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Was A Black Mayor Dinkins Treated Differently By the Press On Crime Than White Pols?

The Media Blamed Dinkins On the Front Page in 1992: Today's Papers Daily News When Will It End, NYT and NYP Front Page Nothing About Brownsville Shooting

Pols Silent On How To Stop the Shootings . . . Where is the Outrage This Time?

NYP Blaming Dinkins in 1992

 6 wounded in drive-by shooting in Brooklyn (NYDN) * Several People Hospitalized Following Shooting In Brown (WCBS) * Six people confirmed shot in Brooklyn(WABC) * Toddler, 5 Others Hit in Brooklyn Shooting(NBC) * $6000 for Family of Murdered Bx 4-Year-Old(NBC) * Toddler Among Six Wounded In Brooklyn Drive-By Shooting(NY1) * 10:30 a.m. State Senator Eric Adams, Assemblyman Karim Camara and others urge Bloomberg and Cuomo to allocate $50 million to help curb gun violence in high crime areas, at the corner of Rockaway Avenue and Riverdale Avenue in Brooklyn. * 6 Wounded in Brownsville Shooting (WNYC)Toddler Among Six Wounded In Brooklyn Drive-By Shooting(NY1)

Inside look at NYPD ‘vertical patrols’ through gun-ridden housing project(NYP)* 57K NYers pack heat - legally(NYP) * Outpouring of Support for Parents of 2 Boys Killed(NYP) * Outpour Of Support As Bronx Family Prepares For Slain Boy's Funeral(NY1)
6G gift for family of tiny gun victim (NYDN) * Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson Presents Almost $6,000 (WCBS) * Bloomberg supports a bill sponsored by New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg and Long Island Rep. Carolyn McCarthy that would effectively ban the online sale of ammunition.

 NUTS Untrained Troops In An Urban Setting

Seriously do read the Eric Adams quote inside: RT . Brings Out the Troops:  

Not the Best of Times to Close the Brownsville Pool

Media Still Trying to Get Cuomo To Talk
Shhhelly backs Cuomo’s use of secret texts(NYP) Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver backs Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s preference of keeping online communication between him and his aides confidential by relying on text messagesAn Associated Press editor chastises Cuomo for not releasing a parody video shot during the annual Legislative Correspondents Show in May featuring the governor and top aides, among other documents * The Times lambasts Cuomo for his “extraordinary sensitivity” toward all information about him that would be released to the press and the public * Yancey Roy looks at Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ relationship with Cuomo. (Newsday)





Who are Kenneth Lovett Consultants Commenting On How Cuomo's Secrecy Won't Hurt Him Nationally? 
We know that one is TV favorite consultant Hank Sheinkopf the bum who has lost most of his recent races (Rory Lancman) but gets new clients because he is in the media every 5 minutes.  Did Lovett ever think that Sheinkopf is trying to win favor with the governor who has to be on top of the AEG investigation where Hank took the 5th rather than tell what he knows.  Remember the consultant who talks to the media does not talk to the criminals investigators. The other other consultant or operative that Lovett quoted was not named so the reader has no clue it that guy has any relationship with Cuomo positive or negative.
Getting Results Cuomo is Teflon On His Secret Ways
Cuomo’s secretive streak unlikely to bite him, say Democratic operatives (NYDN) Gov's poll numbers remain high after Con Ed involvement. Democratic operatives say Cuomo’s “secretive streak” is unlikely to hurt his national standing as he contemplates a run for the presidency in 2016, as long as his state approval rating remains high * The editorial board at The Citizen in Auburn think Cuomo’s office ought to tone down the screeds directed at reporters.* LIPA will soon be RIP after the Cuomo administration ordered the name be abolished, Fred Dicker reports. * How Will Transparency Play In 2016?(YNN)



Pit bull press guy, Stu Loeser, is leaving 
Mouthpiece Leaves Sinking Ship
With Adviser’s Departure, Bloomberg Will Lose a Fierce Protector(NYP) Bloomberg’s longtime press secretary, Stu Loeser, is leaving his job next month after more than six years in City Hall to start his own corporate communications firm * Marc LaVorgna will replace Stu Loeser as Mayor Bloombrg’s press secretary. * Loeser hasn’t yet left the administration, but his new communications firm – Stu Loeser & Co. – already has a Park Avenue office and a (placeholder) website.




