Monday, June 11, 2012

True News Technical Problems Improving

Election 2012   
Assembly members Rory Lancman and Grace Meng hit opponent over debate attendance but have missed more than 75% of votes since launching campaigns (NYDN) Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley also seeking redrawn 6th Congressional District seat in Queens * Rangel Plays Washington Card in Contest (WSJ) * There are two NY-13 debates taking place today. Sen. Adriano Espaillat’s campaign says he’ll be participating in both. No word on Rangel’s plans. * Borrero ‏@GersonBorrero .@williecolon will be formally endorsing .@cbrangel after a meeting to be scheduled soon. I just reported .@NotiLuz740 * Who Will Win The New York Times Congressional Endorsements? (NYO)* Women Vote! Spends $38,000 more on Grace Meng(C&S)  * Brad Hoylman Makes It Official (NYO) * A Romantic Night Out With Congressional Candidate Grace Meng Involves Campaigning(NYO) * Congressman Grimm declares ‘Justin Bieber Is Not A Substitute for American Patriotism’ * The Brooklyn Republicans will be honoring Rep. Bob Turner as their Man of the Year at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner tonight. Rudy Giuliani is keynoting the event.*GOP NY-6 candidate, NYC Councilman Dan Halloran, on his Democratic opponents: “The three Democrats in this race, like President Obama, don’t have real private sector job experience.” (Actually, there are four contenders in the June 26 primary) * Cuomo Raises For State Party (YNN) * A rambling -- but happy -- Charlie Rangel plows ahead with his reelection campaign (NYO) * Nydia Velázquez was endorsed by the RWDSU * Lobbyists are dumping a lot of moneyinto the campaign coffers of New York officials.Charlie Rangel hung out with Willie Colón at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. * 

It Is A Race After All
Team Jeffries From Manhattan and Other Places Worried About Barron in Low Turnout
Brooklyn Congresswoman Yvette Clarke is set to endorse Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries' congressional campaign some time this week, according to a source with knowledge of the endorsement. Clarke's political club, the Progressive Political Association, has already endorsed Jeffries, and over the weekend Clarke spoke on Jeffries' behalf at a church service. The endorsement should be helpful because the Caribbean vote is key in the Canarsie, Flatbush and East Flatbush neighborhoods of Congressional District 8, where Jeffries is running against New York City Councilman Charles Barron. Una Clarke, the congresswoman's mother and the first Jamaican-American elected to the City Council, has also been making phone calls on Jeffries' behalf in the Caribbean community, where she remains popular. A week ago, Barron landed the backing of the NY-08 incumbent, retiring Rep. Ed Towns. (City and State) The Cuomo administration retained a high-powered consultant who is a self-described devotee of Ayn Rand to help deal with Genting on the now-collapsed $4 billion convention project next to its Aqueduct racino. * /politicians-gather-to-denounce-charles-barron-as-an-anti-semite-and-enemy-of-the-state-of-israe * Politicians Blast Ed Towns For Endorsing Charles Barron (NYO) * Charles Barron Dismisses ‘Anti-Semitic’ Press Conference As A ‘Distraction’ (NYO)

So Called Women's Leader Leave Out Nussbaum in Her Letter to Queens Tribune Publisher Demanding That the Paper Stop the Sex Ads
Jawin's letter to Schenkler (Queens Crap) * A Local Media Fights Uncovers A Failure in Journalism (True News) * A Takeover of Journalism by Politicians and Lobbyist (True News)

Cuomo Says the Gambing Lobbying Money is About Creating Jobs

Cuomo Defends Ties to Ally Backed by Gambling Group(NYT)                                 
Cuomo Poll Numbers Strong
Cuomo is viewed favorably by 70 percent of New York voters, who also support a higher minimum wage, small business tax relief and medical marijuana, according to a new Siena College Poll * Richard Brodsky said Cuomo positions himself as “hard right on economics and hard left on social issues.” * Cuomo using high-powered gaming adviser (TU) Cuomo: “I understand the point, and I understand the general idea that there’s too much money in the political system.”…But, I’ve worked with groups that represent the biggest companies in this state, the biggest labor unions in this state, distinguished citizens in this state, to create jobs, and that’s what it’s all about.” *
Cuomo 2014 Soaks Up Lobbying Cash (YNN)

