Tuesday, April 3, 2012

True News Update 24/7 Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

Happy Economic News From NY1 But Is It True

NY1 Online: IBO Head Ronnie Lowenstein Is Upbeat On City's Fiscal Health

NY1 never talked about the 1% increase in the unemployment rate in the last three months to 9.6%. City's Jobless Rate Rises as Nation's Falls(NYT) *   What about the weak office market? Space Influx Will Challenge Office Market(WSJ).  Or the fact that New Construction Slid 31% in 2011(WSJ).  

Why is the Media Cheerleading About NY Failing Economy?
New building starts in the first half of 2011 are down almost 40 percent from the previous year, a new report says, dashing some hopes of an economic rebound in the city's construction industry (NYP) * Escape from New York A new poll last week showed that more than one of every four New Yorkers is headed for the exits. Detroit lost a quarter of its population between 2000 and 2011; absolutely, it could happen here. (NYP) * Wall Street Wielding the Ax The trading slump on Wall Street has battered profits and is about to cost some people their jobs.(WSJ). Report: NY lost 1.6 million people to other states from 2000 – 2010 (Gannett Albany) 

Just Like the 2009 Mayoral Campaign Unemployment is Not Being Discussed in the 2013 Race

Correct to Picture 9.6% Unemployment Rate
Here Comes the Big Guns: Why Politics Might Undo the New York Economy * Papers and Editorial Board Ignore NYC Record High Unemployment * City ZIPs zapped by taxes Metro area leads nation in fed payouts (NYP) Nine of the 10 most heavily taxed neighborhoods in the United States are in the New York metro area — including six in Manhattan, according to IRS data. * NY ranks 49 in business tax climateMcMahon: NY's still too business-unfriendly(Newsday) * Why New York's future is fleeing Nowhere near enough jobs for the younger generation(NYP)  * Wall St. Pay Is Expected to Fall 20% to 30%(NYT)* Albany shorting city $6B in taxes(NYP)

Storobin Now Leads by 2(NYO)The latest gain comes from absentee and provisional ballots where the respective campaigns withdrew their objections. 41 ballots were counted in total, with 21 going to Mr. Storobin and 20 going to his Democratic opponent, Lew Fidler.

Election 2012 

Redrawn Districts Present a Hurdle for Democrats(NYT) * Manhattan State Senator Says He’ll Challenge Rangel * For Rangel, New District And New Rival(WSJ) * NY Senate Democrats push for minimum wage increase(WSJ) * Super PAC Takes Aim at Three NYC Incumbents (WSJ) * Senator Espaillat To Face Off Against Charles Rangel In Congressional Primary(NY1) * Christine Quinn proposes new elevator-safety rules(NYDN) * Garodnick Makes Comptroller Run Official(NYO) * Niagara Falls pol says "strong willed" Cuomo giving "just punishment" to city Dems for not endorsing him in '06 AG race * The court’s congressional redistricting plan complicated things for Democrats. * Erik Dilan may be really thinking about 2014 for his congressional run. * National Democrats had been counting on gains in New York to help them realize their quest of taking back control of the House, but redistricting threw a wrench in that plan, making several Democratic members vulnerable.* Koch is testing his "legendary clout with Jewish supporters" by backing Lancman. [David Seifman] * Grace Meng Announces $300,000 Raised(NYO) * Garodnick Praises Liu's Pension Plan, Undercut By "Distractions" (C&S) *The SD-27 Intrigue Continues...(nydn)* Grace Meng and Rory Lancman’s campaign cash is all new money. * "What does it mean 2b the soul of black USA when the majority of the neighborhd & its member of Congress is not black?" (Capital) * What's That Supposed To Mean? Liu's Running (NYDN) * Assemblywoman Grace Meng landed the Independence Party nod, which is bad news for the lone Republican running in NY-6: NYC Councilman Dan Halloran.* MTA Executive Director: Subway Service To NJ "Not Going To Happen"(NY1) *Community Board Chairman Declares Run for Rory’s Seat(Queens Politics) * Congressional Candidate Espaillat Focuses On Immigration, Job Development (NY1)Manhattan Councilman Sets Sights On 2013 Comptroller's Race

