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Cuomo Secrets; Can A $177 Bagel Cause A Long Overdue Examination of NYC's Political Clubhouses in NYC

 Cuomo inner circle seems determined to write these debates out of history by causing any record of them to disappear instantly and permanently

NYT Warns Cuomo On His Secrets
Governor Cuomo at the Controls(NYT Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to control everything about him that could make its way to the press or the public. Such secrecy will not serve him well in the long run.  "You can’t live your life in a goldfish bowl,” he says. That is true, of course, unless you are a prominent public servant who may have big ambitions."NYT * Reporters discussed “control freak” Cuomo on Capital Tonight.* Fred LeBrun minces no words in deeming Cuomo’s editing of his AG archives “wrong,” and says we’ll have to wait for Fred Dicker’s biography of the governor to find out what really happened behind the scenes in Troopergate.* Nine weeks after the AP FOILed for Cuomo’s LCA show video response (in which yours truly made a cameo appearance), the administration says it’s performing a “diligent search” for the recording, but can’t locate it.*
Making Those Upset Who For the Time Being Still Buy Ink By the Barrel 
The Kingston Daily Freeman says Cuomo “has managed the fabulous sleight of hand of appearing transparent while, in practice, being energetically opaque.” * When Cuomo flew into Buffalo in May to collect a few hundred thousand dollars from campaign supporters, he did so aboard a private jet owned by a Cleveland firm that has accused Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown of running a corrupt, pay-to-play administration. *  Cuomo’s involvement in ending the ConEd lockout may further bolster his image as a get-it-done presidential contender in contrast to the dysfunctional and often gridlocked situation down in D.C.*  Spoof video as state secret? AP takes to task for ignoring FOIL for admin-produced video.
NYT  Cuomo Attack Dog
  Cuomo has also ignored request from NYT for video. Admin was due under FOIL to respond a month ago; we've heard nothing.

Meeks is the Target of Several Investigating
Feds question Meeks over millions steered to Qns. nonprofitFeds question Meeks over millions steered to Qns. nonprofit(NYP) Federal investigators are scrutinizing millions in taxpayer dollars that Rep. Gregory Meeks steered to a Queens nonprofit.  The US Attorney’s Office recently issued a subpoena to the Greater Jamaica Development Corp. seeking information on federal funding secured by Meeks, a government source told The Post. * Greg Meeks, the Port Authority and Willets Point: At first glance the title of this post sounds confusing. After..

Mr. Loeser, who will leave his job next month, has overseen Mayor Bloomberg's public life for six and a half years

Council Get No Respect for Its New Contract Review Law

Council contract cut out (NYP) Law sidestep on agency spending
A funny thing happened after the City Council passed a law in March requiring all agencies funded by the city to submit justifications for issuing service contracts worth $200,000 or more — nothing. Not a single contract has been submitted for review. The administration says further that it doesn’t recognize the council’s right to regulate three of the largest agencies — the Health and Hospitals Corp., the Housing Authority and the Department of Education — because they operate under the aegis of the state.

New Tracking Crime System

$50 Million Dollar McCarren Pool Symbol of Urban Decay
Swimming in falsehoods (NYDN Ed) The reopening of Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool should have been a celebration of urban renewal but degenerated, after reports of disorder, into a symbol of urban decay.For its part, the Daily News opined, Don’t believe the hype – McCarren Pool is safe, calm and keeping Brooklyn cool,” and endorsed Chick-fil-A’s “pretty delicious fried chicken sandwich.”

One Strike And Judge Dear Out
Say goodnight, dearSay goodnight, dear(NYP) Acting Supreme Court Justice Noach Dear was bounced off Brooklyn Criminal Court — where he never should have been anyway — one month after ruling that cops must prove that a beverage is alcoholic before issuing a summons for violating open-container laws.

