Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Press Conference Aganist Barron Speaks to Wind

Panic inside Team Jeffries

Today they brought out the big guns Ed Koch, Congressman Nadler and Assembly Dov Hikind at a press conference called Barron “anti Semite,” “scary monster” and “bigot.” Koch and company was trying to scare the Jewish community to vote in what has so far been a very poorly run campaign by the Jeffries camp. 
Those Manhattan lobbyists that forced out Congressman Towns did not think he would get even or that Barron will be a better candidate than Jeffries.   * Politicians Gather To Denounce Charles Barron As An 'Anti-Semite' And 'Enemy of the State of Israel' * Barron responded that the whole issue was a “distraction.”* Hikind: Barron Supports Syrian Dictator, Too (C&S) * Another major union is endorsing Charles Barron.

Koch Buddy Lobbyist George Arzt Running the Jeffries' Campaign Out of Manhattan Still Thinks Meade Esposito Can Deliver the Vote in Southern Brooklyn
A Machine captain from the white area of Barron's district says that Koch has a big problem.  The 30 captain said the the Jews in the district have no idea there is an election in two weeks or who Barron or Jerrries are.  Koch and Jeffries campaign funded and run out of Manhattan have been counting on the same people who lost the Fidler and Weprin races,  to pull a vote for them.  What Team Jeffries does not understand that or failed to analysis why Fidler and Weprin lost in district that have not elected republican in 100 years.   If they bothered to ask the captain he would have told them that theThomas Jefferson Club  and Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez do not have the ability to reach the new voter in their district that Jeffries needs to beat Barron.

Meet the New Political Boss From Russia With Votes
On One Man Has the Ability To Pull the Vote Jeffries' Needs At This Late Date (13 Days till the election) The NY Times called him the King Maker of Little Russia  The NYT was referring to was Gregory Davidzon a Russian  radio station owner who has over the last three years repeatedly demonstrated the proven vote pulling experience to help Jeffries.  Davidzon in 2010 made David Greenfield a councilman by pulling out over 2000 Russian voters for the councilman.  This year Davidzon support was critical in the shocking win of Congressman Turner over David Weprin.  If I were running the Jeffries campaign I would move my campaign out of Manhattan (if you can find a taxi to Brooklyn) and park myself inside Davidzon radio station, pulling Russian votes from Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Coney Island and Starrett City. There are over 7500 Registered Russian Democrats living in those communities * A Russian Tragedy(True News) More

Election 2012   Foe tangles with Rangel(NYP) * School-bus horror(NYP) * Debate’s Main Quarrel: If Rangel Should Retire(NYT) At a debate last evening, the only fundamental disagreement between Rep. Charlie Rangel and his four challengers was over whether Rangel should retire * Dems vying for Congress face off in debate(NYDN) * THE PEREZ NOTES: Jessica Lappin on THE PEREZ NOTES: * Sen. Adriano Espaillat and Rep. Charlie Rangel tangled over whether the veteran Harlem congressman is indispensable.* …this occurred at a debate at which Rangel’s iPad interrupted the proceedings and the congressman and the senator had a pre-event moment.* The Campaign For Our Future SuperPAC is dropping 100,000 pieces of anti-Charlie Rangel mail to residents in his new congressional district, with the words, “Sorry, Charlie. “Barack Obama isn’t supporting Charlie Rangel. Why should we? It’s time for new leadership, fresh ideas and a new voice for our community in Washington.” * Charlie Rangel wants to compare resumes with his opponents.  * local EMT workers unions endorse . * Dan Halloran turned his campaign’s attention to – Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks? * Senate hopeful Bob Turner features Rudy Giuliani in his latest ad (NYO) * Crowley lied to civic group about Maspeth park project(Queens Crap)* David Paterson Wades Into Flushing Assembly Race * 2013 Mayoral Candidates Square Off In First Debate Of Campaign Season(NYO) * NYC Carpenters To Back Liz Crowley, Erik Dilan(C&S) * In First Forum, NYC Mayoral Contenders Slam Bloomberg’s MWBE Policy, Make Job Offers(C&S)
* When Charlie Rangel Met His Supporters, And Adriano Espaillat [Video](NYO) * Charles Barron vs. Hakeem Jeffries on Foreign Policy(NYO) * Elizabeth Crowley and Erik Dilan got a union endorsement apiece as well.* Adriano Espaillat said Charlie Rangel’s absence from last night’s Bronx debate was “egregious.”* Rory Lancman is getting aggressive on the Social Security issue. * At the debate Rangel did attend, he debated the importance of length in office. * Espaillat denied charges that he’s ignoring the African-American vote. *  Rangel dismissed his ethics problems.* Other outlets also wrote about today’s City & State mayoral candidate forum.* C&S reported City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley is in line to pick up the backing of the New York City District Council of Carpenters, while DNAinfo noted Crowley today secured the endorsement of the Uniformed EMT’s, Paramedics and Fire Inspectors. * The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Leadership PAC endorsed Meng.* Racial Politics Likely to Reemerge As a Major Theme of the 2013 Mayoral Campaign(YNN) * GOP Rep. Bob Turner, running for U.S. Senate, rails against pot, Big Gulp ban during Staten Island pitstop.(SI Advance) * Mayoral Candidates Share Stage For First Time(NY1)

