Wednesday, June 13, 2012

True News Wags Wall Street on Barron

Yesterday True News  Panic inside Team Jeffries

True News Told Your Yesterday It Was A Real Race Today the Daily News Says Wall Street and Pols Agree


All the Kings Men . . . 
Wall St. big shots and prominent politicians worried about Charles Barron's bid for Brooklyn congressional seat  (NYDN)  Outspoken councilman and former Black Panther could be headed to Washington * Ed Towns is “leaving Congress with a big chip on his shoulder and some scores to settle,” POLITICO writes, which may explain why he endorsed Charles Barron over Hakeem Jeffries. * harles Barron Explains How He Will Shake Up Washington [Video]

Who is Rally Protecting the City's E$tablishment Now? 
Can't the NYT Play This Game Anymore?
Comptroller Yassky?  The NYT is So Pathetic They Can't Even Protect There Wall Street Masters

True News Says Hire the Russian Boss

While True News Says Make Sure Jeffries' Manhattan Handlers Connect to the Only Vote Getter in the White Areas of His District, The Russian Boss of Brooklyn Gregory Davidzon. Note when Davidzon endorsed Liu for comptroller in 2009 he carried all the Russian areas against Yassky.   More on Davidson * A Russian Tragedy(True News) * 'The Era of the So-Called Jewish Vote Is Over' (Forward)

While the New York Times Worries Itself With the Putin and A Syrian Dictator
Russia, Soviet Style(NYT Ed) Vladimir Putin is up to his old ways in actively helping the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, and trying to silence all dissenting voices at home. He should know that the world is watching.




Quinn Tries to Separate Herself From Her Puppet Master
‘C’ how bad Bloomy is, says Quinn (NYDN) Kate Taylor writes that only Council Speaker Christine Quinn declined to vilify Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s diversity record among 2013 contenders yesterday, focusing instead on specific changes that should be  made. * NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn said efforts by Mayor Bloomberg, usually her close ally, to help women and minority-owned businesses have been “unsatisfactory.”


