Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez Tet Offensive On Everything He Does Not Control

Vito Lopez Takes A Bow and Goes for the Kill!

With Ed Towns Out Of The Running, Queens Democrats Throwing Support To Hakeem Jeffries(NYDN) * The death of the Brooklyn Reform Movement has give Lopez the chance to go after everyone who is not one of his puppets. A group that once controlled who won judgeship and was competitive with the machine in electing people to office is nowhere to be seen on the street of the borough of Kings. Despite Losing with Weprin in the Weiner seat and failing to elect Fidler (There is judge shopping in the Brooklyn court to try to win that one) there is a clear goal to Lopez moves this year.  Wipe out the unorganized fumes of the reformers.  There is also growing evidence he is using a second team (Like the Golub operation in Queens). Clarke is consider weak because of her votes against Isreal according to some Jewish leaders) and her not being visible in the district.  .  Lopez is also going after District Leader Lincoln Restler a recent symbol of the anti Lopez group.(Correction: Rev. Robinson is not involved in the effort of defeat Clarke)

Lopez made sure the young District Leader Restler new district was missing a lot of his voting strength. Restler who lost a Civil Court race and an Assembly race last year according to political insiders is in real trouble.  His group New Kings Democrats has been a public relations thorn in Boss Lopez side with there silly county committee efforts is about to be taught a lesson real politics according to a Lopez insider.  Vito is also running his right hand guy Eric Martin Dilan against Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez.  Lopez is also going after Jo-Ann Simon with Buddy Scotto's daughter Debra.  
None of Lopez's targets has seen the importance of keeping a real Brooklyn wide reform movement going beyond the press releases and Facebook postings. Chris Owens her co-leader in the 52AD is not being challenged, which is a smart move by the county leader.  Owens is much more know than Simon in the district.  Attacking both would would bring out Owens votes for Simon.


 Election 2012

 Strapped Charlie wrangles $$(NYP) Espaillat raised $62,055 in the quarter. Rangel has $226,306 in the bank, but Espaillat managed to get $1,000 from Senate Democratic Conference leader and Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson — a campaign-contribution rainmaker. * Stringer Call to Restore Income Tax on Suburbanites(NYT) anyone think it'll pass? * Election Presents Changing Guard(WSJ) * As Rep. Towns Steps Aside, Primary Battle Takes Shape(WSJ)*The News’ Bill Hammond writes that the creation of a 63rd Senate seat – which a judge found on Friday to be “disturbing,” but legal – is just one Albany practice that is ethically questionable but technically within legal bounds * Spkr Silver OpEd slams Senate GOP for refusing to move Sept 11 primary, forcing local govts to pay for extra election. * s of yesterday, we knew Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand had raised another $1.5 million during the first three months of 2012 and has $9.1 million on hand for her re-election bid, but none of her three GOP opponents had filed their first-quarter numbers with the FEC.* A political rival filed an ethnics complaint against Tom Libous.* The redistricting lawsuit may be decided on Wednesday. * owns insists he would have emerged victorious.*Ed Towns Won’t Pull A Switcheroo (NYO) * In an op-ed, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says New York will be forced to hold an “unneeded fourth election this year because the Senate Republican majority stubbornly refused to conform our election law to a federal court’s ruling.” * 'Producer/director/editor/camera operator' Juan Sheng gets into the race for the Queens congressional seat (Capital)* Assembly Dems To Make Final Primary Date Change Push (Updated)(YNN) * David Paterson Says Adriano Espaillat Will Make it to Congress, Someday(YNN) * Oscar de la Renta endorsed Sen. Adriano Espaillat for Congress. * Wendy Long has been burning through money at a rapid clip. *  Bill Thompson called for a halt to all school closures. former Allan Jennings filed petitions 2 run against fellow Dem via 

Bloomberg Said: "That By Tweeking Mayoral Control of School to Give Other Power, Is Like Saying I Am Pro Choice, But Not For Women"

Who wants to be the next education mayor?(C&S)

 Rep. Ed Towns retirement clears field for two-way fight(NYDN) *Rep. Towns Retirement Signals Power Shift in Brooklyn(WNYC) * Congressman Edolphus Towns to retire(WABC) * Hakeem Jeffries would like the retiring Ed Towns’ endorsement.*

Feds Pouring It On Pedro Espada

Espada embezzled to buy picket fence: prosecutors(NYDN) Espada’s $acked(NYP) Federal prosecutors unleased a torrent of new evidence against Pedro Espada Jr., and his son at their embezzlement trial yesterday. Among them were receipts showing that the ex-state senator and his wife, Connie, used the company credit card of the Soundview Healthcare Network nonprofit Espada ran to buy thousands of dollars worth of window shades, fencing, garage doors and stones that all were shipped to the couple’s Westchester County home from 2006 to 2008.