Bloomberg Supports Some Suck
Bloomberg Wants No Soda and Everyone On the Tit 
Bloomberg’s pro-breast-feeding initiative to lock away baby formula at 27 hospitals(NYP) * At Mayor Bloomberg's Circumcision Stance | New York Daily News * Report: City Looks To Wean Hospitals Off Baby Formula(NY1)





NY Has Bike Secrets 
DOT commissioner is notoriously secretive
Janette Sadik-Khan is mum on bike share delay, and that's par for the course(NYDN ED)


NYT's Keller Joins the Weiner Boy Did I Push the Wrong Button Club
Punk'd Or Continued Dumbing Down of the NY Times
Wow. , NYT's lead tech writer tweeted the fake op-ed. Pretty big fail to not recognize your own domain name.  PayPal Statement on New York Times investigation * Epic disinformation campaign. Fake NYT oped by Keller & PayPal blog post re: Wikileaks donations * Interesting preliminary stats on the fake Keller-NYT-Op-Ed saga * I should have seen the fake URL on the FAKE op-ed: * . Sorry to be taken in by fake op-ed. Was led to it by your own apparent retweet:   * . "longs for the era" when TImes & MSM were "responsible gatekeepers of information" w/govt prepub review Was this the 1st tweet to fake NYT Keller op ed? Took just 25 mins for the NYT's to tweet to 120k followers* * New York Times journalist becomes victim of elaborate hoax(Huff Post)

The Secret World Of Political Clubs Exposed in the Seabrook Trial . . .  Clubs Now Function to Provide Slush Funds for the Connected, They No Longer Can Pull Out the Vote

After Seabrook Conviction, Role of Political Clubs Examined(NY1)
The councilman may have been convicted of fraud on Thursday for sending tax dollars to nonprofit groups he controlled but he was let off on three other charges, all associated with expenses at his political club in the Bronx. In fact, according to the State Board of Elections, a political club can really spend money on anything it wants, from Seabrook's American Express bill to books from Borders, including one on improving your sex life.* Goodbye, Larry (NYDN Ed)  Seabrook is on his way to prison for stealing from a City Council slush fund

Club House Funding: Member Items, Pay to Play Bagel or the Surrogate Court
Seabrook Used A Political Club Bank Account which was Pay to Play Funding by Arlington Leon Eastmond Who He Helped Win the New Yankee Stadium Boiler Account
Every political club is required to file with the State Board of Elections, including Larry Seabrook's. But the truth is, according to one board official, many of them don't actually file with the State Board of Elections. And of those that do, there is absolutely no oversight of how they spend their money.  Seabrook's club never filed with the state board. Some other clubs haven't submitted paperwork in years. * Political Clubs: Power Is Only a Memory - New York Times(1989) *Witness Says Councilman Never Asked for Kickbacks (NYT)

Queens Boss Crowley Funds His Clubs With the Surrogate Court
In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court - The New York TimesJust since the early 1970's, the number of clubs has dwindled from 275 to perhaps 100. (NYT 1999)*  TAMMANY’S LAST STAND: HOW JIMMY McMANUS, MANHATTAN’S LAST GREAT TAMMANY DISTRICT LEADER, HELPED TO REVIVE HELL’S KITCHEN AND THE THEATER DISTRICT * The new urban reformer: a case study of a Democratic Reform Club(1963)  * True News Sunday Update: How the Political Machines Stay Alive: Rules Not Votes - What the Fidler Race Exposed 

Today's NYP: How insiders snatch millions from estates in the scandal-scarred Surrogate Courts . . .  The Manhattan Reform Movement is So Dead That Refrom is Not Even An Issue in This Years NY County Surrogate Race
Judges’ pals cashing in on estates in NY’s crony-filled surrogates system(NYP)The most recent example involves Bronx Judge Lee Holzman, who last week faced removal from the surrogate bench after he signed off on legal work that was never done. In May, Richard Paul, the bookkeeper for the Brooklyn public administrator, was indicted for stealing $2.6 million from these estates, allegedly manipulating the check-writing process to get at the cash.Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go (Gotham Gazette, Jul 04, 2005   Mayor Fiorello La Guardia called Surrogate's Court "the most expensive undertaking establishment in the world." He believed it was control of the Surrogate's Court of New York County, more than any other factor, that kept the Tammany Hall political machine alive * Senator Kennedy Serious Try to Reform Surrogate Court