Congressional candidate Grace Meng hires campaign help, spurring a Queens newspaper tiff (Capital) So what does she get for hiring Multi-Media? Political advice mailers and just, maybe last weeks' Tribune front page, which focused on Meng's 'making history' with her campaign (she's Asian, you see) and relegated her competitors to insert-style photos," the Chronicle wrote. * True News: A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians

Democratic Boss Buys Philadelphia Newspapers

NJ Democratic boss Norcross agrees to buy Philadelphia newspapers


Where is the Outrage At Bloomberg for Citytime and 911 Emergency Phone System Mess After Billions Misspent

More alarm bells over city’s 911 system(NYP) Problems with the city’s 911 system continued through the weekend, with at least one service outage that forced backup systems to kick in so emergency calls could get through, * Mayor Bloomberg 2 Billion $ Tech Disaster ECTP- REFUND Tax Payer $!!!(Troy Artist) * Officials want mayor to release 911 study(ABC) * Elected Officials Demand Release Of Report On City Emergency Response System(NY1)

Elected Officials Demand Release Of Report On City Emergency Response System

Some elected officials, including the Manhattan borough president, said on Tuesday that the Bloomberg Mayor Defends Withholding Report on 911 System(NYT)

Rent too damn sly! Tenants say Espadas diverted checks(NYP) * Prosecutors Claim Espada Ran Rental Scheme To Fund His Health Clinic(NY1) * Pedro Espada profited from a Weight Watchers class he rented space, according to witnesses at his federal corruption trial. (NYP) * Espada’s ‘Legal Corruption’(YNN)

A Liu Code of Silence

New indictment could add 'another defendant' in Liu campaign-cash scandal: feds(NYP)The feds have apparently been unable to flip either of two defendants charged with funneling illegal campaign contributions to embattled city Comptroller John Liu. * John Liu’s campaign spokesman on Dan Garodnick’s candidacy: “Dan is a perceptive politician who knows of some of the private conversations John has had recently. The announcement today is a smart move on his part to get a jump on his competitors. John wishes him well.” * Garodnick wants to get out there in front of the inevitable Chung Seto indictment,” said one Democratic insider.



Secret Ethics Board

His new ethics board won’t release details of their decision to hire his former aide.

Compromise May Have Scaled Down Effects Of Living Wage Bill(NY1)




7 Schools to Stay Open

Seven Schools Gain Reprieves(WSJ) * DOE Saves Seven Highly Rated Schools From Proposed Overhauls(NY1) * Seven New York City schools spared the ax(NYDN) * Last stand for 8 Queens schools slated for closure(NYDN) * City Withdraws Plans to Close Seven Schools(NYT) Seven New York City schools set to be shuttered will stay open, but the Bloomberg administration will still close and reopen 26 other schools with many new employees


Parents Get the Mold Out of This School

Students, Families Upset Over Classes Held At Brooklyn School With Mold Problem(NY1)* Brooklyn Parents Want Children Relocated From Mold-Infested(WCBS) * Parents keep dozens of kids home due to mold(WABC) * Angry Parents Walk Out of School Mold Mtg(NBC)


NYC Failed Census Count

The New York Daily News on the U.S. Census fight: ”We wuz robbed, and there ain’t nothing we can do about it.”

MTA chief says Bloomberg's dream of extending line 'not going to happen'(NYP)* MTA Chairman Dismisses NY-NJ Subway Over Cost Concerns On Tuesday, MTA Executive Director Joe Lhota cast doubt on whether the subway system could ever conceivably reach New Jersey, saying it would be much more expensive than any current agency project. 


Dinosaurs Alive At the DOE

DOE Eliminates List Of Topics To "Avoid" On Standardized Tests (NY1) * City Revokes Testing Word Ban(NYT) * New York City drops its word ban for makers of tests for(SI Advance)




Recycling rates in NYC in the last five years have been lagging. [Jill Colvin]* Michael Cusick asked Mayor Bloomberg to drop plans for a waste-to-energy plant.



 Attacks on CUNY All Over the City On the Same Day?

