Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will Weiner Problem End Brooklyn Jewish Congressional District Tradition?

Jews Forgetting History

Few people remember Congressman Steve Solarz's work a generation ago to bring Soviet and Sephardic Jews to Brooklyn. Now that both groups are strong working their way to the American Dream not a single institution in those communities is named after the late congressman.  What is even more dangerous to the future of the Jewish communities is that today's Brooklyn Jewish leaders and pols do not understand the importance of keeping a Jewish congressional district in Brooklyn.  In the last redistricting Weiner was able to move most of his district to Queens to avoid challengers from Noach Dear or other members of Brooklyn's growing conservative orthodox Jewish population.

Boro Park Cut Up
Jewish leaders stood by and did nothing to stop Weiner's move out and also the elimination of two Jewish State Senate Districts by cutting up Boro Park and other communities into several districts.  A good part of Boro Park is represented by Kevin Parker from East Flatbush.  Another part of that community belongs to Diane Savino from Staten Island.  
Celler's Tally for Israel

A Brooklyn Congressman Helped Create Israel
The tradition of the Jewish Brooklyn congressional not only brings power to that borough but to Jewish interest world wide.  On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine into two independent states--Jewish and Arab. Displayed here is New York Congressman Emanuel Celler's tally sheet, which he used to keep track of the vote; it also includes his handwritten notes quoting from the delegates' speeches. Congressman Celler played an important role in pushing The White House to support the creation of the Jewish state.  The lesson lost is all the progress by Jewish people because of a strong Jewish power base in Brooklyn is lost and thereby endangers our future.  If as some had said that the Weiner scandal will give incumbent congress members a chance to make a deal to cut up the 9th district to protect theirs all the power base that accomplished so much will no longer be around to protect future Jewish communities and interests. If Brooklyn loses the 9th Congressional District that me in the same of 20 years lost two districts.  In 1992 Steve Solarz lost to Nydia Velazquez after his district was eliminated to make room for a minority district.  (More to come) * Like Weiner, District’s Future Now Uncertain  Scandal could put 9th CD on chopping block, potentially weakening clout of Jewish communities (Jewish Week)

Only True News Question Last Weeks Poll That Showed 30% of Weiner District Wanted Him to Go 

America poll-axes Weiner 60% want him gone(NYP) * Dems to Tony: Scram(NYP Ed) *  Democrats Choose Not to Punish Weiner (WSJ) * 'Resign' drumbeat getting louder and louder: Dems intensify calls for Weiner to go (NYDN) * Watching Weiner: Huma is back. [CBS Local] * Defending Weiner: “I can’t help but feel that some Democrats now urging Weiner to go feel a bit guilty they aren’t standing up for their party’s ideals the way he does.” * Therapists say Weiner has all the signs of a classic case of sexual compulsivity.* Weiner still has some friends left on Capitol Hill.* Weiner’s district is the most Republican in NYC outside of Staten Island, according to political numbers expert Jerry Skurnik. 

 President and Porn Star Ginger Lee Work To Get Weiner To Resign 

Porn Star Ginger Lee Talks About Rep. Anthony Weiner: ‘He Asked Me To Lie’ * Ex-porn star Ginger Lee breaks silence, reads racy sexts from congressman * At Friars Club, a Porn Star Roasts a Congressman

Anthony Weiner owns New York Times’ assets valued between $1,001 and $15,000.



What Started At the Stonewall Inn Riots 42 Years Ago Ends This Week in Albany

 Stonewall Inn Riots

3 GOP Senators say, anonymously, it’ll pass.  They will come in a group of 2 or 3 because no GOP senator wants to be known as the member that delivered the passing vote.

Gay Marriage Bill Is One Vote Shy of Clearing State Senate(NYT) * Wait, Watch and Worry (WSJ) * The moment has arrived for gay marriage to be brought to public debate and vote in the state Senate (NYDN Ed) * Republican Senator Throws Support Behind Gay Marriage Bill(NY1) * Timing: Cuomo spox denies timing drag fund-raiser as same-sex marriage advances. * The DN isn’t taking sides on gay marriage, but wants the bill to come up for a vote * Sen. Tom Duane is still suffering from “post traumatic trust disorder” from the 2009 debacle. * Same-Sex Marriage: Orthodox man prays outside GOP meeting.

Update 2:30  Assembly will pass same-sex marriage today (update) (TU) *  N.Y. Senate Republicans Undecided on a Gay Marriage Vote(NYT)

Dolan: Heaven help us if gays can wed(NYP) * Gay marriage needs just one vote to pass as Archbishop Dolan tries to stop momentum(NYDN)

Albany: Time is Up On Rent Regulations, Tax Cap and Gay Marriage

5PM Update

Cuomo: Session Won’t End Until ‘People’s Business’ Is Done(YNN)

 Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to deliver a rent laws ultimatum to legislators today: Get a deal or prepare to stick around until you do.
Deals: Silver threatens to blow up tax-cap deal if Cuomo doesn’t deliver Skelos on rent regulations.* Rent Regulations: “An extension is not enough” said State Senate Leader John Sampson, as deadline looms. * Tenant advocate Michael McKee has nine days worth of socks and underwear with him – just in case the rent laws deadlock drags on.