Does dorothy samuels Still Work for the NYT?  Why is the paper's editorial board so quiet about the the corrupt Surrogate Court?  A Little Brooklyn Job With Lots of Influence(NYT, 1986) * Jimmy Breslin on the Brooklyn Surrogate Court(2005) * Brooklyn Surrogate Judge Michael Feinberg is Suspended From the ... * State Panel Censures A Judge in Queens For Ethical Abuses - New York Times * BRONX SURROGATE REMOVED OVER AFFAIR WITH AIDE - NewYork Times * For Cleaner Courts in Brooklyn - New York Times

Quinn Looking for Mayoral Support Delivers Member Item $$$ to Brooklyn Boss Lopez
Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine * True News: When It Comes to Member Items Madam Speaker, Just ... * Suzannah B. Troy artist: Vito Lopez and Christine Quinn's Lulu Boy ...(Aritist) NEW YORK CIVIC: Hiram and Julissa Ferreras(NY Civic)Christine Quinn Monserrate Julissa Ferreras is there a cover-up at City(Artist)

Seabrook Has A $177Bagel Vito Eats A $790 Steak Out of Campaign Accounts
Vito’s 3G union take-and-steak(NYP)Lopez, chief of the Brooklyn Democrats, has used campaign cash to splurge on $3,000 worth of prime beef at world-famous Peter Luger Steakhouse in the last three years.  He spent $790 at Luger’s — where a porterhouse for two runs $90 and a plate of sliced tomatoes costs $15 — in the past five months, according to campaign filings. Lopez has a 40 grand Amex bill and $12,000 in un-itemized expenses. that the state board of elections will never check. Who’s paying for all of it? That would be contributors like Plumbers Local Union 1, the Building and Construction Trades PAC, the New York State Court Officers Association and Genting New York. * Brooklyn Assemblyman Sure Loves Steak(NY Mag)

Political Bosses Control Elections By Controlling the BOE
Incumbent use poll working job as their main way to collect their petitions. Most incumbents do not have real political clubs in their district capable of getting them on the ballot. Many use the non profits they fund to get petition carries. But most incumbents use the promise of poll jobs and a barter to get district residence to collect petitions for them.  The cut and past tallies are just a way to keep the job rolls high on election days. And that is why a lot of non tech Savoy seniors are still on the BOE payroll.  Most of the seniors who work election day are good at petitions, good at cut and paste but don't have a clue how to pull a stick out of a computer. No wonder why Albany demanded cut and paste at the polls until the Rangel voting count scandal forced them to change.  

Clubs and Parties are laundering Money
Ex-Liberal Party head charged in pension fund Aides to Pataki conspired with Liberal Party boss Raymond Harding to rig up an Assembly seat for Democratic Comptroller Alan Hevesi's son, Andrew, sources said. Even Mike Bloomberg's lawyers say he broke election law when he gave $1.2 million to the Independence Party right before the November election. The mayor gave the Queens GOP $50,000 in April 2009, and similar amounts to the other borough committees. Last fall, he gave the Queens Republicans another $30,000. * $100,000 of the Haggerty finds from Bloomberg was keep by the independence party  (NYDN)

A New Coalition Forms to Save District Leader Lincoln Restler in Brooklyn By Taking Out Vito Lopez
Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Congressman Jerry Nadler, Sate Senators Eric Adams and Daniel Squadron, NYC Councilman Diana Reyna, Tish James, Jumaane Williams, and Brad Lander, are among those listed to attend an endorsement press conference for Lincoln Restler midday on Monday. Restler, who is running for some low-level but key political seat, is the unofficial or perhaps official driving power in Brooklyn against the Borough’s Democrat boss Vito Lopez.