A Bronx Rookie Already Know How to Live of the Tax Payers Dime
Bronx assemblyman Eric Stevenson collected $31,351 in taxpayer-funded per diems(NYDN) Exclusive: Freshman Democrat, who earns $80,000 per year, says he wasn't trying to pad his salary. Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson collected $31,000 in taxpayer-funded per diems during his first term in office, the most of any Albany legislator last year,

NYP Is Pushing Kelly for Mayor 2 Days in A Row
Hip, hip, hoo-Ray! GOP going all out to have Kelly run(NYP) * Ray Kelly for mayor?(NYP Ed) Following a report that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is open to running for New York City mayor, Republican leaders will make a full-court press to convince Kelly to do so at a meeting on Staten Island early next month. The Post cheers the idea that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly may run for mayor, and lists the city’s impressive crime stats under his watch. * Union, pol: Put cops on the street, not behind desks(NYDN) * Sources: NYPD Commissioner Kelly Open To Idea Of Running(WCBS) * Mike Bloomberg dodged questions about Ray Kelly running for mayor. 


It Took Quinn 7 Years to Discover Rent Guildlines Board Was A Kangaroo Court
Quinn plays the rent(NYP) City Council Speaker Christine Quinn denounced the mayoral Rent Guidelines Board yesterday as a “kangaroo court” and endorsed a proposal that would require that its members be approved by the council. * Council says mechanic standards ‘need lift’  (NYDN)* City Lawmakers Consider Licensing Elevator Mechanics(NY1)


NYT Report on Cuomo Aide Report On Blogger Journalist Liz Benjamin

How Does Press Irk Cuomo? Document Offers Clues(NYT) A leaked document assessing a journalist’s work sent the Cuomo administration into damage-control mode. * Manhattan Institute's Sykes coins phrase "CuomoCare," asks if gov has power to create health exchange w/exec order. * Former Spitzer spokesman Darren Dopp: “A governor who is perceived as cooperating with lawmakers and getting things done isn’t going to be hurt by the revelation that his office has a combative relationship with the press corps.” *Fred Dicker interviewed Cuomo’s press secretary Josh Vlasto about the “dossier.” (Village Voice) * Unlike Cuomo, Paterson Says He Didn’t Keep Files on Reporters(YNN) * A generally snarky cover for the Book of Cuomo * Buzzfeed Ben Defends “Dossier” to Dicker (C&S) * Ben Smith and Fred Dicker Disagree About Liz Benjamin, Andrew Cuomo, Journalistic Values and The Meaning of ‘Dossier’(NYO)* The Village Voice’s “Running Scared” blog has a poll on Snarkgate.* Former Gov. David Paterson didn’t keep files on reporters. He thinks it was the other way around.* Here’s a transcript of Ben Smith’s chat this morning with Fred Dicker on Talk 1300.







Education Control

Bid to nix Mike’s control of schools fails big(NYP)State Senate Republicans are thwarting a plan to end Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s mayoral control of New York City schools. *Middle School Chess Team Wins National High School Championship(NYT)* Kindergarten waiting lists longer(NYDN) * Deputy Chancellor Rodriguez Retires(NYDN)* Students at schools slated for closure by the Bloomberg administration face hardships * Bloomberg touts 54 new school openings, but says he doesn't know yet how many will close 


UFT Senate Dems Pay to Play Voting

NY Senate Dems given $85,000 by teachers union since skipping pension-cut vote(NYP) Senate Democrats have reaped $85,000 in campaign contributions from the state teachers union since they skipped last month’s vote to cut pension benefits for new teachers and other public employees * The Senate GOP will block any effort by the Democrats to end mayoral control of the NYC public school system.



Over A Century Later Nothing Has Changed

With the Increase in NYC Unemployment to 9.6% and the end of thousands of New Yorkers unemployment checks the number in poverty has grown since the 2010 study.

New York’s Poverty Rate Rises, Study Finds(NYT) The city’s measure for 2010 puts the number at 21 percent, with the recession and the sluggish recovery taking a particularly harsh toll on children. * Early deadlines at Brooklyn Housing Court =greater  eviction (NYDN) * New York City’s poverty rate grew by 1.3 percent from 2009 to 2010, the highest increase since 2005 when the city adopted its current methodology for calculating the rate.




Ratner's Flacks Earn Their Pay Today 

Impact of Atlantic Yards, for Good or Ill, Is Already Felt(NYT) As the opening of the Nets arena nears, glamorous new shops are ascendant on commercial avenues once better known for hardware and paint stores.


