Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 Months After True News Publish Brooklyn Boss Lopez's Goal of Wiping Out Velazquez the NYT Gets It

The NYT Late and Early On Corrupt Dictator Story

On April 17, 2012 True News Wrote:
Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez Tet Offensive On Everything He Does Not Control . . . Going for the Kill

Wags the Times Dog: Today's NYT
The Biggest Rival for a Congresswoman From Brooklyn Isn’t Even on the Ballot(NYT) Nydia M. Velázquez’s best-known challenger for her seat is Councilman Erik M. Dilan, but she acts as though her biggest rival is Vito J. Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic Party’s leader. * District Race Is Heating Up(WSJ)

20 Years Ago the NYT Had Boss Lopez Number But Never Followed Up . . .  True News Did

Another Vito Lopez & NYT Caused Mess? Barron Jeffries Update
It’s do or die in Bed-Stuy for two Congressional candidates (NYDN) * Charles Barron Vs. Hakeem Jeffries For US Congress: New York Newspapers Line Up For Jeffries(Huff Post) * Bed-Stuy is the “Ohio” of the race between Charles Barron and Hakeem Jeffries.* Jewish leaders have purchased full page ads in major Jewish publications opposing Barron.(Does Anyone Read the Jewish Papers in the district) *Charles Barron may have the attention of national media and concerned Democrats, but he still doesn't have much money(Capital) * Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Charles Barron [Video](NYO) * Jeffries calls on Barron to denounce an unsolicited endorsement from David Duke(Capital New York) * John Lewis Robos For Hakeem Jeffries (NYO) * Queens Dems back Jeffries for 8th CD(Queens Chronicle) * Hakeem Jeffries could still win on the Working Families Party line if he loses to Charles Barron next Tuesday.

 Who Forced Towns Out and Why? Why did the court change the 8th district to favor Jeffries? Why are Manhattan Consultants Like George Artz's Running A Brooklyn Campaign (Badly) and cutting out all the local elected and operatives?

Election 2012  Campaign 2012 Notebook: 6th District race down to the wire(NYDN)
* FBI questions four in probe of Rep. Grimm(NYDN) * Bushwick hospital’s disgraced ex-CEO fundraises for Congressional contender  (NYDN) m Ousted Wyckoff Heights Medical Center head Rajiv Garg holds fundraiser for Councilman Eric Dilan* Apparently Sen Espaillat won't be in Albany on last day of session. Advisory says 10:30 am job creation/econ develop event in Harlem. * The Daily News and Staten Island Advance got additional sources to confirm the FBI’s investigation into Michael Grimm’s fundraising.* Gianaris: Senate Dems’ Debt ‘Stagnant’(YNN) * Jay Golub on THE PEREZ NOTES * PAC mailers sent out in NY-13 are riddled with errors. * Another endorsement for NY-13 primary candidate Clyde Williams, this time from the West Side Spirit.* The League of Conservation Voters spent $19,000 to send mailers supporting Charlie Rangel. * Robert Mittman’s adviser predicted Grace Meng wins the election. *Rangel Seeks to Minimize Any Concern About Age(nyt)

Bloggers Show No Respect to Blogger
If the Bloggers Do Not Give True News Respect Then They Should Not Complain When the Old Media Rips Off Their Story

True News Wags the Bloggers
The Secret Congressional Race in Queens(True News, May 14th, 2012) The Media Does Not Want You To Know That This Former City Councilman is Running Against A Congressman Under Several Federal Investigations

Today's Room Eight and Politicker Link
Charlie Rangel’s ethics troubles receive far more attention than Gregory Meeks’

Observer Says Where is Quinn's Leadership . . . How Can A Lifelong Puppet Lead
Quinn's Dilemma The editors of the Observer say it is not a good sign that Quinn is listening to the unions and activist and is torn between leadership and the instinct to pander, well, the Chelsea Market expansion is a terrible dilemma. Yes, any investment in a community makes economic sense, which is why the real estate industry and other officials support the project. But the not-in-my-backyard crowd in Chelsea is opposed to the project because, well, in the words of one critic, “corporate interests” are behind it. Imagine that. * Christine Quinn's Puppet Show and Political Farce - Video Dailymotion * Mike Bloomberg FOB + Christine Quinn Mike's ...(Artist Troy)

State GOP Director For Jewish Outreach Resigns Suddenly(NY1) Yossi Gestetner tell his side of his state GOP resignation story. More here.