Election 2012  David Storobin Announces Reelection  in ‘Super Jewish’ District. (* Most Would-Be Successors Assail Mayor on Diversity(NYY)* Mayoral Contenders Discuss Business Issues (WSJ) * A Cordial Debate for Rangel's Seat (WSJ) * Rangel skips talk (NYDN) * Vote for Rep. Nydia Velazquez(NYDN Ed) Her seniorty makes her a better choice than mediocre opponentThe News rather mildly endorsed Brooklyn Rep. Nydia Velázquez for re-election over Councilman Erik Martin Dilan, adding that the paper hoped she would start to take “advantage of her seniority”. Of Dilan, the paper writes his “record on the Council does not suggest readiness for more * Bob Turner: ”We’re legalizing pot and criminalizing a Big Gulp. Is there something wrong with this picture?” * But Michael Grynbaum gets to the heart of the matter: what about the frappucino?* In a DN op-ed, Bill de Blasio slammed the mayor for making an end-run around the City Council to approve his taxi plan. *The largest and oldest Spanish-language newspaper in NY, El Diario, urged “Hispanic voters” to support Sen. Adriano Espaillat in the NY-13  Democratic primary, saying Rep. Charlie Rangel has been a “dynamic” leader, but it’s time for a change. * Grand Council of Hispanic Societies in Public Service to Back Lancman (C&S) * David Storobin To Run In Super-Jewish District (City and State) * Rangel Compares Ethics Violations To "Spitting on the Sidewalk"(City and State) * Bill Clinton is Not Endorsing Rangel but My Friend My Congressman Should work (Capital) Bill Clinton isn't officially endorsing Rep. Charlie Rangel for re-election, but he did record a video for the 82-year-old congressman's birthday that ought to work just as well. * Can Occupy Wall Street Trust Its Own Candidate? (Village Voice) * John Liu was the moderate on yesterday's panel, where the other mayoral candidates "want to return to the old-fashioned 'fix" of "quotas and favoritism" when awarding contracts. [Nicole Gelinas] * Wendy Long Accuses Ed Cox Of Shilling For Bob Turner * Espaillat Campaign: El Diario Endorsement Is A Big Deal(NYO) * Avella Nets Supermarket Workers and Humane Voters’ Endorsements(C&S) * Charlie Rangel Is Confused About Andrew Cuomo’s Endorsement(NYO) * Head of Brooklyn Young Republicans Eyes Assembly Campaign(NYO) * Silver’s ‘Special Bond’ With Meng(YNN) * Mike Long: ‘Evident That Chairman Cox is Soft Selling’(YNN) * Crowley Nabs A Newspaper Endorsement(YNN)
*Duane retirement rocks Downtown’s political landscape (The Villager) * Obama For Rep. Clarke(YNN) * Quinn Endorses Rangel, Citing Support For LGBT Rights(NYO) * VIDEO & PHOTOS: Koch, Greenfield, Nadler, Hikind, Weinstein, Cymbrowitz, Nelson & Others Denounce Charles Barron as an Enemy of the State of Israel * Rep. Charlie Rangel is confused about whether Cuomo has endorsed him. * Rangel insists he hasn’t been dodging Sean Hannity. * Michael Fragin, a former Pataki administration aide and Orthodox Jewish GOP operative was working for Nachman Caller, but has joined Sen. David Storobin’s campaign since his candidate’s no longer in the running. * Pinny Ringel, once a top aide to ex-NYC Councilman Simcha Felder, has joined Storobin’s staff as a community liaison. Felder and Storobin are facing off this fall for the new “Super Jewish” Senate district. * Felder has had a change of heart about his old “odd couple” mate, NYC Councilman Charles Barron. * Gabe Pressman on the elusive nature of campaign finance reform in Albany. * Rangel: No Latino Elected Officials Support Adriano Espaillat (NYO) * President Obama won’t endorse Charlie Rangel, but he will endorse Yvette Clarke. * Unlike in 2010, Governor Cuomo won’t be going to Rangel’s birthday bash tonight. * Bill Clinton however called Rangel “my friend” and, in a possible rebuttal to Adriano Espaillat’s charges said of the congressman “Your energy never flags, your determination never wavers.” * “I’ve paid the price to be a Jew; I deserve to be known as a Jew,” David Storobin told Hamodia. * Storobin staffed up his office with Orthodox Jewish operatives. * Simcha Felder isn’t a fan of Charles Barron, despite kind words from Barron in the past. * Christine Quinn wrote an op-ed pushing for a new homeless policy. * Rangel missed an event last Saturday where his supporters expected him.* Lancman's campaign released video of Meng saying, "The funds are not running out tomorrow. In 2033, even if congress and our government took zero action that there would still be enough funds in there to pay about three-quarters of the benefits." [RRYL] * Charles Barron "stands a very real chance of defeating" Hakeem Jeffries. [Jewish Press] * Rangel's absence at a Bronx debate did not go unnoticed. [Riverdale Press] * Adriano Espaillat's name appears on a petition as a candidate for the State Senate. [Gerson Borrero] * Rangel ally CM Dickens says there are 2 Super PACs using race-baiting tactics in the race.

Republicans, Outnumbered, Keep Power in Albany(NY1)

Cuomo, Lawmakers Near Deal For New Ballots(NY1)


 Et Tu Popcorn
City health weasels go ‘pop’(NYP) * At Starbucks, Uncertainty Over Impact of Bloomberg’s Drink Plan(NYT) Officials at Starbucks are uncertain whether the company’s syrupy, coffee-style drinks will be subject to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s soda ban  * Fifty-one percent of New York City voters oppose the proposed ban on large sugary drinks, while women, Hispanics and younger voters are slightly more likely to support it, according to a Quinnipiac University poll:  * City Drinks Plan Questioned(WSJ) * Bloomberg Philanthropies is offering millions of dollars to mayors that come up with replicable ideas for innovation.  * A formerly obese man writes an open letter to Bloomberg, saying education – not food or drink bans – is the key to helping people lose weight.  *Bloomberg is not the first mayor to cause a beverage controversy.

