Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Local TV News Leads Dumb Down Headline, Crime and Comics

If it it bleeds it leads
Why Local TV News Fails to Inform

After a year of study, a Federal Communications Commission special report, “The Information Needs of Communities,” says there is a lot of journalism out there, just not much “accountability reporting” of local and state government. The study, based on interviews with 600 journalists, scholars and industry leaders, found that newsrooms are scaling back their coverage of important institutions such as local and state government.

Local News Used to have Street Smart Reporters Like Jerry Nachman
The FCC team that wrote the report coined the term “hamsterization” (based on a CJR story) to describe the way that reporters now have to scurry to cover story after story without having the time to “turn over the rocks” to find out what is really going on. “The waste of taxpayer dollars, corruption, coverage of schools” all get less coverage.The report’s strongest criticism of the FCC’s current enforcement came when Waldman said his report finds that stations must provide little proof that they are serving the public’s needs — a requirement of keeping their licenses. In the last 75 years, only four stations have lost their licenses because they failed to fulfill their public service obligations. Not one station has lost a license for that reason in the last 30 years.

Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

This Is What WNBC Calls Informing the Public (The same headline news is repeated every half hour from 4:30AM to 7:00 AM by clueless newsreaders):

6:00AM-6:01AM  Weather,  6:02-6:02  Traffic,  6:02-03  Crane Collapse,  6:03-6:06  Texas Tornado's Video,  6:06-6:07 Weather/ Traffic,  6:07-6:10  French Diplomat Killed,  6:10-6:11  Assistant principal Sex charge,  6:11-6:13  Commercials,  6:13-6:14  Results of last night primaries, 6:14-6:15  Obama Attacks Romney,  6:15-6:17   Weather Traffic,  6:17- 6:20  Commercials, 6:21-6:22   Titanic Movie Released in 3D, 6:22- 6:24  Commercials,   6:24-6:24    English Dutches going to Times Square as a wax figure, 6:24-6:26   Weather/Traffic6:26-6:30 Commercials ****Local News  Dumb Down Journalism (True News)

Local TV News For $ale: How Special Interests Control News Content and Public Opinion

If you were watching WCBSTV local news this weekend you would have seen a commercials paid for by The Committee to Save New York (business interests supporting Cuomo) called "Turn the Tide" which told the views that Governor Cuomo did a wonderful job at fixing pensions and the states economy.  Spending on advertising has fueled the increase in lobbying costs. Well-funded special interests funnel millions to lobbyists for public campaigns to sway lawmakers on hot-button issues (TU)  Local News which is mainly weather, traffic, cooking and dog segments is making millions in lobbyists spending.  
Cuomo and his supporters spent over $10 million last year to gain public support to push through his agenda. Union and business interest like the pro fracking interest are also spending millions on ads to local stations.  All this money is coming in as local news dumbs down.  It is not a secret that TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their hard news. So those "rip and read" broadcasters have offered their views much less hard news as newspaper staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs caused by the internet and the recession? Local TV stations stand to profit from boom in super-PAC spending (The Hill)*CSNY’s budget blitz: $3.9 million (updated)(TU) *Save NY airing tax cap ad(TU) *Budget opponents up their ads and mailers(TU) *Bloomberg Blames Negative Ads For Poor Showing In Education ...(Politico) *Save NY now airs on school money(TU) *NYC's Bloomberg Pays for TV Ads Backing Cuomo's PensionBloomberg Defends His Administration With TV Ad - * Local TV News For $ale: How Special Interests Control News Content and Public Opinion

If You Think Teacher Evaluations Are Unfair How About Albany Grading itself

Albany Test is Not About Reducing Unemployment, Attracting small businesses, Lowering high Taxes or Improving Education.All they have to do is pass an on time budget to get an A+ Albany's Problem With On-Time Budgets Not Seen In Many Other States(NY1) * It is standard for big companies to appeal their property tax bills – and win – in New York, which has one of the highest property tax burdens in the country.

