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When It Comes to Member Items Madam Speaker, Just What is Your Definition of A Galling Abuse?

Media Refuses to Connect the Quinn's Member Item Corruption Dots

Seabrook  "A galling abuse of the trust and confidence placed in public officials.” Speaker Quinn
Quinn: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME, May 12, 2008 

Definition or Galling
irritating, exasperating, or bitterly humiliating
Is That Why Quinn Never Filled Slush Watch Dog Position Green Lighting Slush Abuse! (Artist) * Council in compliance (NYP)

New York Post Says 
"if nothing else, his conviction should give fresh impetus to finally shut that member item system down."
Prosecutors said Seabrook secretly controlled the organizations, staffing them with “yes men” and “stooges” so he could dole out do-nothing jobs and lucrative “consulting” contracts. The real deal is that most councilman use member items to help they get reeelcted.

1.  Manhattan City Councilman Miguel Martinez admits he stole tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars
2, Maria del Carmen Arroyo (2010) Richard Izquierdo-Arroyo, nephew of Dem Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, grandson of Dem Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo--ex-head of federally-funded SBCC Management--admitted embezzling $115,000 for apparel, airfare, restaurants, flooring his grandmother's office, campaign contributions, and diverting $20,000 for "elected officials whom he had relationships." Stolen money paid interns in the Arroyos' elected offices.
3.  Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, which was founded by Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic Party chairman, got a total of $687,000.  Council grants $600G in earmarks to group caught in Vito Lopez federal corruption investigation(NYDN)
4. Pol Hiram Monserrate pleads guilty to fraud - New York Daily News
5, NEW YORK CIVIC: Hiram and Julissa Ferreras(NY Civic)
6. Christine Quinn Monserrate Julissa Ferreras is there a cover-up at City(Artist)
7. Chris Quinn and the Slow Motion Return of the Slush Fund Scandal (Village Voice)
8. Porky nonprofits gave Christine Quinn $127G
9.  Massive Lobbyist Scandal at City Hall
10. Two former aides to Brooklyn Councilman Kendall Stewart pleaded guilty on Thursday to embezzling $145000 in city pork-barrel funding(NYDN)
11. Brooklyn Pol Put $187G of Your Dough into Wife's Nonprofit, 4/ 22, 2008
12. Pork Pig Fidler's Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him | Room Eight
14. Missing Sanders Campaign Filings Trigger Review
16. - NYC Taxpayers Petition For Slush Fund Inquiry 
18. A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney Room Eight 
20.  True News: What ever happened 2Council Slush Fund Investigation
 21. What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)

22. Phony Allocations by City Council Reported - New York Times
23,ome city politicians received big campaign donations and funneled tax dollars to developers (DN)

Hey Goo Goos It Is Not Legal For Councilman to Pay to Play $177 for A Bagel

Amazingly, he was actually acquitted of another scheme — laundering money to disguise a $50,000 payoff from a Bronx business owner in return for a contract at the new Yankee Stadium.  Prosecutors accused Seabrook, 61, of using fake and doctored receipts — including one that showed the purported purchase of a simple bagel sandwich and diet Snapple for a whopping $177 — to launder the alleged kickbacks through his political club.  “I think what he did in providing that receipt was morally wrong,” jury forewoman Kelly Ann Klein, of Bronxville, told The Post.

Seabrook Was A Graduate of Albany's Crime College
Before being elected to the council in 2002, Seabrook was an assemblyman and state senator — a reminder that there’s no better training ground for corrupt officials than the Legislature.
Other Albany Crime College Honor Students: Jimmy Meng, Brian M. McLaughlin, Anthony Seminerio, Carl Kruger, Clarence Norman, District Leader candidate Diane Gordon, Pedro Espada, Hiram Monserrate


A Nov. 6 special election will be held for the seat of former Bronx Councilman Seabrook

Following Bronx Councilman Larry Seabrook's conviction on corruption charges yesterday, candidates are beginning to jockey for position in a non-partisan special election for the set to be held in November. Labor and civil rights activist Andy King has already declared he will run, while others seen as potential candidates include Jerome Rice and Pamela Johnson, among others. One Bronx insider tells us that the favorite to get the backing of Bronx Democratic chairman Carl Heastie may well be a young district leader named Jamaal Bailey, who ran for re-election on the same ticket in 2010. Heastie's backing is especially important in this race because his Assembly district overlaps with Seabrook's erstwhile Council seat. (City and State)

