Friday, June 22, 2012

The Supper Consultant Lobbyists Have A Lot Riding On Tuesday's Primaries

Hero or Goat: George Artz and Scott Levenson;postID=5019529945684654212No campaign consultant lobbyist has more on the line in the congressional primaries next Tuesday than George Artz. Artz is the man behind Jeffries along with Scott Levenson of the Advance Group.  Both Manhattanites are running a very weak campaign that has given Barron a chance to become a congressman. Will he let down the city's 1% establishment who hires him as a lobbyists and let Barron becomes a congressman. A lot of Brooklyn operative think Artz has keep them out of the campaign as his Manhattan friends have run everything.  
One long time pols said that the arrogant sock puppets Artz has running Jefferies campaign are clueless how to campaign in Brooklyn. Another long time Jewish leader remarked why Jefferies has some many ads in the orthodox media. He said the people in Barron's district do not read those publications.  Artz is also the man behind Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez who is battling a Vito Lopez sock puppet for reelection. Another surprising close contest.  You know that both the Jeffries and Velazquez races are close when Artz does not drop anonymously polls showing his clients way ahead.

In Queens' 6th It is the Battle of the Queens Machine Vs Hank Sheinkopf for Hero or Goat

The Queens machine is not just Democratic Boss Crowley.  It includes Meng campaign consultant and Queens Tribune part owner Michael Nussbaum who porn ads that keep his newspaper alive have become a campaign issue only on blogs, the old media protects it own. The Queens machines also includes the GOP operatives like Jay Golub who along with another Queens newspaper owner Vicky Schneps are propping up candidate Mittman to split Lancman's Jewish vote.  And yes the Parkside Group that coordinates Queens Team Corrupt which has sent more pols to jail than any other machine since Tammany Boss Tweed. More about the campaign in the 6th

Ackerman Gives A Final
Fuck You to the Public . . .  Congressman Blames Dumbing Down of America for the  Washington Mess
Ackerman part owner of the Queens Tribune has Done More than any other congressman to Dumb Down and corrupt journalism and build the corrupt queens machine, now says it is the public fault not his that the congress that he has helped shape for 30 years is a dysfunction and for sale. True News: A Takeover Of Queens Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians * A Congressional Exit Interview

Sheinkopf King of Reporters Soundbites Taker of the AEG 5th
Queens machine back Meng is being opposed by Hank the 5th Sheinkopf who is running Lancman's campaign.  Candidates hire Sheinkopf not because of his win or loss record but because he is the champ of quotes for TV and newspaper reporters.  Candidates feel that by hiring Sheinkopf or Artz they will gain creditability with the media and contributors.  Candidates who hire Sheinkopf and Artz do get more positive press coverage because the enabling so called journalist pay them back for their help with tips and quotes.  Sheinkropf also protects himself from negative press coverage with his press relationship.  Sheinkopf is an interesting character. He’s a rabbi and a family man living a double life where the lessons of the Old Testament, despite knowledge of sin, with no remedy in sight, provide only misery to his enemies. 
Amongst his client roster are folks and corporate entities that he’s protected such as a sex offender, a child rapist, and multiple scandal-ridden projects such as unsuccessful lobbying work to acquire the Aqueduct casino where he was in the position to have one of his cohorts leak internal memos regarding his client, AEG intended to help them move up in the bidding process. When he was questioned, Mr. Sheinkopf had a sudden case of memory loss, declined to answer any questions, and invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Bill Lynch Hero or Goat
Have the racial ethnic chickens come home to roost for campaign consultant Lynch.  The old lion Lynch has made millions and elected dozens of pols including the city's first black mayor using racial and ethic politics. Now Lynch seem to be caught in the same kind of politics he pushed.  Espaillant with the help of a racial changed Harlem and a new major Latino district that includes the Bronx, might do to Lynch main guy Rangel, what the congressman did to Adam Powell in the 1970's, beat a long term incumbent.  It might be hard to call Lynch a goat in that he has an aging sick candidate, but it would be poetic for him to be beat by a form of racial politics.  Does not look like Lynch';s plan to build a Latino black coalition to take over the city is working * Rep. Charlie Rangel’s age (82) has become an issue in his re-election campaign. Even his staunch supporter, ex-NYC Mayor Ed Koch (87) thinks this is Rangel’s “last hurrah” because he’s “tired.”