Albany Wants A Reward For Their Inflated Good Grades

Capitol pay rise next on agenda? (TU) Timing is crucial in politics and this could be the time. A legislative pay raise could be on the horizon, with state lawmakers pointing out the benefits and none ruling it out after another on-time budget * Here’s an example of why Cuomo might play ball on pay raises: He can’t get commissioners to work at the current salary structure and needs legislative approval to boost that.* Silver’s Defense Of Moonlighting Lawmakers(YNN)* Capitol Confidential reviewed other states’ legislative salaries.* Shelly Silver, who has a side job himself, defended the practice.

Feds Charge Espadas With Bid Rigging

Bid-rig left Espadas awash in cash: feds(NYP) Ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. and his son allegedly ran a bid-rigging scam that turned taking out the trash into cash for a Bronx cleaning company controlled by the younger Espada.  Espada grossly overstated the amount of work that needed to be done — leading the companies to submit too-high bids that were doomed to fail, prosecutors claim. When the time came to pick a winner, prosecutors charge, Espada’s government-funded Soundview Network tapped the low bidder — the cleaning company operated by his son, Pedro Gautier Espada.* Shunned by the Espada clan (NYDN)

Election 2012  

A 2013 Contest Revs Up in 2012(WSJ) Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is likely to vacate his seat and run for mayor in 2013, and sparks are already flying in the race to succeed him. The race to replace Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is heating up, with Councilwoman Letitia James sparring with former de Blasio staffer Reshma Saujani and state Sen. Daniel Squadron also interested* Congressional Candidate Espaillat Focuses On Immigration, Job Development(NY1)Dem says ‘compt’ me in(NYP) has been vague about his political plans " for 2013. * The sniping has already begun in the public advocate’s race, with Tish James wondering about Reshma Saujani’s commitment to electing women in high office, considering she ran against another woman, Carolyn Maloney, last year. * Dan Garodnick declared for the comptroller’s race, saying the city needed an office free of distractions.   

Adriano Espaillat Insists He’s Not The Latino Candidate(NYO) * inbox: candidate Crowley endorsed by International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 9 * David Weprin backing Grace Meng in NY-6, says he's seeking re-election for Assembly. * Sen. Adriano Espaillat says his decision to run against Charlie Rangel 'wasn't driven by ethnic politics'(Capital) * .: it's a "great shame" there's an all-Dem mayoral field for 2013  * Councilman James Sanders To Challenge Sen. Shirley Huntley(C&S) * Advocate-Editor Slams New Yorker’s Chris Quinn Profile(C&S) * Stringer Adds Youngsters To Community Board (NYO) * Espaillat Ties Rangel To DREAM Act Failure, Suggests He Lives In An ‘Ivory Tower’ [Video * “The melodrama being generated in the race for the 13th Congressional District is just beginning,” writes Roberto Perez, who has heard Assemblyman Guillermo Linares wants to “leverage” his current neutrality. * Bronx Democratic Chairman Carl Heastie is a member of Rangel’s Committee to Fill Vacancies, which is interesting given his push-pull relationship with would-be Rangel successor, Manhattan Democratic Chairman Keith Wright. * Assemblyman George Amedore is officially running for the new 63rd Senate seat. * John Liu said his office is working just fine. * Dov Hikind: No Developments in Rumored Yoni Hikind Senate Campaign(NYO)

 Storobin +3

Fidler Alleges Voter Fraud In Race For Kruger’s Seat(Sheephead Bites) * Fidler Campaign Gets An Unofficial Vote Bump, But the End Is Not Near (WNYC) *The news out of Brooklyn state Senate District 27 today, I'm hearing, is basically that there will BE no news for a little while; the court activities have been adjourned until next Wednesday, April 11.* Colby Hamilton has a good roundup of today's proceedings in the David Storobin/Lew Fidler special election. BUZZ: It all hinges on those Brighton votes and the 200 Fidler ballots that he is challenging to get back in even though there are no signatures on the back of the envelopes.  Good luck with that one....oh yes...the Board should have sent them back to the voters to tell them to sign the backs. Where is that going? Nowhere. The interesting question concerns those Brighton votes.

