Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It 5AM on Wednesday June 27th and Will Still Do Not Know Who Won the Barron Jeffries Race

BOE Counting By Paper Strips and the Late Night Panic

Nobody from Boro Park will be at work on time the day after the New York Primaries. Many will go to the hospital during the night with heart pains. Many Asians in Flushing will also be hospitalized. Hipster Bars in Williamsburg will be open late awaiting election results.  Chances are we will still be waiting to see if Barron and Meng are elected  hours and hours after the pols close at 9pm the night before.  The reason is that the Board of Elections counts by strips of paper and does not use the the technology built into their new machines.  The Board says it is a learning experience other call them just plan dopey.

BOE Inspectors Who Get Their Jobs For Helping Pols Collect Petitions Are Considered to Dumb to Count By Computer Chips
Currently, election workers print out the vote count from individual scanners. They then add up results manually by election district. The tally is given to the NYPD, who manually enters the data into its system before it is shared with the media and then with the public.The Board is now considering ways to speed things up. 

Who The Hell Won?
For about $3.4 million, wireless technology could be used to tally and transmit results on election night. The technology is already being used in Chicago. An official from the company that makes Chicago’s voting machines says it takes one hour to tally 95 percent of the vote. Even if the Board decides it wants to use wireless technology for the tally, the changes may not take effect in New York City until 2014. “It would involve changes in state law, rules and regulations of the state Board of Elections and then recertification of the hardware,” said Steven Richman, general counsel for the NYC Board of Elections. Board Of Elections Looks To Speed Up Vote-Counting Process(NY1)

NYP Endorses Grace Meng and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez Weakly

Meng's opponent, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, has a well-earned anti-business reputation, and there already are enough folks of that ilk in Washington. None of the candidates has a particularly long legislative record, but Meng strikes us as a bridge-builder who understands the need to protect New York’s economy. * As Queens Looks to Fill a Congressional Seat, the Democratic Race Is Wide Open(NYT) * The candidates in NY6 are all trying to prove that they are not what their reputations suggest, David Chen writes: Grace Meng that she is not a tool of the Queens Machine, Rory Lancman that he is not arrogant and irritating, Liz Crowley that she lacks “the intellectual horsepower.”

Velazquez refuses to kowtow to Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, who is so offended that he’s running one of his sock puppets, City Councilman Erik Martin Dilan, against her.  Dilan claims Velazquez is anti-Israel. She’s responded with endorsements from such stalwart supporters of Israel as Ed Koch, Sheldon Silver and Jerrold Nadler.  Frankly, we’d be hard pressed to come up with even a scanty list of issues on which Velazquez agrees with us. But anyone who gives Vito Lopez that much agita can’t be all bad.

Barron Moving to the Right?

Barron: Mugabe, Khadafi No Comment

Charles’s Charge: For New Barron, Mugabe, Khadafi Questions Off Limits (NYO)  * One unnamed member of the New York congressional delegation finds it “unnerving” that NYC Councilman Charles Barron is performing so well in the NY-8 primary, but still expects Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries to win.* Charles Barron at a senior center: "Did you see that. He likes me. And he’s white. Write it down.” (NYO)

Jeffries Has Got Ads in All the Jewish Blogs
Chuck Schumer Endorses Hakeem Jeffries, Calling Him ‘A True Blue Friend Of Israel’(NYO) * Stop Charles Barron, Now(NYO) * Barron and Jeffries in Bitter Battle for Congressional Seat(WBYC) * Chuck Schumer endorses Hakeem Jeffries, mentioning Israel but not Charles Barron(Capital) * Defeat Barron Or Live With The Consequences(Yeshiva World News) * NY Voters Have 'Awesome Responsibility' * Schumer joins stop-Barron effort Politico (blog) * The Observer’s editorial board is not a fan of Charles Barron, saying his election should send a “shiver down the spine of every decent New Yorker.” * Charles Barron Says He Has No Feelings For The State Of Israel(

