Thursday, October 4, 2012

True News Reality Vs. Media Fake Spin

Spin Vs Reality of Corruption
You Choose the Future of Journalism 

"An informed citizenry is the bulwark of a democracy."  Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson though all it took was a free press to protect the American people from the power of government. He never considered the possibility of the pols and power brokers corrupting a free press.  Local media has always been bias toward incumbents and power. The press protected pols by not covering up stories that would hurt them for years.  The internet has forced pols and the power brokers to reach out to media experts.

 Today political consultants are teaching pols how to use the internet, Facebook and twitter for spin and power.  This comes at the same time as cut backs in newspapers and changing standards of what is acceptable in journalism. A mover always from serious investigative reporters to young journalist who can do no more than print fluff fed to them by pols and consultants.  Master media spinners like George Artz playing the press for sucker for his clients like political boss Seddio. Who the real Frank Seddio and what he is really up to is lost in the Pasta sauce.

Sad Journalism Written By A Political Consultants and the Events They Set Up . . .  Reporters Cheerleaders for Seddio
Frank Seddio Is Your Italian Grandmother(City and State) “You should use cold water with chicken cutlets,” says Frank Seddio, the new chairman of the Kings County Democratic Party. “You want to keep them fresh. You don’t want it to get too warm. You have to be careful with chicken. When you cook it, you can’t leave it out too long. Temperature is very important with chicken.” * The New Leader of Brooklyn's Democratic Party Hopes Cannoli Diplomacy Can Heal Old Wounds

Real Investigative Journalism (All Alone) by True News 
Seddio: Leave the Gun Take the Cannolis(True News)  The problem the reformers have with Seddio is that except for the Daily News warning the press has done very little to inform them who is the real Frank Seddio.  There is a lot to be learned by investigating how Seddio used the machine and government to make $$$ and remain in power in a community with dramatic racial change and his loss of ability to deliver the vote.Moderator Mark Fertig asked Seddio and the other candidates running if Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano should be fired because of her involvement in the Kruger scandal.  Seddio did not only answer the question but he called Fertig a very inappropriate name.It is clear from the guilty plea of Kruger and his lobbyist Lipsky that Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano was deeply involved in the Kruger corruption.  Yet astonishly she still remains as chairman of that board.  In 2007 when a BJ was chosen for that site with a different developer (the developer who the indictment said sent checks to Turaino house) Frank Seddio small business group changed their mind and accepted BJ’s at Canarsie Plaza.  The Feds say Kruger partner Michael Dorothy son was delivered the bribe money shortly after the vote.

Coming Soon to the Political Blogs, Home Cooking With Borough President Candidate Leroy Comrie

Silver and His Pals Gave Vito Lopez Special Treatment On Sex Harassment Confidentiality
State Paid at Least $5 Million to Settle 11 Sex Harassment Cases(NYT) None of the cases, from 2008 to 2010, included confidentiality provisions, like the language included in the settlement involving Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez.

Lopez is Not Disappearing From the Headlines Like His Fellow Lawmakers Have Hopped 
150G for Vito att'y(NYP) Records made public yesterday show the embattled Brooklyn assemblyman sent $150,000 from his campaign account to Gerald Lefcourt, a criminal-defense lawyer, on Sept. 5. Lopez has now paid him a total of $239,703 from his campaign account — which still has $1,074,008 left. * Tarred Lawmaker Has an Easy Path(WSJ) Assemblyman Vito Lopez has refused to resign over sexual harassment allegations, saying his fate should be decided by his constituents. The embattled Brooklyn lawmaker has reasons to be confident.Brooklyn Republicans acknowledge that it is nearly impossible for Assemblyman Vito Lopez to lose his election against his opponent, political neophyte Richy Garcia, next month * 

The GOP candidate quixotically campaigning against scandal-tarred Assemblyman Vito Lopez no longer wants the job. “He seems like a genuine guy looking to help the community any way he can,” that candidate, Richy Garcia, said. Unless he is nominated for a judgeship, dies, or leaves the state, however, he’s going to be an option on the ballot.* Gropez Scandal Hits LI Airwaves(YNN) * Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s GOP opponent, Richy Garcia, who couldn’t really get off the ballot even if he wanted to, apparently flip-flopped on whether he would drop out of the campaign. He’s “back” in it. This is basically a formality, however, as Mr. Lopez would be a formidable foe in a Democratic primary. A general election in heavily Democratic Bushwick? Fuhgettaboutit.

