Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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NYT EXCLUSIVE: Jay Jacobs, New York State Democratic Party chairman, to resign next week. 

True News Said Last Year Jacobs Would Go
NYS Democratic Leader Jay Jacobs Will Have To Go Part II (True News)* One Person Arrested in the NYC HPD Bribe Scheme A Lawyer is Part of NYS Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs Political Machine (True News)

3 State Senators Go to Jail and Their Fellow Members Put Up the Blue Wall of Silence

 Pols Silence Enable Their Corrupt Colleagues

Not one word to the press was issued to to the public from any state senator who voted to make Pedro Espada Majority Leader and Vice President Pro Tempore ... After his return to the Democratic caucus on July 9, 2009. 3 Democrat State Senators or 10% of the total have been convicted in recent weeks on pay to play corruption.  The taxpayers have a right to the two million the senate paid to Espada and Mr. Monserratet to buy their vote in 2009.  In recent years over a dozen NY elected official have gone to jail for ripping off the public.  Where is the outrage by fellow pols about the serial corruption.  Where is the moral leadership from the elected officials?   It is like the bad old days of the police department's "Blue Wall of Silence," before the Rev. Sharpton and others caused at least some good cops to speak out against the bad cops. In the 70's Rev. Sharpton said the fact that cops did not go after their lawless partners was the leading cause of corruption in the Police Department. No less can be said about the pols who fail to speak out against their corrupt or colleagues who lie.  We would like to see some NYC journalist put a camera in front of a pol and ask them why so many of their fellow pols end up in jail.* Deputy Sen Maj Leader Libous in hot water w/Albany ethics watchdog? Would not confirm or deny receiving JCOPE inquiry.  * Cuomo, who has weathered repeated accusations from the ex-senator of mounting a politically motivated witch hunt against him, issued a statement calling Espada “the prime example of government corruption.” Pedro Free: Senate Dems Look to Nat'l Issues for Help(Gotham Gazette)
NYP revels in a jury’s guilty verdict for former Sen.  Espada, and “devoutly” hopes his prison sentence will be long
Smile wiped off Pedro’s face(NYP) * Bye-Bye, Pedro(NYP Ed) * Ex-State Senator Guilty of Theft From Nonprofit(NYT) * Bronx Lawmaker Seeks a Sharp Contrast With Disgraced Predecessor(NYT) * Espada Guilty of Stealing Clinic's Funds(WSJ) * Espada Convicted of Theft in Partial Verdict(WSJ) * Former Senator Espada Guilty Of Four Theft Counts; Mistrial Declared On Other Charges(NY1) * Former N.Y. Senator Pedro Espada Jr. Found Guilty Of 4 Counts(WABC) * Espada is still facing 10 counts relating to tax fraud in federal court in Manhattan. * Ruben Diaz defended his old Amigo. *Espada Jr. set to face new trial after jury deadlocks on four charges(NYP) * Espada And Bruno In Same Boat(YNN) * Chris Smith has mixed feelings about Pedro Espada Jr.* Sources: Feds To Retry Espada On Corruption Charges(NY1)

PEYSER: Finally, greedy pig pol guilty(NYP) * THE LAST AMIGO: Ruben Diaz, Sr., the last member of the Four Amigos still free from felony conviction, not to mention still in office, is unconcerned he could face criminal charges like former Sens. Carl Kruger, Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada, Jr.:(C&S) * The usually chatty Espada ignored reporters’ questions after the verdict, but his attorney called the jury’s decision “compromised.”* Espada still getting paid 300K a year from Soundview Health Center, sources tell News

Amigos on jury held up Espada verdict(NYP) * Their fury at Espada jury(NYDN) * Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., the last amigo standing, refused to say whether Espada is guilty or innocent, noting: “I wasn’t there.” * The holdout juror in the trial works at JP Morgan Chase, leading The Daily News to write that the bank “sure knows how to pick him.”



8 Weeks After Election Day Fidler Storobin Goes to A Hand Recount. . . Storobin + 27
Hand recount for ‘Kruger’ election(NYP) * New Twist in a March Senate Election That’s Still Too Close to Call(NYT) * Storobin Regains Slight Lead In Brooklyn State Senate Race(NY1) * An attorney for Lew Fidler pledged the NYC councilman will fight “right down to the very end” in the 27th SD race, which heads to a full hand recount – the city’s first – with David Storobin leading by 27 votes.* Republicans are declaring Storobin the victor and calling on Fidler to concede.* David Greenfield thinks that the best thing about the ongoing Greenfield/Storobin fight, which is now going to a manual hand recount, is that “Finally we will know if these new electronic [voting] machines work!” *SD-27 Recount: Dems Say Go; GOP Says No(NYDN* Over Republican protests, a recount will proceed in the Fidler/Storobin race.