Election 2012   

Rep. Bob Turner’s campaign has been perpetuating the “widely reported” – yet untrue – story that a Brooklyn public school teacher tried to replace the song “God Bless the USA” with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at a kindergarten ceremony.* Bruce Gyory on the Democratic primary in NY-6: “I don’t think polling will be particularly helpful here. I don’t think speculation is helpful here. I don’t see any reasonable prognostication about who will win. This is one that will be fascinating until you see the machines opened up Tuesday night.” * House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who formally read the censure rebuke to Rep. Charlie Rangel on the House floor in 2010, has endorsed him for re-election in advance of next Tuesday’s primary. * A Times columnist says Bob Turner’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” antics are “political opportunism.” * Nydia Velazquez says she’s surprised it took this long for a Vito Lopez-backed candidate to challenge her. * Democratic Assemblyman’s Ad: ‘Only Secular Jew Who Votes Against Immorality’ (NYO) * Charlie Rangel Really Doesn’t Like Super PACs From Texas(NYO) *Boro’s newest elected starts Albany career with law to ban gay marriage (Brooklyn Paper) *Kim Defends Corrupt Political Empire (Queens Politics) * Nydia Rolls Out Park Slope Support NYO) * Queens Gazette Endorses Grace Meng In 6th CD 
FBI Continuing to Look Into Congressman Michael Grimm’s Fundraising (NYO) * 42,000 views on Bob Turner's crazy press conference YouTube, heh: *Bushwick hospital’s disgraced ex-CEO fundraises for Congressional contender  (NYDN) Ousted Wyckoff Heights Medical Center head Rajiv Garg holds fundraiser for Councilman Eric Dilan* The Jewish Press endorsed Rep. Bob Turner. * Thanks to a big loophole, it’s hard to tell how much the Campaign for Primary Accountability is actually spending against Rep. Charlie Rangel * FBI has questioned at least four people who worked on Staten Island GOP Congressman Michael Grimm’s 2010 campaign as they probe accusations of fund-raising improprieties(NYDN) * Grimm has been accused of strong-arming members of a Jewish congregation into making donations * Charlie Rangel was absent from a candidate forum last night. * Juan Reyes said his Forest Hills home was targeted by “campaign vandals” associated with Eric Ulrich. * Yossi Gestetner quit his new job at the state Republican Party. * Velazquez, Dilan Both Remain Confident Before Their Congressional Primary(


The Fix At the Queens Tribune
The Queens Tribune *REALLY* likes Grace Meng  Can It have something to do that her campaign consultant is part owner of the Tribune * Meng Has A Corrupt Journalist and Corrupt Political Consultant Who is Trying to Divide the Jews*  Running Her Campaign(Queens Tribune) * Gary Ackerman, Who Endorsed Grace Meng, Has Financial Relationship With Meng’s Campaign (City and State) *


Congressional Elections Are For Keeps

It 2040 and Congresswoman Meng attends the 10th anniversary of China independence.  In the last 36 years there have been only 3 incumbent NYC congressman defeated in the primary. Each of those defeats was caused by extenuating circumstances that weakened the incumbent.  Nydia Velasquez beat Steve Solarz in 1992 after his district was redistricted into a majority Latino district.  Elliot Engel beat Mario Biaggi in 1988 after while the congressman was awaiting trial in the Wedtech Scheme.  Floyd Flake beat Al Waldon in 1986.  Waldon was unknown in his district only serving a few shot months after being elected in a special election following the death of Congressman Joe Addabbo.  Thanks to NY's political Yoda Jerry Skurnik for the above info.

Restaurants Form Supper Pac to Fight City
Frustrations Bring Eateries to the Table(WSJ) High-profile players in the city's restaurant and hospitality industries have joined forces to form a new lobbying group, citing frustrations with the city's health department. High-profile players in New York City's restaurant and hospitality industries have joined forces to form a new lobbying group, citing frustrations with the city's health department

NYC Crime Goes Up 4%

Kelly Meets With Community Leaders
New Panel Takes on Police Tactics (WSJ) New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has begun meeting with a new community advisory panel to discuss police officer street tactics, such as the controversial use of stop-and-frisk, that have renewed tensions between the police department and minority communities.* City Council public safety chairman Peter Vallone Jr. got into a loud debate with a YNN host about stop-and-frisk. [Azi Paybarah] * NYPD begins stop-and-frisk training for officers (WABC)

Today's Question to the Mayoral Candidates: What Will You Do If Stop and Frisk is Ended or Reformed and Crime Increases?

