campaign Contributions of Kruger Convicted Lobbyists Richard Lipsky.  Are These the Same Pols He is Naming to the Feds?

Queens Politics to Elects: Give Back the Convicted Lobbyists Richard Lipsky's $$$
Queens Politics is calling on all candidates and elected officials to return contributions made by criminal lobbyist Richard Lipsky. It seems every politician wants to take a stand against crime and criminal activity and every candidate wants people to think they aren’t criminals and thus people should have respect for political figures, but when push comes to shove, actions speak louder than words, and right now everyone remains silent. Both prominent politicians and convicted felons received money from Richard Lipsky.

In Court Lipsky Told the Judge That He Worked for the Mon and Pop Little Guy, But An Examination of Lipsky Extensive Campaign Donations Shows That He Contributed to the Biggest Criminals in Albany 
Mr. Lipsky told Manhattanfederal court Judge Jed Rakoff that for most of his 30-year career, he worked on grass-roots campaigns "for small businesses and communities who often didn't have the resources to fight City Hall." In that role, including representing mom-and-pop businesses against big-box stores' attempts to open in the city, he said he took on "powerful elected officials and special interests, questioning their motives."

Lipsky Donated $4800 to the FRIENDS OF VITO LOPEZ 
Lipsky Donated $5000 NEW YORKERS FOR ESPADA 
Lipsky Donated $2500 UNITED FOR MONSERRATE Lipsky Wife Dorothy  + $2500 More
FRIENDS OF CARL Lipsky Wife Dorothy $9000
Friends of Silver, Lipsky Wife Dorothy  + $3800

Other Pols who Got Lipsky $$$

De Blasio Makes Early Move On Quinn
Campaign 2012/3 . is on a mean streak, ripping 
de Blasio: Thompson 'did not motivate people to come out' in 2009(Capital) * De Blasio hits rich with bill for pre-K(NYP) de Blasio, one of the top mayoral contenders for 2013, yesterday proposed raising the city’s income tax on those earning $500,000 a year or more to fund universal pre-K classes. * Higher Taxes in de Blasio’s Schools Push(NYT) Public Advocate Bill de Blasio proposed a plan to finance education programs with $500 million by raising taxes on New Yorkers who earn over $500,000 a year, which earned scorn from the mayor * Public Advocate Fires 2013 Campaign Shots(WSJ) * Working Parents Continue Push For Paid Sick Leave Legislation(NY1) * DNAinfo headline: "de Blasio Wants to Up Taxes on Rich to Fund Pre-K, After-School Programs" [Jill Colvin]* "’s proposal was an incursion into policy territory typically dominated by "Public Advocate, Comptroller Talk Education ReformsSimcha Felder's holiday newspaper (Capital) * Lena Dunham Joins Push For Paid Sick Days Bill(NYO) * Diaz Spins Senate GOP Primary(NYO) * City Hall Horse Race: Chasing Christine Edition(NYO) * Kirsten John Foy files paperwork for Councilman Al Vann's seat * Rick Santorum’s PAC endorsed Wendy Long for the US Senate.* Sukkot shots fired from Democrat Simcha Felder against his GOP opponent, Senator David Storobin: “Simcha is the ONLY actual candidate from a Jewish standpoint.* Senate Dems Raise Big From Labor, Pool Money(YNN)

Council Redistricting  Protesters Turn Out To City Council Redistricting Hearing(NY1) * NY1 Online: Examining Proposed City Council Maps * The 2013 elections seem like they’re forever far away, but the deadline to change your registration for them is in exactly one week. Thus it makes a certain amount of sense for candidates like Ken Biberaj, running for term-limited Councilwoman Gale Brewer‘s seat in the Upper West Side, to send mailers like this one to hundreds of unaffiliated voters in the district, urging them to become Democrats able to vote in his primary. Note the deadline for registering new voters is much, much, later.

The City's Unemployment Rate is Now 2.1% Higher Than the National Rate.  Silence On What is Causing This?