It's still up in the air whether a special legislative session will consider changing New York's campaign finance laws  (TU) Labor and progressive groups are pushing for campaign finance reform to be on the agenda in the legislature’s special session this fall, but lawmakers may scrap the session entire

Campaign 2012 New York State Is in Thick of the Fight for Congress(NYT) Advocacy groups and super-PACS have sunk $4.1 million into the state’s house races and both parties have spent a combined $4.6 million since Labor Day as independent projections say Democrats could win enough seats to reclaim the majority* Senate Races Close in N.Y.(WSJ) * City & State reports that Assemblyman Alan Maisel is interested in term-limited Councilman Lew Fidler‘s seat in 2013, now that former Assemblyman Frank Seddio has a new gig, and Brooklyn Young Democrat Mitch Partnow is interested in Mr. Maisel’s seat should that come to pass. Mr. Seddio controls the county committee in Mr. Maisel’s district, so he would be able to handpick the assembly candidate if it’s vacated and a special election occurs.* ‘Sick day’ activists target Quinn (NYP) * At #abny, @billdeblasio calls @ChrisCQuinn small biz proposal to reduce red tape a "joke." * Asked how he would pay for extra guidance counselors, says NYCDOE has plenty of money, cites outside consultants * Chamber of Commerce Ramps up Efforts in New York Congressional Races* Max + me at the stroller rally for paid sick days. Let's bring this bill up for a vote.   * NYC Politics & NYC Schools: John Liu On "The Power Of Guidance" (NYDN) * De Blasio Proposes Higher Taxes on Wealthy to Pay for Education(NYT) * Even Scott Stringer’s 10-Month-Old Son Wants Christine Quinn to Allow a Vote on Paid Sick Days(NYO) * We must address the jobs/skills gap. We need to encourage kids to embrace 21st century skill sets: * Community Board 8 member Andy Cohen for term-limited Bronx Councilman Oliver Koppell‘s seat. Cohen * Democratic former Councilman Simcha Felder has officially pulled off an impressive electoral act by winning the Conservative Party’s write-in primary against incumbent Senator David Storobin.

de Blasio Vs Bloomberg: Taxing the Rich

 Bill de Blasio To Top Earners: I Want To Jack Up Your To Help Schools * Bloomberg: De Blasio will 'drive everybody out of the city' * . proposes tax hike to fund education, by

de Blasio Blasts Quinn on Helping Small Business
In response to a question about Council Speaker Christine Quinn saying the city would seek to ease regulations on small businesses, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said of his likely 2013 mayoral rival and Mayor Bloomberg, “With all due respect to them, that’s a joke. That’s not a real response.” * Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on Economic Growth at Association for a Better NY Breakfast(Video)

Judge Pedro Your Game Playing is Over
Judge hits Pedro ‘ploy’(NYP)A judge yesterday branded crooked ex-pol Pedro Espada Jr. “a great gamesman” after the former state senator said he had been “misrepresented” by his lawyer and demanded the return of $100,000 in legal fees. Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley III set a hearing today into Espada’s claims against defense lawyer Daniel Hochheiser, which Pauley called a “ploy” to avoid a Nov. 5 tax trial tied to Espada’s looting of his nonprofit medical clinic. * Espada’s Lawyer Tries, and Fails, to Quit Tax Evasion Case(NYT) An attorney for convicted former state Sen. Pedro Espada told a judge he could not represent his client on a tax evasion case because of an argument over a payment dispute, but the judge denied his request * Split! Judge grants lawyer's request to drop Espada Jr. in pending tax evasion case(NYP) * Judge rejects lawyer Daniel Hochheiser's bid to dump disgraced former state Sen. Espada(NYP)

Bruno seeks dismissal of charges - Times Union

William Boyland (Photo: Facebook)William Boyland Jr.’s Trial Set for Next July (NYO)You’re going to have Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. to kick around a while longer. Last year, Mr. Boyland was charged with soliciting bribes in order to pay his legal bills in an otherwise unrelated bribery case, but jury selection for this second trial won’t begin until July 15th, a federal judge ruled today.


