Friday, June 15, 2012

Quinn's Pay to Play Highline: NYT Attempts A Cover Up

NYT Spins Test That Quinn's Already Flunked

In there zest to get Quinn elected mayor the NYT which opposes teacher testing to rate educators created a fake test to see if the speaker is playing pay to play with the Highline developers who she delivers millions in city funds and tax breaks to.  Does NYT writer David Chen think the $370,000 to Quinn campaign account is not enough evidence that the speaker is already doing pay to play with the Highline?
 More Quinn Silence  Connected to Checks
Does Chen not think the $30,000 thousand in campaign contributions from the Rudin family was not responsible for Quinn not fighting to keep open St Vincent's Hospital which is located in her district.  True News would like to see the NYT continue this story and investigate how many of Quinn's flunkies were appointed to the boards and non profits that oversee the high line funds.  Does Mr. Chen think the millions that Quinn gives Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez in member items to support her mayoral effort is not pay to play.  Does Chen think the Speaker voice is muted from speaking out about the corrupt pols elected by the Queens organization she supports by hiring its flunking to work in her office and funneling millions to non profits they support?   

NYT Leaves Out That Quinn A Leader of the City's Pay to Play Culture . . .  Remember the Slush Fund That Also is Being Covered Up by the Media and Prosecutors

Mayoral Hopes Seen as Muting Quinn's Voice(NYT) As a pivotal decision-maker on a proposal to expand Chelsea Market, the City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, is facing pressure from big campaign donors and neighborhood loyalists. The Chelsea Market, viewed from the High Line, is the focus of a proposal that would add offices and and a hotel atop the low-rise building that was once a cookie factory. Supporters of the market expansion have been generous to Ms. Quinn: her campaign has received more than $370,000 in donations from at least 120 people who are board members, or in the immediate family of board members, of the Real Estate Board of New York and Friends of the High Line, according to an analysis by The New York Times. Ms. Quinn has described seven of those contributors as bundlers — fund-raisers who solicit money for her campaign — and they have pooled more than $130,000 for her. Quinn has been notably silent about the controversial Chelsea Market project in her district, which pits the business interests supporting her mayoral run against the activists who propelled Quinn to prominence.

Barron Update: In Brooklyn, a Longtime Provocateur Surges in a Primary Race for Congress(NYT) Democratic leaders are now fretfully talking about a prospect they once considered unthinkable: Charles Barron being elected to Congress.* African-Americans Vie For Congress Seat In District With History Of Racial Tension(NY1)

The Jeffries Campaign Has Not Gotten Through Yet to the Russian Voters (10 Days to Go)
The possibility has inflamed Russian-Jewish activists. But though Jews make up 20% of the population of the district, the unusually early date of the election and the confusing redistricting process could keep them from the polls.

Black Firebrand Vies in Heavily Jewish District (Jewish Forward) Charles Barron Battles for Seat That Includes Russian Areas. New York City’s most radical city councilman could end up representing the city’s most politically conservative Jewish community in the U.S. Congress.The possibility has inflamed Russian-Jewish activists. But though Jews make up 20% of the population of the district, the unusually early date of the election and the confusing redistricting process could keep them from the polls.

Election 2012  A Senate Primary Stuck in the Shadows(NYT) *   Three Republican candidates are vying to run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in November, but few New Yorkers seem to be paying attention to the June 26 primary *The Daily News Endorses Lancman  Choose Rory Lancman in the Queens congressional primary(NYDN Ed)  He is by far the most competent and accomplished contender …Perhaps that will help Lancman will some last-minute fundraising – assistance he could use* The race to replace Assemblywoman Grace Meng (if she indeed heads to Congress and doesn’t seek her own seat again) is shaping up to divide voters along ethnic lines. *  the race to replace Ms. Meng, in the Assembly seems to be divided along ethnic lines.* Status Check: is winning and Ruben Wills losing in our weekly winners/losers poll. Vote! (City and State) * Adriano Espaillat: "He [Rangel] was in fact the poster child for dysfunction in Washington" and "the only one that's been investigated in this table has been you and it led to Democrats losing the majority in congress." [Josh Robin] * Grimm Racks Up $321,000 In Legal Fees(C&S) * Dilan Endorsed By Small Army of Brooklyn Electeds(NYO) * Hakeem Tout Howard Beach Support(NYO) * The president issued another one of his press release endorsements, this time for Rep. Nydia Velazquez, who is facing a primary challenge from NYC Councilman Erik Dilan. * At Dilan Rally, Vito Lopez Slams Nydia, Media (C&S) * David Storobin introduced legislation to repeal gay marriage. * Robert Mittman had some antics at a debate last night. * Vito Lopez accused the media of not getting tough enough on Nydia Velázquez. * MoveOn came out against Charles Barron. * THE PEREZ NOTES: Liz Crowley on THE PEREZ NOTES  * City Lawmakers To Review Bottle Service Policies After Drake/Brown Entourage Fight(NY1) * Republican Candidates Hopeful In NY Senate Seat Primary(NY1)