"an apparatus from the 19th century": unaffiliated NYC voters must sign up now for mayoral primary 1 yr away
The Democratic Party Can Change It Rules and Let Everyone Vote Like the Independence Party Has 
2013 New York Primary Voting Requires Any Party Changes by Oct. 12(NYT) Government watchdogs say that the rule could disenfranchise tens of thousands of New Yorkers who will discover next year that they cannot vote in the election that could determine the next mayor.

Strange Shit At the BOE?
Very Very Interesting: Garcia, a 26-year-old worker at the city Board of Elections’ Brooklyn warehouse . . .  He Owes His Job to Which Pol or Party Official? He Has Not Campaigned.
GOPer re-enters race vs. Vito(NYP)  All workers at the BOE are political appointed by the political whores who run the place.  Did one of Vito's BOE (he has more than a few) employees get to Garcia? * Every nonprofit connected to an elected official should be investigated, said Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. [Rebecca Henely] * Two Of Four Vito Lopez Groping Victims Move On To New Assembly Posts(NYDN) working for Assemblyman Peter Abbate and longtime Lopez foe Joan Millman. “Millman said she hasn’t spoken to Lopez in years.”

8 Members of the NYS Assembly Are Interview By JCOPE and Not One NYC Newspaper Reports On It - Talk About Cover Up
The Joint Commission on Public Ethics subpoenaed eight Assembly’s ethics committee members who probed Speaker Shelly Silver’s role in handling claims against Vito Lopez, the Albany Times Union writes:  * JCOPE subpoenaed the eight members of the Assembly Ethics and Guidance Committee as it proceeds with a probe of the Assemblyman Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal. Assemblymen Tony Jordan and Jack McEneny have already met with investigators.
Silver and His Pals Gave Vito Lopez Special Treatment On Sex Harassment Confidentiality11 Sexual Harassment Settlements Cost the State $5 Million(NYT) None of the cases, from 2008 to 2010, included confidentiality provisions, like the language included in the settlement involving Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez.

VIP Padro
Former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. still believes he’s a VIP, and he’s stuck with an attorney who doesn’t want to represent him.
Lawyer disses Espada, who still thinks he’s ‘VIP’ (NYP) * Judge Tells Espada and Lawyer They Are Stuck With Each Other(NYT) * Lawyer can't ditch Pedro Espada: judge(NYDN)

Joe Still Trying to Stay Out of Jail
Attorneys for former state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno asked a federal judge to dismiss bribery charges against him, arguing that the theory behind an indictment is “fatally flawed,” the Times Union reports: * Bruno Lawyers Move To Dismiss Case(YNN)

Diaz case gets special prosecutor(NYP) Damaris Diaz, whose brother, Ruben Diaz, Jr. is the Bronx borough president, was busted recently on aggravated harassment charges for allegedly keying her boyfriend’s car.
At a pretrial hearing this week, Johnson brought in a prosecutor from Manhattan to handle the case against Damaris, 43, an NYPD sergeant, because of a potential conflict of interest.


Subway announcements are getting clearer, more frequent during delays: study(NYP) * Most on-board subway announcements updating riders about problems on the line are clear and accurate for the first time since 1997, according to a Straphangers Campaign survey, the Daily News writes:  *Majority of Subway Announcements Are ‘Clear’ and ‘Accurate’ for First Time in Long Time(NY Mag)

Groups respond to 'savage' jihad subway ads with countercampaigns(NYP) * Pro-Muslim Subway Ads to Hang Near Anti-Jihad Ads(NYT) * Pro-Muslim ads going up by NYC subway 'savage' ads(WSJ) * Pro-Muslim ads going up in subways(Fox 5)

Fair Tests for Firefighters(NYT Ed) A federal judge has pushed the city toward ending racial bias in the Fire Department. The Times welcomed New York City’s new “nondiscriminatory” screening test for firefighters but cautioned the city has more work needs to be done in order to recruit and retain people of color * The News cheers Gov. Andrew Cuomo for vetoing a bill that would have saddled the Fire and Building departments with $20 million in extra costs but tells him to leave it to the city to decide how much training is needed: 

A Checkup for Natural Gas(NYT Ed) The governor of New York made a reasonable decision in slowing down to review the health risks of hydraulic fracturing.