Campaign 2012/13  Public Advocate Files Suit Against City Over Small Business Fines(NY1) * Ruben Diaz eyes public advocate job(NYDN) * Assemblyman Jose Rivera is thinking about stepping down after the November election and switching jobs with his term-limited son, Councilman Joel Rivera, the Bronx Times’s Bob Kappstatter reports. The Barron's in Brooklyn will do the same.  Charles is term limited next year.* Quinn is thinking about it (Capital) * Mindy Meyer: "We're rescheduling something with Anderson Cooper." [Simi Lampert] * John deSio, on the chatter that his boss, Ruben Diaz, is considering a public advocate run: “We are seriously considering it. That’s all I can tell anybody.” * Backers of Dan Halloran pounced on Grace Meng’s father arrest for bribery.Christine Quinn has been “distinctly squishy” on matters important to Mike Bloomberg as of late. * Elizabeth Crowley Staffer Exploring Run for Garodnick’s Sea(NYO) * John Messer's Bloomberg-esque Campaign SpendingC&S) * Hakeem Jeffries v. Ed Towns, Redux (C&S) * Petty Feud Breaks Out Between Marty Golden and Bill Colton (C&S) * Anthony Weiner’s hypothetical mayoral campaign received a newspaper endorsement. * The Atlantic  takes a look at Christine Quinn’s dilemma over paid sick leave. * Some Democratic politicians in southern Brooklyn are taking shots at Marty Golden claiming credit for things, including Bill Colton, who penned an indirectly critical op-ed and Lew Fidler, who declared, “The Brooklyn Council delegation didn’t run out and hold a press conference like a certain State Senator did to take credit.”* According to Bob Kappstatter, Senate Minority Leader John Sampson tried to convince Sen. Jeff Klein’s old nemesis, ex-Assemblyman Steve Kaufman, to challenge Klein, but couldn’t come up with enough money to make it worth his while. * Possible Candidates for Seabrook’s City Council Seat Emerge(NYT)

Another Rat Leaves SS Liu Ship
Another Liu advisor leaving (NYP) Veteran political consultant George Arzt, who has been serving as spokesman for Liu's 2013 mayoral campaign, announced today that he's leaving. updated w/ reaction from Chung Seto: "We regret the way this story has been spun." Liu loses a campaign spox

Dad-burned candidate (NYP) "It’s a huge problem when your dad is arrested on bribery charges while you’re running for Congress,"

GOP Tabones Who Live in Glass Houses Should Not Go After Jimmy Meng
NYP Uses This Dumb Quote From Queens GOP Media Spinner Tabone   “People in northeast Queens are sick and tired of corruption and politics as usual,” said Vincent Tabone, vice chairman of the Queens Republican Party.
1. Feds probe Qns. GOP 'con'sultants - New York Post 2. Queens GOP District Leader Cooper Indicted On Grand Larceny Charges - Queens Tribune ...
3. Leader of the Queens GOP Phil Ragusa did the accounting for Estelle Cooper? 4.  John Haggerty, Queens GOP political operative, found guilty of stealing $1.1

Another Bum Pissing on the Meng's Is the Bum, Consultant Scott Levenson Who Was Fired or Not Rehired by Jimmy
Today’s kicker: Democratic consultant Scott Levenson on Assemblywoman/congressional hopeful Grace Meng’s predicament: “It’s a huge problem when your dad is arrested on bribery charges while you’re running for Congress.” 

Police Commissioner Kelly said the NYPD will consider policing recreational basketball games in the wake of several shooting incidents in city parks
NYPD to play ‘guard’NYPD to play ‘guard’ (NYP) They’ll be refs with badges.  The NYPD may soon be policing recreational basketball games in the wake of several shooting incidents. * Rucker Park Tourney Postponed After Gunfire Wounds Five At Game(NY1) * Bloomberg: City has enough cops, crime under control(NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg said the city has enough cops, causing Peter Vallone to declare, The mayor is like the little boy who didn’t cry wolf even though there is a giant wolf coming.”

Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson says the reason the public doesn’t support a legislative pay raise is because people are “ignorant…in terms of really being educated about what their legislators really do.”