They Told Us They Wanted A Quiet Wedding . . .  The Campaign Must Go On 
NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s dad interrupts press conference to deliver hair piece for her wedding (NYDN) Quinn & pols were holding press conference on 'Secure Communities' immigration jail program

Election 2012   No Kelly run for mayor (NYP) Police Commissioner Ray Kelly isn’t running for mayor, his biggest booster said yesterday.Former Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari * An Environmental Crusader’s Newest Goal: Congress(NYT) * NY1 Online: Congresswoman Velazquez Discusses Her Re-Election Fight * Stringer: Shelve teach evals in test mess (NYDN)
* Mayoral candidates John Liu, Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and Scott Stringer co-authored an op-ed on reasons they support the prevailing wage bill Mayor Bloomberg vetoed: The Council is scheduled to override Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of the bill today. * The Daily News accuses Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer of “pandering” to the teachers’ unions by calling for the scrapping of state tests after errors were found in them: * John Liu Sked: 10 a.m. Press Conference in Foley Square about 6/17 stop and frisk march * The Legislature is prepared to move the state primary date from Sept. 11 to Sept. 13, but not to June 26, where it would coincide with the federal contests. * Ray Kelly not running for mayor, booster says(NYP) * Asked about President Obama’s support for his re-election, Charlie Rangel said,  “The president of the United States, especially this president, should not be annoyed by reporters who want to know whether he is going to get involved in a local district leader’s race.” * *Sources: DC37 Goes With Barron(NYO) * Silver Wants To Keep Sept. 11 Free Of Elections(YNN) * Koch: Turner ‘Embroidered’ My Words On Gillibrand(YNN) * The Daily Q: Who is challenging incumbents for Congress? (New York World) *Rangel adviser: 'We're going to win, and we're going to win(Capital) * . was the only 2013 mayoral candidate who skipped an event for critics of the NYPD's use of stop-and-frisk  *For A Day, Council And Quinn Stand Firmly Against Mayor Bloomberg(NYO) * NY-6 Hopeful Robert Mittman: I'm For Real(NYO) * The Sept. 13 state primary date is a done deal.* Bob Kappstatter mused on all things related to Bronx politics.* Michael Grimm is leading the charge to investigate Corzine’s MF GLobal. * Congressional candidate Adriano Espaillat would like to take you on a journey. *Christine Quinn skipped out on a stop-and-frisk press conference.  * NY1 Online: Manhattan BP Stringer Says State Tests Need Changes  * Albany Expected To Push Primary Day Past 9/11 Anniversary (NY1)


Mayor Bloomberg puts tech sector on the map(Crains NY)

Banks Have Always Redlined the Poor
Council Wants Banks to Describe Efforts Made in Poor Areas(NYT) Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Administration is opposed to a City Council banking bill that requires banks disclose information about whether they are helping to serve low-income communities




Prevailing Wage Council Override of Mayor Veto 

Prevailing Wage Override Sets Up Legal BrawlNYDN) * City Council Approves Legislation Opposed By Bloomberg: The council overrode a veto from the mayor on a prevailing


Albany Trying to Sneak A Pay Raise While Minimum Wage Hike



More Funding for the Civilian Complaint Review Board "Stop and Frisk"
Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn have agreed to allocate $1.6 million to the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board to fund 18 new positions for a unit that will be empowered to prosecute police officers who are accused of misconductFunding Is Set for New Role(WSJ) * Michael Powell argues in the New York Times that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and his 2012 “stop and frisk” policy are virtually unrecognizable from the more moderate Ray Kelly who first assumed the post in 1993: 

Starting Tuesday, New York must comply with Secure Communities program(NY Metro)

TLC Officers Go Under Cover To Bust Illegal Cabbies (WCBS)

Yiddish posters up in Williamsburg asking for cash for accused child molester angering victim’s family (NYDN)  Fundraiser for busted rabbi Nechemya Weberman dividing community * Controversy Over Handling Of Sex Abuse Cases In Hasidic Jewish Community (WCBS) * Posters Advertise Fundraiser for Alleged Child Molester(NBC) The community says he is respected while a friend of the accuser says they're denying what happened *Report: Yiddish Posters Appeal For Money For Alleged Child Molester In Brooklyn (WCBS) * Fundraiser for accused rabbi draws outrage(ABC) * Fury over posters advertising fundraiser for rabbi accused of molesting a child(Daily Mail) * Child Abuse in the Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Community(Huff Post) * In child abuse cases, law enforcement blesses the obstruction of justice(thejewishchronicle.net) * Posters in Williamsburg criticize girl accusing Jewish cleric of rape (Fox 5) * Yiddish posters up in Williamsburg asking for cash for accused child molester angering victim’s family(Jewish Community Watch)

A Sidewalk Shed in Perpetuity (NYT) New York City has thousands of temporary structures to catch construction debris. Residents worry that one in Harlem will never go away.