Borough President Declares Bieber Day(NY Press)

Mr. Seabrook Goes Back on Trial
Jury Selection Complete In New Seabrook Trial(NY1) * Councilman's Corruption Retrial Begins(WNYC)




Bloomberg and Cuomo Battle Over Teacher Evaluations, NYP Sides With Bloomberg DN With Cuomo
Pols set to block teacher ratings' release(NYP) * Clash Over Teacher Bill(WSJ)  Bloomberg's administration is lobbying heavily to kill an effort by Governor Cuomo and unions to limit the release of individual teachers' evaluations * Unions and Dems back Gov's teach eval plan  (NYDN) * Cuomo’s ‘compromise’  NYP opines that instead of offering up a compromise bill on teacher evaluations just before Albany absconds for the summer, Governor Cuomo should’ve gone on vacation instead:
Andrew Cuomo’s pretty good plan for teacher report cards (NYDN Ed) Gives public broad info, but stops short of full transparency* Mayor Bloomberg dispatched Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson to the Capitol yesterday to remind lawmakers – especially the Senate Republicans – that he opposes limits on performance evaluation data disclosure.* The Journal News disagrees, saying the public has a right to full disclosure. It called Cuomo’s bill a “bad compromise.”* Andrew Cuomo: "Extreme" GOPers Will Have To Answer to Voters For Killing "Public View" Marijuana Bill(Village Voice)




Inside Cuomo's Man Cave

Andrew Cuomo’s Mt Kisco home has a “man-cave” with “a giant poster of rock legend Jim Morrison hanging on a floor-to-ceiling mirror.” * Andrew Cuomo's batting average this year is way below last year's. [Michael Benjamin]





Cuomo Speaks Blasts NYP 2 Conservative
Cuomo to : (Dicker) "I think your paper occaisionally caters to an extreme conservative position." Wow.  Cuomo says there's "no doubt the state Senate heard the Conservative wing" and blocked the marijuana bill, warns it's now campaign issue.*Cuomo says reporters "want the scandal and the drama ... I can see on their faces in the news conferences." * Cuomo: "In the old days, when my father was here, it seemed like they used a message of necessity for every bill." * Cuomo and the NY Dream Act  (Perez Notes)


Albany's Pot Bust "Old Folks"

Divide in Albany Kills Proposal on Marijuana(NYT) Cuomo declared his marijuana proposal dead, stamped out by state Senate Republicans who saw decriminalization as a declaration that Albany was soft on crime * The governor blamed pressure from “old folks” on the Senate Republicans for the failure of his proposal to decriminalize the public possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana.* A bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana was killed by white lawmakers from rural and suburban parts of New York State. Cuomo says, on marijuana, that Senate responding to "extreme conservative wing" of party, a wing he sez sometimes reflected in the Post * Cuomo: Republicans Need To Be Moderate(YNN) * Cuomo: Electorate has no appetite for conservatives *Fred Dicker and Andrew Cuomo Disagree On Whether Or Not The New York Post Is Extremely Conservative(NYO) * What the hell is Randy Credico smoking?(TU)

Yassky Blasts de Blasio for Blocking Outer Boro Taxi Service
Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky wrote a column critical of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's effort to block the mayor's taxi deal. [Daily News]


Stern Says Bloomberg's New Park Commissioner Another Cathie Black
Former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern questioned Bloomberg’s decision to tap Veronica White, the head of anti-poverty Center for Economic Opportunity, for his old job, comparing her to doomed ex-NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black.* Henry Stern slammed the appointment of Veronica White as new Parks commissioner.  * Will the city's new parks commissioner end up like Cathie Black? [David Seifman] * Groups Tangle Over Creating Queens 'High Line' (DNAINFO)

Environmental Groups Go To Court To Stop Cuomo's Limited Fracking Plan
Environmental Groups Say They Will Fight Cuomo’s Gas Drilling Plan(NYT) A coalition of environmental groups plans to campaign against a proposal that Governor Cuomo is weighing to approve limited drilling for natural gas * With lawmakers set to leave town in two days, energy-infrastructure companies are making a last-minute push to lift the state's ban on storing liquefied natural gas, the Ithaca Journal reports * In the last two weeks alone, Emkey Resources and Chesapeake Energy have filed $30 million in mortgages with the Broome County Clerk’s office in anticipating of a fracking green light from the Cuomo administration.* Mike Bloomberg said that the city shrunk its carbon footprint by 13 percent over the last five years.  *Pro-Frackers Push Personal Stories(YNN) * Anti-fracking protestors conducted a die-in outside of Cuomo’s office on the Capitol’s second floor. * 'Stop And Frisk' Marijuana Bill Is Dead In NY(


