Monday, June 25, 2012

The Media Allows Nussbaum to Pimp His Ride

Political Thuggery Rules, Journalism Loses

There are 47 sex ads is this weeks Queens Tribune which endorses the candidacy of Grace Meng. It no surprise that the paper pushes Meng after all her consultant is one of the owners of the paper.  What is shocking is that not one of the old media papers has pick up any of the blog stories about Nussbaum or the ticket splitting he has used in this campaign.  This means that the media has become an enabler of thuggery politics and the corrupt it breeds.
There has been a lots of crime in queens politics and the promise of much more to come. It is totally hypocritical for the papers and journalist to cover protest against the Village Voice against sex ads in that paper but not to say a word of the Queens Tribune which does the same thing and is involved in campaign elections.  Many journalist have known for a long time about how the Tribune is used as a tool of the Queens machine and have remained silent. It is dysfunctional that they can believe they are doing their job as reporters by keeping the ways the queens machine uses the journalism as a campaign tool.  It also a dereliction of duty of a reporters mission as journalist not to report how consulting firms and lawyers some republican work together with the Democratic Queens Machine and the Tribune worked to give Grace Meng a good chance of winning Tuesday.  We have to reform the state elections laws as the NYT called for this weekend, but we also have to reform the way the press covers politics to restore democracy to New York.  It is the press not doing its job to uncover corruptions not the Nassbaum, Boss Lopez and Crowley that has made NYC the capital of corruption. 

Only the Blogs Cover the Real Campaign
The Old Media Covered Up, Printing Consultant's Spins
A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians(True News) * FOR MENG CONSULTANT NUSSBAUM, A HISTORY OF VOTE-SPLITTING. * Matt Silverstein Had Other Political Plans Besides Running For Congress (C&S) * Dirty tricks trump democracy(Queens Chronicle ) *In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court - * True News (The Bund): NY Corrupt Party Boss Crowley * Grace Meng Tuesday night, saying she hadn’t decided what to do about Nussbaum’s advisory role in her campaign just yet. * Meng Adviser Urged Bay Terrace Resident to Help Spit Jewish Vote: Report (Patch) * Meng Responds To Gottlieb Controversy, Says “Everyone Has a Right to Run”(Patch)A Close Tie Between the Gottlieb and Meng Campaigns *Lancman Campaign Calls for Meng Campaign Aide to Be Fired(NYO) *  Lancman Blasts ‘Sham Candidacy Of Long-Time Party Hack’ (NYO) * Candidate’s Late NY-6 Bid Brings Talk Of A Queens Democratic “Plant” [UPDATED] * More on the Race for the 6th Congressionial District (True News) * Listen to the 11th hour Cuomo-for-Meng robocall here. How big of an impact will this make on the race?  

Election 2012   
Williamsburg never had such a heated Congressional Primary, here's a Valezquez poster on the Rd. ripped off

For Candidates in Primary, a Frenzied Day of Campaigning as Voting Nears(NYT) * District Fight Proves Test For Turnout(WSJ) A wide-open race for a Queens congressional seat—one of this week's most closely watched primary contests—is shaping into a test of the political might of crucial constiftuencies, including Asian-American voters, labor unions and the county Democratic organization. 