Civil War: Queens Tribune Democratic Machine vs. the Staviskys' 

Dead Voting and Rape Charges
Queens Tribune Club President Michael Schenkler in his weekly column is blasting away at Toby Stavisky.  He say at a public event, that Toby was approached by my friend (Mike Nussbaum) and colleague who had known her for decades. She turned her back on him. This was followed by the same rude behavior towards his wife, who had worked with has and known her for years.  The newspaper publisher repeats a John Messer press release which accuses Toby with petition fraud and getting a signature from the dead. “Senator Toby Ann Stavisky Designating Petitions Fraught with Irregus larities and Fraud - including Signature of Deceased Mother” 

Messer's Team Plan to Call Both Toby and Evan to the Stand in the Petition Fraud Case

Toby was Subpoena yesterday at an Asian press conference in front of St. Georges Church while campaigning. They plan to ask her how 51 questionable signatures got on her petition, including two old times patents who live in Florida and someone who died last year. Messer's People plan to ask Evan where he lives.  Evan wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County.  Evan is a district leader in 26th Assembly District in Queens.  They bought a house in Rockland signaling a mortgage that listed Rockland as their primary residence.  Up until the outbreak of the civil warm, Evan has gotten a lot of his business not because he knows how to win races but because of his closeness to the Queens machine.    
A  spokesperson for Stavisky said: “No one knows the facts here, but if anyone did anything illegal they should be arrested and prosecuted just like John Messer’s co-worker and John Messer’s political ally, who were prosecuted for identity theft and rape, respectively.” Schenkler whose county leader Gary Ackerman is retiring from congress blasted his former machine corrupt partner Evan Stavisky as a dirty campaigner.  With the arrest of Jimmy Meng represented by consultant Mike Nussbaum the night of the long knives are out in Queens. 
Both Nussbaum and Stavisky compete from printing business from candidates which is way down because of the senate democratic which they both worked for, lack of funds this yelar.  Also look for Nussbaum who is one of those running the Grace Meng campaign for congress to be helping Messer behind the behind the scenes. Toby Stavisky, whose family has owned the 16th Senatorial District since Gary Ackerman vacated it to go to Congress in 1983 – nearly thirty years ago.* Sengupta Fraud Creates Uproar in Stavisky-Messer Primary(Queens Poltics)

Newspaper Porn Ads Not Always Equal in the Eyes of the Media
As Schenkler Queens Tribune Continues to Publish Porn Ads Without Media Attention, A Queens Assembly Candidate Threatens to Sue the NYP For Attacking His Newspapers' Porn Operation

 All Porn is Not Equal Myungsuk strikes back(Queens Crap)
Myungsuk Lee, one of many candidates vying to replace Assemblywoman Grace Meng's soon-to-be-vacated seat, has been battered by a couple recent New York Post articles reporting the existence of prostitution ads in the newspaper he owns, the Korean American Times. But, according to a source monitoring the Korean language media, it seems Mr. Lee is not going to be taking the issue sitting down. From the Politicker:

Another Rat Leaves SS Liu Ship * Arzt Looks to Stringer
Another Liu advisor leaving (NYP) Veteran political consultant George Arzt, who has been serving as spokesman for Liu's 2013 mayoral campaign, announced today that he's leaving. updated w/ reaction from Chung Seto: "We regret the way this story has been spun." Liu loses a campaign spox * Liu loses a campaign spokesman, who was already helping Stringer(NYDN)
UPDATE: Liu's top political aide Chung Seto has a notably different take on all this. In a statement to me, she wrote, "Our arrangement with Arzt Communications was a temporary month-to-month engagement. We informed him yesterday that the engagement would come to an end effective next week. We regret the way this story has been spun." 

Who is Trying to Guild or Influence The mother of a 4-year-old killed in gunfire
 Outside City Hall, Ministers Call on Churches to Do More to Fight Gun Violence(NYT) * Sharpton, Mother Of Slain 4-Year-Old Speak Out Against Gun Violence (NY1) *Sharpton launches 'Occupy Corners' against gun violence (WABC) *Shooting death of child leaves community debating implementation of stop-and-frisk (Amsterdam News) * For Many New Yorkers, Gunfire Is Part of the Soundtrack (NYT) * "Harlem Push for Peace" on Aug 25, 2012 at Wadleigh HS for Performing Arts, 215 W 114th St in Harlem!

Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson Presents Almost $6,000(WCBS) * Bx. State Assemblyman Eric Stevenson donates $6,000 to family(NYP) * Money raised for family of dead NY 4-year-old boy(Fox 5)* Money raised for family of slain 4-year old(WABC) *2 Men Stabbed in Queens, 1 Fatally: Police(NBC) * Outpour Of Support As Bronx Family Prepares For Slain Boy's (NY1)

Another Mass Shooting  Several People Hospitalized Following Shooting In Brownsville(WCBS)
One of the victims was a two-year-old according to sources. * Mayhem: SIX people, including 2 kids, shot in B'klyn drive-by(NYP)

2-year-old girl among 6 wounded in drive-by shooting in Brownsville, Brooklyn(NYDN)   Area residents were enjoying the summer weather in Brownsville when a man in a white Nissan Altima fired near Rockaway and Riverdale Aves. around 7 p.m., police sources and witnesses said.* Outpouring of Support for Parents of 2 Boys Killed(NYT) * Two Children Among Six People Shot in Brooklyn(NYT) * Six Injured By Gunman In Brooklyn(WSJ)
6000 Less Cops Since 2001 . . . Unanswered Question: How to Pay for More Police
Mayor Bloomberg says there’s no need to increase NYPD staffing(NYP) * The blue line, post-Mike(NYP Ed) The shooting spike of recent weeks has prompted responsible city leaders — including City Councilman Peter Vallone (D-Queens) and once-and-future mayoral candidate Bill Thompson — to call the claim into question.

Quinn and Bloomberg Chicken Fight
Quinn Breaks With Bloomberg Over Chick-fil-A: ‘Not Welcome’ in NYC (NYO) *  Mayor Says Banning Chick-fil-A Is Wrong(NYT) * On Chick-Fil-A Debate, Bloomberg Serves Up Different Take(NY1) * Bloomberg says Chick-fil-A can roost in NYC(NYDN) * Bloomberg disagrees with others on Chick-fil-A(WABC) * Surprise! Sarah Palin "Loves" Chick-fil-A (Gothamist) * Chick-fil-A's Long Christian Heritage - Wall Street Journal (WSJ) * Christine Quinn Is Totally Fine With Banning Chik-fil-A in New York City(NY Mag) * Christine Quinn Wants Chick-fil-A out of New York(The Atlantic) * Quinn Asks NYU to Boot Chick-fil-A After Anti-Gay Remarks (DNAinfo) * "Dems want to boycott Chik Fil A because their CEO has exactly the same view that Barack Obama had when he ran in '08" - George Will


NYC Has A 10% Unemployment Rate and the Fight is About A Wage Law That Effects 4000 Workers?
Bloomberg Sues Council to Overturn 2 Wage Laws(NYT) * Mayor Sues to Throw Out 2 Wage Laws(WSJ) * Bloomberg sues City Council to block ‘living wage’ law (NY1)

Lawsuit Exposes Big Background Pay to Play Player in GOP and Dem Politics  
He disappeared during their inquiry
Behind Big Political Gifts, a Mysterious Donor(NYT) It is a small apartment in a scrubby section of Jamaica, Queens, where the average household income is $33,800 and many residents receive government assistance.But from this unlikely address, nearly $900,000 has flowed to the campaign accounts of powerful political players across the country. It is hard to say where the big sums are coming from. He was recently named by Edward F. Cox, the state Republican Party chairman, to serve on an advisory panel that featured party notables, including a former White House spokesman and a former New York secretary of state. And he was honored in 2009 as “corporate citizen of the year” during an event at the Grand Hyatt New York in Midtown, where he shared the dais with Mitt Romney, now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.  But Mr. Williams, who contributed to more than 50 campaigns in the past five years, appears to be bipartisan. In addition to the $400,000 he and companies listed at his address gave to Republican state and county committees in New York, he contributed $50,000 to Andrew M. Cuomo’s campaign for governor, and $20,800 to another Democrat, Representative Charles B. Rangel. 