Sen Espaillat goes after Rep Rangel in NY1 debate, says his ethics investigation cost Dems House majority in 2010. Sparks Fly Between Rangel, Espillat At Congressional Debate Video * Crowley and Lancman Trail In Money Race (City and State)* Espaillat and Rangel Beef Big During Debate While Williams Scoffs(NYO)

Prosecutors cannot refer to the woman Councilman Larry Seabrook had an affair with as his "mistress."
Before Retrial of Lawmaker, More Discord(NYT) A federal judge conducted a hearing intended to resolve remaining pretrial issues, and raised questions about aspects of the government’s corruption case against City Councilman Larry B. Seabrook. A federal judge in Manhattan raised questions about aspects of the government’s corruption case against New York City Councilman Larry Seabrook, saying the government’s theory of how Seabrook received kickbacks from a non-profit was unclear * After listening to prosecutors make their case against Larry Seabrook in the NYC councilman’s retrial on corruption charges, a judge said: “I am no closer to understanding the government’s theory and evidence than I was when we started.”

State of the Union Engel Pay to Play Developer Gives Him A Morgage

Bronx politician tapped donor for home loan (NYDN) Rep. Engel received financing for mortgage from longtime pal Harry Bajraktari Rep. Eliot Engel took out a six-figure mortgage from a major campaign contributor rather than a bank, a move that would require clearance from the House Ethics committee

Plan to Make Teacher Evaluations For Parents Eyes Only
The Cuomo compromise(NYP Ed)  With help from Gov. Cuomo, New York’s teachers unions are about to score a big win — at the cost of public-school accountability. As The Post reported yesterday, Cuomo is nearing a deal to grant parents limited access to written copies of teacher evaluations — but the agreement would ban the public from seeing any of the data. Cuomo and state teachers-union leaders have struck a deal that would only allow parents to see evaluations of their own children’s current teachers at meetings with school principals. The governor has signaled that he will veto any bill that diverges from that plan. The Post panned a reported deal stuck between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the teachers union allowing parents limited access to written copies of teacher evaluations, but banning the public from seeing any of the data: * Cuomo: Don't single out teachers (NYDN)* The NY Post calls Cuomo’s compromise on the semi-public release of teacher data a “bum deal.” * Cuomo says the data from teacher evaluations shouldn’t be made public because other public employees don’t have their evaluations released.* One editorial board angrily writes, "Trouble is, students don’t write checks and don’t vote — so they and their parents are getting sold out. There’s nothing to cheer in the pending plan." [New York Post] *  Flashback: Bloomberg warned limiting the release of that data would lead to "chaos." [David Seifman] * Skelos: Final Teacher Eval Proposal This Weekend(YNN) * Bloomberg says Cuomo's teacher evaluation compromise is "an outrage"(Capital)


Public Does Not Want Bad Teachers Protected
School officials should have right to fire staffers for pervy behavior: poll (NYDN) More than 90% of city voters say inappropriate touching should not be tolerated  * Dennis Walcott: "In our public schools, we are often unable to properly punish sexual misconduct even after it has been established by investigators. As a result, the teacher in question often remains in the classroom." [New York Times]


The Latest News From Albany

2 sources confirm: Sen Maj Ldr Dean Skelos booed at Conservative Party gala last night. The right angered by vote, Cuomo cooperation. * State Restores Tax Break To Craft Beer Makers(NY1) * New York Set To Ban Teens From Tanning Beds(NY1) * The Oneonta Daily Star weighs in on the
Committee to Save NY flap, saying Cuomo should call for release of donor names because he seems “more concerned with maintaining an image as the man cleaning up Albany than with actually cleaning it up.” * With less than a week left to approve a solar-power jobs act in this session, lawmakers are working on a compromise that would create more flexible targets for solar growth while limiting the impact on electric rates.* Assembly Codes Committee Chairman Joe Lentol said he’s open to a legislative push strengthening state criminal laws against individuals who are repeat offenders in violent child abuse cases.* A bill to address a surprising court decision that made viewing child porn over the Internet legal in New York is stalled at the Capitol. * The remade New York Racing Association has changed the way it rolls out the annual Saratoga Race Course meet, while NBC Sports Group said Thursday it would return to broadcast big races. * Governor Cuomo didn’t give a definite answer to a question about reports he’s ready to allow hydrofracking in a radio interview. * State Legislation to Regulate Chinatown Buses Passes the Assembly(DNAINFO)