Queens Politics is calling on all candidates and elected officials to return contributions made by criminal lobbyist Richard Lipsky. It seems every politician wants to take a stand against crime and criminal activity and every candidate wants people to think they aren’t criminals and thus people should have respect for political figures, but when push comes to shove, actions speak louder than words, and right now everyone remains silent. Both prominent politicians and convicted felons received money from Richard Lipsky.

In Court Lipsky Told the Judge That He Worked for the Mon and Pop Little Guy, But An Examination of Lipsky Extensive Campaign Donations Shows That He Contributed to the Biggest Criminals in Albany 
Mr. Lipsky told Manhattanfederal court Judge Jed Rakoff that for most of his 30-year career, he worked on grass-roots campaigns "for small businesses and communities who often didn't have the resources to fight City Hall." In that role, including representing mom-and-pop businesses against big-box stores' attempts to open in the city, he said he took on "powerful elected officials and special interests, questioning their motives."

Lipsky Donated $4800 to the FRIENDS OF VITO LOPEZ 
Lipsky Donated $5000 NEW YORKERS FOR ESPADA 
Lipsky Donated $2500 UNITED FOR MONSERRATE Lipsky Wife Dorothy  + $2500 More
FRIENDS OF CARL Lipsky Wife Dorothy $9000
Friends of Silver, Lipsky Wife Dorothy  + $3800

Other Pols who Got Lipsky $$$

As Quinn Trades Away Council Lines for Political Support From the White County Leaders Minorities District Get Cut
A controversial proposal to re-draw New York City Council district lines could violate the city charter and split African-American and Latino communities, critics say. Community Voices Heard--an organization that advocates for low-income New Yorkers--said in a statement that the proposed redistricting map would create smaller Council districts in the Bronx and Queens in favor of larger ones in Manhattan and possibly disenfranchise some voting blocs, such as East Harlem. Under the proposal, East Harlem would be divided roughly in half, with part of it falling in Council District 8, and part in Council District 9. "When you look at communities of interest and keeping the Latino vote together and the African-American vote together, it seems like the Latino vote here, while on paper would hit the fifty percent plus-one mark that meets the Department of Justice standards, would break up the community in East Harlem," the organization said in a statement. Hearings will be held all month, allowing the public to comment on the proposed changes, followed by an up-or-down vote by the City Council in November. If approved, the maps will first be used in the 2013 citywide elections, when the majority of the Council's seats will be up for grabs because of term limits.

On August 23 True News Talk About How Quinn Was Selling Congressional Districts for Endorsements From County Leaders
Council Redistricting Corruption Silence
Many of his fellow reformer felt that Citizens Union puppet general Dick Dadey sold out last year when he supported Albany's compromise to put off independent redistrict for 10 years.  But nothing can compare to Dadey and the rest of the goo goos, editorial boards and reformers silence on the corruption going on with the city council redistricting operation.  For starters the appointed council redistricting commission is controlled by two people supporting Quinn for mayor in 2013.  The council speaker herself and her puppet master the mayor.  Although the redistricting commission work has just begun there are already reports that county bosses Crowley and Lopez, ethic and minority leaders are already dealing with Quinn operatives to cut districts favorable to them or those they support in exchange for their endorsement for Quinn's 2013 mayoral bid.


What About All Those Pundits Jerks On TV Telling Us The Race Was Over for Weeks?