Votes Support Cuomo not His Secretive Three Men in the Room Managing or the Political Redistricting He Approved

Voters Like Cuomo's Work but Not His Methods, Poll Finds(NYT)

Andrew Cuomo’s approval ratings are still sky-high, but voters disapprove of the secretive, closed-door budget negotiations and of the governor’s decision to let legislators draw their own district lines, a new Quinnipiac poll says * Q poll: NYers approve of , 68%, dislike of "closed door" deals, 55%. 76% find lack of transparency troubling* 78 percent support increasing the minimum wage – even 53 percent of Republicans are in favor. The DN gave some ink to the IDC’s pro-minimum wage hike report.* "that's the only way things get done"-- on 3-men-in-a-room style of governing, in Albany* Paterson: No Tax Cap Cost Democrats Majority(YNN) * Has The Press Helped Burnish Cuomo’s Image?(YNN)

Win for Lobbyist

Troubled Firm Wins Health Exchange Bid(WSJ) The company the Cuomo administration has hired to design the state’s healthcare exchange has experienced delays and cost overruns on other projects in New York and elsewhere * Cuomo did unveil a $1.2 billion infrastructure plan, including $460 million to replace the Kosciuszko Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens.

 Trickle Down Cuomo?

Azi Paybarah op-ed by a union leader: "seems to favor the 'trickle down' theory popularized by Ronald Reagan" * PEF exec board member in TU: Cuomo "has a progressive problem" could hurt him in #2016. Calls budget "horse droppings."Cuomo's progressive creds don't hold up (TU) * Andrew Coates op-eds in the T-U  that “Cuomo’s budget policies will help him establish a millionaire-friendly launching pad for a shot at the White House. But his budget amounts to little more than trickle-down economics: horse droppings, not the progressive public policy New Yorkers expect.” And “horse droppings.”

If You Think the Independent Commission Will Take Over Redistricting Follow the Money

Work over, $1.9M budget survives (TU) Reform fails to scrap LATFOR, a vehicle used for gerrymandering The state’s legislative redistricting task force is set to receive $1.9 million in funding next year, even though the state agreed to replace it with an independent, bipartisan commission * Despite the fact that the redistricting process is supposed to be reformed via a constitutional amendment, LATFOR continues to exist and was funded to the tune of $1.9 million in the 2012-13 budget. 


Ethics is A Big F-en-ing Secret . . . Why?

Ethics(TU)The state’s new ethics commission is so secretive it won’t even say which members voted for its executive director, which the Times Union blames on the governor, the Legislature and the commission itself *The Daily Q: How is ethics board exempt from open-government rules? (NY World)

Bloomberg Says Report on 911 Cost Overruns and Poor System Planning Not Ready or His Dog Ate It

Emergen-see: Pols demand Mike’s 911 report(NYP) * Mayor Defends Withholding Report on 911 System(NYT) * Elected Officials Demand Release Of Report On City Emergency Response System(NY1)

* Bloomy defends block on 911 system report (NYDN). asked mayor’s office 4 a copy of the 911 report " & said "We will hold additional oversight hearings"

Students Build Their Own Union to Take on UFT and the Education System

Group Aims to Counter Influence of Teachers’ Union in New York(NYT) The organization, called StudentsFirstNY, is a statewide arm of a national advocacy organization founded in 2010 by Michelle Rhee, the former schools chancellor in Washington, D.C. StudentsFirstNY board includes Bloomberg allies: Klein, Rhee, Eva Moskowitz, Ed Koch, Geoffrey Canada. Aims to raise $10m a year for 5 yrs. Former schools chancellors Joel Klein and Michelle Rhee have formed a statewide group to counter the influence of teachers’ unions in the 2013 New York City mayoral election. * Union Sues City Education Department to Obtain E-mails(NYT) * Walcott Touts Progress on Middle School Reforms(NYT)Bloomberg aide Micah Lasher is gearing up  for 2013. * Staten Island and Brooklyn conservatives are lining up behind Michael Grimm.  * Mark Weprin signed on for paid sick leave, making him the second speaker contender to do so * NYC’s Albany lobbyist Micah Lasher is leaving to head StudentsFirstNY, a new statewide organization being former by ex-NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and others to counter the powerful teachers union – especially in the 2013 mayor’s race* The Daily Q: What will new school lobby group demand of NYC’s next mayor?(NY World)