Election 2012  Wendy Long for the GOP(NYP) * Rangel Seeks to Minimize Any Concern About Age(NYT)* Espaillat express rolls through Harlem(NYDN) * Basil Smikle on Charlie Rangel’s generation of political leaders: “In many of their minds, black history stops with them.” * Bob Turner: “Most businesspeople don’t like politics or politicians. In this climate, there is a new crop of Congress members with 40 or so people like me — businessmen of some type who have never been in politics before. We tend not to be as ideological as some.” [h/t Katie Honan]  *
 Charles Barron vs. Hakeem Jeffries For Congress: A Primer(NY Mag) * Jeffries Slams Barron's Legislative Plans In Mailer(City and State) * The Senate Dems are not going to keep paying down their remaining debt until after Election Day.* nervousness-about-charles-barron-prompts-flood-national-money Jeffries (Capital) * A Political Pioneer in the Bronx(Bronx Journal) * LINARES FAMILY LOOKING TO EXPAND POLITICAL INFLUENCE (City and State) * Duane Endorses Hoylman For His Seat(NYO) * Exclusive: Cuomo Endorses Rangel (YNN) * Meng Camp Boasts Of ‘Cadillac’ GOTV Operation In Days Before Primary(YNN) * Governor Cuomo Endorses Charlie, Nydia and Hakeem(YNN) * Rangel Brings in The Troops From Around The Country [Video](NYO) * Grace Meng Loans Her NY-6 Campaign 60K (NYDN) * Charles Barron on THE PEREZ NOTES *
 Fear of NYC Councilman Charles Barron has produced a flood of camapign cash for his NY-8 primary opponent, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. * Rep. Charlie Rangel called the New York Times editorial board “ridiculous” for endorsing his primary rivals both this year and in 2010. * A pro-Israel group is going on the air against Charles Barron, using some of his most incendiary quotes against him, which, as Maggie Haberman points out, “is not really an out of context sampler.” * Diana Reyna endorsed Barron. * The National Review travelled to Harlem to check out the Rangel/Espaillat race. *Robert Mittman is getting some anti-gay marriage support in the Orthodox community. * Ruben Diaz co-sponsored David Storobin’s bill to repeal gay marriage. * National Organization for Marriage likes Storobin’s bill a lot. * Guillermo Linares’ daughter filed paperwork to run for his seat, a possible sign that he is ready to run against Adriano Espaillat. * Rangel Does It Once Again, for the 'Old Timers'(WNYC) * " a less-than-ringing endorsement"--The Hill on 's backing of * Road To Term 22: Rep. Rangel To Tussle With Espaillat In Next Week’s Primary (CBS) * Congressional Black Caucus chair says they wont side w/Jeffries or Barron(Capital) *ROBERT MITTMAN LANDS AN ENDORSEMENT! [UPDATED] (City and State) * Joyce Johnson Makes Second Run at Rangel's Congressional Seat(DNAINFO) * Congressional Redistricting – A Primary Election Guide To Changes And Candidates(Sheephead Bites)


