Monday, December 6, 2010

NYS Democratic Leader Jay Jacobs Will Have To Go Part II

Obama Agrees to Extend Bush Tax Cuts for 2 Years Unemployment 1

Loses Mount for Head of the Democrat Party

Democrats Lose the State Senate on Long Island - Jacobs' Base

In the last two elections Jay Jacobs Long Island has been taken over by the GOP without a word from the party or the press criticizing his poor leadership.  The defeat  of the Senator Johnson resulting in a turnover of the State Senate in Jacobs Nassau County will make it impossible for the party or the press to ignore.  The Democratic Party is failing on the national and local levels because it has become the party of incumbent protection, not the party of change that the Democrats promise at election time.  The New York Democrats must ask themselves what they are doing with a party leader who has lost support of his base.
This year his AG candidate Kathleen Rice, Jacobs candidate who was the front runner at the start lost the primary.  He also lost all the Surrogate Court and all the judge ships in Nassau his home county. More importantly he lost both of Long Island incumbent State Senate seats Foley and Johnson.  Jacobs' Long Island losses, lost the State Senate for the Democrats.  The Democratic Party leader also has allowed the GOP to capture 6 or 7 congressional seats in the state this year.  He lost the Nassau Surrogate Judge.  Last year he lost the county executive office, local Nassau legislature, tax collector and a number of other local positions.  With the departure of Paterson and lose of a Sampson led State Senate and the fact that every statewide elected official is white the pressure will be on Cuomo to pick a black to lead the party.  Is was the black vote in the outer boroughs that saved the comptroller and AG seats for the democrats not Jacobs leadership. * GOP takes the state Senate(NYP)

Welcome Home Andrew

With Republicans Running State Senate, Cuomo’s Job May Be Easier If Republicans hold a New York Senate majority, Andrew M. Cuomo may have more success with a fiscally conservative platform. (NYT) * While a 32-30 GOP-led Senate might be helpful to Cuomo and his fiscally conservative agenda, Bruce Gyory reminds us: “One illness, indictment or appointment – each of which we have seen since January of 2007 – and we could be right back in the soup of uncertainty with a special election.” * Republican Bob Cohen will concede to Democratic Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer in the 37th SD this morning.* Former Sen. Vincent Leibell is expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges. * Andrew Cuomo will hold an "austere inaugural" ceremony *Leibell Pleads Guilty, Out On Bail (YNN)  * Cohen Concedes in Westchester State Senate Race * Fred Dicker wonders if Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will lead his conference or the other way around when it comes to Cuomo’s agenda. * Fred Dicker wonders if Sheldon Silver really wants to lead his conference in the Assembly.



Democratic Bloodbath
Hundreds of Democratic staffers are likely to be fired after Saturday's state Supreme Court justice's decision to give Republican Jack Martins the victory over incumbent Sen. Craig Johnson in the hotly contested state Senate race in Nassau County. The Democrats fired hundreds of Republican staffers after taking control of the Senate, and many of those ex-employees want their old jobs back.

No Elephants at the Garden Next Spring No Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus in Manhattan this spring. (NYT)

Bloomberg Taking Credit for State Senate The mayor gave the money to the GOP housing keeping account which does not file until next month.  The info got out today through his flack Wolfson so Bloomberg can take some credit for the turnover.  The billionaire mayor gave at least $500,000 to the Senate GOP’s housekeeping committee, according to a source familiar with Bloomberg’s largesse. Another source pegged the final amount from the mayor to the Republicans at just under $1 million. So Much For Bipartisanship


How Soon We Forget Jack Newfield

 Koch has hiring advice for Cuomo (DN)

City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York


Parker’s Fate In Jury’s Hands (YNN)



Chinatown Pay to Play:  It so Good to Be In Speaker Silver District   Chinatown cleaners played 'dirty' with grant A $5.4 million LMDC grant awarded to a Chinatown nonprofit to perform street cleaning was instead used to pay for a whopping share of management salaries, "outreach" and office overhead. (NYP) * Former Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin allegedly ripped off his own mom.