Paywall for a Local Newspaper

At a Small Weekly, Online News Comes With a Fee(NYT)



The Making of A President 2012

For Some, Same-Sex Marriage Is Not Politics, It’s Personal(NYT) * Obama’s Switch on Same-Sex Marriage Stirs Skepticism(NYT) * Colorado Rejects Same-Sex Civil Unions(NYT) * A Reluctant New Yorker(WSJ)* Read a transcript of Obama's Barnard College address(WSJ) * Obama Tells Barnard Grads To Shape Their Destinies Before He Fills Campaign Purse (NY1) * Obama Reaffirms Support For Same-Sex Marriage At Manhattan Fundraisers(NY1) * President Obama Is No Bill Clinton, But He Should Be - Bernie Marcus, IBD * Romney Is Short on Specifics - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Is Mitt Romney Ready for Bain Battle? - Burns & Haberman, Politico * Some Dems Fretting Over Team Obama's Ineptitude - John Ellis, RCP * Yes, Obama Can Win Arizona This Year - Ruy Teixeira, The New Republic * Expect a Desperate Obama to Dump Biden - Jack Kelly, Pitt Post-Gazette * Hitler, Stalin, Ann Romney & Me - Michelle Goldberg, The Daily Beast * On Gender, Obama Veers Into Pandering - Dana Milbank, Washington Post* One by One, Obama Targets '08 Coalition for Boost - Erin McPike, RCP * Obama: JPM Losses Make His Point - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics * Americans Elect appears to be sputtering out.   * The JP Morgan Mess could hurt Obama. * Obama’s gay marriage shift is energizing gay marriage activists.   * New ad from pro-Obama super PAC attacks Romney's business record * New Romney Ad: 'Hope and Change Has Not Been Kind to Millions of Americans'  *A Glimpse of the President's Day in the City(NYT) * Boehner to Double Down on Debt Rule(NYT) * 'I'm for Mitt Romney,' former President George W. Bush says(NYP)* The White House released the financial disclosure forms of Obama and Biden * Obama had an “anodyne” appearance on “The View”, although he did say that he refrained from smoking a cigarette after the Osama bin Laden killing because “Michelle will catch me.”   * In Iowa, Romney Denounces ‘a Prairie Fire of Debt’(NYT) * Marriage Decision Not Helping Obama So Far - Paul West, Chicago Tribune * Why Obama Hasn't "Lost" the South - Jon Meacham, Time *Discouraged Dems May Mean Historic Sweep for GOP - Bruce Walker, AT*  Obama: "I'm Going to Win" - Aaron Blake, Washington Post * Obama Fans Engaged in Willful Self-Deception - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News * Is the Filibuster Unconstitutional? - Ezra Klein, Washington Post * Susana Martinez: Mitt's Best Veep Pick? - Andrew Romano, Newsweek

Murdoch Workers Face Criminal Charges
Rebekah Brooks charged over phone hacking; faces criminal trial (Huff Post) * Ex-tabloid editor Rebekah Brooks, her husband and 4 others charged in Britain phone hacking scandal(AP) * Eliot Spitzer says Dimon should resign “immediately” from the New York Fed Board.* Charging of Rebekah Brooks takes phone-hacking saga to new level (Guardian) * Top Murdoch Aide to Be Prosecuted in Hacking Case(NYT)


While Congress Says Chris Dowd Works or Does Not Work, We Know the Glass Steagall Act Worked for 70 Years

Advocates, Lawmakers Protest Local Enforcement Of "Secure Communities"(NY1)


Norman Seabrook, Correction Officers Union President, Reacts to Voice Cover Story (Village Voice)


Queens Week: District Attorney Brown Takes Some Credit For Borough's Decreasing Crime Rate(NY1)

Deadly Parkway shoot stumps cops(NYP)

Law and Order

NYPD officer busted for leaking intel to traffickers: feds(NYP) * Police Officer Implicated in Drug Ring Inquiry(NYT)

Attack at the Stadium(NYP) * Tourist shot saving kid (NYP) * Prison Term for Family Friend in Harlem Boy’s Killing(NYT) * Drug Trial Starts for Figure Prominent in Rap World(NYT) * For 2 Decades, Airport Worker Used Murder Victim's ID, Officials Say(NYT) * Police Seek Tips on a Home Invasion Robbery(NYT) * Mother Of Slain Harlem Teen Satisfied By Killer's 32-Year Sentence(NY1) * Gangbanger gets 32 yrs. in slaying of Harlem teen (NYDN)
* Ex-cop who shot her gal pal faces 25 yrs.(NYDN) * Bronx judge gives craigslist pimp the max (NYDN)* Precinct overseeing Aqueduct racino gets more cops(NYDN)
* Man pleads guilty to selling illegal rat poison(NYDN) * City settles false arrest claim with lawyer couple1(NYDN) * Custodian helps stop potential child abduction(WABC) * Newark Airport Security Supervisor Accused of Using Dead Man's ID for Two Decades(NY Mag)