Shocking Cuomo Helps GOP Senate Keep Senate Majority and Them Give Him Teacher Evaluation Victory
Albany Says Teacher Names Evaluation Reports for Your Eyes Only Parents . . . Bloomberg Says of No Use
Pols cave to unions(NYP) * Albany to Limit the Disclosure of Teacher Evaluations(NYT) * Albany Acts to Shield Teacher Data(WSJ) * Albany Lawmakers OK Teacher Evaluation Bill On Final Session Day(NY1) * Compromise on evaluations is ‘cherry’ on top (NYDN) * Parents will only see teacher performance ratings because of a long, hard fight by news organizations (NYDN Ed) The powers that be -- led by the unions and the Legislature -- wanted to keep the vital information secret * That was bad news for Mayor Bloomberg, who had already lost to the teachers unions in the performance evaluation data release fight.*  State Senate Republicans, funded by Bloomberg, side with Cuomo(Capital) * "The bill is a coup for teachers unions." [Pam Allen] *
 Bloomberg said he was "disappointed" in the teacher evaluation bill. [Lisa Fleisher] * State Senator Andrew Lanza, a Staten Island Republican and Bloomberg ally, voted against the bill. [Joseph Spector] * Most Productive Session Ever? Maybe Not(YNN) * Bloomberg: Knowing the rating of your child's current teacher is 'of no real use'(Capital) * Mayor vows to deliver teacher grades for all 4th-8th graders by phone(NYP)* On the teacher performance evaluation data release deal, Bloomberg said: “It’s nice to know the rating of your teacher, but what do you do with it? The real answer, is you’re already in the middle of the school year, and you can’t move your child then. So it’s of no real use.” * Mayor Bloomberg Takes Serious Issue With Gov. Cuomo-Backed Teacher Evaluations Bill(WCBS)  Hizzoner Vows To Call More Than 1 Million Parents To Tell Them The Facts

    Touching to see Mayor Bloomberg concerned about parent rights; he ignores parent voices re testing and school closing.

What Got Done and Undone in Albany Yesterday
NY Legislature votes to ban 'prize' call schemes(WSJ) * State Bans Sale Of e-Cigarettes To Minors (NY1)* Pols push to reopen city OTBs (NYDN) State lawmakers moved to resurrect Off Track Betting parlors in New York City, despite objections from Mayor Bloomberg, * Dozens in Qns. gang crews cuffed(NYDN) If municipal sewage spills into a body of water, plant operators have to let the public know within four hours of learning about it, according to a bill that was adopted by the Legislature, the Times Union writes: *Cuomo sent an email to supporters praising “another great legislative session” and including a link to a “progress report” of his accomplishments to date.* In his closing remarks, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said this has been “one of the most productive and orderly sessions that I have ever been a part of,” adding: “New York State residents can be proud of a functioning government.” * Is it enough to earn a pay raise? * Of course, they might yet be called back for a special session before 2012 ends. Senate Republicans, in particular, have warned they think the teacher performance evaluation system will need to be tweaked – even as Cuomo insisted he has no plans on revisiting that issue.* Skelos: Goodbye For Now?(YNN) * Cuomo on lawmakers: "They're going home with a lot of good news. They can brag about a lot of good news." * Cuomo on legislative pay raise: "I think for maybe about half the legislators, this is their only job." * uomo Expresses Sympathy For Legislative Pay Raises(YNN) * Cuomo Takes Victory Lap To YouTube(YNN) * Enviros are disappointed about the lack of a solar energy deal in Albany.* Albany Legislative Session Ends, But Potential Special Session Looms (NY1) * NY Legislature Passes “Lauren’s Law” In Hopes Of Boosting Organ Donors(WCBS) * Exclusive: Governor Cuomo takes a look back at this year's session (YNN) * 7th Congressional District: Meet the Democratic Candidates (WNYC)

Pay to Play Engel
Refused to reveal the details of a loan he received
Congressman Eliot Engel refuses to disclose details of loan from friend and campaign contributor(NYDN)  Engel borrowed between $100,000 and $250,000 from longtime friend and backer Harry Bajraktari to purchase a Bronx co-op apartment. Rep. Eliot Engel refuses to disclose the terms of the loan he secured from a top campaign contributor but insists the arrangement received approval from the House Ethics Committee

Councilman Larry Seabrook's wife showed up to his trial and "sat stone-faced" as a witness discussed another woman Seabrook frequently saw. [Bruce Golding]

Nearly $100,000 earmarked to rehabilitate the Flushing unisphere has gone missing. 

