Friday, October 7, 2011

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One Person Arrested in the NYC HPD Bribe Scheme A Lawyer is Part of NYS Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs Political Machine 
Lawyer Michael Freeman arrested yesterday as part of the NYC HPD pay to play corruption was the lawyer for Jay Jacobs Long Island machine last year when they tried to remove independent democratic Francesca Carlow who was running against Jacobs' candidate David Mejias. Carlow lawyers were able to beat back Freeman and Jacobs and remain on the ballot.  Mejias who was arrested during the primary for stalking and menacing his girlfriend lost the primary to Carlow.  In fact Jacobs lost almost all the democratic races on Long Island in recent years.  That is why True News wrote back in December NYS Democratic Leader Jay Jacobs Will Have To Go Part II

Mike Freeman was Brooklyn Boss Norman's Law Chair before he was a jury found Norman guilty of demanding money from a judicial candidate in exchange for his support in 2007.
One of Walters' codefendants is Sergio Benitez, a developer who is currently at the heart of an ongoing corruption probe involving City Councilman Erik Dilan. (Brooklyn 11211)

NYC City Council members under fire for obtaining affordable housing (NYDN) * The Daily News reported last spring that in 2008 Dilan moved into affordable housing built by Benitez, though records show his income exceeded the eligibility requirements.  The apartment was available to families making under $114,000, but at the time Dilan and his wife made about $160,000 between his Council job and her work for a non-profit.

City Official Accused of Taking Bribes, Left in Boxes and Cups(NYT) A senior official Wendell B. Walters at the New York City agency that helps build affordable housing used his position to conduct a racketeering enterprise, federal prosecutors charged on Thursday, saying he took about $600,000 in bribes and kickbacks from developers who hid the cash in golf ball boxes, coffee cups and overnight envelopes.  * Housing Official Charged in 10-Year Bribe Scheme (WSJ) * HPD Official, Six Others Plead Not Guilty In Alleged Corruption Scheme(NY1)

NYT: Hey NYT What About Bloomberg Testerlying At the Haggerty Trial?
The NYT reporter calls the incitement of a city housing office another black eyes for the Bloomberg administration.  The reporter William Rashbaum cites the mayor's appointment of Kathy Black and the reason he gave to deputy mayor Goldsmith abrupt departure was lying.  What Rashbaum did not say was the mayor repeated that lying on the witness stand when he according to CUNY reporter Tom Robbins accused the mayor testerlying at the trial. * A high-ranking housing official was charged with accepting $600,000 in kickbacks, and the incident marks another staffing black-eye for the Bloomberg administration. *  Mike Bloomberg Occupy Wall St. Ridiculous, How About Perjury?

F-Bombs At The NYC Board Of Elections? (Updated)(NYDN)

Bronx Republican Elections Commissioner J.C. Polanco is casting a vote for Manhattan Democratic Commissioner Gregory Soumas to step down from the board after what he said has been a series of vitriolic attacks and threats of beatdowns. 

Board of Election Corruption(True News)




Kelly Blamed the Protesters for Increasingly Confrontational Tactics

Arrests Blamed on Protesters Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly blamed the increasingly confrontational tactics of a small group of Lower Manhattan protesters for the nearly two-dozen arrests made during sometimes-violent skirmishes. (WSJ)



Wall St. protests cost $2M in police overtime(NYDN) * Inside ‘Occupy Wall Street’: Zuccotti Park, The Protesters’ New Home And HQ (WCBS) * Confronting the Malefactors Occupy Wall Street is starting to look like an important event that might even eventually be seen as a turning point.  (NYT Op Ed)  * Social Media Fuels Wall Street Protest(NBC) * Wall Street Protesters Disgusted With Both Parties(NBC) * Bloomberg accuses Wall St. protesters of trying to hurt NYC economy(NYP) * NYPD Prepared For "Occupy" Protest Long Haul(NY1) 

Police Clashes Spur Coverage of Wall Street Protests (NYT) * Kelly: NYPD Presence At Wall Street Protests Costly(NY1) * House Majority Leader Eric Cantor referred to the protests as a “growing mob.” * Local businesses are getting fed up with the protests.* Occupy the Hood Aims to Bring More Minorities Into the Occupy Wall Street Fold (Village Voice)

Obama Offers First Remarks On "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters(NY1) * Top Democrats – including President Obama and Cuomo – are cautiously supportive of the protest, though keeping their distance for the moment. * The president is trying to tap into and channel the protesters’ anger, but he’s also the guy who approved the bank bailouts.