A Sad Day for New York's Bravest

Supreme Court May Take On Rent Regulations As City Council Wants More Say Over RGB(NY1)

$20M to slow Coney beach breach(NYP)

Liberty Park Occupied Only By Tulips

Protesters Arrested in Sleep-Out and Demonstration Near Stock Exchange(NYT) * More than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters attended a “sleep-out” at Federal Hall last night where there were some arrests and arguments with neighborhood residents.

W’burg has art attack (NYP) Hipsters facing boot

GSA honcho takes Fifth in grilling over Vegas ba$h(NYP)

The Making of the President 2012
Romney Woos Conservative Leaders(WSJ) * In Washington, the Senate Republicans blocked the so-called Buffett Rule from moving forward.* Billionaire donors who backed Mitt Romney’s opponents in the GOP presidential primary are showing signs they’re ready to stop backing “rogue candidates.” * David Axelrod's Revealing Remark - John Podhoretz, New York Post * Mitt Romney, a Man of Falsehoods - Richard Cohen, Washington Post * Obama, Romney: Who's More Out of Touch? - John Dickerson, Slate * Are Dems & GOP Becoming Racialized? - Charles Lane, Washington Post *  Romney Still Lagging in Foreign Policy Strategy - Erin McPike, RCP * Will Romney Follow Public on Afghanistan? - Byron York, DC Examiner * Obama's Cockiness Problem - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * Nat'l Polls: Gallup: Romney +2 | CNN: Obama +9 | Reuters: Obama +4 * Romney Closes Gap with Obama  * Blue Dog Democrats are in trouble. (Politico) * Rapper convicted of two-decade old murder(NYP) * Michelle Obama was viewed favorably by 71% in a new poll survey; Ann Romney by 41% (WSJ) * Romney Rips Media, 'Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy' * Recall Puts Wisconsin Into Play for GOP - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * Voters Doubt Romney Can Beat Obama - Alex Roarty, National Journal * Why Ann Romney Stayed Home - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed  * Obama vs. Romney: Pew: Obama 49, Romney 45 | RCP Avg: Obama +3.0

Jon Stewart Gleefully Bashes Fox News For Ignoring War On Women While Pushing War On Christmas

Sound Like the 1968 North Vietnamese Tet Offensive Where the American Generals Told Us At the Time That Vietnamization Will SucceedAfghan Assaults Signal Evolution of a Militant Foe(NYT)

Man arrested after knife attack on cop in East Harlem(NYP)

Bedded his 16-year-old student: DA(NYP) * Ex-Teacher at Bronx Private School Accused of Sexual Misconduct(NYT)

Law and Order

. Village ‘watch’ fiend rapes woman: cops(NYP) * Con rips off brain-injured: DA(NYP) * NY nails 6K tax cheats(NYP) * City Settles Lawsuit That Claimed Bias and Retaliation(NYT) * Lawsuit Targets Police Disciplinary Process(WSJ)* Mother, Grandmother Stand Trial in Girl's Death(WSJ) * Bust in brain-injury scam (NYDN) * Can’t stop prof testimony (NYDN) * Manhattan teen indicted in slaying of his mother(NYDN) * Man stole ID's of brain-injured for fake tax returns(NYDN) * Trial Begins For Brooklyn Mom Accused Of Starving, Beating(WCBS) * Teen savagely beaten to death(Fox 5) *  Local DAs Push For Home Visiting Program To Prevent Child Abuse (NY1) * Teen Beaten To Death In South Bronx(NY1)* Chris Christie left the door open to become vice-president.  * Mitt Romney has reformulated the attacks on his wealth by describing them as attacks on “America’s success.”

Stun Gun Bus Drivers
Report: Lawmaker Wants Stun Guns For MTA Bus, Subway Operators

Committed’ to evil: Buddy tells of subway bomb plot (NYP) * Witness Details Plot to Attack Subways(NYT)



New York Trial Details Terror Planning(WSJ) * Steps From a Terrorism Trial, No Signs of Fear (NYT) * Score one for NYPD-bashing(NYP) The Pulitzer board at Columbia University cited the AP for “spotlighting” the NYPD’s “clandestine spying program that monitored daily life in Muslim communities, resulting in congressional calls for a federal investigation and a debate over the proper role of domestic intelligence gathering.” Debate? 

There’s none on the streets of this city, where a recent Quinnipiac poll shows 58 percent of New Yorkers reject the AP’s smear that the NYPD “has unfairly targeted Muslims,” and where fully 82 percent — including majorities of every demographic group — say the department “has been effective in combating terrorism.” * AP Wins Pulitzer For Stories On NYPD Spying (Huff Post)