History is Being Made: Two Pols Involved in the Same Scandal
Daily News Asks Sen. Huntley, how Wills was fit to be a top aide, as well as how you kept tabs on the money you funneled to him
City Councilman Ruben Wills is a New York Knucklehead (NYDN) Queens Democrat became a political outcast in record time. Queens Councilman Ruben Wills has set a new record for drawing high animosity through, of all the knuckleheaded things, low-rent chiseling.Wills has refused to explain what happened to the cash, forcing AG Eric Schneiderman and Controller Tom DiNapoli to issue subpoenas and seek redress in court. 
After Years of Charges Against Wills the State AG Forces Quinn Hand . . .  Will She Investigate the Council Slush Fund Now?
Council Member Stripped of Powers(WSJ) Queens Councilman Ruben Wills has been booted by Council Speaker Christine Quinn from the body’s budget negotiating team and stripped of his power to dole out member items amid a probe into Wills’ use of taxpayer money for a non-profit * After a report that Ruben Willis is being investigated by the state attorney general for misappropriating City Council funds, the Council is mounting their own investigation.* When will the council investigation start against Maria del Carmen Arroyo?

Cuomo's Lingering CSNY Problem
Maggie Haberman on why the Committee to Save New York story is lingering: “(I)t has a whiff of secrecy; and it is the first negative storyline lasting several days that Cuomo, whose approval ratings remain sky high, has faced. * Analysis: Cuomo's Undelivered Promise(NBC). Photo Credit: AP  * The powerful state and NYC teachers unions are pushing Cuomo to allow parents to see the evaluations of their kids’ teachers by appointment only with school principals. * Cuomo received more donations from lobbying firms and their employees – $423,278 from January 2011 to January 2012 – than any other elected official in the state, a new report reveals. * In addition, lobbyists steered their clients money to places where they thought it should go.  *Cuomo Admin Responds To NYT Editorial (Updated) *   Our original Genting story noted that Cuomo took steps towards a position on casino expansion starting in June 2011. * Environmental Groups Push For Campaign Finance(YNN) * Steve Wynn, newly installed on Central Park South, says restricting casino licenses 'opens the door for corruption'(Capital) * NY1 Online: Wise Guys Call On Cuomo Lobbyist To Come Clean

City Officials Launching Full Investigation Of Bronx Landlord(WCBS)

Let the sun shine in (NYP Ed) The Post calls for the passage of a bill requiring the public listing of the names and pensions awarded to state retirees: * More than one out of every 10 police officers and firefighters in the New York state pension system retired last year with pensions exceeding $100,000 a year, a three-fold increase over the past decade


City Backlog Will Be Seen on Tax Bills(WSJ) Due to a backlog in verifying whether New York City homeowners are legally entitled to a wide range of property-tax exemptions, thousands will receive bills next month that are higher than they should be.* Businesses are steaming over a new double-digit increase in the amount they pay for injured employees in workers’ compensation cases, despite a 2007 that was supposed to control such costs.* Differing Budget Projections Based On Complex Revenue Forecasts(NY1)




City Seeks Company to Manage Parking Meters(WSJ)

The Cities Jewish Population is Up But the Number of Jewish Congressman May Fall from 4 to 2 This Year

Aided by Orthodox, City’s Jewish Population Is Growing Again(NYT) “Explosive” growth among deeply religious groups has fueled the population rise, a study says, challenging the entrenched image of New York Jews as liberal, affluent and well educated. * The city’s Jewish population has increased to 1.1 million due to increasing birth rates among the Orthodox, who are more conservative and less well-off than the rest of the city’s Jewish population.