Fake Candidate Does Fake Flyer  Misleading Direct Mail Piece of The Day(NYO) * Clyde keeps stride in District 13 primary(NYDN) *  The Post calls Wendy Long the favorite headed into tomorrow.  * Andrew Cuomo and top Dems are “panicking” over the prospect of a Congressman Charles Barron.  * Clyde Williams, “the third wheel” in the Rangel/Espaillat primary, is fighting to get recognized * George Pataki is robo-calling against Democratic NY18 candidate Sean Patrick Maloney, reminding voters of his role in “Troopergate.” * Christine Quinn marched in the gay pride parade with her new wife. 
If Rep. Charlie Rangel wins his bid for a 22nd term tomorrow, he will become the first congressman in a generation to survive a congressional censure if he wins tomorrow’s competitive Democratic primary.* Barron to journo: "You’re making me miss 10 votes talking to you on the phone" * Rangel: "If I was just a spectator next year, I’d be kicking myself." [Carl Campanile] * Meng's GOTV aide Josh Gold: "I honestly think we'll knock on more doors than any congressional campaign in the state." [Andrew Grossman] * Charles Barron’s Campaign Pitch: ‘Excited…Unbossed, Unbought’(NYO) * Crowley's Cohorts(City and State) * VIDEO: Cuomo says "I couldn't have been stronger in my support of Charlie Rangel"   
In Queens race for Congress, Mittman flier implies endorsement he didn't get; Ackerman calls it a 'hit piece.'(Queens Chroncile) *Washington - Justice Department to Monitor Elections in New York(Vos Lz Neias) * Top Democrats scramble to stop Charles Barron(Politico) * Democratic establishment scrambles to stop Barron (Charleston Gazette) * Sephardic Jewish Group Targets Barron (C&S) * Hakeem Plays Up His Obama Photo Op(City and State) *Nydia Velázquez Makes Push for Asian Votes on Election Eve(NYO) * UPDATE: Eric Kuo tweeted a copy of the mailer, which is quite aggressive, declaring “Charles Barron Hates You.” * "Vote Hispanic" is a text message going out to some voters. [Jill Colvin and Carla Zanoni] * Charles Barron is trying to control his message while Hakeem Jeffries visited "Up with Chris" and Ghostfact Killah. [Chester Soria] * NY1 Online: Board of Elections Commissioner Previews Primary Day

Artz Fuck Up Again Did Not Check the  incorrect Chinese-language spelling of Velazquez
Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez' named misspelled on tomorrow's election ballot 
The name on the ballot reads: 妮迪婿M 威來茲葵

Jewish Voters Could Very Well Decide House Battle Between Barron, Jeffries (WCBS) They Agree On Many Things, But Israel And Middle East Are A Different Story * Velazquez Forces Way Into Vito Lopez-Founded Senior Home, Salsas With Residents [VIDEO](City and State ) * Justice Dept. to Monitor Elections in Queens and Orange County(NYT) * Incoming: 504 Democratic Club has endorsed Joyce Johnson for in A Test for Vito Lopez (Capital) * One strong anti-Barron ad. * Adriano Espaillat On Turnout, And Charlie Rangel’s ‘Fake’ Petitions (NYO) * Velázquez didn’t describe her own voting record correctly in last Friday’s debate. * She’s engaged in local issues with new constituents, like liquor licenses. * Black Star News endorsed Charles Barron

In the last few days, I chronicled several (1, 2, 3) Nydia's nasty ads, but that's nothing comparing to the pro-Nydia posters that are out in Yiddish. In those ads, Dilan isn't the only target. They also have harsh labels against Nydia's own race, the Hispanics of the community. * Charlie Rangel hopes to do well in the Bronx, where at a recent campaign event there José Serrano declared him to be a “special human being.” * CUNY’s Center for Urban Research fleshed out their interactive congressional map with even more data. *  Velazquez Hasn’t Moved Back Into Her Congressional District(C&S)* Scott Stringer's Campaign Office Broken Into(C&S) *Brooklyn Congressional foes courting community support as primary campaign for the 8th District seat winds down (NYDN)  Charles Barron and Hakeem Jeffries say they'll put their high profile endorsements aside to focus on 11th-hour get-out-the-vote efforts

If Hillary is Blamed for the Election of the Brotherhood in Egypt Cuomo Will Own A Shot At the WH
A Governor Trying to Elude the Sophomore Slump (NYT) * "Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, the consummate strategist, ran out of leverage this spring." That's gotta sting for .* Cuomo said he was aware of the challenges coming into his second session, and tackled priorities like redistricting and the budget early to strengthen his hand with the Legislature * Cuomo, New York legislative leaders say much was accomplished in the 2012 session( * Quiet fade ends term(YU)  Legislative session had victories, fewer laws, less drama, observers note *Gov.Andrew Cuomo has started to lose some of his leverage–”point of mutuality,” he calls it–in dealing with the legislature.* changing Albany: "Legislature passed fewer bills this year than any other since at least 1914." (NYT) . aide: "The template for how marriage got passed won’t work for every issue."