Don't Count On Any Apologies From the Pundits On How They Were Wrong . . .  Just More Bull Shit . . .  Don't Believe the New Crap They Are Telling Us Today

NYP Says Game Changer
Romney turns in strong performance in his first debate with Obama(NYP)‘Swing’ zing for Mitt: pros(NYP)* Michael GoodwinThis one’s the game-changer(NYP) * John PodhoretzMassacre leaves liberals in tears(NYP) * Mitt’s big night(NYP Ed)

NYT Saus An Unhelpful Debate
NYT: "Virtually every time Romney spoke, he misrepresented the platform on which he & Paul Ryan are actually running"
An Unhelpful Debate (NYT) After 90 minutes, voters are left with as many questions for Mitt Romney and President Obama as they had before it started.  *  Obama and Romney Tangle on Economy(NYT) * In Forceful Words of First Debate, a Blizzard of Statistics(NYT) * Taking Stock of Some Claims and Counterclaims(NYT) * The Choirboy, the Headmaster and No Fireworks(NYT) * Debate Showed a Clash of Philosophies(NYT) * Polls Show a Strong Debate for Romney(NYT) * In Suburban Ohio, Voters Less Than Thrilled(NYT) * Mitt's Feathered Debate(NYT)

Six reasons Mitt Romney won the first debate (Wash Post) * Imus to : You predicted this.... And Christie responds: "You bet your butt I did" * Romney's policy vagueness pays off (Wash Post) * COLUMN: . gets a reset. . gets a wake-up.   * video & transcript * Mitt Romney's Glib Performance Won the Debate, but What About Voters? (Daily Beast) * Presidential debate: Romney delivers unexpectedly strong performance(NYDN)  * Romney Won Tonight, But Does It Matter?(Bloomberg) * Liberal pundits disappointed with Obama's performance on debate night(The Hill) * Axelrod: Romney played "shell game" in debate(TPM) * ny sun: "At times, Mr. Obama looked petulant because he knew he was beat" * US election: Polls show Romney won TV debate with Obama(BBC)

Today: Obama: "Thank goodness someone is finally getting tough on big bird."
Romney’s Big Bird comment went viral. @FiredBigBird has more than 23,000 followers on Twitter this morning.* Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and NJ Gov. Chris Christie worked the post-debate spin room for Romney, and gave him high marks. (Christie is at it again this morning).An Obama supporter sounds nervous,” a New York Post Twitter feed proclaimed, picking a presidential debate-related fight with Councilman Jumaane Williams, who had speculated, “Maybe this is the #Obama rope-a-dope and he’ll put that real smack-down next debate.” * Our supercut of Romney steamrolling Lehrer (Buff Feed)

Obama and Romney Spar Over Taxes, Health Care(WSJ) * A Debate Aimed at Center, Minus Fireworks(WSJ) * Henninger: The Romney Reboot Arrives(WSJ) * Tax Cuts, Deficit Are Bone of Contention(WSJ) * Romney Barrels Out of First Debate on Offense(WOR) * Romney wins debate, Obama looks listless and the race is far from overJackson Clarion Ledger  *Romney Won First Debate, 67 Percent of Voters Tell CNN Businessweek * CNN Poll: Most watchers say Romney debate winner * Listless Obama boosted Romney's debate night (The Hill) * Heilemann on Charlie Rose: Obama Didn't Challenge Romney (NY Mag) * Rupert Murdock says Mitt Romney “aced Obama” in the first presidential debate(Politico)
Jim Loses Control

Host gets ‘cut’ off(NYP) * Maddow: No Winner In This Debate, But There Is A Loser — Jim Lehrer * Romney wins after smashing Jim Lehrer with conch(Wash Post)* LEHRER LOSES CONTROL(Huff Post)Obama campaign: Romney won debate because he lied (Huff Post) * EXCLUSIVE: Despite threats, U.S. cut security in before attacks * Dan Rather on Jim Lehrer: 'not one of his better nights'(Huff Post)