Obesity Ills Won’t Budge, Fueling Soda Battle by Bloomberg(NYT) Bloomberg’s controversial ban on large sodas is fueled in large part by the fact that other, less intrusive efforts to combat obesity have not worked * Supporters Of Sugary Drink Ban Rally On City Hall Steps(NY1) * The city is asking agencies and contractors to buy more local food.  * The ban will go before the Board of Health this morning.   *Mayor's Proposed Sugary Drinks Ban Goes Before Health Board(NY1) * WATCH: London Mayor Says NY Soda Ban 'Refugees' Can Come To London * At Starbucks, Uncertainty Over Impact of Bloomberg’s Drink Plan(NYT) * Board Of Health Advances Mayor's Proposed Large Sugary Drink Ban(NY1)

Clinton Hill and Williamsburg experienced some of the highest gentrification in the country. * Kelly Anderson, 'My Brooklyn' Director, Discusses Brooklyn Gentrification(Huff Post)

For Comedian, Leading Her Condo Board Is a Serious Matter(NYT)

City Grad Rate Flat
 City Graduation Rates Steady(WSJ) New York City public school graduation rates were largely flat last year, even as they rose in the state's other large cities, according to state data released Monday * Guiding Gifted Students(WSJ) * City's High School Grad Rate Flatlines, Data Shows(NY1)  * Albany Still Unsure Over How To Make Teacher Evaluations Public(NY1) * Borough Park school to offer school-wide chess course(NYDN) * Unions want Cuomo to allow parents to see teacher evaluations (NYDN) * Magnet and Charter Schools Jostle Over Space(NYT) * Parents Push for Faster PCB Removal(NYT) * Graduation rates hit new highs in NYC(WABC) * City Urged to Slow Down on Special Ed Plans(NYT)

What Ever Happen to the School Fight Songs?

Student Raps About Scandals In His Brooklyn High School(NY1) * Bronx Prosecutor Seeks Reports of Past Abuse at Horace Mann(NYT) * Council Speaker Demands Bronx DA Review Prep School Abuse Claims(NY1)

Country singer Lee Greenwood to Brooklyn principal who banned 'God Bless the USA': Decision 'offends me as a Christian'

 A judge rejected an effort by the city to review the bills it pays to a special monitor charged with overseeing the FDNY’s minority hiring practices.

Residents, pols irked only 1 park has been built on Williamsburg waterfront (NYDN) City promised 3 new parks in 2005

A widely criticized recent report from a SUNY Buffalo institute that suggested fracking is safe has sparked controversy far beyond the school’s confines, causing some professors to say its reputation is sullied. 

Broadcast media outlets in Albany are trying to ambitiously cover the capital, even as resources are increasingly strained, the Buffalo News says: http://bit.ly/Mp33Ld