Public should pay my legal tab: Espada kid (NYDN)

Bloomberg 4th Term: The Puppet Government 

Bloomberg Looks To Keep City Office-Friendly Once Term Ends(NY1)

Mayor Bloomberg signs bill to punish cabbies who knowingly transport prostitutes (NYDN) * Live on Radio, Mayor Signs Cabby Sex-Trafficking Bill(NYT) * Bloomberg Signs Off On Taxi Sex-Trafficking Bill (NY1)

DA Hynes Takes Action To Repair His Legacy
“This is a big threshold,” said Mark Appel, the founder of Voice of Justice, a nonprofit agency that helps ultra-Orthodox victims. And Joel Engelman, the founder of the Jewish Survivors Network, also praised Mr. Hynes for bringing the intimidation case, because, he said, “in the Williamsburg Hasidic community, intimidation is rampant.”
The Kosher Nostra(NYP)  Bribe, extort in perv-rabbi case: DA * Ultra-Orthodox Men Charged With Trying to Silence Accuser(NYT) * Bribe Alleged In Brooklyn Abuse Case(WSJ)* Bribe charge in sex-assault case(NYDN) * Ultra-Orthodox Jews Accused of Intimidating Victim in Sex Abuse Case(NY Mag) * Republicans in the State Senate backed Cuomo's bill to avoid the teachers union's wrath in the elections. [Erik Kriss] * "The Legislature got behind Cuomo’s version of public disclosure only because Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch made clear that she had no choice but to release the ratings when they are next prepared in August. That’s why the teachers unions surrendered as well." [Daily News]

 Still Trouble Remains for Hynes  
Imprisoned Over 20 Years, Brooklyn Man Gets Retrial(NYT)  An appellate court was swayed by evidence that another man may have committed a 1989 Flatbush murder and that a key trial witness had recanted.* B'klyn perv in Orthodox sex abuse case takes judge's sweetheart deal (NYP)

You Thought Hank Morris, Hevesi and Steve Ratner Were the Only Ones Ripping Off City Pension Funds?
Six-Year Sentence in Theft of Millions in Union Funds(NYT) Federal prosecutors contend that Melissa G. King stole $40 million from the benefit plans that she ran for Local 147, whose members dig the city’s giant water and train tunnels.

Hospital Systems’ Merger Talks Collapse as New Suitor, Mount Sinai, Steps In(NYT) Merger talks between two of New York City’s biggest hospital systems — NYU Langone Medical Center and Continuum Health Partners — broke down abruptly after Continuum got a competing offer * Hospital Merger Talks Take a Turn(WSJ)

In Need, in New York (NYT) One in seven homeless people have served in the military. This year, at 25, I became one of those homeless veterans. 

Bottle-service ban at Barclays Center(NYDN)

Rent win for tenants(NYP) * Board Authorizes Rent Increases for Rent-Stabilized Apartments(NYTThe Rent Guidelines Board voted to approve a rise in rents on rent-stabilized apartments in New York City, authorizing increases of up to 2 percent on one-year leases and 4 percent on two-year leases,* Low-Income New Yorkers Caught in Rent Trap (WSJ) New York inexorably rising rents are hitting all New Yorkers, but none are hit harder by the trend than lower-income residents * Rent Guidelines Board Approves Rent Increases On Rent-Stabilized Apartments(WSJ)

Developer to Revive a Project in Brooklyn(NYT) *  New Domino Sugar Factory developer dodges questions about whether new plan will include affordable housing (NYDN)  Previous partnership promised 600 unites on the 12-acre B'klyn site  * East Williamsburg Loses Some Grit(WSJ) A still-gritty stretch of East Williamsburg along Grand Street is seeing a steady flow of new businesses joining the old guard of mom-and-pop shops.* Steve Levin Vito Lopez Domino Sugar Factory Developers Political Dodge Ball (Troy Artist)

Kingsbridge Armory: Ice sports complex or rock climbing(NYDN)

Daily News Calls Brewer Store Front Plan Voodoo Economics

A block-headed zoning plan for the Upper West Side (NYDN Ed) Councilwoman Brewer is trying to rewrite the laws of economics

Senator Wants to Know Why NYC Housing Authority $10 Million Report Remains Secret
Sen. Charles Grassley wants answers after New York City Housing Authority hides $10 million report from public (NYDN)   Iowa Republican says lack of transparency is troubling and demands unredacted copy of Boston Consulting Group report and full documentation of money spent on it