NYP Says Albany Self-Congratulations For What?
: "fact that Albany didn’t disgrace itself yet again hardly justifies self-congratulatory rhetoric" Reading Andrew’s lips (NYP Ed) * Cuomo helped New York’s government shed its reputation for dysfunction, but several of his initiatives fizzled this session and talk of legislative pay hikes shows things haven’t changed 

Bloomberg’s No Good, Very Bad Day * With Little Fanfare, Cuomo Signs Disclosure Bill(YNN)

Saturday the NYT Hits Cuomo and Albany for Lack of Election Reforms, Today the Gov Pushes Back
With Cuomo, a New Group Will Push for Publicly Financed Elections(NYT) Protect Our Democracy, started by the Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and his fiancé, will work with the governor’s office in the same way supporters of same-sex marriage did last year. *Quid pro Cuo in pols’ salary hike (Dicker, NYP) Cuomo may require an end to the abused “per diem” reimbursement system for state lawmakers and mandate relief measures in exchange for a legislative pay raise after this fall’s elections * Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and his fiancé, activist Sean Eldridge, are launching a campaign to push for publicly financed elections in coordination with Cuomo. Several people involved in this effort spearheaded the successful push for same-sex marriage, including Cuomo’s former chief of staff, Steve Cohen, and ex-aide Katherine Grainger, who is now working for Civitas Public Affairs Group.* Cuomo's newfangled push on public financing and old-fashioned offer on pay raises(Capital)

 If Rangel and Velazquez go down in the primary Albany will never reform elections laws to give challengers a fairer chance of winning

Saturday's NYT
What’s Missing From This Picture?(NYT Ed) Despite promises, New York lawmakers adjourned without accomplishing top legislative items. Voters should demand that they finish their job before the November election.
1. Albany has done nothing to clean up the scandalous ways they raise campaign money
2. Albany did not scale back sky-high contribution limits allowed under state law.
3. Albany did not put in place a system of public financing of campaigns.
4. Albany did not set up tough enforcement of campaign finance laws.
5. Albany did not ban unlimited “housekeeping” donations to parties.

Bloomberg Bucks Loses Some Values With Senate GOP

Senate Republicans finally sound like they have had enough from Mayor Mike Bloomberg, on of their chief benefactors but someone who has a seemingly never-ending series of demands.An anonymous Senate Republican, who does not represent New York City, said his conference is growing aggravated by Mayor Bloomberg’s “do-or-die” approach to lobbying on key issues- including the release of teacher performance evaluation data – an issue he lost on to the teachers’ unions.*  Albany Republicans say Mayor Bloomberg driving them crazy with 'do-or-die' crusades  (NYDN) GOPer complains: “It’s always, ‘This is so important to me. It’s personal to me.’ It’s almost like it’s about him and not the people”

As Bloomberg’s Third Term Winds Down, Unusually Loyal Aides Begin to Eye Exits(NYT)



Bloomberg To Announce City Budget Deal (NY1) Mayor announced an on-time, balanced . Fire companies, libraries and child care were saved* .MikeBloomberg asked how he found the money to restore cuts even though ppl said budget was dire & he replied: "We just made it a priority." * Bloomberg, Quinn Announce ‘On-Time, Balanced’ $68.5B Budget(Wcbs) * Mayor Bloomberg announces balanced budget agreement(WABC)



State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson has taken on a high-ranking position in a private company marketing green cards to Chinese investors under the U.S. government’s EB-5 visa program, City and State writes.