Final Deals in Albany Update 24/7
In typical fashion, Albany legislators are expected to stay up late on some last minute compromises tonight.
The Times-Union writes that a law to safeguard the integrity of licensed professions has turned out to cause more problems than it should, and that it needs an overhaul * A bill to enact expanded tax credit for historic buildings gained final legislative approval by the Assembly yesterday, and is headed to Cuomo’s desk where supporters are confident he will sign it into law. * Is Cuomo Budget Lingo still Jeopardizing $20 million in Federal Wildlife Aid? (C&S) * It’s Going To Be A Late Night (YNN) * Senator Bill Perkins Actually Voted Against Ban On Spending Welfare Money On Cigs, Booze and Strippers(Villlage Vocie * Lawmakers push to finish, mansion beckons(TU) * NYRA bill passes Assembly unanimously * EJ McMahon schools us on the Triborough amendment.* State Passes Bill To Eliminate "Predatory Parking Tickets"  * Senator Skelos says Senate will do "final conference" on eval bill Thursday morning then make a decision.


NY1 Online: Proposed Waste Transfer Station on the Upper East Side



Budget Breakdown: Watchdog Groups Say Biggest Budget Problems Easy To See, Hard To Tackle(NY1)


Under a proposal gaining traction in Albany, New Yorker drivers may soon have to get used to cameras that record the speed of a passing car and issue violations automatically
Writing Tickets May Soon Be Hands-Free(NYT) A bill now gaining traction in Albany may see New Yorkers answering to mounted cameras that record the speed of cars and violations automatically.* State Senator Proposes Installation Of Speeding Cameras(NY1) * NYC Speed Cameras Could Debut Soon; Drivers Say Plan Aims(WCBS)



The MTA’s target to bring the Long Island Rail Road into Grand Central Terminal is now August 2019, a date that’s already been pushed back several times
E. Side Access ‘train’ of fools (NYP)Millions of Metro-North commuters will suffer because of delays on the project to bring the Long Island Rail Road into Grand Central, MTA officials told the City Council yesterday. Plans to bring Metro-North service to Penn Station will have to wait until the $8 billion project is complete, said William Wheeler, MTA’s director of planning. The MTA’s target for East Side Access is now August 2019, a date that’s been pushed back several times.

The MTA loses about $50 million a year from those who don’t pay their fair share, nearly triple what was estimated.


 Mike Bloomberg has signed on to Gale Brewer’s plan to limit the size of storefronts of the Upper West Side. 

'Daily News' tries to capitalize at the newsstand on 'Post' price bump(Capital)

PHOTO: Sue Simmons' Name Still Playing On WNBC Opening Credits(Huff Post)

657,000 Public Sector Jobs Gone Many NY Feds Jobs Cut
 But since its postrecession peak in April 2009 (not counting temporary Census hiring), the public sector has shrunk by 657,000 jobs, creating a drag on the country’s economic recovery. *Why are the feds axing jobs in NYC? (CrainsNY)