Swing State News Papers Declare Romney Winner   * David Axelrod acknowledges that Obama may have let Romney off the hook too much:(Politico) * Debate Praise for Romney as Obama Is Faulted as Flat(NYT) * Taking Stock of Some of the Claims(NYT) * Top 4 Google searches last night: "Simpson Bowles," "Dodd Frank," "Who won the debate," "Big Bird" *Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama’s Ambien-esque Performance(NY Mag) * UFT Prez Mulgrew Heading To Florida For Obama(YNN) * First Debate Dominates Newspaper Front Pages (PHOTOS)(Huff Post)

 Al Gore Blames Denver’s High Altitude For Obama’s Lackluster Debate Performance * In Fallout After Debate, Obama Asks, Which Mitt Was That?(NYT) * Simpson-Bowles and Dodd-Frank, explained (Wash Post) * Why Obama did well on paper but not the stage - and media are playing it as a fiasco * A G.O.P. Operative Long Shadowed by Voter Fraud Claims(NYT) * Obama and Romney both told some whoppers in last night's debate. But just how super-sized were they? (Mother Jones) *  WSJ: Obama's Sep fundraising topped $150 million, sets record. More details soon. *   Honey, I Shrunk the President - Before a Broader Audience, Romney Changes His Tone(NYT) * "Debacle"--Ed Koch re: Obama's debate performance.

Fact-Checking Obama's 'Kiss' to Wall Street(NYT) *Cheer Up, Wall Street! A Self-Esteem Intervention for Victimized Bankers (NY Mag) * Nathan Sproul, an operative for the GOP, has a long trail of voter fraud claims(NYT) * The Curious Case Of Mitt Romney’s Extremely Large American Flag Pin * Ann Romney to Cohost GMA (Daily Beast) * President Obama and the curse of the first reelection debate (video) (Wash Post) * The Obama campaign also launched a new TV ad attacking Romney’s tax plan. * More than 58 million people watched the debate – up from the 52.4 million viewers who tuned in for the first debate of the 2008 presidential campaign. * Mayor Bloomberg warned Romney (obliquely) not to get complacent after his debate win. The mayor is also one of the few who liked debate moderator Jim Lehrer’s performance.
Obama No Muhammad Ali in Debate - David Remnick, The New Yorker
The Conundrum for Obama & Democrats - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Romney's Meaningless Victory - Jamelle Bouie, American Prospect
Romney Emerges as a Plausible, Possible President - Walter R. Mead, TAI
Post-Debate, Obama Camp Reverses Course - Miller & Hastings, BuzzFeed
Debate a Reminder of Obama's Last Four Years - Keith Koffler, WH Dossier
Why It's Too Early to Write Off Obama - Ron Fournier, National Journal
Snippy Obama, Whose Heart's Not in It - Garance Franke-Ruta, The Atlantic
Liberals "Freak Out" After Obama's Poor Debate - Dan Gainor, FOX News
Why Obama Can Bounce Back - John Cassidy, The New Yorker
U.S. Dithers as World Feasts on Energy - Bob Beauprez, RealClearEnergy 

67.2 million watched debate: Nielsen --(Politico)

The Real Victims the Pols and Wall Street Don't Care About 

In Albany WSJ Goes After Cuomo On Fracking
. editorial hits Cuomo. "he isn't helping his 2016 credentials w/ his pusillanimity on natural gas fracking." * Forbes contributor Jon Entine takes The New York Times to task for its anti-fracking “advocacy role.” * Long: Cuomo ‘Brow Beaten’ On Fracking(YNN)

 campaign finance reform uncertain(TU) * Cuomo gives shot in arm to small booze-makers (NYDN)

36 Schools Eyed for Possible Closure(WSJ) New York City has put a record number of elementary and middle schools on a watch list for closure, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg attempts to make a lasting impact during his last full year in charge of city schools. City school officials said they were considering closing 36 elementary and middle schools next year, after the Bloomberg administration was stymied in its efforts to close some schools and change staff last year *DOE Lists 36 Elementary And Middle Schools Considered For Closure(NY1) * A record 36 elementary and middle schools now in danger(NYDN)