More About Nothing 
Your Daily Seinfeld Moment

'Magenta Yenta' Senate hopeful Mindy Meyer flunks Civics 101(NYP)



Campaign 2012 Half of Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries’s congressional campaign contributions a month before the primary came from out of state donors, the News leans: * In a DN op-ed, Liu opposes Bloomberg on privatizing parking * Shirley Huntley and Suzi Oppenheimer missed more days of the Senate session than any of their colleagues.* * Sengupta Fraud Creates Uproar in Stavisky-Messer Primary(Queens Poltics)* Is Dean Skelos the glue that holds the Senate GOP together?* * In an op-ed, New York City Comptroller John Liu argues against the mayor's plan to have a private company operate city parking meters, and says the employees who do that for the city now bring in more money, per person, than JP Morgan. [Daily News] * Instead of just yelling at Con Ed like Quinn, Cuomo got into a room and hammered out a deal. [New York Post] * Meng accepts Halloran challenge to TV debates(Times Ledger) * Crowley faces challenge in district leader election(Times Ledger)

Going into the BOE Meeting Tuesday Toby Stabvisky is 10 signatures short to qualify for the independent ling Dead woman’s name on Flushing petition(Bayside Times

Smith Has Filed for 2 Decades to Stop the Shooting is Being Interviewed By A Reporter On His Ideas On How to Stop the Shootiongs
Woody Allen 90% of life is just showing up 

Senator Smith in Brooklyn last night talking with WPIX at the scene of the shooting.
Malcolm Smith Is Actually, Really Thinking About Running For NYC Mayor(City and State) 


A New Coalition Forms to Save District Leader Lincoln Restler in Brooklyn By Taking Out Vito Lopez
Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Congressman Jerry Nadler, Sate Senators Eric Adams and Daniel Squadron, NYC Councilman Diana Reyna, Tish James, Jumaane Williams, and Brad Lander, are among those listed to attend an endorsement press conference for Lincoln Restler midday on Monday. Restler, who is running for some low-level but key political seat, is the unofficial or perhaps official driving power in Brooklyn against the Borough’s Democrat boss Vito Lopez.* LINCOLN RESTLER HOLDS MOST IMPRESSIVE DISTRICT LEADER PRESS CONFERENCE EVER'' * Sen. Eric Adams endorsed District Leader Lincoln Restler, an opponent of Assemblyman/Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez, but insisted he means Lopez no disrespect.

Schumer Blames Senate GOP for Blocking Minimum Wage, GOP Pushes Back
NY Senate Republicans Hit Schumer Hard(YNN) In response to my question on whether he thought Gov. Andrew Cuomo could have pushed harder for a state increase, Schumer, a sponsor of a bill that would increase the federal minimum wage to $9.80, disagreed, saying it’s the state Senate Republicans who are blocking the measure’s passage.

Fireman Dies Nobody Goes to Jail, Now Bovis Corruption Scandal Expanded
Months after Bovis investigation, WNYC has learned a criminal probe has expanded to city's other construction giants "WNYC has confirmed federal prosecutors are looking into the billing practices of Turner, Plaza, Skanska and Tishman construction companies"





The Only Pols Who Are Fighting Preventable Illnesses are Bloomberg and Michelle Obama

NY health-care pays $24B a year for 'preventable' illnesses to minorities: state officialNY health-care pays $24B a year for 'preventable' illnesses to minorities: state official(NYP)  The state’s health care system is paying $24 billion a year to help cover hospital and emergency costs for preventable illnesses in communities of colo * Letitia James: Why the Soda Ban Won't Work(Huff Post)


Grading on lesson plans and homework assignments
To Earn Classroom Certification, More Teaching and Less Testing(NYP) New York and other states are moving toward a system that requires aspiring teachers to prove themselves through lesson plans and other materials. * Campbell Brown op-eds against the New York City teacher’s union, for protecting “sexual predators.”

Columbia Gets in on the Action, as the City Coughs Up $15M. for a Third Tech Campus Project | Betabeat

With Changes in New York’s Streets, More Hurdles for the City’s Blind Pedestrians(NYT) * What to do about protecting distracted pedestrians(WSJ)

The Dirty Business of Closing A Hospital Which Kills People 
Rudin St. Vincent's Hospital Turner Construction Removal of The Cross More Bad Karma(Artist)

What the Reporter Missed: The Same Pols Who Took Credit for Restoring MTA Services, Were the Ones Who Cut the MTA Budget That Caused the Service Cuts
Albany Pols Give Us Kool Aide On The Bus Headed For Their Pay Raise After November 
The News’s Pete Donahue chides city and state pols for taking credit for the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s recent service improvements: Albany Didn't “Cut” the MTA Budget. They Stole From It. | Streetsblog ... * Will Albany Stop Stealing MTA's Money? Maybe, Sort Of: Gothamist * Albany cuts MTA's budget by $16.7 million — The Funky Apple Pay Raise* Shame on legislators, Alan Chartock writes, for opting, likely, to vote themselves a pay raise during a special session. (Freeman)* Don't get too comfortable with the good news coming from the MTA. In 2014, they have a $129 million deficit, and it's growing. [Nicole Gelinas]

Downtown with Empty Stores Gets 2 Million Square Feed of News Retail Space
Retail Rush Downtown(WSJ) Almost a million square feet of new Financial District retail space—essentially the size of a suburban mall—is being developed in what many see as a long-awaited turnaround for Lower Manhattan shopping.