City Gains Jobs, but Unemployment Rises(NYT)

Advocates Speak Out Against Aging Cuts On World Elder Abuse Day(NY1)

anorexic mom spurs teen-ban bill(NYDN) * The infamous “tanning mom” inspired the Legislature to move on a bill that will ban anyone 16 and under from tanning salons.  

Don't Let the Door Hit Your On the Way Out on Your Last Day Sweet Sue
Why the Out Pouring of Support For Sue Simmons?  . . .  She Helped Dumb Down News Yorkers for 30 years

The News says that Bronx Councilman Fernando Cabrera is right to feel betrayed by Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who has not allowed a promised vote on a resolution calling on state lawmakers to permit churches to rent unused school facilities:

City officials grilled on missing Brooklyn waterfront parks (NYDN)  Bloomberg aide offered no firm plan at hearing on Williamsburg and Greenpoint parks

Sniff Test Does Not Prove Public Drinking, a Judge Rules(NYT) In requiring the police to prove a beverage was alcoholic, Judge Noach Dear wrote that drinking summonses were being issued in a racially biased manner. Brooklyn Judge Noach Dear has decided the “sniff test” isn’t enough if NYPD officers want to write a summons for drinking in public, citing concerns the department singled out blacks and Hispanics when issuing public drinking summonses.

Homeless Shelter Population on Rise After Rental Aid Is Halted(WSJ) The program, called Advantage, came to a halt in February. At the time, upward of 18,700 people made up the 6,482 households that were receiving rent subsidies. Since then, nearly 500 people, 300 of them children, have found their way back into shelters, officials said. After funding cutbacks ended a New York City rental-assistance program called Advantage earlier this year, hundreds of recipients—most of them children—have returned to the homeless shelter system

The New York Post Raises Price

The New York Post is raising its price. Politico reports that on Monday, the weekday edition will be $1, the Saturday will be $1.25 and the Sunday will be $1.50.

Elected Officials Urge Yellow Cab Owners To Drop Lawsuit Aganst Five-Borough Taxi Plan(NY1)

"A dozen scantily clad women rallied outside City Hall yesterday, decrying a bill they say prevents beauties wearing skimpy clothes from getting a fair shot at hailing a yellow cab." [Sally Goldenberg]

Retiring congressman Gary Ackerman listed his 30 years of public service as, literally, a "priceless" gift on his financial disclosure form. [Wall Street Journal]  * Ackerman's disclosure. [Wall Street Journal]

MTA’s OT express (NYP) While millions of subway riders were socked with a fare increase last year, a cadre of MTA workers raked in more than $100,000 in overtime, thanks to costly union work rules

‘Topless tryst’ teach gets second chance after judge's ruling (NYP)* NY1 Exclusive: School Prohibits Fifth-Grader From Giving Speech On Same-Sex Marriage(NY1)

Landlord Arrested for Firetrap

A Triple Dip Pension Pig
 Civil Service Employees Association President Danny Donohue is eligible to receive three different pensions worth more than $130,000, the Post writes:




Makeover Is Planned For Tennis Center(WSJ)

 The long rumored union between Sterling Equities and Related Cos. to redevelop Willets Point was consummated when Bloomberg announced the Queens Development Group, which will cooperate to build a $5 million project. 
Queens Library installs snack and soda vending machines(NYDN)