No Cameras Also
NYCHA's $148M ghost town(NYDN) Thirteen years ago the New York City Housing Authority got a big pile of taxpayer money to fix up the deteriorating Prospect Plaza houses in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn.Gerson Borrero Gerson Borrero@GersonBorrero

Tied to a hospital bed and left alone to die
The Short Life and Lonely Death of Sabrina Seelig(NYT)REMEMBERED Caitlin FitzGerald with a photo of her friend Sabrina Seelig. Ms. Seelig died after initially being treated at the struggling Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, in Brooklyn. The family of Sabrina Seelig, 22, says she suffered an agonizing death because the care she received at a struggling Brooklyn hospital was indifferent to negligent.* DEADLY MAYOR: Bloomberg's broken hospitals claim another life, aided by his 911 +311 systems (Brooklyn Daily)

Question$ About NY's Economic Growth

As NYC Tourism Reaches All-Time High, Experts Debate Long-Term Growth(NY1)



Pay to Play Brooklyn Bridge Park

Velodrome backer greased the wheels, committee members allege(Brooklyn Paper)

For Bike-Share Firm, Delay Could Cost(WSJ) The private company behind New York's new bike-sharing program will miss the July 31 deadline to get the first 1,000 bikes on the streets. But will it have to pay for the delay? * NYTimes: New York’s Nine Boroughs?

Greenwich Village family getting boot after 57 years in same buildingGreenwich Village family getting boot after 57 years in same building(NYP)

Justin Davidson: Preserving the Brooklyn Navy Yard Isn't Just About Restoring the Buildings(NY Mag)

Fioravante G. Perrotta, Influential Aide to Governor Rockefeller and Others, Dies at 80(NYT)








The Making of A President 2012 - 100 Days to Go
Obama and Romney compete for Jewish voters(WSJ) * Leading POLITICO this morning -- Romney eyes gains among Jewish voters(Politico) * Obama uses his radio address to whack GOP House for resisting his calls for extending the Bush tax cuts(Politico) * Michael Tomasky: Romney dead wrong on Arab Spring (The Daily Beast) * The Slow Agony of the Obama Recovery - Jim Tankersley, National Journal * Too Many Dems Sleepwalking Through Election - Charles Blow, NY Times * Romney & the Politics of Horse Ballet - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *What Would '04 Obama Think of His Campaign? - Jake Tapper, ABC News * Chicago Values: Speak & Gov't Will Crush You - John Kass, Chicago Tribune
London Galling: The Upside To Mitt Romney’s UK Tri-Gaffe-Lon(Huff Post)* Israel Visit Offers Romney Chance to Turn Page - Scott Conroy, RCP * Romney Not Out to Make the World Swoon - Fouad Ajami, Washington Post * Romneyshambles Unites UK in Outrage - Jonathan Freedland, Guardian * If Obama Loses the Election, Here's Why - Drew Westen, Washington Post * The 1.5% Presidency: More Debt, No Growth - Wall Street Journal * Romney Foreign Policy Short on Detail - Los Angeles Times * Does Chicago Value Free Speech? - Chicago Tribune* Romney looks for political lift in Israel after London miscues (NBC) * Daily Tracking: : 48%, : 44%... *Is Israel Mitt Romney’s New Swing State? (Daily Beast) * Romney Blames Arab Spring on Obama(NY Mag)

Romney and Obama Strain to Show Gap on Foreign Policy(NYT) * Romney looks to salvage foreign trip after gaffe(Wash Post)Missouri Slipping Away From Democrats(538) *Mitt Romney Abroad: Will His Diplomatic Efforts Be Lost in Translation?(Vanity Fair) * Quiz: Play Two Truths and a Lie With Romney's VP Contenders(Mother Jones) * Romney’s Gaffes Worsen in Israel(New Yorker) * Political Ad of the Week: Framing the Choice(New Yorker) * Mitt's Mission in Israel: Christian Zionists and Absentee Ballots(Time) * Why Mitt screws up(Salon) * Will Asian voters swing the election?(Salon) * Swing States ProjectWhat to remember about the ‘war over women’(CJR) * Back in Black - Campaign Fibs (Comedy Central) * Press Barred From Mitt Romney’s Jerusalem Fund-raiser(NY Mag) * Mitt Romney's Campaign Is Doing Its Best to Distract People from His British Gaffe Jaunt(NY Mag) * Obama Campaign Takes Gamble in Going Negative(NYT) * Mitt’s Olympic Meddle(NYT)