Teachers union President Michael Mulgrew's skewed observations(NYDN Ed) He, not Mayor Bloomberg or Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, is doing wrong by his members. As for the evaluation system, Mulgrew’s claim to have been at the forefront of the fight to win legislative approval from Albany was laughable. The city’s plan calls for principals to have the authority to visit any teacher’s classroom as often as seems useful. To see how teachers perform when they aren’t delivering that one stellar lesson, carefully polished for the principal’s benefit on one scheduled observation day. To gauge how well teachers are responding to constructive advice offered in meetings that follow formal visits. To provide steady improvement suggestions to teachers who need to lift their games. The News laughs off United Federation for Teachers President Michael Mulgrews assertions taking credit for teacher evaluation protocols in his Daily News guest column, which it printed anyway:


Some Bronx pols want to reign in controversial city program offering morning-after pill to school girls (NYDN)But City Councilwoman Annabel Palma says she empathizes with pregnant teens

Colorado Shooting Victim Joins Mayor In Gun Control Push(NY1) Bloomberg's push to convince the presidential candidates to take on illegal guns picked up another advocate, Aurora shooting survivor Stephen Barton

Long Island Rail Road construction crews reported to work late, left early, and wasted $160,000 demolishing a staircase, according to a Metropolitan Transportation Authority review
[image]Probe Finds LIRR Waste(WSJ) * LIRR crew's antics cost agency $160K and doubled project time for replacement staircase(NYP) * LIRR wastes cash on construction jobs, new report finds(NYDN)* An LIRR division responsible for day-to-day upkeep of the line squandered untold resources through  ”systemic” inefficiency, including workers who left early despite an expensive monitoring system, according to an MTA inspector general report. * The Post grumbles that State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli did not explain the effect of rising pension costs, which grew three times the cost of inflation, in his report analyzing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s toll and fare hikes:

More Subway Car Announcements In The Clear, Survey Finds (NY1)

An Island of Tranquillity Is Reclaimed in Prospect Park(NYT)

Zagat survey ranks a record 33 Bronx eateries(NYDN)

Law and Order

Cop fatally shoots man on Grand Central Parkway after driver 'reached under seat'(NYP) * Man Fatally Shot by Police on Queens Highway(NYT) * Breaking: man killed by cops in Queens this morn was unarmed. An offduty cop was asleep in his backseat.

Unhappy Meals in jail for ‘McPimp’(NYP)

More than $127,000 worth of jewelry swiped from Julianne Moore's apartment(NYP) * Cartier Jewelry Disappears From an Actress’s Home(NYT)

iCreep’s heap(NYP) * Violent attempted iPhone robbery in PATH station(WABC)

Tot-smother ‘guilt’ tossed (NYP) Appeals judges yesterday threw out the manslaughter conviction of a Brooklyn woman accused of smothering her newborn daughter moments after birth.

Mayor Wants Policeman's Four Convicted Killers To Remain Behind Bars

WATCH: Thug beats Bronx man, steals chain in grisly elevator robbery(NYP)

Burgle me Elmo:(NYDN) Cops are on the hunt for a “Sesame Street” fan who swiped a cell phone from a Brooklyn subway passenger last week

 Queens Woman Found Stabbed to Death in Landlord's Apartment(WSJ) * Queens woman stabbed to death(NYDN) * NYPD seek 2 suspects in Bronx break-in(WSJ)Closing Arguments In Trial Of Man Suspected Of Stealing Two Guns From Precinct(NY1) * Cops: We've nabbed muggers(NYDN)* Man indicted as Russian secret agent(NYDN) * Police shooting shuts down Grand Central Parkway(WABC)* Elderly Sisters Found Dead Inside Queens Apt.(NBC) * Queens couple accused of shaking their baby to death want trial, reject plea deal(NYP) * Police Seek Man Behind Attempted Brooklyn Sexual Assault(NY1) * Mayor Highlights "Close To Home" Juvenile Justice Program: Juvenile offenders are now living within the five...

Terrorism US citizen sentenced to life in Iraqi prison on claims he helped al Qaeda(NYP)