Document Drop: Pay-To-Play, Albany Style (NYDN) Getting this in under the close-of-business wire, but here's a new analysis by NYPIRG's Bill "TechMagic" Mahoney for you to peruse, this one focused on the always fascinating topic of pay-to-play. On the topic of lobbying groups and their employees, Mahoney notes, "Over the past year, they have donated $1.8 million to state-level candidates. Gov. Cuomo received significantly more in direct contributions from these firms than any other candidate or party committee."

In 2001 True News Reported Councilman Wills Got $33,000 From Huntley the Same Amount He Owed for Child Support at the Time . . .  After indictments of who of her aides and this investigation of the money she gave Wills why is Huntley Still Not the Target of the AG's Investiation?  
Attorney general investigates $33,000 state grant tied to City Councilman Ruben Wills' nonprofit (NYDN)Eric Schneiderman files motion to compel New York 4 Life to open its books. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is probing a $33,000 state grant that is unaccounted for after it was doled out to a nonprofit tied to City Councilman Ruben Wills by his former boss, State Sen. Shirley Huntley. Late last year, Wills, a Democrat, settled a 15-year-old Manhattan larceny case after he repeatedly skipped court dates, even after a judge issued a bench warrant. *True News Asked in its March 21, 2011 edition: TN asked the  NYT and Daily news to look at was a CHN report last years on how Huntley Steered $33,000 Member Item To Top Aide Wills Now Running For Council * Charity pol probed AG eyeing Huntley over shady nonprofit mWills has another non profit called the Christen Baseball League that nobody seems to know if it has ever sponsored a game. * NYC Councilman Ruben Willis and his attorney stormed out of a meeting with the office of AG Eric Schneiderman, who is probing a member item given to Wills’ nonprofit, New York 4 Life, by his former boss, Sen. Shirley Huntley.

Daily News Tells BOE They Can Do Better By Hiring Monkey's to Count Votes
The Board of Elections goes round and round (again) (NYDN) Use computers to count the votes, not paper and pencil * The News says the residents of the monkey house at the Bronx Zoo have greater intelligence than officials at the New York City Board of Elections, and calls for the use of computers to count votes, instead of papers and pencils

Newsweek Profiles Ray A Kelly
Ray Kelly’s NYPD Battles with the FBI (Newsweek)The New YorkCity Police Commissioner is beating the enemy—if only the feds don't get in his way. * Salon’s Alex Pareene points out Newsweek Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown has a cozy relationship with the commish. 

Mutiny on Bloomberg Bounty
Pork medallion$ (NYP)
Mike rips taxi bigs’ fare game mSources said industry leaders hope to convince members of the mayor’s own Taxi and Limousine Commission to vote against his plan for raising fares while excluding fleet owners from getting a share. If successful, that would amount to an unprecedented end run around the administration by an industry it tightly regulates.

Bloomberg Vetoes Living Wage BillAfter Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed a living wage bill, a Guardian columnist called hizzoner “no centrist dream and “a hypocritical rightwing nightmare.” 