Sunday Update Romney to Back Israel's Right to Strike Iran, Aide Says(NYT) * Political Fortunetelling(NYT) The future of presidential campaigning awaits us, with familiar families, megabucks and Miley Cyrus.* Poll shows immigration key to Latino vote(NYDN) * Israeli woman at wall watching romney says in hebrew: "this is the campaign for american jews * Romney adviser says the candidate would stand by Israel in unilateral Iran attack (Politico) * Denial: Israel refutes report that White House briefed Netanyahu on US plans for a possible attack on Iran: (AP) * Mitt Romney would support Israel's right to take unilateral military action against Iran, aide says. (Wash Post) * Did Mitt Romney help Lake Michigan's polluters?(Daily Beast) * Romney campaign changes mind, allows press into fund-raiser(CNN) * Romney visited the Wailing Wall. * Seinfeld 'campaigns about nothing' are often followed by big unexpected POTUS terms. Think '88,'96,'00.*   Cheney criticizes McCain & Palin on ABC. Media have their new irrelevant food fight.* Romney Visits Western Wall(NYT) *  
A big deal RT : Netanyahu raps Obama-pushed sanctions on Iran as useless at meeting w/Romney* Romney, Obama Advisers Expect Close Race(Roll Call) * Romney declines to say explicitly on "Face the Nation" whether he would support Israel's bombing of Iran.(Politico) * . says he would 'respect the right of Israel to defend itself' (by )* With 100 Days to Go, Election Up for Grabs - Cameron Joseph, The Hill *  What Is Obama Campaigning On? - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * Obama Onslaught Starts to Define Romney - Doyle McManus, LA Times * Even "in Context," Obama Has It All Wrong - Sheldon Richman, Reason * Why Romney's Numbers Aren't Dropping - Nate Cohn, The New Republic * Look for Mitt to Pick a Governor - Kathie Obradovich, Des Moines Register * Latest Polls: National (RasRpts): Romney +2 | MO (PD/MD): Romney +9 * Voter ID Laws a Throwback to Poll Taxes - Washington Post* Romney, Obama campaigns flood swing states with ads as race enters final 100 days In Israel, Romney declares Jerusalem to be capital (Wash Times) * Romney says Jerusalem is Israel's capital, vows to move embassy -
Karl Rove: He's Back, Big Time(Bloomberg Businessweek) * Karl Rove's Catch-22(Mother Jones)


  Media And Wall Street

  CNN chief throws in the towelCNN chief throws in the towel(NYP)


CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo Hammers Barney Frank Over Banking Reform Specifics






Law and Order 

Third bust in Bx. tot’s slayThird bust in Bx. tot’s slay(NYP) * Another Suspect Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of 4-Year-Old (WCBS)

Man injured in shooting outside of B'klyn dinerMan injured in shooting outside of B'klyn diner(NYP)

Accused 'Indian Jones' crook made $11M selling looted antiques: authorities(NYP)


The freedom test(NY World) How do judges predict which newly arrested criminal defendants will show up for their trials if they're not locked up first? Their secret is a survey that sizes up risk, which has kept hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers out of jail.


Ex-Internet millionaire Jennifer Sultan arrested again — in online drug-sale bust(NYP)* Gun Theft Inquiries Led to a Longtime Informer(NYT) * Police: Man Accused Of Violently Attacking Girlfriend, Infant (WCBS) * $ex’ scribe court date(NYP) * Man Stops Alleged iPhone Thief, Films Him(NYDN) * 24-year-old shot on Bedford Ave. last night.(Gothamist) * Man injured in shooting outside of B'klyn diner(NYP) * NYPD detective suspended after cops find man tied up and being held for ransom in officer’s garage (NYDN) * Kidnapped Man Is Found Inside a Detective’s Garage(NYT)

 Police Look For Man Accused Of Numerous Robberies (NY1)