The Mother And Her News Advisers

Mother Of Slain 4-Year-Old Speaks Out(NY1) "We must take on our own communities and we must say we are going to dismantle gangs," said Tamika Mallory with the National Action Network. "We are going to rid our communities of thugs and punks. They are not stronger than we are." * Mothers’ will can be disarming(NYT)

A Strange Path to Justice for A Brooklyn Sexual Abuse Case

City Plans to Address Distribution of Students With Special Needs(NYT) Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said the city will develop a plan to ensure students with special needs are not concentrated in a handful of public schools after state officials raised concerns, * Principal Grapples With Turnaround Aftermath(NYT) * Former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein writes that the city’s charter schools deserve high marks for outperforming state test score averages in math and reading in an op-ed for the WSJ * New York City public school officials have told state education officials that they will work to balance the enrollment of pupils in city schools to ensure that children with high needs are not overly concentrated in a handful of institutions.*Bloomberg May Target Management Changes At 24 City Schools(NY1)

On Delay in Bike-Share Program, City Gives Few Details Beyond ‘Software’(NYT)

  • MTA proposes MetroCard 'green fee' (NYDN)  The Metropolitan Transit Authority may tack on a $1 surcharge to a new MetroCard in an “environmentally friendly” move that could net them an extra $20 million, the Daily News 

Still No Stories About NY 10% Unemployment, 14% in the Bronx and 11% Brooklyn

But A Rush About Stories About Job Growth
Growth In Downtown Brooklyn Strong Despite Weak Citywide Growth(NY1) "Downtown Brooklyn was one of the few places in the entire city where no private sector jobs have been lost since '03"  * Strong job growth in Downtown Brooklyn despite recession: (NYDN)

Park Slope received further landmark protection. 

 The News cheers Cuomo, Con Edison and its union for resolving a contract dispute that puts 8,500 workers back on the job: 

A pay raise for legislators is not popular with voters. [Erik Kriss]
37 percent of city residents get Medicaid assistance. [David Seifman]
New York Census Data, Centuries Old, Is Now Online(NYT)
Bloomberg Suing City Council Over Wage Law Bills(NY1)

Man killed after lightning strikes NYC church(WSJ)  * Man killed when lightning strikes church tower(WABC)

Bloomberg Not All About Stopping Guns
Wall Street Does Not Want This Lady to Be Senator
Bloomberg Endorses Republican in Heated Massachusetts Senate Race(NYT) * Gun control advocate Bloomberg backs Sen. Scott Brown (Raw Story)Bloomberg on the radio says he doesn't agree with Scott Brown "on an awful lot of things" but "absolutely" supports him.* Mayor Bloomberg kept up his crusade against the NRA with a Bloomberg News OpEd, writing: “More than anything, the NRA is a marketing organization, and its flagship product is fear.” * Brown broke ranks with the NRA on the issue of an assault weapons ban, which he supports at the state level, but declined to say (through a spokeswoman) his position on other gun control issues.* Mayor Mike Bloomberg is hosting a fundraiser for Scott Brown because  he opposed a measure that would have required states to honor concealed weapons permits issued by other states, and not because his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, is a critic of Wall Street, even though Mr. Brown is generally supportive of gun rights bills. * Chuck Schumer Says That Gun Owners Think ‘The Chuck Schumers of the World Want to Take The Hunting Rifle Your Uncle Willie Gave You’

NYT Attacks Obama and Romney On Guns
Editorial: Candidates Cower on Gun Control(NYT) President Obama and Mitt Romney threw away an opportunity after the massacre in Colorado for a bold stand on reducing assault-weapon violence. : "Obama’s remarks were even more disappointing" than Romney's, re: gun control* Police groups are now calling for stricter gun laws. * Barack Obama and Mitt Romney aren't pushing for new gun control laws, and that's sad. [Daily News] *Bloomberg Says City Doesn't Need More Cops(NBC)

Chik-Fil-A_cow-eat-mor-chikinMayor Bloomberg: Chick-fil-A Ban ‘Not Going to Happen’ in NYC(NYO) * Bloomberg says he strongly disagrees with the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San  Francisco over Chick-fil-A’s position on gay marriage.

Pay to Play Brooklyn Bridge Park

Velodrome backer greased the wheels, committee members allege(Brooklyn Paper)

Hospitals Are Worried About Cut in Fund for the Uninsured(NYT)  President Obama’s health care law is putting new strains on some hard-pressed facilities, by cutting aid they use to pay for emergency care for illegal immigrants.