The Making of A President 2012
Romney Exhibits a Change in Tone on Immigration(NYT) * Poll: Obama tops Mitt Romney on social issues: (Politico)Is Spanish-Language Media Turning Its Back On Team Obama? * A Washington Post investigation revealed that while at Bain, Mitt Romney helped companies shift jobs overseas.  * Obama is set to get fewer white votes than any presidential candidate since Walter Mondale, which could come back to hurt him. * Obama Has No Case for Re-Election - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Romney, 2012's Trojan Horse - Steve Erickson, American Prospect * Obama's Floor With White Voters Has Cracked - David Paul Kuhn, RCP 
The Fast and Furious Witch Hunt - Eugene Robinson, Indianapolis Star * Republicans Are Blocking Obama's Jobs Plan - Jeffrey Liebman, WSJ * It's Way Too Early for Democrats to Panic - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * Plouffe's Whopper on Romney's Record - Josh Hicks, Washington Post * If History Repeats, Everyone's VP Guess Is Wrong - Scott Conroy, RCP * Obama Takes a Bold Step on Immigration Policy - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette* A video of what happens when President Obama visits New York City. [Zena Barakat, Doug Mills, Jamie Williams] * "Can Pro-Equality Hakeem Jeffries Hold Off Late Surge by Charles Barron?" [Paul Schindler] Gay City News *

Rep. Charlie Rangle danced at his fund-raiser. [Kate Taylor]* A report that Romney asked the Florida Gov. to downplay his state’s economic gains has liberal blogs in a frenzy:(Politico) * Around 20 percent of Americans wouldn’t vote for a qualified Mormon candidate, but about a third of voters don’t yet know Mitt Romney’s a Mormon. * David Axelrod said Romney would be “outsourcer-in-chief.” * The Romney campaign is hoping that voters recognize the distinction between outsourcing and offshoring. * Obama Presidency May Never Fully Recover - Peter Wehner, Commentary * Holder Is a Target Because of His Race - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Cover-Up Tarnishes Obama's Legacy - Todd Gaziano, Boston Herald * Can Dems Make Outsourcing a Big Issue? - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * Obama Saw Corporate Job as Working for Enemy - Byron York, Examiner * How Obama Is Outfoxing Romney - Jacob Weisberg, Slate * On Debt, Obama Misses the Point - Gabor Steingart, Handelsblatt * Today's Polls: Gallup: Romney +1 | RasRpts: Romney +5 | Electoral Map * What members do after Congress (besides lobbying) — in one chart  (Wash Post) *The Presidential Race in Graphs, Charts and Diagrams(NY Mag) * Want to serve in the Senate? $6.4 million, please(Wash Post)

Jon Stewart Trashes Obama’s Executive Privilege Assertion On Fast And Furious

Rape-monster cop finally admits it(NYP)

Law and Order

Parking-punch victim wants to spit in attacker's face(NYP)

22-year sentence expected in NY teacher's killing(WSJ) * Authorities Bust Bronx Dog-Fighting Ring(WSJ)
* Former NYPD Officer Pleads Guilty To Rape Charges(NY1)* Beep Helen Marshall launches gun buy-back event  (NYDN) * Dozens in Qns. gang crews cuffed (NYDN) * NYPD Looking For Suspect Who Swiped Dali Painting From Art (WCBS) * Alleged dog fighting ring broken up in Bronx(WABC) * Boy Robbed on Lower East Side Playground(NBC) * Judge blasts max sentence before sending parking-punch brute to jail(NYP) * NYPD officer gets five years for making false arrest(NYP) * NYPD cop busted for allegedly having sex with teen(NYP)
* Ex-Police Officer Sentenced to Prison for False Arrest(NYT) * Gambino goon threatened mob trial witness (NYDN) * Racist cop sentenced to 57 months(NYDN) *New charges vs. Drake-Brown fight club(NYDN) * Former Colombo crime family boss, Tommy Shots, denied bail(NYDN) * Officer Sentenced to 5 Years for False Arrest(NYDN)

Terrorism Bx. man gets 7 years for violating export ban to Iran (NYDN) * Brooklyn man sentenced to nearly 12 years in prison for threatening 'South Park' creators online(NYP)* Peter King said that “90 percent of the terrorist crimes are carried out by the Muslim community.”