 The Making of A President 2012: Executive Privilege
Justice Dept says president has asserted executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents (Washington Post) * Opening shots in new O’Care ad war(NYP)* In Romney and Obama Speeches, Selective Truths(NYT) * Obama's immigration move could hurt Romney with Latinos(NYDN) * Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns: “2012 has unfolded so far as a grinding, joyless slog, falling short in every respect of the larger-than-life personalities and debates of the 2008 campaign.” * A new Bloomberg poll gives Obama a 13 point lead. * Obama acknowledged that the situation Europe could effect his own re-election prospects.   * Charlie Cook says that the odds have gotten tougher for Obama. * Obama's "They Did It" Campaign - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review * Yes, Today's GOP Really Is Different - Jonathan Bernstein, Washington Post * How Obama Can Get His Mojo Back - Thomas Friedman, New York Times * Mitt Romney Has a History Problem - David Corn, Mother Jones * Most of Obama's Memoir "Dreams" Was Fiction - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail * Political Players Gird for SCOTUS Ruling - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast * Are the Democrats Doomed? - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times * Government Spending Is Out of Control - Michael Medved, The Daily Beast * Election 2012: Bloomberg: Obama +13 | Rasmussen: Romney +4 | Map *MSNBC Under Fire Over Romney Edit (Huff Post) * GOP calls for Eric Holder to answer for the 'Fast and the Furious' scandal.(NY Mag) * The former head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Nydia Velazquez, said the Romney campaign wouldn't pick Marco Rubio because they do "not want to have another rerun regarding Sarah Palin." [Reid Pillifant] * Bloomberg poll: Obama up big, Bain debate up for grabs:  * TPM average: Obama 47.7%, Romney 45.1% *Obama Invokes Privilege in Bid to Halt Contempt Vote(NYT) * Flashback 2007: Senator Obama Criticized President Bush For Trying To ‘Hide Behind’ Executive Privilege * Tom Friedman taking baby steps, calls for President Obama to run on President Obama's platform.(NY Mag) * Frank Rich on the National Circus: The Un-Unvetting of Marco Rubio(NY Mag) *In a first, Obama asserts privilege in Holder dispute(Wash Post)  * True News PM * The House Oversight Committee voted 23-17 (along party lines) to hold US AG Eric Holder in contempt in connection with Fast and Furious. (Here’s what that means).*  Obama campaign spent more than it raised in May. * A managing director at Goldman Sachs who donated to Barack Obama in 2008 gave $150,000 to a SuperPAC supporting Mitt Romney.  * Nancy Pelosi ripped the Republicans for going after Holder by saying, “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day.” * Traffic analysis from Buzzfeed: “Nobody seems to want to read stories about Mitt Romney.”* The End of the New Deal Dems? - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review * A Full-Blown Scandal Ensnaring Obama - Alana Goodman, Commentary * Swingtime for Obama - Michael Tomasky, New York Review of Books * Dem Hopes for Speaker Pelosi Fading - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air * Will Right-Wing Racism Derail Romney? - Michael Arceneaux, The Grio * Election 2012: Gallup, Rasmussen: Romney +2 | Bloomberg: Obama +13


Jon Stewart Skewers Fox News For Using Edited Obama Video To Criticize Immigration Policy

Stephen Colbert Thinks Dressage Is Great For Romney’s Image: ‘It’s Basically NASCAR In A Velvet Top Hat’


Jail Term Ends After 20 Days for Ex-Rutgers Student(NYP) * Ravi Released After Serving Time in Webcam-Spying Case(WSJ)

Sanity Hearing Is Postponed for Man Who Said He Killed Etan Patz

Anti-Jewish crime wave(NYP)* Police Investigate Anti-Semitic Message Written On Williamsburg Street(NY1)

'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina Anxious to See Her Pigs, Husband Says(DNAINFO)

Law and Order
Oh, Alec. *A DN photographer recounts his dust-up with Alec Baldwin. * ‘Junkie firebug’ charged(NYP) * Inmate Charged With Murder in 2006 Brooklyn Fire(NYT) * Murder Charges in 2006 Fire(WSJ) * Rat was off-target (NYDN) * Ramarley Graham's half-brothers convicted on gun charge(NYDN)* Man charged in deadly 2006 blaze(NYDN)* Praise for hoop dads in pot bust (NYDN) 

 Bus Driver Beaten into Coma by Ex-Con: Cops(NBC) * Cops: Suspect Groped Girl in Harlem Elevator(NBC) * Cops are seeking info about four men in connection with the beating death of a man in Jamaica. Watch the video of...  California serial killer Rodney Alcala on way to New York to face charges of killing two women in 1970s(NYP)

Employee Sues for Benefits to Cover Same-Sex Spouse(NYT) * Bronx cops seek blade-wielding robber(NYDN) * Imprisoned Serial Killer on Way to Face New York Murder Charges(NYT) * For Probationers, Moving Offices Closer to Improve Results(NYT) * Career criminal arrested for fatally stabbing girlfriend's nephew in East Village(NYP) * The state prison system finally got around to banning escape maps that offenders receive in the mail.