The Making Of A President
Checks and the City
PHOTOS: Obama visits World Trade Center, attends glitzy fund-raisers(NYP) * President and First Lady Inscribe Beam at Ground Zero WSJ) * Full transcript of Obama's speech on the economy in Cleveland, Ohio(Wash Post) * Obama Honors WTC Rebuilding Efforts With Governors, Attends Fundraisers(NY1) *
Campaigner-in-chief: Obama jets out of New York on Air Force One after an evening of star-studded fundraisers... but a short trip to the World Trade Center means TAXPAYERS must pick up the check (Daily Mail) Lupica: For Bam, it’s high noon in ATM City(NYDN) *  Romney's bus tour: The 4 things you need to know(CBS) * Governor Cuomo’s girlfriend, Sandra Lee, attended President Obama’s fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house without the governor.* Aretha Franklin, Meryl Streep, Vera Wang, Kenneth Cole and Olivia Wilde were among the other high profile guests at the fundraiser.* Inside the Koch brothers’ political operation, which “has increasingly come to resemble its own political party.” * The Obama campaign sent reporters 25 emails in the two-and-a-half hours after the president’s speech yesterday.* The New Yorker’s Washington correspondent, Ryan Lizza, told Talking Points Memo he thinks Twitter is creating a “crisis in political journalism.”* Obama Fund-raiser Sparks ‘Total Insanity,’ Wine Shortages in West Village (NY Mag) * Obama said Republicans' message, blaming the poor economy on the person in the White House, is "an elegant message — it happens to be wrong. But it’s crisp. You can fit it on a bumper sticker." [John Lauinger] * On eve of health ruling, Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicts 'sharp disagreement' * Bill O’Reilly Scolds Daily Caller Heckler: ‘You Must Respect The Office Of The Presidency’ * CNN W.H Reporter: Obama Heckler Let Him ‘Sound Passionate’ * Rich: Democrats' Premature Panic(NY Mag)

Breaking Immigration  * U.S. to Stop Deporting Some Immigrants(NYT)Obama Bypasses Congress on a Top Issue for Hispanics(NYT) * Last March, Obama ruled out the option of acting without Congress, saying it would be inappropriate. * Obama’s order comes at a time when he is battling Mitt Romney for the Latino vote. * President Obama circumvented Congress and implemented a policy via executive order that is reminiscent of the Dream Act, but doesn’t offer a path to citizenship.* And Mitt Romney said the president’s executive order “makes it more difficult” to reach a “longterm solution” on immigration. He wouldn’t say whether he’d reverse the order if he wins the election.* Convicted insider trader Rajat Gupta was a prolific Democratic donor. * Obama: Screw Congress, I’m DREAM Act–ing Myself [Updated] (NY Mag) * Obama Limits Deportations, Giving Young a Work Option(NYT)

Jon Stewart Mocks Senate’s Kid-Glove Treatment Of JP Morgan Head Jamie Dimon

Law and Order

Blood in the street (NYP) Cop kills woman in B’klyn car struggle * Shot by Officer After Car Crash, Woman Dies(NYT) * Woman shot dead by Brooklyn detective after trying to flee chaotic accident *Police Shoot, Kill Woman In Brooklyn(WSJ) * Police Shoot, Kill Woman After Brooklyn Car Chase(NY1) * Woman fatally shot by cops in Brooklyn(NYDN) *Cop in deadly B'klyn shooting called brutal enforcer in past lawsuits * Woman Killed by Detective Had Lengthy Arrest Record(NYT) * Residents Rally Near Site Of Fatal Brooklyn Police Shooting(NY1)


NY1 Exclusive: Parents Of Bronx Teen Shot By Police Want Justice(NY1)

* A vastly different side to murdered Bronx gang member(NYDN) * Bronx prosecutor  pursuing killers with DNA technology(NYDN) 

 * Nab bloody beer- and bandage-buying slay suspect  (NYDN) * Suspect nabbed in groping of girl, 15(NYDN) * Bottles & fists fly in Rihanna rivalry(NYP) * Yeah, I took loot, says charity boss (NYDN) * Bearded cop hopeful sues (NYDN) * Mob canary: Ain’t singin’ to keep moll (NYDN) * Rikers Island correction officer Daniel DiPierri charged …(NYDN) * Trial of accused perv Hassidic counselor postponed(NYDN) * Police Make Arrest In Deadly Queens Stabbing (NY1) * Brooklyn Police Officer: Stop and Frisk Is Not About Racism, It's About Quotas(Village Voice) * Cop Fatally Shoots Woman During Struggle on Brooklyn Street (WNYN) *Former Goldman Sachs director convicted in NYC(CrainsNY) * Gupta, Ex-Goldman Director, Convicted of Insider Trading(NYT) * Harlem Public School Teacher Arraigned on Sexual Abuse Charges(DNAINFO) * Hopes for Monday release after lawyer gives $250K collateral for bail: source(NYP) * Gupta, Ex-Goldman Director, Convicted of Insider Trading * Judge Is Taken Off Murder Case for Bias Toward the Defendant(NYT) * In Celebrity Brawl at Club, a Scene of Flying Bottles and Ice Cubes(NYT) * School bus driver assaulted in the Bronx(WABC)