The Making of the President 2012
Obama’s Muslim problem = Romney’s Mormon problem(Wash Post) * Once a Rebel, McCain Now Walks the Party Line(NYT) * Obama’s Olympics opening ceremony ad: ‘I Believe’(Wash Post) *Piers Morgan Grills Romney On Gun Control: ‘What Does It Take To Change The Gun Culture?’ * London Mayor Boris Johnson Slams Romney’s Comments Before Cheering Olympic Crowd * Campaign Money Scandal Rattles Congressional Race(NYT) * Ann Romney Is Absolutely Committed to Making Mitt More Likeable(NY Mag) * President Obama’s secret weapon against Mitt Romney on the foreign policy front: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.* While stumping for Romney in Tampa, ex-NYC Mayor Giuliani said Sen. Marco Rubio would make the “most exciting” VP candidate.* Top Democrats, who meet today in Minneapolis to start drafting the platform, are getting pleas to add party planks on issues ranging from sports medicine to salad-bar and pickle sanitation.* Barack Obama has been stressing abortion rights, and Mitt Romney has been stressing the sluggish economy as both try to woo suburban women. *  Romney is making a play for Wisconsin.*The first Obama ad running during the Olympics has footage from the “You didn’t build that speech.” *  For Democrats to take back the House, a lot needed to go right–and it hasn’t.  * Obama made a "desperate" plea for campaign donations in honor of his birthday. [Carl Campanile] * Why "You Didn't Build That" Stings the Successful (The Daily Beast) * Would Mitt Romney Be Good for Israel? (The Daily Beast) * President Obama Returning For Fundraisers Monday(DNAINFO)* A Conservative Party cabinet minister says that even the Tories are secretly backing Obama. * Mitt Romney somehow bungled one moment after another in the U.K.* The London papers are making great sport of the matter: Romney is the “Party Pooper” in the Daily Mail, “Nowhere Man” in the Times of London and “Mitt the Twit” in The Sun. *Even Karl Rove is piling on: “You have to shake your head.” * How the federal government helped Mitt Romney turn around the 2002 Olympic games:(Mother Jones) *Romney looks for breakout moment in other countries to salvage foreign trip(Wash Post) * Why Can't Obama Be More Like Reagan? - Peter Morici, CNBC * Can Dems Turn Taxes Into Winning Issue? - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * Tim Geithner Wrestles With Legacy - Caren Bohan, National Journal * The Dark Night Rises - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Mitt Romney vs. Stubborn Facts - Donna Brazile, CNN * How Can Obama Win With This Economy? - Keith Koffler, WH Dossier * What Drives the Obama Haters? - David Maraniss, Washington Post * Desperate Obama Backers Play Race Card - Michael Medved, Daily Beast

He NYT What About North Carolina strip clubs for the Dems?
Tampa Strip Clubs Are Ready to Cash In on G.O.P. Convention(NYT)

Jon Stewart Rips Congress For Acting Like Children: ‘Full Metal A**holes’

On the 'Campaign' Trail(WSJ) Actors Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell are throwing their hats in the political ring in "The Campaign," which had its New York City premiere on Wednesday night.

idon’t think so, ya dirty dog! (NYP) No app was going to save this thief. Two good Samaritans chased down and tackled an iPhone crook yesterday after the thief snatched the device out of a woman’s hand as she surfed the ’Net outside her lower Manhattan office, police said.* Good Samaritans bust phone 'snatcher'(NYP)

Pant-ing dog heist at LI pet shopPant-ing dog heist at LI pet shop(NYP)

‘Knight’ moves‘Knight’ moves(NYP) * Two busted for ruckus at 'Dark Knight' screening(NYDN)

 Law and Order

Feds seeking 20-year sentence for 'kidnap mom'(NYP) * Art cops dig up Fruit of the tomb (NYP) NY dealer stashed millions in ‘stolen’ India treasure * Man sought for punching, robbing victims in Bronx(WSJ) * Real estate mogul Jonathan Winston accused of bilking mother-in-law (NYDN) * Police: Robbery Suspect Strikes At 2 Different Banks, Minutes (WCBS) * EXCLUSIVE: Sexual Abuse Scandal Widens At Prestigious Horace(WCBS)* VIDEO: Woman Seen Brutally Attacked During Bronx Robber(WCBS) * The Business Integrity Commission, a city agency which oversees private garbage haulers, uncovered a homicide that led to two federal indictments, the Wall Street Journal reports: * ‘Last Don’ will rat in cop slay(NYP) * Millions in Stolen Indian Artifacts Seized(NBC) * Robber Finds No Cash, Shoves Pomeranian in Pants Instead(NY Mag) * Father finds honor student dead with 'head trauma,' cops say * Crazed woman attacks NY1 reporter in Brooklyn(NYP)
True News PM******
Update: Death Of 14-Year-Old Found In Bronx Park Ruled A Homicide(NY1) * Third Arrest Made In Bronx 4-Year-Old's Shooting Death(NY1) * Good Samaritan Helps Stop Alleged iPhone Thief(NBC)