Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Winds of An Othordox Russian Civil War

Jewish Lack of Leadership Turns Into A Democratic Party Greek Tragedy
How can the Orthodox Jewish and Russian population be up in the city at the same time their voting power is decreasing?

A lot of the answer to the loss of voting power can be traced to the political leadership of the Brooklyn Jewish community which allowed a Jewish congressional seat that went back 90 years ago to the time of Emanuel ('Manny') be eliminated.  These same leaders who caused the problem are now in a panic that Barron will win a congressional seat that absorbed the Brooklyn portion of the Weiner district.  The clueless leadership also allowed the growing heavily voting Russian  community in Brighton Beach to be divided first in the City Council in 1993 and again this year divided into 4 state senate district and two minority congressional districts.  The Democratic Jewish vote has also been hurt by the old time incumbent non religious Jewish leader trying to hang on to long.  When leaders tried to convince state senate leaders that a Russian candidate would be a better fix in the prisoner Kruger district that were out played by the old bull Lew Filder.  Who lost the seat to a GOP political nobody who happen to be Russian. 

Orthodox Russian Civil War
“When somebody figures out how to put the Russians and the ultra-Orthodox together they’re going to come up with an atomic bomb in Democratic politics in New York State.” - Forward

While the Fidler Storobin race was the Bull Run of the war, the real action will be in this years democratic primary.  Storobin has decided to run in the supper Jewish senate district against Simca Felder. The same supper district that was moved out of the Russian areas as a deal with Skelso and some Orthodox leaders.    A second front of the war will be in the nearby 45th Assembly District between incumbent Cymbrowitz and Russian community leader Ben Akselrod will face off. While we wait for the September fight the Jewish community is counting on the Russian to come out in mass on June 26 to defeat Barron.  If Storobin wins and not Akselrod many expect most of the Russians will change their voter registrations to GOP.  That leaves the Jewish community without the Russian democrat vote in the future should Barron lose or win and want to run for reelection. 

Election 2012 Quinn Blocks Vote on School Worship Sites(WSJ) Quinn blocked a vote on a resolution calling for the state to allow houses of worship access to school property, sparking an accusation that she reneged on a promise to bring it to a vote this month * On Birthday, Rangel Continues To Pick Up Support Of Elected Officials(NY1) * Toned down firebrand Barron takes on Jeffries in Congressional (NYDN) * NYLCV Goes For Rangel In NY-13(YNN) * Cuomo did not attend Rep. Charlie Rangel’s big birthday fundraiser last night. But the excuse given by a Rangel spokeswoman – that he couldn’t make it down from Albany in time – was baloney, since he spent the day in NYC.* Kirsten Gillibrand Endorses "trailblazer" Toby Ann Stavisky in State Senate bid(C&S) * Grace Meng Raises Boatloads of Cash (NYO) * Lancman Literature Takes Swipes at Both Opponents(NYO) * Andrew Cuomo Stays Out Of Charlie Rangel’s Race But Adds More Candidates To It(NYO) * Hakeem Hauls in $750,000 Too (NYO) * The Queens Chronicle endorses Hakeem Jeffries for * The Queens Chronicle endorses for Congress : *Meng Campaign Fires Back at Lancman [Update] * Robert Mittman Loans Campaign $75,000(NYO) * New Candidates for Duane’s District Emerge As Johnson Endorses Hoylman [Update](NYO) * President Obama made sure to have his picture taken with Hakeem Jeffries when he visited, giving Jeffries a nice photo for his campaign mailers. * Charles Barron accused Jeffries of being “divisive.”  * Robert Mittman’s Election Laywer A Huge Fan Of The Queens Democrats (C&S) * Ethnic vote splitting could impact the race for Grace Meng’s seat. * Obama campaign manager Jim Messina reportedly met with a slew of executives Steve Jobs and Steven Spielberg to get their advice for the president’s re-election effort. * Mr. Spielberg denies any meeting with Mr. Messina occurred. * Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson may give $100 million to a Romney Super PAC. * Said a senior Democrat closely watching the NY-8 primary: “Jeffries shouts star potential. Barron is a reckless clown who would sow division and embarrass the body. There’s only one desirable outcome here.” * Greg David examines the political box NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn finds herself in headed into the 2013 NYC mayor’s race. * The race for retiring Sen. Tom Duane’s seat is getting crowded.

Virginia Resident Facing No Primary Is Champ NY Congressional Fund Raiser
Who leads pack in NYC congressional fundraising? Hint: Candidates not facing primaries this month? Queens power broker Crowley leads pack of local reps raising big bucks without primary rivals(NY World) * Members of New York’s congressional delegation who aren’t facing primary challenges on June 26 have raised more campaign cash than those who are.