DN Goodwin: Grad rates get royally skewed up

City's Grading System A House of Cards

Update 6PM Unions throw monkey wrench into city budget deal(CrainsNY)

Few city HS grads are college-ready (NYP) * 21% of City Graduates College-Ready, Data Show(NYT) * Graduation Rates in City Set Record (WSJ) * Though the high school graduation rate is up in the city, the value of the diplomas is not (NYDN Ed)

Layoff Deal? Mayor Bloomberg offers deal to avoid layoffs(NYDN) City Plans $10 Million in Cuts to School Cleaning(NYT)In 'Bloombergville,' Budget Protesters Sleep In(NYT)


Quieting One of the Only Pol Talking Out Against CityTime Corrupt Contract

Why not tell Bloomberg who has been saying that CityTime has been doing a good job to shut up also?

City Comptroller Is Asked to Curb Comments on Fraud Case The U.S. attorney in Manhattan asked John C. Liu to make no more public statements about a criminal inquiry into New York City’s troubled automated payroll project without consulting investigators. (NYT)





Controller Liu At War With the NYP the First Casutaly Pay to Play Klein Payoff

Payoff to Murduch Stopped
On June 10, 2011 True News Call the Department of Education $2.7 million contract to Joe Klein new boss Murdoch a payoff.  Today Controller Liu canceled the contract. Expect future NYP editorial attacking Liu to pay his poster fines and other stuff.

 Controller Liu tosses $2.7 million contract tied to with Joel Klein(NYDN)

Political leaders are still fighting over the $180,000-a-year NYC Board of Elections executive director’s job.


Fire Deaths Called 'Perfect Storm' (WSJ) * Deutsche Bank fire deaths bad luck, defense lawyer says (NYDN)





 Gambling in Coney Island and Even Manhattan Hotels is In the Cards

Coney Island 2020?

In Shift, Interior Dept. May Allow Tribes to Build Casinos Far From Reservations Rescinding a Bush-era rule, the Interior Department said Tuesday that it would consider allowing Indian tribes to build casinos far from their reservations(NYT) Developer Joseph Sitt who owns a lot of Coney Island has the political juice to make the Brooklyn seashore a gambling center.


Traffic Engineer Tries To Address Potential Atlantic Yards Bottleneck(NY1)


800 restaurants caught hiding grades(NYP)






Starbucks Milking Profits Killing NY Jobs

 Molloy: Starbucks milk deal could ax 700 jobs at Elmhurst Dairy(NYDN)




Manhattan DA

 Albany and Crime Fighting

In Manhattan, District Attorney Sees DNA as Tool to Solve Cold Cases(NYT) * Cuomo Supports DNA Collection Legislation (NYT) *  Albany’s Duty to Stop Domestic Violence Two bills that would help protect victims of domestic violence need to pass before state lawmakers go home.(NYT Ed) * Rape victim pushes for collecting cons' DNA to get monsters off the street(NYDN)


EXCLUSIVE: Grandma 'outsmarted' thug after getting stabbed in head, back & chest(NYDN)




Law and Order

Bx. ex-cop gets manslaughter conviction thrown out, wants job back(NYP) * Conviction of Officer Is Reversed (NYT) * Appeals Court Reverses Officer's Conviction (WSJ) * Manslaughter conviction of ex-cop overturned by appeals court(NYDN) * The plaintiff was mentally ill, but letting him sue the cop he stabbed was plain crazy(NYDN Ed)

Tat's all for notorious label-loving 'thief' (NYP) * DA: Duo made girl a sex slave(NYP) * Accused of stuffing grandma in closet, now charged with slay of transvestite prostitute(NYDN) * 26 hit with child pornography charges; substitute teacher pleads not guilty(NYDN) * Day care owner who hid marijuana in preschool wants license back(NYDN) * 'Kid-porn' teacher(NYP) * Trader Joe's slapfigh fight lands soprano on trial for assault(NYDN)

From African Village to Center of Ordeal  Interviews with people who know Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s accuser portray her as quiet and unassuming.(NYT) * Transfers Delay Release of Detainees, Report Finds (NYT)



Terrorism  Spotlight on prison Jihadis Rep. Pete King took a public beating when he held a key hearing on Islamic radicalization in America back in March.(NYP Ed) * Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid(NYT) * Pakistanis arrest informants who fed CIA information about Bin Laden(NYDN) * C.I.A. Building Base for Strikes in Yemen (NYT) * Top charges dropped in NYC synagogue bomb terror plot * Most Serious Charges Rejected in Synagogue Bomb Plot(NYT)


Jon Stewart Grades CNN’s Republican Debate: ‘World’s Most Patriotic Game Show’

John Edwards' creepy mugshot

Banks Turn to Schumer on Patents Senator Charles E. Schumer inserted into a bill a provision that appears aimed at helping banks address a costly problem with a patented system for processing digital copies of checks.(NYT)