Number #7 Extension Train Crane Collapse

MTA suspends extension construction after deadly accident(NYP)

 No Money to Take the  #7 To Jersey

M.T.A. Chief Rules Out Subway Line to New Jersey(NYT) * MTA Executive Director: Subway Service To NJ "Not Going To Happen"(NY1)


 No NYS Stand Your Ground Law

Sen. Maziarz should scrap his Stand Your Ground proposal (Democratic and Chronicle)  Statutes increased justifiable homicides in U.S.





CCRB's New Power(Gothm Gazette) A landmark agreement will allow the Civilian Complaint Review Board to prosecute all confirmed cases of police misconduct. While advocates see it as a step forward, they also have major concerns. 


Manhattan Democratic legislators are accusing Brooklyn Assemblyman Joe Lentol of meddling with his bill that would grant a liquor license to a caterer who rents a tony space from the Third Church of Christ Scientist on Park Avenue and 63rd Street. 

DiNapoli: Three Agencies Take Lion’s Share Of Overtime(YNN) DiNapoli’s office found that the Office for With Developmental Disabilities had the highest total overtime hours with nearly three million, or 24 percent of the total. The Office of Mental Health was next at 2.3 million hours and the Department of Correctional and Community Services had 2.2 million overtime hours. 


In City’s New Taxis, More to Do Than Gaze at the Meter(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg, Nissan Unveil "Taxi Of Tomorrow"(NY1)






Joe Crowley pushed for ramp approval despite pleas from constituents

From Willets Point United: *  Feds approve Van Wyck ramps to Willets Point(NYDN)



Second Brooklyn Charter School To Close(NY1)* City Revokes Williamsburg High School's Charter(NYT)

The city of Albany will pay $70,000 to the Times Union to cover the newspaper’s legal costs in a multiyear court battle to obtain records on dismissed parking tickets.


Gentrificating Crown Heights

Crown Heights Deal Puts Blogger to Test(WSJ) Brooklyn entrepreneur Jonathan Butler specializes on chronicling the ins and outs of the borough's residential and commercial real-estate market on his blog Now Mr. Butler is trying his hand at a large commercial real-estate project of his own in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Plans to renovate the buildings and make them into mixed-use office space to house a mix of small businesses like Internet start-ups, food makers ...



Daily News Wants To Know What Happen to the Jury in Pena Rape Trial

Judge should honor public’s right to know details of Michael Pena rape trial(NYDN Ed) Even Lloyd Constantine, much criticized juror, calls for release of record. More details should be disclosed in the case against NYPD officer Michael Pena, who was convicted of sexual assault but not rape, such as interviews with politically connected juror Lloyd Constantine * Pena juror speaks ou(NYDN)

Victories and Clash With Obama Suggest New Stage in Race(NYT) * Exit Polls Hint at Leanings of November Voters(NYT) * GOP Leader Calls Obama Out of Touch(WSJ) * Romney Wins Three Races In Sweep(WSJ) * Santorum Prepares for Last Stand(WSJ) * Romney picked up at least 83 delegates on Tuesday, his 2nd biggest single-day haul in race so far. * Top Santorum donor: Unlikely his candidate will be Romney VP pick (The Hill) *Fred Dicker says Obama is 'surprisingly inarticulate' when not reading a teleprompter (Capital) * John McCain On Who Should Be Romney’s VP: ‘I Think It Should Be Sarah Palin’ * President Obama Cries Havoc On GOP - Howard Fineman, Huffington Post * Obama's Election Year Indictment of the GOP - Greg Sargent, Wash Post * Newshounds in Heat for Obama - Charles Hurt, Washington Times *Appeals Court Fires Back at Obama - Jan Crawford, CBS News * Romney Sweeps as General Election Heats Up - McPike & Simendinger, RCP * The Fat Lady Has Sung. It's Over - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post * The GOP Primary Rolls On - Robert Stacy McCain, American Spectator *  Obama Facing an Enthusiasm Gap This Fall - Dick Morris, The Hill * Without a Larger Argument Romney Will Lose - John Ellis, BuzzFeed * Republican Nomination: GOP Delegate Count | Primary Map, CalendarRomney Critiques Media: In ’08 They Covered Speeches, Now It’s ‘What Brand Of Jeans I’m Wearing’ * Romney Says Obama Hides His Agenda(NYT) * Why Don't Romney or Obama Have Anything to Say to the News Industry? (The Atlantic)   * Republican Candidates Coming to Town(NYT) * Guy Molinari said Rudy Giuliani is about to get behind Mitt Romney.* Obama vs. GOP: The Stark Choice - Jared Bernstein, Huffington Post * This General Election Is Gonna Be Ugly - John Heilemann, NY Magazine * The Hint Santorum Refuses to Take - Steve Kornacki, Salon * It's Over... Or Is It? - Michael Walsh, National Review