Bloomberg Uses the Black Church As A Bully Pulpit to Defend Stop and Frisk

Stop-and-Frisk Policy ‘Saves Lives,’ Mayor Tells Black Congregation(NYT) Bloomberg gave his first full speech defending the practice of stop-and-frisk before a black congregation in Brooklyn, arguing that it had helped make New York the safest big city in the country, while acknowledging that the police needed to treat those whom they stopped with greater respect * Call for Fixing Frisks (WSJ) * Stop-And-Frisk Debate Stretches From Church To A Parade(NY1) * The mayor also said NYC is on track to record the lowest number of murders in its history. * Bloomberg Says Stop-and-Frisks Should Be ‘Mended, Not Ended’ (NY Mag) * Chicago crime wave: 8 dead, 40 hurt over weekend. Crisis ‘won’t be solved overnight,’ chief says (CBS)

DiNapoli $48,000 Pay to Play With Anti-Chevon Campaign Contributors
DiNapoli anti-oil $poils (NYP)  Chevron-foe bucks.  DiNapoli has become one of the most vocal critics of Chevron Corp. — and the recipient of thousands of dollars in campaign cash from the oil company’s biggest foe — since taking office in 2007.

The Assembly is poised to pass a version of Cuomo’s pot decriminalization plan this week. The Senate majority remains opposed. * The Syracuse Post-Standard calls Cuomo’s pot plan a “pragmatic approach.”

Cuomo $70 Million to Save 1199/SEIU Insurance Fund
Union Fund Gets Another Albany Assist (WSJ) Under a deal approved by Gov. Cuomo, the troubled insurance fund for 1199/SEIU will get a $70 million government bailout, the second taxpayer assist in less than a year for the powerful union's employee benefits fund

Top Education Issues in Today's  Papers : No Patriotism or Sex
City Schools Chancellor backs principal's decision to silence patriotic song (NYP) The News says the rise in sexual misconduct allegations against public school teachers should lead Albany to give New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott the final say on teacher terminations: * Gathering Online, Alumni of an Elite School Share Their Accounts of Abuse(NYT) * Charter vs. Charter in a Shared Harlem Building(NYT) * Grad Rates Rise Slightly (YNN)

Panel Assembles To Discuss Sex Abuse Cases In Brooklyn(NYDN) * Effort to change Orthodox Jewish policies on sex abuse(WABC) * Unorthodox Orthodox Counselor To Hasidic Community On Trial In Sex Abuse Case (Huff Post)

No Gulp But 66 Hot dogs Ok
If he’s going to go after large size sugary drinks, why isn’t Bloomberg cracking down on so-called “wiener orgies” like the upcoming annual hot dog eating contest?

Police Unit Draws Scrutiny for Its Handling of Crashes Involving Pedestrians(NYT)

Bike-Share Rides Past Neighborhood(WSJ) On the map showing the dozens of bike-share stations that will soon freckle northwestern Brooklyn, there is just one neighborhood-size void in the network: the ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclave of South Williamsburg.

Transportation officials nix Sheridan Expressway remova (NYDN)

Norman Oder ‏@AYReport   #AtlanticYards rally, Rev. Clinton Miller: "Bruce Ratner received public dollars so he can receive private profit" #BarclaysCenter
B'klyn neighbors frustrated about Barclays Center worker (NYDN)

Occupy Trinity Church

Trespassing Case Adds Strain to Trinity Church’s Ties With Occupy Protesters(NYT)

Schneiderman plans to cancel the registration of 1,649 charities, cutting off their ability to raise private funds and get state taxpayer-funded government grants, because they have not filed required paperwork with his Charities Bureau. * The AG penned on OpEd for the National Law Journal about the importance of going after “tax cheats.”

No Chicken in Chinatown

Chinatown Fair Is Back, Without Chickens Playing Tick-Tack-Toe(NYT)

New York Post's Schizophrenia (Daily Beast)  Tabloid Taps and Slaps Newsweek. The front cover of the New York Post is devoted to a screaming scandal lifted from the pages of Newsweek.The trumpeting of Newsweek’s cover story on Mary Kennedy is hardly surprising. The Rupert Murdoch tabloid loves to package other people’s reporting in World War III headlines. * Mary's family blasts RFK Jr. over 'vindictive lies' after affidavit released (NYP)

More Media News
POLITICO is expanding.* Dylan Ratigan will leave MSNBC.* Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC With Big, Vague Plans(NY Mag) * Joy Behar will sub for Eliot Spitzer next week before launching her own show on Current TV.