Anti-Semitic rap vs. Brooklyn College(NYP) Faculty members are accusing the administration of discriminating against qualified Orthodox and female Jewish professors by rejecting their bids for appointments and promotions, The Post has learned. Assemblyman Dov Hikind called for Brooklyn College’s provost to be ousted in the wake of accusations of an anti-Jewish hiring bias at the school,* Medgar Evers College administration treats faculty unfairly and cuts student services, professors charge  (NYDN) Dismissed department heads charge college president Dr. William Pollard with 'bullying, intimidation and the abuse of power.' * The battle for CUNY(NYP Ed) The NYP says the union wants a court to block CUNY’s plan to boost standards at its community colleges, while letting students take more courses of their choosing — including many that are more rigorous but that might require fewer teachers. * Brooklyn College denied the allegations.

Where The Public Outcry of Anger Over Anoother Child Being Shot?

Marches Against Violence, Gun Buyback and Stop and Frisk Not Working 10-Year-Old Boy Shot by Stray Bullet in Brooklyn(NYT) A 10-year-old boy was shot in the torso in the Williamsburg neighborhood just after 11 p.m. on Monday, the police said.  * Stray shot hits boy NYDN)* Boy, 10, shot in W’burg(NYP)* Boy shot by stray bullet in Brooklyn(Fox 5) * Child shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn(WABC)

NYT  Says Stop Stop and Frisk in Buildings

Stop and Frisk, Continued(NYT Ed) The N.Y.P.D.’s Clean Halls program stops residents without identification in their own buildings. A lawsuit should force the department to re-examine its policy.A civil rights challenge to the NYPD’s stop and frisk policy in rental buildings should prompt the Bloomberg administration and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to curb abuses, the New York Times opines

Where The Public Outcry of Anger?  Where are the Woman Groups of A Law That Allows Women to Be Raped Without Criminal Consequences

‘Rape’ victim dad’s anguish (NYP) Cop-case verdict crushed my daughter(NYP)

New York's Political Prisoners

‘Madam’ has a pig money problem(NYP) * DA: Yank ‘stalker’ a phone-y(NYP) * Tell lawyers for 'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina to (NYDN)


State News

State Public Workers Rushed to Join Pensions Before Cutbacks(NYT) Thousands of state workers rushed to sign up for more generous pension benefits last week before a new pension tier kicked in starting April 1 * State Pension Reform May Unintentionally Harm Military Families(NY1) * DC37′s Lillian Roberts on the mad rush by city and state workers to enroll in Tier V before Tier VI kicks in: “We encouraged them to get in now so that they wouldn’t have to work longer, receive less.” * The budget gives Cuomo greater control over aspects of state government and how money is spent. * ots of charities want to be listed on New York State tax returns. (TU)


With Two Convictions of its Lobbyists MSM Protects Developer Bruce Rattner
Barclays Center promotional round-up: Daily News, NY1, Channel 13(Atlantic Yards Review)
estate correspondent), now has another reason to offer editorial support of the Barclays Center arena: the Daily News Golden Gloves, the newspaper-sponsored boxing tournament, is moving its two-day finals to the Brooklyn venue: Nets Develop Business Deals In Their Future Borough(NY1) Meanwhile, NY1 published a segment, headlined Nets Develop Business Deals In Their Future Borough, that provided a tour of the new Nets offices in Brooklyn, led by relentless promoter Brett Yormark (Nets/Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment CEO), keyed to the big news that the Brooklyn Marriott is now the arena's official hotel * Following up a belated but worthy analysis of Charlie Rose's "infomercial" with Bruce Ratner, Noticing New York Michael D.D. White turns his righteous ire to the performance of Channel 13, which has used the upcoming Andrew Bocelli concert at the Barclays Center as a lure for donors--while not exactly providing the incisive coverage of the arena the controversy merits.

Entering the Era of Issue Stings 
A James O'Keefe type named John M. Howting tried an anti-union stunt in East Harlem and wound up trying to elude a Times columnist instead. [Michael Powell]



Boro Park Get Ready For Passover

Ahead of Passover, Strict Standards Transform a Brooklyn Neighborhood(NYT) In Borough Park, Brooklyn, a desire among some Orthodox Jews to follow tough religious rules and traditions has given rise to cottage industries.