Men in Black(NYT) Shielded behind their white marble pillars, the black robes take a red brush to history * Obama's Stunning Ignorance of Constitutional Law - James Taranto, WSJ * President Tries to Shame Supreme Court - Perry Bacon, The Grio *  The Week Obama Jumped the Shark - Peter Wehner, Commentary




Jon Stewart & Co. Tear Apart Sarah Palin’s Today Show Co-Hosting Appearance





I Am A Chandelier




Rupert Murdoch's American media immunity ( The paradox is how little interest, until now, the US press has taken in the scandals engulfing the tycoon's News Corp empire



After Report on Nepotism, State Courts Change Hiring Practices(NYT)

Cop wrongly linked to Manhattan 'madam' gets promotion, pay raise(NYP)


Party animal chopped up roommate: cops(NYP) 

Pooch takes bullet to save SI rob victim(NYP) * Dog 'takes' bullet to save owner(Fox 5)

Mob rat testifies Colombo boss Tommy Shots, goons wanted(NYDN)


Law and Order

RFK son off hook in kid-abuse claim(NYP) *New rap on cop-killer(NYP) * Sentenced for Stealing Art, Man Won’t Say Where It Is(NYT) * Bronx Assistant Principal Charged With Sexual Abuse of Students(NYT) *Bronx Assistant Principal Arraigned On Charges Of Forcibly Touching Two Girls(NY1)* What happened to the art trove?(NYDN) Bus-jack bozo nixes plea deal(NYP) * Norway boy, 10, shot in the arm by stray bullet while visiting (NYDN) * Bronx assistant principal arrested for sex abuse(NYDN) * Bronx community members speak out on Gov. Cuomo’s juvenile(NYDN) * Federal court shoots down mob hitman's appeal(NYDN) * Building Superintendent Gets Prison Term For Theft(WCBS)* Man admits to chopping up roommat(Fox 5) * Suspect wanted in beauty salon robberies(WABC) * Cops: Fight led to Brooklyn roommate dismemberment(WABC) * VIDEO: Bronx Beauty Salon Robber Sought(NBC) * Off-duty NYPD Auxiliary officer shot, left for dead, cops say(NYP) * Commentary Mag on NYPD & 2013: NYC is "a liberal city" but has "a deep & abiding respect for its renowned police force"* Ex-court officer in B'klyn pleads guilty to hoarding kiddie porn, buying cocaine

 Storobin + 3

Fidler Campaign Gets An Unofficial Vote Bump, But the End Is Not Near(WNYC) fun fact from this story on , former Minority Leader Martin Connor is doing Fidler's lawyering

Bronx Beauty Salon Robber Sought (NBC)


 Head of French University Is Found Dead in Hotel(WSJ) * French Academic Found Dead In His Midtown Hotel Room(NY1) *Reknowned French Academic Found Dead In NYC Hotel(WCBS) * French Academic Found Dead in NYC(NBC)



Al Qaeda still after N.Y.C., NYPD chief Ray Kelly warns(NYDN) *  Officials Seek Origin of Threat in Al Qaeda’s Name(NYT)"several terrorism experts were skeptical" about the seriousness of flier saying Al Qaeda Coming Soon Again" in NY