The Making of A President 2012
McCain slams Obama for leaks to NY Times(NYP) *Police Investigate Commerce Secretary For Hit-And-Run Crash(Huff Post) * President Obama faces a frustrated Latino electorate.* Fewer bills are becoming law in Congress.* Journalists Are Becoming Oppo Researchers(NY Mag) * Obama's Re-Election Effort Shaken By Rough Stretch - Rick Klein, ABC * President Obama's Harry Truman Opening - Juan Williams, The Hill * The Tipping Point for Obama - John Ellis, RealClearPolitics * Can Labor Get Obama Re-Elected? - Sasha Issenberg, Slate * What Would Obama Do With a Second Term? - Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker * Out-of-Touch Mitt Strikes Again - Roland Martin, CNN * Splits in the Democratic Coalition Resurface - Niall Stanage, The Hill * Is Anybody Boring Enough to Be Romney's No. 2? - Molly Ball, The Atlantic * Why Romney Will Pick Rubio - Joseph Curl, Washington Times * No, Mr. President, the Economy Is Not Fine - Washington Examiner * Court Sows Distrust With Justices' Political Activity - Boston Globe * It's Time for a Special Prosecutor to Plug the Leaks - New York Post * Romney's Divisive Play for Vouchers - Tampa Bay Times * House committee schedules contempt vote for Holder (NYP) *Jeb Bush Takes Aim at Fellow Republicans (NYT) * Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says neither his father, George H.W. Bush, nor Ronald Reagan would make it in today’s Republican Party.* Mitt Romney will go on a bus tour. American Crossroads, a super PAC founded by Republican strategist Karl Rove, apologizedafter suggesting Commerce Secretary John Bryson was drinking when he had a pair of car accidents that were determined to be the result of a seizure. * Conor Freidersdorf on the absurdity of the White House’s outrage over leaks in their drone strike program. * If the Affordable Care Act goes down to defeat, Obama’a first term may look pretty thin. * Obama’s data advantage (Politico)

Number 1 Cuomo Fan Dicker Dreams of A Presidency
Speculation is circulating that ex-President Bill Clinton could be Cuomo’s secretary of state following a potential 2016 presidential run, the Post’s Fred Dicker writes:

A perjury rap, too? (NYP) New questions for Jon Corzine * Another Bank Bailout (Krugman, NYT)
An old routine plays out in Spain, with the banks getting help while the unemployed continue to suffer. * Nasdaq CEO Lost Touch Amid Facebook Chaos(WSJ)

For Patz Suspect, a Life Filled With Tumult and Family Mistrust(NYT) * What we know about confessed Etan killer: He grew up in Puerto Rico, dropped out of high school, had troubled marriages (WNYC)*
In Puerto Rico, Shock and Anger Over a Murder in SoHo (NYT)

Giants tackle busted for DWI with blood-alcohol twice legal limit: police(NYP)

NYC thieves now stealing cooking grease (NYP)

Law and Order
Giants Lineman Arrested in Queens After Crashing Car(WSJ) * Police: Drunk man fell asleep in wrong NY house (WSJ) * Police Search For Manhattan Man's Alleged Killer(NY1) * Police: New York Giant David Diehl Crashed Into Four Parked(NYDN) * Hasidic Jew fired from NYPD over beard length(WABC) * Giants' David Diehl arrested on suspicion of drunk driv(NYDN) * Giants Lineman Arrested for DWI: Sources(NBC) * Giants Lineman Charged With Drunken Driving After Crashing Car (NYT) * NYPD officer to be charged in death of Ramarley Graham (News12 Bronx)

Victims Of Triple Murder Near Columbia University ID'd(Huff Post)

Ex-cop: Officers beat me (NYP)