Memo to NYPRIRG:When You Fund Them You Own Them Member Items Funds Allow Legislatures to Control Non Profits

NYPRIRG said, the AG, who is responsible for regulating nonprofit organizations, needs to conduct a “thorough review” to determine if other entities are “controlled” by state lawmakers. NYPIRG Issues Leibell-Related Challenge * Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez has secret army - uses senior center staff for political machine * Paterson doled $16.7M in state grants: report

President Bloomberg
in proposing changes to NYS voting rules, @mikebloomberg releases data on voter access rules in all 50 states. hmmm (Facebook)  Azi Paybarah

Senate Vote Is Scheduled for Bailout of City OTB (NYT)

The Senate Democrats are holding out hope for a bipartisan deal on bailing out the NYC OTB tomorrow.* Fred LeBrun explains why upstate lawmakers should care about the downstate gambling operation.* “OTB is certainly a problematic entity, and we have never been very sympathetic to them as that entity,” said outgoing Senator Frank Padavan. “But on the other hand, we do have these employees who are the victims here.” * The NYC OTB parlors that lose the most cash are in Manhattan. *  NYC OTB Rescue Plan Held Up At The State Senate Gate... Again


 Bloomberg's Mistake

'We screwed up' Mike 'admits' Black secrecy a mistake ‘Give Me a Chance,’ Black Says in a TV Interview (NYT) * Officials beg Ed. Dept. to help failing students (DN) * Father Launches First Legal Battle Against Schools Chancellor Pick (NY1) * Black blast teacher tenure.* As controversy continues, Mayor's pick for NYC schools chancellor asks for 'a chance' (SI Advance) * Cathie Black: 'Give me a Chance' [VIDEO] * City pushing to close 12 failing schools in June (NYP) * Charles Barron Asks Bloomberg, Steiner, Black: 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?' [Video] (Obsever)


Is the MTA Fixable During the State's Budget Meltdown?

Watch the gap! MTA hit by tax shortfalls (NYP)  *  MTA clerks fail to help riders with damaged, expired MetroCards, frustrating straphangers (DN) * The governor-elect has big plans for electric cars, but it’s unclear how he’ll pay for them. 



Board of Elections botches another one: It missed 195,000 votes on Election Day (DN Ed)

True News Has Pointed Out the Problem with the Board of Elections Against and Again (History of BOE Corruption)

After His Charter Disaster Bloomberg Tries Reform Again


GE Awaits Verdict on Hudson Cleanup(WSJ)



Freezing cold weather brings warning for homeless (DN)

Charlie: At least I've got a job (NYP)

Rangel told CNN’s Candy Crowley his censure was an “embarrassing and painful experience.” * Charlie Rangel On the Politics of Censure, And What He Was Thinking in the Well [Video] (Obsever) * "The Federal Election Commission is investigating a complaint that Rep. Charles Rangel improperly used his National Leadership PAC to fund his legal defense on ethics charges for which he was censured Thursday," says the NYP.


Village Residents Look To Halt NYU Expansion Plan (NY1) * Village residents tell NYU: Keep off our grass (NYP) * West Side war over landmarks 790 buildings targeted (NYP)

 Changes Afoot in Manhattan Tech Corridor Telecommunications companies and Wall Street data providers are gobbling up space in lower Manhattan, boosting demand along a high-speed fiber corridor. (WSJ) * AOL mulls asking Yahoo to merge, sources tell Reuters (DN) * NYC plans to sell or lease the Brooklyn Municipal Building.*  WATCH: A Move To Recreate Glory Of Penn Station



New Push to Snap Speeders' Photos(WSJ)

Media and New Tech Comcast and NBC The F.C.C. and the Justice Department must carefully assess any potential threats to competition posed by a merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. (NYT Ed) *Best of 2010: The Year's Most Scandalous Media Shakeups

Sun-Times Media closing 7 Pioneer Press suburban weeklies

* Top papers to charge online, but how?

Peep-O-Rama Returns To Times Square (Sort Of)

Terrorism Qaeda docs want to implant explosives into thugs (DN) * Jurors in ’01 Bombings Case Sympathize With Pressures on Recent Panel (NYT)


Bush Tax-Cut Deal With Jobless Aid Said to Be Near (NYT) * Dan Rather: Obama Faces “Political Nightmare,” 2012 Primary Challenge

NY Can't Find One GOP Vote for 911 Bill