 Feds went easy on NY's largest foreclosure mill: critics(NYP)

NYPD Accidental Ticket Scandal
How detective's drug-deal snoop became massive tix-fix probe(NYDN)






700 aides, coordinators, and education staff in New York will be receiving the pink slip today

City to Fire 700 Workers(WSJ) * Hundreds Of School Workers Laid Off, Spurring Protests Against Bloomberg(NY1)






The UFT gave a $75k donation to the NAACP, garnering the civil rights group criticism from charter school advocates.





  Jail Looks to Be Kruger's Next Stop

Aquino-Kruger trial drawing closer Legal experts say feds in a strong position for Jan. 2012 proceedings (Queens Chronicle


Mayor Bloomberg can authorize NYPD to shoot down planes, Commissioner Ray Kelly tells City Council(NYDN)

NYPD Has an Attack by the Joker Covered (The Atlantic Wire)

NYP: Schumer’s new “millionaire’s tax” is not in New York’s best interests

Why does Chuck hate NY? (NYP) The millionaire's tax hike would hit income from capital gains, interest and dividends, slapping New Yorkers harder still -- both personally, and by further weakening the economically critical financial sector. * Charging for Debit Cards Is Robbery(NYT)


Schumer Reshapes the Federal Bench 

Chuck Schumer has re-shaped the federal bench, with three-quarters of his recommendations to the judiciary consisting of women or minorities. * Over 12 Years, Schumer Tips Court Balance(WSJ)



Cuomo Fears Cuts in Wall Street Bonuses Will Increase Budget Defecit

Gov fears Wall $trait (NYP) With taxes from Wall Street supplying 20 percent of the money to run state government, a potential dive in Wall Street bonuses could increase New York’s projected $2.4 billion deficit for the fiscal year that begins April 1, Cuomo said. * Cuomo seemed to open the door to a three-year PEF contract, while his administration released the list of union job titles being targeted for layoffs. * The Cuomo administration had to lean on the Bloomberg administration to accept a $50 million bailout of a SEIU 1199 health insurance fund. *Press and Cuomo Joe Pompeo writes about the “wide the gulf between the Governor’s office and the media that cover it…”

Michael Powell (Twitter)Goldman Sachs economists see economy still slowing, real income growth stalled, and big storm clouds in Europe. Batten down baby


Sounding alarm on 100G FDNY pensions(NYP) * A lower-than-expected rate of return on its pension investments might force NYC to dip into its reserves to cover benefits, Bloomberg said. *  City taxpayers foot 90% of municipal pensions(NYP) * The average FDNY pension is close to $100,000k.


For Staten Islanders, a guide to taming soaring bridge tolls (SI Advance)




Cuomo: No frack & ruin(NYP) * Andrew Cuomo said that if fracking occurs in upstate New York then the oil and gas industries would pay for the oversight.

9/11 Memorial Tourists Overwhelming Downtown, Residents Say(DNAINFO)

City Council Grills Kelly on Police Surveillance of Muslims(NYT) * Kelly Faces Questioning Over Alleged Spying On Muslims(NY1)

‘A Stubborn Bastion’ A federal judge, who found the New York Fire Department rife with discrimination, was entirely justified to order a court monitor to try to fix the problem. (NYT)


Access-A-Ride driver left Alzheimer's patient to die, daughter says(NYDN)

Queens mother grateful for iGotYa app after iPhone is stolen(NYDN)

Police: Brazen Teenage Gang Robbing Straphangers During Rush Hour(WCBS)

Police Release Surveillance Video In Search For S.I. Armed Robbery Suspect(NY1)

VIDEO: Armed Robberies at Manhattan Jewelry Stores(NBC)

'Battered woman's syndrome' let Qns. woman get away with 'murder'(NYP) * Wife Who Fired 11 Shots Is Acquitted of Murder(NYT) * A Killing Better Kept Out of Court(NYT) *  Killer wife is ‘bulletproof’11 shots at hubby -- but still acquitted(NYP) * A ‘swung’ jury(NYP) * Queens Woman Cleared Of Murdering Husband May Still Face Prison Sentence(NY1)

Law and Order


Friend describes al-Qaida terrorist's life on LI - Newsday

Jobs’s Signature in New York: the Cube(WSJ) * Apple’s Steve Jobs sowed the seeds of genius we all can learn from(NYDN Ed) * Generation ‘i’ mourns Steve Jobs on gadgets he gave them (NYP) * Sadness in the Big ‘Apple’ Stores turn into shrines as city & world honor Jobs (NYP) * Stephen Colbert Fondly Recalls Getting Free Apple Products In Tribute To Steve Jobs

Jon Stewart Eviscerates The Fall Of Sarah Palin And The Rise Of Herman Cain

POLITICO Playback: Best of last night's late-night TV