NYPD Whistle-Blowers Treated Like Mob Rats
NYPD Serpico Problem
Officers Fear Retaliation for Reporting Corruption(NYT) Police officers are told to report corruption to Internal Affairs, but whistle-blowers say this infuriates colleagues, according to lawsuits filed by four whistle-blowers. * Ruling due on bid to dismiss NYC temple plot case(WSJ) * NYPD Officers Say They Faced Retaliation for Reporting Corruption (NY Mag)* Lawsuits and interviews show the NYPD has an “anti-snitching culture” that makes it difficult for police officers to call the Internal Affairs Bureau about colleagues’ corruption or misconduct *  
The NYPD may enforce the law, but they're also a law unto themselves (the Guardian)

Education News

Companies Shortchanged Preschool Special Education Program, State Audits Find(NYT) A New York State audit of private contractors who provide one-on-one instruction, speech or physical therapy showed some misused thousands of dollars in government funds. The state comptroller found that companies in the Bronx, Brooklyn and upstate misused or abused state funds for a $2 billion special education preschool program that relies heavily on private contractors. The first three of 18 audits being conducted by the state comptroller, Tom DiNapoli, of the state’s preschool special education program have resulted in criminal charges and will be released today. * Unfair funding for charter schools (NYDN) * Multiple Choices for What Makes Up the Last Week of School(NYT) * The founder of a network of charter schools in Harlem praised charters reliance on freedom and accountability to increase student achievement. * Try Finding a Job Without a G.E.D. (NYT Ed) A New York City Council pilot program preparing people to take the General Education Development test should be expanded to help more of the 50,000 state residents who take the G.E.D. each year * New computer science-oriented high school points the way to city's future(NYDN Ed)  Philanthrophist Fred Wilson steps up and supports forward-looking program * Cheating scandal rocks Stuyvesant High(NYDN)

Housing Spin Vs. Repairs $100,000
As Housing Authority Repairs Slow Down Because of Budget Cuts Their Leaders Spend Funds to Improve Their Online Image
NYC Housing Authority hires company to clean up its online image (NYP) Lawsuits against Housing Authority surge as tenants seek speedy repairs (NY World)

Doubling down on a bad bet(NYP)The Post assails a bill passed last week that gives the Catskills the right to re-open Off-Track Betting parlors in New York City, saying it is both “geographically bizarre” and “functionally corrupt. The NY Post wants Cuomo to veto a bill that extended the Catskills OTB region to cover the five boroughs of NYC.

Final Beam WTC 4
Final steel beam lifted at 4 WTC tower(NYP)

M.T.A. Proposes Free MetroCards for Disabled Users(NYT)

Benefactor Fills a Hole in the City’s Effort to Enforce a Taxi Law(NYT) New York officials were struggling to find the space for cars seized in a crackdown against unlicensed cabdrivers until they received an offer to use a lot in Queens.

NYC Booting Pilot Program Begins Targeting Ticket Scofflaws In Brooklyn (CBS)

Terrible Teens Defile 9/11 Memorial(NY Mag)

 NY assessment appeals near record(NYP)New Yorkers are hitting the roof because of ballooning property-tax bills. A near-record 52,123 city taxpayers are appealing their home assessments this year — close to a 4 percent jump * More than 50,000 New York City homeowners are appealing their property tax assessments this year, a near record, as bills rise and profits from home sales plummets

NYPD Takes Down Elmo(NY Mag) * Among Times Square Elmos, Relief to Be Rid of One of Their Own(NYT)

Political Dinner
Where City Hall Adjourns for a Burger and Fries(WSJ) In the culinary

desert around City Hall, dining options are generally limited to upscale bistros or cheap fast food and sandwich joints. Then there is Jerry's, a classic-style diner that has emerged as the unofficial canteen for the city's political power-brokers.