The Making of A President 2012
Rom & Bam neck & neck with 100 days to go(NYP) * Romney Backs Israeli Stance on Atomic Iran(NYT) * Obama Back In City For Campaign Fundraiser Monday(NY1) * President Obama in NYC Monday(Fox 5) * Bill Clinton Reportedly Will Play Major Role At Dem Convention(Huff Post) * Romney, Obama turn to US donors living abroad for help filling their campaign bank accounts (Wash Post)* So-called “dark money” is now accounting for half of all election spending.  * Romney: to be more economically successful than Palestinians (Wash Post)* Here's the full Romney quote that infuriated Palestinians, comparing econ gap btw Israel/West Bank w Chile/Ecuador * The Washington Post’s Capehart sees a number of parallels between the way Mitt Romney is running his presidential race and the successful 1994 gubernatorial effort of George Pataki.*
Bill Clinton will formally place Barack Obama's name into nomination at the convention, "another milestone in the complicated and evolving relationship between the two presidents." [Jeff Zeleny] * A staff writer at the New Yorker is very unimpressed with Mitt Romney's trip abroad. [Steve Coll] * Fred Wilpon, the owner of the Mets, donated $2,500 to Romney. [Carl Campanile] * The exchanges have been so fierce that hardly a positive ad has been broadcast in July." [Jeff Zeleny] * Matt Taibbi: "The choice of Timothy Geithner will eventually go down as one of Barack Obama's biggest mistakes." [Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer] * Romney’s Trip to Israel Well-Covered by City’s Jewish Press(NYO) * Romney and the Go-for-Broke Election - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * Will America Abandon "Hope"? - Pete DuPont, Wall Street Journal * The Bad Economy & the Anti-Election - Robert Reich, Huffington Post * Obama's Policies Pushing Us Toward Double Dip - Charles Gasparino, NYP * Is Romney Too Wimpy for the White House? - Michael Tomasky, Newsweek * Why 2012 Election Isn't a Replay of 2004 - Michael Barone, DC Examiner * Why Is Romney Losing Nevada? - Sherman Frederick, LV Review-Journal * How Paul Ryan Captured the G.O.P. - Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker * Obama Has Only Himself to Blame for Dismal Economy - DC Examiner * Mitt Romney's Horrible, No Good Foreign Trip - The Guardian * Republicans Continue Their War on Women - New York Times* Romney’s Remarks About Palestinians Draw Criticism(NYT) * Mort Zuckerman: Under Obama, the New American Dream Is a Job(US News and World Report) * Newt Gingrich thinks having former President Clinton keynote the Democratic convention will hurt – not help – President Obama.

Journalism’s Misdeeds Get a Glance in the Mirror (NYT)

Law and Order 
Pack of women arrested in 6 Train stabbing — after 63-year-old man asked them to be quiet: police(NYP) * Charges Weighed in Kidnap  * NYer accused of driving stolen car with infant(WSJ) * Two Arraigned After Kidnapped Man Found In NYPD Officer's Home(NY1)
1 dead in Queens bar stabbing (NYDN) * Pals of Detective Ondre Johnson come to his defense amid (NYDN)* Straphanger rushed to Bellevue Hospital after attack by(NYDN) 
* Police: Man Stabbed After Asking Group Of Girls To Quie(WCBS) * 2 Midtown tourists help chase down suspected robber(WABC) * 3 under arrest after fatal Queens stabbing(WABC) * Staten Island man faces armed robbery charges(SI Advance) * Women Attack Man on 6 Train: Police(NBC) * Did NYPD officer use excessive force on fare-beater? DN says "not even close. * A Brooklyn woman received a $225,000 payout from the city after she was punched by a police officer she called a “rookie” who was trying to ticket her for bicycling on the sidewalk. * Eight Charged In Stabbing Attack Of 6 Train Rider(NY1) * Woman Behind '87 Harlem Baby Kidnapping Learns Fate Today(NY1) *Bike Thefts Quadruple This Year in Williamsburg, Police Say(DNAinfo) * Carlina White's father 'waited for' day of kidnapper Ann Pettway's sentencing(NYP) * Woman Behind Harlem Baby's Kidnapping Gets 12 Years * Eight Charged In Stabbing Attack Of 6 Train Rider(NY1)

Sergeant Found Not Guilty of Most Serious Charges in Suicide of Pvt. Danny Chen(NY Mag)