In 2010 We Would Told the Teacher's Rubber Rooms' Were Being Eliminated?
Angry SI technology teacher streams live video of 'rubber room'(NYP) * City wants to put PS 110 into PS 199 in Long Island Cit(NYDN) * SI teacher on camera in the rubber room(NYDN) *

Mom Cries At Low Crane Fine and No Jail Time
Mom fumes at small fine in son's crane death(NYDN) *Crane Operating Company Will Be Fined for Fatal Collapse(NYT) The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Yonkers Contracting for violations that led to a fatal crane collapse on the West Side of Manhattan six months ago. *Contractor Cited For Violations In Connection With April Crane Accident(NY1)

Soundview housing project will move forward in Bronx but city expects scandalized developer to withdraw (NYDN) Great American Construction executive under indictment for bribery. Officials expect a scandal-plagued housing developer to withdraw from a city project in the Bronx after calls for the Bloomberg administration to sever ties with the company.

How Does Nussbaum Get Away Without Being A Registered Lobbyists for the RKO Keith?

RKO Keith's owner owes a lot of taxes(Queens Crap)

“He’s on the way to paying it,” said Michael Nussbaum, spokesman for Thompson.  According to Michael Nussbaum, a spokesperson for Patrick Thompson — who bought the foreclosed Northern Boulevard property for $20 million in 2010 — the developer is still committed to the project and has no plans to put the property on the market. Property owner and developer Patrick Thompson had to resubmit his proposal to the FAA after a previous approval expired. The site’s last owner, Shaya Boymelgreen, received FAA clearance for the same proposal submitted in 2003, said Thompson’s spokesperson Michael Nussbaum, who added that plans for the tower’s height have not changed for the past six years. * True News: The Media Allows Nussbaum to Pimp His Ride * True News: A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians * True News: True News: Nussbaum Unplugged A New Organized ... * True News: The Queens Chronicle Asks Why is A Sex Sex Trafficker ...

From the Times Ledger:

The owner of the crumbling RKO Keith’s Theatre in downtown Flushing still owes more than $380,000 in unpaid back taxes and entered into a payment plan earlier this year to prevent the city from putting a lien on the property.

Developer Patrick Thompson is seeking to build a 16-story, mixed-use building around the landmarked lobby of the historic theater, at 135-35 Northern Blvd., and is trying to secure finances to get a shovel in the ground at the site of the $160 million project.

Ashley Dupre is very pregnant.

 New “pay for performance” Medicare rules could prove problematic for NYC hospitals.

Rare Rent Break Draws Apathy(WSJ) Changing thousands of Financial District apartments from market rate to rent stabilized was supposed to be an important part of an effort to remake the fast-growing area into a family-centered neighborhood.

MLS nears stadium deal for Flushing Meadows(NYDN)

O hammered by ‘left’ jabs(NYP) * Bam hits back (a day too late)(NYP) * TAKING MANHATTAN: $24M flows in Battle of East (Mitt) & West (Bam)(NYP) Five of the country’s top 10 zip codes contributing to presidential candidates are in Manhattan, with Obama raking in nearly $15 million this election cycle and Romney receiving over $10 million * Starting Stage Right, Romney Used Debate to Move to Center(NYT) * Campaign Gains a New Intensity in Debate’s Wake(NYT) * When a Debater Lacks the Taste for Combat(NYT) * September Is the Best Fund-Raising Month for Obama in 2012(NYT) * Romney’s Sick Joke(NYT) Mitt Romney’s claim that pre-existing conditions are covered under his health plan was his biggest of many misleading statements in Wednesday’s debate. * Moderate Mitt Returns!(NYT)