The Making of A President 2012

Loss Leader Jeb Bush positions himself as the senior Republican if Romney loses by saying his party better ease up on immigration. * With Vouchers Unspoken, Romney Hails School Choice(NYT) * Obama has the support of 59 percent of New York voters, widening his lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney to 24 points, according to a Siena College Poll * Mitt Romney’s claim that after Obamacare is implemented, government will account for half of the economy seems inflated. * Compared to Mitt Romney, Barack Obama has a convoluted message.   * Mitt Romney will be fundraising in the Hamptons next month.   * The Obama campaign hit Romney on his job creation record.  * More on Jeb Bush, man without a party.   Obama's terrible month keeps getting worse, says (Wash Post) * There's No Thatcher in Sight to Rescue Europe - Simon Nixon, WSJ *  A Scary Dearth of Leadership in America - Frank Bruni, New York Times  Cutbacks In Public Sector Are What's Hurting - Paul Krugman, CBS News * George W. Bush's Legacy Still Hangs Over GOP - Michael Crowley, Time * New Threats to Obama's Reelection Bid - Joe Trippi, FOX News * What Obama Should Have Done in 2009 - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * GOP & Obama Have a Massive Conflict of Visions - Rich Lowry, NRO * Does Obama Know Why Cities Can't Hire More? - Josh Barro, Bloomberg * Under Obama and Bush, Government Has Exploded - Laffer & Moore, WSJ * Why U.S. Must Reinstate Glass-Steagall - Luigi Zingales, Financial Times * Normandy's Lessons for Obama--& All of Us - Reed Galen, RealClearPolitics * What the Obama Leaks Have Wrought - Richard Cohen, Washington Post * Pennsylvania (Quinnipiac): Obama 46, Romney 40 | RCP Electoral Map * Obama's Right, Sound-Bite Duel Lacks Context - Philadelphia Inquirer David Brooks asks why oh why American people distrustful of leaders. sez not so mysterious * HuffPo said Mitt Romney’s claim the federal government doesn’t pay for firemen, teachers or cops is incorrect. *President Obama’s support among Jewish New Yorkers dropped 22 points in the last month. * Romney won’t say whether he plans to take six figure presidential salary if he’s elected.* . writes that the new leak investigation could be the -Gate that haunts or sinks Obama's second term  * For Obama and Romney, Nonstop Fund-Raising * Obama Has a Jobs Plan. Romney Doesn't. - Ari Berman, The Nation * Dems to Obama: Voters Don't Buy Economy Talk - Byron York, Examiner * Obama's "Doing Fine" Gaffe May Help Him - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine * The Declining Prospects of the Middle Class - Roger Selbert, New Geography *  Obama's Problem With His Base - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard * Reuters/Ipsos: Obama 45, Romney 44 | State Polls: PA, IA, NC, NY, More


Columbia told: Boot Bashar babe(NYP)


Law and Order


Schools Chancellor Walcott Was Stopped By Police But Still Supports Frisks(NY1) * NY1 Online: Rev. Floyd Flake Defends Stop-And-Frisk * Mayor Mike Bloomberg said that the number of stop-and-frisks should drop significantly in the near future.

Breaking  Appellate court rules Anna Gristina should be granted $250K bond * Says DA busted her because she wouldn't ID high-powered pals: court doc(NYP) * Woman Said to Be Madam Wins Big Cut in Her Bail(NYT)

‘Madam’ black book teaser(NYP) Accused madam Anna Gristina says she’s the victim of extortion — by the Manhattan DA’s Office — in papers that offer a tantalizing peek into her alleged black book * Soccer Mom Madam changes bail strategy(NYDN)

Police Search For Rockaway Beach Rape Suspect(NY1) * Suspect in Marlins hat wanted for rape(NYDN)

was gone’ after bike smash (NYDN) * Feds: He’s good fella (on stand)(NYDN) * Outs self  as anti-gay, sues NYPD (NYDN) * Colombo trial has blood and red sauce(NYDN) * No jail for texting driver in Brooklyn fatal(NYDN) *Repeat domestic abusers face tough rap (NYDN) Legislative leaders and Cuomo agreed on a bill that will block people accused of murdering their husbands or wives from having control over their spouses’ burials. * 40 cuffed during Puerto Rico parade (NYDN) * Police Looking For Suspect Accused Of Raping 64-Year-Old (WCBS) * PA’s latest in-security(NYP) * Police searching for man who raped 64-year-old(WABC) * Occupy protesters set for trial in church break in (WABC)Cops Seek Rape Suspect in Rockaway Beach(NBC) * Cops: Man, woman shot on White Plains Road *Driver Who Fatally Struck Man While Texting Avoids Jail(NYT) * 8-y.o. slashes classmate's neck with razor in Bronx(NYP) * Legal Options Limited for Victims of Abuse at Horace Mann(NYT) * 2 Court Cases at Once for Family of Bronx Man Killed by the Police(NYT)
* Killers with no Clu(NYDN) * Cops: Bronx Boy, 8, Slashes Fellow Student, 9, With Blade (NYHDN) * Cop gets 6 months for drunk driving(NYP) * 200 cell phones nabbed in brazen Bronx heist(NYP) * Family of fallen NYPD officer receives special honor(WABC) *Child accused of stabbing another child at Bronx school(WABC) * Bronx DA creates abuse hotline in Horace Mann probe(WABC) * Leader of Staten Island ID theft ring gets 2 to 6 years(SI Advance) * Students Arrested for Vandalizing High School: Cops(NBC) * Boy Slashes Child on Playground(NBC) * NYPD Officer Sentenced To Six Months In Jail For Drunk(NY1)