The whale at the wall(NYP)

“Crazy Joe” Gallo
Married to mob – until night of horror(NYP) It’s been 40 years since Joey “Crazy Joe” Gallo was gunned down in Little Italy’s Umberto’s Clam House, but the mobster’s bride of only three weeks remembers the notorious gangland slaying as if it were yesterday.



Romney wins primary, giving him a sweep of tonight's primaries.

Mitt Romney’s Wisconsin win means the end of the end (Wash Post) * With statewide wins in MD, WI & DC, FHQ has Romney up to 557 pledged/bound delegates (61% of those allocated). #1144” #1144 * Decisive Victories in Maryland, D.C. and Wisconsin(NYT) * Romney wins Wisconsin, Maryland and D.C. primaries (NYP)

NY divide: West Side for Barack Obama, East backs Mitt Romney(MetroNY)

Weighing When Slim Hopes Become a G.O.P. Problem(NYT) * Romney Seizes on Energy Costs to Attack Obama(NYP) * Obama Warns High Court(WSJ) * Poll shows Romney has cut Santorum’s lead in Pennsylvania(Wash Post) Quinnipiac poll in Pennsylvania: Rick Santorum holds a relatively small lead over Mitt Romney, 41% to 35% * Battle of addition: 146 days until GOP convention (CNN)* Romney Holds Strong Lead in WI, MD (Daily Beast)* "an estimated 60,000 Muslims in Florida voted for Bush" in 2000.  * There’s a Muslim swing vote out there.Obama Calls G.O.P. Budget Plan ‘Social Darwinism’(NYT)* Obama eases rhetoric about Supreme Court on health care (CNN) * Wisconsin primary: Five counties to watch(Wash Post) *Turner, Long Knock Obama Over SCOTUS Comments * obama also poked fun at Mitt Romney for calling the House GOP budget “marvelous, which is a word you don’t often hear about budgets…a word you don’t often hear generally.” * Exit Polls Show Romney Making Strides in Wisconsin(NYT) * Romney wins Wisconsin primary, adds to delegate lead in primary race (The Hill)


A 2016 presidential run by Hillary Clinton would seriously complicate any presidential ambitions of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. (DN)




James Murdoch Steps Down From British Broadcaster(NYT)




Palin to Couric: Game On(Daily Beast) * Owners of Newsday say the Daily News gives them bad press because its owner wants to buy them. (Forbes)

Dolan's Always Fighting With Newspapers

Pick a side: Team Dolan or Team Mort


NYPD Increases Security For Passover(Huff Post)


 Law and Order

Sexting cell ‘thief’ has date with the cops(NYP) * Boy, 10, shot in W’burg(NYP) * He wanted ‘kill’ pills(NYP) * Mob gets rat-tled(NYP) * Family Sues Police in Death Of Daughter(WSJ) * Off-Duty School Safety Agent Awaits Arraignment On Rape, Weapons Charges(NY1) * Guilty plea in huge immigration scam(NYDN)* Cell thief caught after 'sexting' victim(Fox 5) * Weary Commuters Targeted in Robberies: Polic(NYDN) * Bronx assistant principal arrested for sex abuse(NYDN) * Federal court shoots down mob hitman's appeal(NYDN) * Cop killer skips court to avoid vic's mom(NYDN) *French scholar found dead in Midtown hotel(NYP)

* No jail time in fireman hit-and-run(NYDN)


Handyman Convicted Of Murder Of Manhattan Building Cleaner(NY1) * Handyman Is Convicted of Killing Cleaning Woman(NYT) * Joseph Pabon convicted of 2009 slay of Eridania Rodrigu(NYDN)


 Court Nepotism Judge Gets Off Easy

Nepotism makes it ‘family’ court(NYP) * System, Not Judge, Is Blamed for Nepotism in Court Hiring(NYT) * Luis Gonzalez, the presiding judge of a New York appeals court, took cronyism to another level by hiring family and friends, and a state commission let him off too easy, writes the Daily News *The Daily News editorial board says an ethics commission let a judge accused of patronage off easy.

Al Qaeda goons are keeping us on our toes (NYDN)* NYPD Investigating ‘Al Qaeda’ Graphic Posted To Sympathetic (WCBS) * NYPD, FBI investigate Al Qaeda graphic(WABC) * Kelly: Graphic Shows NYC Still a Target(NBC)