Idiot's Delight (NYT) At this point in the campaign, how can the undecideds expect to have anyone's support? * Romney Presses Edge After Obama Stumble(WSJ) * Tough to Build on First Debate Win(WSJ) * Jim Lehrer responds to debate criticism(Huff Post) * Mitt Romney now says his 47 percent comments were “just completely wrong.” It was the first time he admitted as much. * According to Matt Bai, the debate highlighted an overarching problem for Obama: He doesn’t seem to enjoy being president. * The AFL-CIO says it has registered more than 450,000 new voters from union households over the past 18 months, part of an ambitious push to swell the ranks of Democratic-leaning voters and help Obama win re-election.* Letterman Presents Obama’s Top Ten Excuses For His Lackluster Debate Performance * Bill O’Reilly: It’s ‘Astounding’ That Obama Didn’t Bring Up Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Comment At Debate * Stephen Colbert Feasts Off Chris Matthews' 'Impotent Rage' [VIDEO] * Romney admits that his '47 percent' comments were 'completely wrong' (The Atlantic) * Everyone’s favorite former presidential candidate Ralph Nader went on Inside City Hall last night, where he said Mr. Obama is a war criminal who should be impeached.* Manhattan Media CEO and mayoral candidate Tom Allon expressed skepticism about Doe Fund founder George McDonald‘s claims that he would raise up to $13 million for a mayoral run. “If he raises more than $1 million by January, I’ll eat my hat in Macy’s window* Jack Welch suspects that the unemployment numbers are cooked: * The Return ofMassachusetts Mitt (NY Mag) Romney runs to the center while Obama looks on.

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Jobless Rate at 7.8%, Lowest Since 2009(NYT)
RT : Labor Secretary Hilda Solis says suggestion that jobs numbers were manipulated is "ludicrous."
Jobs Report May Mean More to Presidential Race Than Markets (CNBC)
Romney says unemployment drop to 7.8 percent 'not what real recovery looks like'(NYP)
Bill O’Reilly Compares MSNBC’s Debate Reaction and French Response to Nazi Invasion 
Romney rips Obama over September jobs report(NYP)
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Plouffe questions Romney's disavowal of "47%" remark(CNN)
Sesame Street co-creator slams Mitt Romney(NYDN) PBS was not at all amused by Romney’s debate attack on public broadcasting and Big Bird.
Unexpectedly Good News for Obama(NYT)
There was one president who tried to manipulate BLS (Wash Post)

Romney closes gap with Obama to 2 points after debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll - Chicago Tribune
Two-Time Debate Moderator Barbara Walters Defends ‘Gentleman’ Jim Lehrer(NY Mag)
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Post-Debate Polls May Cause Obama Camp Freakout - Richard Baehr, AT
Economy Generates a Lackluster 114,000 Jobs - Jeff Bartash, MarketWatch
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114,000 New Jobs a Month is Not Adequate - Peter Morici, The
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The Etch-a-Sketch Moment(NY Mag) In Denver, it finally happened—but Obama looked like the one who was shaken.
Bill Maher Battles Frank Luntz Over Obama, Romney, And ‘Low-Information Voters’
Bill Maher Rips Obama’s Debate Performance: ‘Looked Like He Took My Million And Spent It All On Weed’


Wonder How Saturday Night Live Will Handle This
It Will End With Big Bird Beating Up Romney

Stewart: ‘Deeply Divided Nation’ Has Agreed On Something – Obama’s Debate Performance Sucked

Will RomneyTide Lifts All Boats
Mitt Romney's forceful performance in the first presidential debate could not only benefit him but help Republican congressional candidates throughout the state. Rep. Peter King believes that Romney stopped a Democratic surge in swing districts in Long Island, Central, and Western New York. “Now it becomes mano a mano, and talk about the ‘47 percent’ have been nullified, at least until the next debate," he said to an audience at Brian Cave LLP in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday night. That could benefit Republican incumbents Rep. Nan Hayworth and Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, as well as GOP congressional hopefuls, including Chris Collins and Randy Altschuler, who are all engaged in competitive races this fall. "Riding a presidential candidate's coattails won't help sweep in a House candidate, but it can help in a close race," King said.(City and State)