Don't Complain Just Give the Taxi Man All You Money

Cabbies like hike – but want more(NYP) Cab drivers are backing New York City’s effort to raise fares, but also want another, new surcharge placed on riders as well. The New York City Council is set to pass a bill that would raise fines on taxi drivers that knowingly shuttle trafficking victims * TLC Settles On Fare Hike Proposal(NY1)

Taxi Drivers and Hookers








Two-faced Mike Mulgrew(NYP Ed) * Bloomberg’s push to make it easier to fire teachers who have sexual contact with students has little chance of passing the Legislature this year, the DN reports.


Principal Was Given An Offer She Could Not Refuse
PS 90 principal juggles tunes to ‘keep the heat off’ after 'USA', Bieber song ban (NYP) * 'Horndog High' student raps about school's sex scandals(NYDN)

More Education News


An Independent Monitor for the Police Is Proposed(NYT) Two dozen members of the New York City Council plan to introduce a bill today that would create an office of the inspector general to monitor the NYPD * NYC City Council members propose police oversight(WSJ) * The prominent Rev. Floyd Flake is backing the NYPDs use of the controversial stop-and-frisk practice(NYP) * The Times’ Jim Dwyer says opponents of stop-and-frisk are planning a massive, silent and unpermitted march on Father’s Day: * A new documentary details what stop-and-frisk is like to those who have been victims of it. 

NY Closed for Business . . . City Unemployment Rate  9.5% National 8.2%
A new state mandated increase on the amount businesses must pay for injured employees in workers comp cases have some wondering if New York is really “open for business.” * Standard & Poor’s downgraded the New York state Thruway to a negative financial outlook, warning travelers of higher tolls ahead. But it also reaffirmed the authority’s “A-plus” long-term rating on its general revenue bonds.  * The rating agency cited “uncertainty” surrounding how the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge will be funded as a reason for its decision.* Skelos extended an “invitation” to the Assembly Democrats (via a TU OpEd) to pass the GOP’s small business tax cut package.

Budget Breakdown: Differing Budget Projections Based On Complex Revenue Forecasts

Bill Hammond is a supporter of the Committee to Save New York’s agenda, but he doesn’t like the secrecy that surrounds its donor list, which would be “more defensible” if it acted like a regular lobbying group and not a PAC.*
. argues CSNY isn't really a business lobby but a pro-Cuomo lobby -- but w/unlimited secret $


Mayor to unveil Willets Point mall plan(NYDN)

A new plan by the Cuomo administration would permit hydrofracking only in struggling communities near the Pennsylvania border, and would only be permitted in communities that want it. * NYT reporter Danny Hakim answered readers’ questions about the governor’s fracking plan. * Cuomo’s fracking decision has implications beyond New York – particularly if he decides to run for president in 2016.

Concerns about plan to extend natural gas pipeline in Queens(NYDN)


City Officials Launching Full Investigation Of Bronx Landlord(WCBS)
* Tenants of vacated building meet with city agencies(WABC) * Displaced Bronx Residents Search for Answers(NBC)

Suit Filed to Stop FreshDirect Plan for a South Bronx Complex(NYT)

SUNY Downstate Medical Center's President Suddenly Quits(NYT)

Very cool: an architectural designer is cataloging all of New York’s neon signs. 

For New York Archdiocese’s One New Priest, a Lonely Distinction(NYT) * City Urges Requiring Consent for Jewish Rite(NYT)




A Suburban-Style Mall Is Rising in the Bronx(NYT)