The GOP's Minority Majority
Republicans, Outnumbered, Keep Power in Albany(NYT)Even though the number of registered Republicans in New York State has dropped by 228,000 since 2008, the party has reason for optimism as it looks toward the November elections. * : "Republicans largely have Democrats to thank for their good standing this year."-- * Despite being out-registered 2 to 1, Republicans retain a stronghold in New York’s state Senate and a hold onto a surprising number of congressional seats. Republicans may be doomed statewide, but they still succeed in local races, the Times  reports.

Kindergarten Lockout
Pre-K door slams on 8K(NYP)

The News says that when it comes to teacher evaluations, New Yorkers deserve the full truth, rather than restricted amounts of information proposed by the New York City teachers’ union
Cuomo and state lawmakers are expected to reach a deal as early as this weekend to require some form of written disclosure of teacher evaluations to parents
Deal near on release of NY teacher ratings(NYP) * Deal near on release of teach evals (NYDN)* DOE Plans Overhaul For Special Ed Students(NY1) * Coney principal eyed in kid slap (NYDN) * Seniors: What Made Your New York City Education Unique?(NYDN) *  Public deserves the whole truth on teachers (NYDN Ed) Cuomo and the unions should drop their ridiculous secrecy schemes * A deal to restrict the release of teacher evaluation data solely to parents is close at hand at the Capitol, and is likely to be finalized over the next several days.

NYT ed board, generally anti-fracking, says Cuomo's limited plan strikes "sensible balance", could be national model
Cuomo Proposal Would Restrict Gas Drilling to a Struggling Area(NYT) * Drilling in New York(NYT Ed) Governor Cuomo’s preliminary blueprint for hydraulic fracturing appears to be on the right track. But many important issues must still be addressed and tough, detailed regulations issued.* Cuomo Weighs Letting Towns Decide Fracking(WSJ) * Report: Cuomo Will Consider Limited Hydrofracking Proposal(NY1)  * The Post says that the Cuomo administration has slowed the process to begin hydrofracking in New York to an “endless stall” * The fracking-skeptical NYT says Cuomo’s preliminary blueprint for drilling in the Marcellus strikes a “sensible balance” between protection of health and the environment and the need for jobs. The paper wants a beefed up regulatory program before anything gets the green light, though.* Chefs who oppose fracking are not satisfied with the limited drilling proposal the governor is reportedly mulling.

The News writes that delays in developing the 9/11 museum – caused by conflicts with the Port Authority – are a “national embarrassment”
Daily News tells the Port Authority "hands off" the 9/11 Memorial "Playing with Ground Zero" * Obamas to check out progress at WTC site(WSJ) * Obama Visit to Disrupt PATH Service (WSJ)  * Obamas' visit to affect evening commute, PATH trains(WABC) * Port Authority continues its extortion of WTC museum  Agency has stopped construction to plunder money from 9/11 nonprofit foundation

Fake Cement
Former Vice President of firm that faked  concrete  tests (NYDN)




NY Senate proposes law to bar welfare spending on booze, cigarettes, gambling and adult entertainment(NYP) * Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous has proposed a bill that would bar welfare recipients from using their public-assistance money to buy alcohol or cigarettes or spend money on lottery tickets or in casinos.


Deals have emerged in Albany to grant tax credits to beer brewers, ban commercial tanning for children ages 16 and under and combat cyberbullying, the Times Union reports: * State lawmakers spent much of Wednesday debating and passing one-house bills on everything from medical marijuana (the Assembly) to banning conjugal visits in prison (the Senate), none of which are expected to become law anytime soon.




Subway Conductor Slumps Over on Train, MTA Investigates(NBC)





NYC to Begin Boot Program on Parking Ticket Offenders (NBC)

Lawsuit  to Stop Jobs 
Bronx Has the Highest Unemployment Rate in the City
Suit Filed to Stop FreshDirect Plan for a South Bronx Complex(NYT) How much you want to bet this lawsuit is funded by the big supermarkets to stop FreshDirect from cutting into their busnesses.


Rent is Too Damn High and Getting Higher

Rent Guidelines Board Hears Testimony Over Proposed Rent Hikes(NY1) * Williamsburg residents angry at proposed 19% rent hike (NYDN)

Boom in Immigrant Small Business Owners in NYC: Report (WSJ) Foreign-born owners of small business in the New York metropolitan area grew by 66% between 1990 and 2010, according to a Fiscal Policy Institute report released Thursday.