 NYT Dumps Blogger
"[I]magine if a culinary institute partnered with Chipotle." Some Manhattan bloggers react to the Times breaking off ties with NYU's local blogging project. [Sam Spokony]

Law and Order
DA probing Queens cop's 'road rage' shooting of unarmed Army National Guardsman(NYP) An unarmed Army National Guardsman was pulled over on a Queens road and fatally shot by an elite NYPD officer yesterday — and the DA now is probing what the victim’s friend called a case of police “road rage.” 
Police Fatally Shoot an Unarmed Driver on the Grand Central Parkway(NYT) * New York Police Shooting Probed(WSJ) * National Guardsman Fatally Shot By Police During Queens Traffic Stop(NY1) * Questions surround deadly police shooting on Grand Central Parkway; Victim's mother speaks out(WABC) * Man Killed In Police-Involved Shooting On Grand Central (WABC) * Questions surround deadly Queens police shooting1(WABC) * Man fatally shot during scuffle with NY trooper4(Fox 5) * Cops charge three men with ‘brutal and heinous’ gang rape of 15-year-old girl (NYP) * For a Mother, Grief and Anger After the Police Fatally Shoot Her Son(NYT)
* Detective Who Shot Unarmed Man On GCP Previously Accused(WCBS) * I-Team: NYPD detective who shot, killed unarmed soldier faced past abuse allegations | STORY/VIDEO (NBC) *Portrait of Detective in Shooting: Hero, but Subject of Suits(NYT)

Woman Charged for Damages to Police Car That Fatally Struck Her Son(NYT) * City Tried to Bill Dead Man for Damage To Police Car That Struck and Killed Him(NYT)

Loitering Rules in Projects Are Too Vague, Judge Says(NYT) A judge allowed a lawsuit from people who say they were wrongfully arrested for trespassing in public housing, saying New York City’s rules against loitering are too vagueand give the NYPD too much discretion about whom to arrest.

A Challenge to Aspiring Lawyers(NYT Ed) New York State’s chief judge unveiled a groundbreaking rule that will require law students to perform 50 hours of pro bono legal work. The Times lauded the state’s chief judge Jonathan Lippman’s decision to require law students to perform 50 hours of pro bono work as a condition of admission to the state bar

Mayor Wants Policeman's Four Convicted Killers To Remain Behind Bars(NY1) * Commissioner Kelly Implores Parole Board On Eve Of Cop Killers' Hearing - WPIX

Witnesses Say Casino Bus Was Weaving Before Crash(NYT) * Deadly Chinatown crash bus swerving before collision(NYDN)

Ex: Cop 'confessed' to wife slay in chilling 2 a.m. phone call(NYP) * ‘Hit-run’ cop suspended(NYP) * Even if ‘Rare’ Wine Was Too Young, Lawsuit Was Too Late, Court Says(NYT) * Photos Document a Drug-Tainted Life in Bushwick(NYT) * Doorman Of Building Where Alleged Rape Took Place Worries For Son's Care(NY1) * Prison Guard Arrested For Allegedly Smuggling Drugs Into Rikers Island(NY1) * Mayor Highlights "Close To Home" Juvenile Justice Program(NY1) * Throw in the towel, you're guilty!(NYDN) * Own lawyer gets ex-St. John's dean tossed in jail(NYDN) * Conviction tossed in baby death(NYDN) * Mobster: I’m a disgrace(NYP) * Man, 69, Attacked, Robbed in Bronx Elevator(NBC) * A local paper in Queens sides with Vallone in opposing Councilman Jumaane Williams' legislation to reform some NYPD policies. [Queens Chronicle]* 'Insane' details of boy toy on sugar daddy 'mutilation murder' revealed as trial begins(NYP) *Hundreds of Juvenile Offenders Being Relocated Closer to Home(DNAINFO)

Terrorism  Psychiatrist Details Talks With Suspect in Bomb Plot(NYT)