The Making of A President 2012
For Romney and Obama, Frantic Pace of Fund-Raising(NYT) * Arizona Race to Succeed Giffords Won by Democrat(NYT) * Two Worlds Cracking Up(NYT) The euro zone that came into being after the cold war and the Arab state system that came into being after World War I are both coming unglued at once. * Poll: Weak economy hits Obama approval rating(The Hill) * Arizona is still a long shot for Obama * New polling shows that Obama’s advantage on the economy has disappeared.  * Newt Gingrich called for an end to limits on campaign contributions.   *Newt Gingrich Battles Al Sharpton Live On MSNBC  Axelrod Cried When Obamacare Was Passed(NY Mag) * Is It Time for Democrats to Panic? - Karen Tumulty, Washington Post *  Romney Scaling the "Blue Wall" - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal * Northern Virginia Edge Could Be Pivotal for Obama - Scott Conroy, RCP * How Obama Can Win the Fiscal Showdown - Peter Orszag, Democracy * A Foolproof Plan for Obama - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * A "Fine" Case Against President Obama - Reince Priebus, RealClearPolitics * Obama vs. Romney: The Battle of the Century - Edward Glaeser, Bloomberg * Not Jeb Bush's Republican Party? - John Dickerson, Slate * Reagan "Very Comfortable" With Tea Party - Charles Krauthammer, FOX * Election 2012: Rasmussen: Romney +4 | Reuters/Ipsos: Obama +1 * RT : Casino mogul giving $10 million to Mitt Romney super PAC * Obama For Rep. Clarke(NYO) * Colin Powell sings (a version of) “Call Me Maybe”.* Obama's Path: Romney Is Very Beatable - John Cassidy, The New Yorker * Why Scott Walker Succeeded & Obama Is Failing - Ed Morrissey, The Week * Romney Is Blatantly Lying on National Stage - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones * Der Spiegel Turns on Obama - John Fund, National Review * The Crisis of American Families - Pat Caddell & Doug Schoen, Politico * 2012 Polls: Wisconsin (RasRpts): Romney +3 | Nevada (PPP): Obama +6


No New Trial for Edwards (NYT)

Jon Stewart Tears Apart FL Gov. Rick Scott’s Curiously Targeted ‘Voter Purge’ * Justice Department Takes Big Action Against Florida Voter Purge(Huff Post)

Not the First Time Wall Street Bankers Lied to Congress


High Court to Free Manhattan DAs' Political Prisoner 
Madam points to clients in court papers(NYP) Matt Lauer gets an exclusive with Anna Gristina, the alleged 'soccer mom madam' running an Upper East Side brothel. On tmw's 'Today.'




Law and Order
* Bloody killer went back  to buy Band-Aids (NYDN) *Killers with no Clue(NYDN)* Fight leads to fatal stabbing and shot teen  NYDN) * No new perv-teach law on tap (NYDN) * Tragic dad sez toughen Leandra law(NYDN) *Cop who crashed car into Tiffany’s gets 6 months in jai (NYDN) * Prime Suspect In 2004 Murder Of Sarah Fox Claims He Had (WABC) * Suspects wanted in Bronx shooting(WABC) * One dead in Washington Heights shooting(WABC) * NYPD officersurrenders in Ramarley Graham case(WABC) * Brazen electronics heist at Bronx high school(WABC) * Plea deal for Staten Island husband in homicide(SI Advance) *Cops bust man in alleged Queens rape(NYP) * Pleads not guilty in death of unarmed Bronx teen, released on $50K bail(NYP) * WATCH: Police hunt suspects wanted for shooting at police officer in Hunts Point(NYO) * Cops bust thug who mugged Justice Sotomayor's cousin(NYP) * Streetsblog said that Ray Kelly is dissembling about accident investigations. *NYPD officer pleads not guilty in fatal shooting of Bronx teen, released on $50K bail(NYP) *Man Offers Guilty Plea, Upending Terror Trial


Lenny Rosado, father of the little girl, Leandra, who died in an alcohol-related crash in 2009, urged the Assembly to pass a bill strengthening her namesake law. …The Assembly Transportation Committee tabled the measure yesterday.

Police Officer To Surrender In Connection With Shooting Of Bronx Teen(NY1)

* 2 Court Cases at Once for Family of Bronx Man Killed by the Police

Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Manslaughter: 'I Thought He Was Going to Shoot Me So I Shot Him'(WNYC)

New Method to Track Gun Use Is Stalled(NYT) Microstamping is a big issue in several states, with the NRA et al pushing back very hard. The Assembly might debate the bill as early as today.