 Gov Eval Plan Passes
Senate to approve Cuomo's bill limiting disclosure of instructors' ratings(NYP)
Breaking Victory for Cuomo
Senate Will Vote On Dislcosure Bill * Unlike the Senate, the NY Assembly is holding a lengthy discussion on the evaluation dislcosure measure* Cuomo’s Victory Statement(YNN) * Senate, Assembly pass Cuomo's bill limiting disclosure of teacher ratings(NYP) * Albany to Limit Disclosure of Teacher Evaluations(NYT) * .: Walcott & I will work to comply w/bill’s requirements & to ensure all available data is provided to every parent in system. on Teacher Eval: "parents have a right to full disclosure... about their child’s education... this bill falls short." . "disappointed" teach eval data bill falls short of full disclosure, commends Cuomo for approaching issue "in a serious way."

D-Day for teacher grade disclosures(NYP) * Clash Over Teacher Bill(WSJ) * Regents chief: Teacher data vote ‘urgent’ (NYDN)  Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch declared it “urgent” that the Senate pass Gov. Cuomo’s plan to restrict release of teacher evaluations before ending the legislative session Thursday,

NYP Asks What Happen to Cuomo the Students' Lobbyists
When extremism’s no vice(NYP Ed)  Now, what was that promise that you made, Gov. Cuomo? To be the “students’ lobbyist” — that is, to stand up to the teachers unions and their hirelings in the Legislature and bring standards and accountability to public education in New York.* Newsday editorializes that Gov. Cuomo’s bill to make the state's new teacher evaluation system a valuable tool for parents and the public is almost good enough to support, but a better deal can be had

NYP Says Teacher Accountability and Transparency Not Ultra-Conservative Gov
Stranger still was Cuomo’s criticism of this page for having dared to, well, criticize him for lining up with Silver & Co. on public-school accountability.   Gov. Cuomo  “I don’t believe this state will tolerate . . . extreme, ultra-conservative [politics] . . . with all due respect to some of the [editorial] positions of your paper,” the governor told Post State Editor Frederic U. Dicker yesterday. Yes, we believe there should be accountability and transparency in public schools. If that makes us “extremists,” so be it. *

Cuomo bashed Senate Republicans for letting the “ultra-conservative side of the party” block his bill to decriminalize the public possession of small amounts of marijuana
Gov takes pot shots at GOP(NYDN) * Gov. Cuomo says Republicans sink to 'new low' over fight to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana (NYDN Ed)  Governor claims GOP have buckled to the ultra-conservative wing of the party in an effort to block bill and says opposition to marijuana reform will cost them in November

Hot Classrooms

Mayor: Hot Classrooms Are No Excuse(NBC) Mayor Bloomberg expressed little sympathy toward public school students taking exams in sweltering classrooms * * Assistant Principal Accused Of Making Sexually Charged Remarks To Students(NY1) * Judge reverses firing of teacher (NYDN) * Assistant Principal accused of making sexual comments (WABC)

Now there's a low bar. RT : Albany: We are functional.

State Passes Justice Center Bill; No Decision On Teacher Evals(NY1) * Albany Bill on Organ Donation Urges License Applicants to Act(NYT)  The Legislature passed a measure to increase the low number of organ donors in the state by encouraging driver’s license applicants to make an active choice about their donation status * Three things Albany must get done before lawmakers leave for summer break (NYDN Ed) Boost charter schools, disclose pensions, speed vote counts * Mike Gianaris said this session has been “one of the most successful terms for a minority party in [the] history of New York” where Republicans have “come along kicking and screaming” on key issues. * Governor Cuomo never seemed to push hard for the DREAM Act legislation in Albany. * New York State has its own faux-grassroots groups lobbying the Legislature as well. * Cuomo hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a pay raise for lawmakers. * Hostility Between IDC, Senate Dems(C&S) * Skelos explains why the Senate is voting for the disclosure bill, plus his ready sound byte. *Following Two-Hour Debate, Assembly Passes Disclosure Bill * After a week of silence, Cuomo comes out in support of Obama immigration reform *Legislative Session Ends; Cuomo Takes Victory Lap(NYO) * Here are the two letters from Bloomberg to Cuomo requesting messages of necessity to correct pension errors. * A new state TV ad campaign features narration by actor Robert DeNiro and showcases businesses across the state., including (of course), the Greek yogurt company Fage. 

