Sunday, June 10, 2012

Technical Probems Fixed by this evening

Election 2012
The Daily News endorsed Hakeem Jeffries, declaring, “One man in this contest is a class act. The other is a malignant clown.” * In New York Race, Rangel Plays the DC Card - Wall Street Journal * Democratic clubs say Hell No to Shirley Huntley(Queens Poltics)

Mayor Ties Taxi Battle to City Jobs (WSJ)

TU: Cuomo's 16 Mllion $lush
NY1 Online: Reporters Roundtable Reflects on Questionable Donations for Gov. Cuomo * New York’s 
real scandal(TU) *NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney says the Committee to Save New York has “in many ways” been more valuable to Cuomo and his platform than a traditional super PAC might have been. * Analysis: $2M gambling bet puts focus on lobbyist (WSJ) *Fred LeBrun says “scandal” is too strong a word to describe the CSNY/Genting/Cuomo mess, but “embarrassment and taint are not.” 'Scandal' too strong; 'taint' isn't (TU) * Glens Falls Post-Star editor wonders if the CSNY’s efforts are the reason for Cuomo’s consistently high approval ratings, asking: “Do we really like what the governor is doing, or does he just have some really slick advertising?” Cuomo's approval rating raises questions (Poststar) Whither campaign finance reform, the Democrat & Chronicle asks, noting now would be a good time for the governor to start pushing it to help wash away the taint of the CSNY coverage.

Update Cuomo Defends Ties to Ally Backed by Gambling Group(NYT) * Mayor Defends Stop and Frisks to Brooklyn Churchgoers (DNA Info)

Effort to change Orthodox Jewish policies on sex abuse(WCBS)

Stop and FriskStop-and-frisk policy should be 'amended, not ended,' Bloomberg says(NYP) * Black Leaders and Gay Advocates March in Step (NYT) After years of tension between the two movements, both have made an effort to reach common ground on issues like same-sex marriage and the New York police’s stop-and-frisk policy. * Stop, Frisk, Record (NYT) A new application is intended for use by community groups documenting stop-and-frisk actions by the New York Police Department. * Stop-And-Frisk Debate Stretches From Church To A Parade (NY1) * Bloomberg: Amend but don't end Stop and Frisk(WCBS) * The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announced it will launch an inquiry into so-called “Stand Your Ground” legislation for racial bias.

Bloomberg Fights Back: Mayor Bloomberg says city incarceration rates have nosedived 30 percent over last decade:

‘Dean’ of boro journalism Dennis Holt dead at 77 (Brooklyn Paper)

Norman Oder ‏@AYReport   #AtlanticYards rally, Rev. Clinton Miller: "Bruce Ratner received public dollars so he can receive private profit" #BarclaysCenter

Trespassing Case Adds Strain to Trinity Church’s Ties With Occupy Protesters (NYT)

L Trains Are About to Become More Frequent (NYT) * 'L' trains being added to relieve overcrowding(WCBS)

9/11 Coverage Is Expanded to Cancers (WSJ)  A wide range of cancers is set to be added to the list of ailments covered by a $4.3 billion fund created to pay for medical treatment of people exposed to toxins following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Bronx tenants to reunite, strategize after fire escape fiasco led to rushed evacuation of 2400 Webb Ave. (NYDN)  Two hundred residents will be homeless for months

Councilman Peter Koo going ahead with controversial memorial (NYDN) Would honor Asian comfort women


Chelsea Market Expansion Plans Panned By Neighbors (Huff Post)

The Making of A President 2012
Scott Walker Responds To Romney Comment: Firemen And Police Are Not ‘Big Government’ * GOP, online commenters hit back at Obama's claim that US businesses are ‘doing fine’(NYP) * Boos From Latino Growth Not Fully Felt at Voting Booth (NYT) * Mitt Romney intends to court that constituency. * Emanuel: Race will come down to 5 states (CNN) *The Caucus: Obama Campaign Seeks to Move on After Tough Week(NYT)  * Obama's Love Affair With Government - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post *  President's Jobs Act Would Have Created Jobs - Dick Polman, Phil. Inquirer * Why the Middle Class Is Turning Towards GOP - Nolan Finley, Detroit News * Chronicling Mitt Romney's Mendacity - Steve Benen, MSNBC * Will Hillary Clinton Run for President? - Anne Kornblut, Washington Post * PoppyChic: George H.W. Bush - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * Lessons for Obama After Wisconsin - Paul Begala, The Daily Beast * Obama's Presser & the Politics of Stupid - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic * "Did He Really Say That?" - Major Garrett, National Journal *  What Do Historians Think of Obama Now? - Edward Klein, FOX News

A Look Back At Watergate
Woodward and Bernstein share first Washington Post byline in 36 years



WATCH: CNN Panel Hits At Fox News, MSNBC (Huff Post)

The New York Post bashed CUNY for its focus on diversity
How to count beans (NYP Ed)   It appears that the City University of New York has swallowed the “diversity at all costs” agenda hook, line and quota.

Law and Order
G-mom’s new target: mob rats who killed while on the FBI payroll(NYP) Mob fighter rips ‘see no evil’ feds in report to Congress * NYPD helps flutist recover stolen instruments
Party bus bloodshed: 19 revelers cuffed in South Street Seaport violence (NYP)

Columbia Triple Murder Suspect Caught on Tape Walking Calmly From Scene(DNA Info)