The Making of A President 2012

Seeing an Obama Army in Gay Pride Legions(NYP) * Rep. Darrell Issa Admits There Is No Evidence Connecting White House To Fast & Furious Scandal * Brit Hume To Fox Panel: ‘The Republican Brand Name Is In Terrible Shape’ * 5 big things to watch this week in Congress (Wash Post)* Larry Sabato warned Mitt Romney about making a big play for PA.  * Obama is beginning a two-day campaign swing in Mitt Romney’s backyard.  * The Stakes of the Obamacare Lawsuit - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic * Rulings to Close Tough Term for Obama - Robert Barnes, Washington Post * Obama's Bad - But Still Likely to Win - John Kass, Chicago Tribune *President Obama the Underdog - Robert Kuttner, Huffington Post * Latinos Strongly Backing Obama - Susan Page, USA Today * Some Democrats Turning on Obama - Juan Williams, The Hill * Is Obama to Blame for Arab Spring's Failures? - Jackson Diehl, Wash Post * Obama Looks Bad in Partisan Feud Over Holder - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette* Biden described Obama war plan 'flaws' in 2009 message: book(NYP) * President Obama And Mitt Romney React To The Supreme Court Ruling On Arizona’s Immigration Law(NYO) * Four reliably blue states could produce a GOP upset in the election. The potential game-changers:(WSJ) * Axelrod: Obama Victory In November Will ‘Liberate’ Republicans To Work With President * : Full House comtempt vote on Eric Holder set for Thursday: *Condi Rice is starring at a Mitt Romney fundraiser.  * Could Barack Obama be saved by growth in the Rust Belt?  * Obama has “an overwhelming lead among Latino voters” nationwide.* How today’s US Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s immigration law is bad for Mit Romney, whose campaign doesn’t really want to talk about this issue at all. * Sen. Adriano Espaillat thinks his primary opponent, Clyde Williams, should run for the Assembly. * NYC Councilman Charles Barron: “I knew Tupac (Shakur) as a 10-year-old, and he wrote some poetry to me then. He was very sincere, very secure.” * Retiring Rep. Ed Towns’ endorsement of Barron may have been more of a curse than a blessing.

Immigration Checks Allowed; Some Provisions Blocked(NYT) *Document: Text of the Ruling * Court Rejects Limits on Corporate Campaign Spending(NYT) *Blocking Parts of Arizona Law, Justices Allow Its Centerpiece(NYT) * Supreme Court Declines to Revisit Citizens United(NYT) * Jan Brewer Hammered In Press Conference For Claiming Victory After SCOTUS Ruling * Justice Antonin Scalia “wrote a 22-page barnstorming dissent” in support of the Arizona immigration law.





Law and Order

Cop Shot
Hero’ cop shoots gunman despite wounds(NYP)* Off-Duty Officer Shot In Bronx, Several Suspects In Custody (NY1) * Officer and 2 Others Are Shot in Bronx(NYT) *Officer Injured in Shooting(WSJ) * Off-duty NYPD cop's shootout heroics(NYDN) *Off-Duty Police Officer Shot In Early-Morning Bronx Shootout; (WCBS)

Gangs Off My Block
Block in East Harlem Celebrates Defeat of Drug Gang(NYT)


Ruling due on bid to dismiss NYC temple plot case(WSJ) * Cops pay for swamp strip  (NYDN) * Madoff’s pal  will pay 410M in fraud suit (NYDN)* Hedge fund manager to pay Bernie Madoff victims(WABC)* Slay susp: That's me on surveillance cam(NYDN)
Police Hunt For Stabbing Suspect In The Bronx(WCBS) * Man Wanted In Triple Bronx Stabbing(NY1)

* Synagogue Terror Plot Case Can Move Forward, Judge Rules(WNYC) * Police Seek Suspect In Crown Heights Rape(NY1) *Career thug sentenced to 18 years for murder of immigrant in 2003(NYP) * Queens man accused of plot to bomb synagogue must stand trial(NYDN)* Ravi Batra and David Grandeau engaged in a war of words over whether or not JCOPE spokesman John Milgrim (gram?) is an “expletive.”* Fake Parking Pass Costs City Planner $6,500 and Her Job(NYT) * Career thug sentenced to 18 years for murder of immigrant(NYP) * H.S. Grad Killed by Accused Drunk Driver(NBC)