We Got the Highrise . ..  Where is the Williamsburg and Greenpoint Park
Brooklyn Waits on Promise of a Park(WSJ) A plan to remake Williamsburg and Greenpoint with gleaming luxury apartment towers was sold to a skeptical community seven years ago with the promise of new waterfront parks and 3,500 "affordable housing" units.

A Tax Credit

A Profitable Vestige of Cold War Precaution(NYT)


New York City is on pace to collect a record $3 billion in water bills this year, a 30 percent spike from 2008(NYDN) Homeowners owe a record $3 billion in water bills, and some say the city’s new automated system is flawed. 

The Making of A President 2012: NYC Obama's ATM
Sarah Jessica Parker spiffs up her town house before President Obama’s arrival today(NYP) * Cascade of Campaign Aid Is Now Surging Into 8 Figures(NYT)  Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire casino owner, and his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson, have become by far the country’s most prolific campaign donors. * Obama Adds a Fresh Metaphor to a Familiar Message(NYT) The president ends up falling back — again and again — on the Barack Obama Defensive Offensive, which largely means, blame the Republicans. * Romney, Governors Clash on Message(WSJ) * Obama’s support among Jewish voters is sliding.  * A majority of Americans still blame George Bush for the bad economy.   * Mitt Romney’s new ad is negative and channels the Obama of ’08. * Americans Blame Bush for Bad Economy, No Help for Obama: Buzz Politics 6.14  * Sarah Jessica Parker is LITERALLY rolling out the red carpet for President Obama. * The Contrast Obama Needs to Draw - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * How Badly Has Obama Alienated Middle Class? - Michael Hirsh, Natl Jrnl * Inequality: Even Worse Than We Thought - Michael Kinsley, Bloomberg * Bush Still Boosts Obama - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Mitt Romney: The Devil's Dictionary - Tim Murphy, Mother Jones * Chicago's Swift, Surprising Decline - Aaron Renn, City Journal * Obama Back in NYC to Hobnob with Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour(DNAINFO) * President Obama issued an endorsement press release for Rep. Greg Meeks.

Jon Stewart Helps Obama ‘Monetize’ The Presidency To Beat Romney’s Fundraising Numbers

JPM boss shines in DC showdown(NYP)*Mr. Dimon on the Hill(NYT ED) Even as Mr. Dimon admits to the greed and hubris of big banks, he is still resisting needed regulations, and lawmakers are still giving him a pass.

NYPD Inspector General Debate

New Legislation Would Create Independent Oversight For NYPD(NY1) *NY1 Online: NAACP President Picks Apart Stop-And-Frisk * NYPD monitor bill proposed (NYDN) * Brooklyn Asians say they are also victims of police stops (NYDN) * Mike Bloomberg dismissed legislation that would create a new inspector general for the NYPD, calling the police “the most regulated department in the entire city.” *Brooklyn Teen Describes The Personal Toll Of Stop And Frisk(Huff Post)



Law and Order
Mob turncoat says shackled Colombo crime big ordered hit while at grandmother’s wake(NYP)* Slay victim’s daughter shows compassion for killer(NYP) *NYPD seeks suspect in Queens shooting(WSJ) * Police searching for NY surgeon in woman's death(WSJ) * Police Engage In Brooklyn Firefight With Shooting Suspect(NY1) * Minister wants to revamp inmate rehabilitation(NYDN) * We need peace in the Bronx3(NYDN) * Mohawk-sporting Brooklyn subway groper caught on  camer (NYDN) * Police: Suspect Sexually Assaulted 15-Year-Old At Fort Hamilton (WCBS) * Police searching for man who attacked teen in Brooklyn(WABC) * Cutting down on sex trafficking in livery cabs(WABC) * Suspect Sexually Assaulted Girl in Subway: Cops(NBC) *Shootout Between Cops, Suspect Shakes BK Nabe(NBC) * Surveillance video captures Webster Avenue shooting *Lower East Side Crime Increases with Muggings in East River Park(DNAINFO) * Brooklyn landl.ords hit with manslaughter charges in 2010 fire that killed 5(NYP) * Woman shot by narcotics cops after hot pursuit and crash in Brooklyn(NYP) * Rabbi's sex-abuse trial delayed because yeshiva keeps ignoring requests for information(NYP) * Blonde bombshell says boyfriend plunged knife into his own chest(NYP)


Police: Trio Robbed Then Shot Bronx Bus Rider(NY1)

Cops nab shoot susp after gunfight (NYDN)

Shopaholic wore designer duds during Manhattan bank robbery spree: police(NYP)


Terrorism   Man Offers Guilty Plea, Upending Terror Case(NYT)