Hidden Lobbyist $$$
Albany ‘astroturf’: Five lobby groups whose names don’t tell the whole story(City and State) From the New York Alliance for Environmental Concerns to the Citizens for Fire Safety Institute, here’s a look at five lobby groups whose names don't tell the whole story * Committee to Save New York massively outspends other lobby groups(New York World)

State Senator Proposes Installation Of Speeding Cameras(NY1)

round 2: An ongoing reminder of Speaker Quinn's failure to police her council members
Retrial Begins for City Councilman in Corruption Case(NYT) * For Second Time, Seabrook on Trial for Kickbacks, Theft (WSJ) City Councilman Larry Seabrook was portrayed as a self-serving thief or a community savior as his retrial on federal charges of kickbacks and stealing $1.5 million from taxpayers opened* Jury Selection Complete In New Seabrook Trial (NY1) * Seabrook’s no-show wife(NYP)

What Recovery The 1% Media Owners Spin?
More Than Half of Black New Yorkers Are Out of Work 
Blacks Miss Out as Jobs Rebound in New York City(NYT) Officials have highlighted how New York City has regained the jobs lost during the recession, but several measures show the recovery has left black New Yorkers behind,

What About the Others New Yorkers?
Study: City's escalating rents eat away as much as half of low-income New Yorkers' pay checks  (NYDN) Community Service Society reveals low-income tenants fork over a whopping 49% of their wages to landlords, up from 45% six years ago

Mayor Taps Official to Aid Small Businesses(WSJ) In one of the first attempts to preserve some of his administration's policies after he leaves office, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to establish a new office to help businesses, especially smaller ones, navigate city bureaucracy.

NYP Says Stop and Risks
NYP opines that there’s no denying the connection between rising crime and politically driven attempts to handcuff the NYPD instead of the criminals
Crime up in 49 precincts(NYP) There has been an alarming crime spike in 49 of the city’s 76 precincts — with several normally quiet neighborhoods seeing a surge, according to NYPD data. Major crime in that precinct — murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and auto theft — rose to 726 from 483. * You want more crime?(NYP Ed)

Demo: stop & frisk in action(NYP)* Police To Retrain Officers On Stop-And-Frisk Policy(NY1) * NYPD begins stop-and-frisk training for officers(WABC) * NYPD Goes Back to Basics: Stop-and-Frisk Training (WNYC)  *The NYPD’s hottest stop-and-frisk spots(New York World)

Stalled Push to Close Charter's Disabled-Student Gap  (WSJ) As a new federal report found that charter schools aren't enrolling as many special-education students as traditional public schools, legislation designed to address that imbalance in New York remains stalled.* Parents With Limited English Skills Say City Fails to Help(NYDN)

Retiring Rep. Gary Ackerman on why things have gotten so bad in Washington: “Society has changed. The public is to blame as well. I think the people have gotten dumber. I don’t know that I would’ve said that out loud pre-my announcement that I was going to be leaving.”

Upstate Legislators Aid Caterer in Its Bid for Liquor License on Park Ave.(NYT)

Bloomberg and NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a number of new initiatives aimed at improving the city’s broadband connectivity for the 21st century.

MTA wants to install video cameras to record bus drivers behind the wheel, but union vows to fight the move(NYDN)  Transit Workers Union Locall 100 said managers just want to harass employees with disciplinary charges for petty infractions

Mayor Says His Daughter Generation Dress Like Hookers

Mayor Halts Taxi Sex Trafficking Bill(WSJ) Complaints that drivers could be forced to determine whether a passenger was a prostitute. * Prosties? Can’t tell, sez Mike (NYDN)

Libraries Cut E-Book Deal With Penguin(WSJ)

Charles Hynes’ office made errors and had to drop another sex abuse case.
A year ago Hynes had a big press conference about this case. Now he's taking the 5th. From press conference to "no comment"
Lawyers Say Rape Case in Brooklyn Won’t Go On (NYT) Prosecutors said Wednesday that all charges would be dropped against four black men from Crown Heights who were accused last June of forcibly prostituting an Orthodox Jewish woman starting when she was 13. * Sex-slave case axed(NYP)
Contempt trial starts for Brooklyn rabbi(NYDN) * Four Men Accused of Offering Teen Girl $500,000 to Drop Molestation Charge(DNAINFO)Four men were arrested Thursday morning for allegedly offering a $500,000 bribe to a sexually abused teenager to get her to drop charges against a popular Orthodox community counselor who is presently on trial in Brooklyn * 4 Ultra-Orthodox Men Charged With Trying to Silence Accuser in Abuse Case(NYT)_

Pictures: Brooklyn Demonstration Against D.A.
In the blistering heat, 2 dozen or so demonstrators from Zaakah stood in front of Charles Hynes' office and protested his coverups and his easygoing attitude toward haredi pedophiles.

The Making of A President 2012  
Executive Privilege Fight
Bosses Rein In Banker Who Golfs With Obama(NYT) * Romney’s Personal Touch Pays Off With Campaign Donors(NYT) * Vote to Sanction Holder Escalates Gun-Probe Fight(WSJ) * * Biography that claims Obama is a Muslim tops NYT best-seller list for 4th straight week:(Wash Post) * There May Be No Female Democratic Governors Left After 2012 Elections(Huff Post) * The New York Times labeled it a “pointless, partisan fight.”  But the Daily News said it is an important issue. * Mitt Romney’s fundraising success is partially due to his personal interaction with donors.* Team Romney thinks Obama’s a “terrible candidate.” *Bloomberg doled out criticism to both President Obama and Mitt Romney.* Why the U.S. Isn't Greece - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * It's a Single-Issue Election - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal * Dems Need a Forceful Message on Health Law - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe * Holder Has Been "Stopped & Frisked" - Al Sharpton, Huffington Post * More Vulnerable Dems Are Skipping the DNC - Dan Hirschhorn, The Daily * Romney Shrinks the Money Gap - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal * How Lucky Is Obama In His Opponent? - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic * Latest Polls: AP/GfK: Obama +3 | FL (Quinnipiac): Obama +4 | RCP Map *Romney to Florida: Be Less Sunny(NY MAG) * US Commerce Secretary Bryson resigns(NYP) * Bloomberg poll had Obama up 13. No one thinks he is up 13. So, what happened?   * Obama pollster: Stop obsessing over the daily horse race polls (Wash Post) * Romney calls for loosening limits on immigration(Wash Post)

Supreme Court throws out sanctions against broadcasters who violated FCC's indecency policy(NYP)


Jon Stewart Praises ‘The Genius Of Fox News’ In Analyzing Putin/Obama Meeting

Law and Order
Game show contestant back in NY to face charges in womens' murders(NYP)

Mother who dumped newborn down garbage chute now looking for work as home health aide(NYP)* Holocaust man’s killer gets 25(NYP) * Court hears bus-kid agony (NYP) * Jail for Library Employee Who Embezzled Fines(NYT) * Library worker who stole overdue book fines sentenced(NYDN)* Patz Case Hearing Is Delayed(WSJ) * Medicare fraud fugitive nabbed at JFK airport Irina Shelikhova (NYDN)* Shot in head, Bronx tow truck driver collapses in  police(NYDN) * 25 yrs. to life for thug in club founder’s slay(NYDN) * Drunk Norwegian tourist sets hotel fires(NYDN)* Pedro Hernandez court date postponed to Oct.(WABC) * Former NYPD Officer Pleads Guilty To Rape Charge * Convicted serial killer pleads not guilty in 2 NYC murders * Puerto Rico’s mayors send drug troubles to the Bronx (NY World)


Six-Year Sentence in Theft of Millions in Union Funds(NYT)

Police Investigate Another Anti-Semitic Incident In Brooklyn(NY1)