Friday, October 16, 2009

Papers and Editorial Board Ignore NYC Record High Unemployment

Newspapers Ignore NYC Record High Unemployment 10.3%

On the wall of the old Daily News building on 42nd Street is a quote from the founder of the Daily News Joseph Medill Patterson that said there will be no one class that will get special coverage in his paper. From the paper's drum beat support of Atlantic Yards and its missing that more New Yorkers today than for the past 16 years are out of work, it can be questioned that not pledge no longer exist. Only Reuters and Crain NY covered the record low rate NYC jobless rate hits 10.3 pct, highest in 16 yrs (Reuters) *** The Subprime Congressman Wonder how many lost there homes in Town's district because of Countrywide Financial Watchdog in Congress Now a Target Himself Congressman Town's refusal to subpoena records involving Countrywide Financial, a company blamed for lending practices that contributed to the subprime mortgage crisis, has made the congressman himself the target of criticism *** Daily News Editorial that begs the legislature Cut it out, Albany: Lawmakers must back Gov. Paterson on state budget savings and comes down the very hard on Monserrate Still a Monster Rat: Convicted criminal Monserrate should lose state Senate seat Bosses Lynch and Vito Can a political consultant lobbyist be the new Boss Tweed? Fresh off his takeover of the NYC Comptroller Office, Bill Lynch has his eyes set at making Harlem Councilmember Inez E. Dickens the new Speaker of the City Council. He is working with Brooklyn Democrat leader Vito Lopez to dethrone Quinn. Queens is the main backer of Quinn but Crowley the leader of that borough lost most of the council races he back. So with the Bronx dems somewhat split and Brooklyn united Quinn who is not helping herself in the by not backing Thompson could be gone Gonzalez: Quinn's silence in mayoral race could spell end of speaker reign Do not look for Bloomberg to dump his Puppet Quinn for his friend Vito anytime soon because Dicken and her coalition will be much harder to govern with
NY Economic Crisis 'Stim' out of steam WASHINGTON -- The stimulus isn't doing a thing to help the unemployment rate in the New York metro area, according to shocking new White House data released *** Thompson's fiscal plan: Beg Bam *** Paterson's $3 Billion Chop (NYP Ed) *** Jersey's win is NYC's loss *** Paterson Proposes Cuts to Close Deficit Despite the governor’s warning of a current $3 billion deficit, his proposals were met with indifference in the State Senate (NYT) *** Cut it out, Albany: Lawmakers must back Gov. Paterson on state budget savings *** New York must slash spending: It's the state's only way out of this huge, growing budget hole*** School aides can get jobs back, briefly, & no benefits *** Gov. Paterson proposes nearly $1B budget cuts to health care, education(DN) *** Paterson takes a $3B swipe at state's budget (Crains) *** The TU predicts things will only get worse *** Paterson's Budget PR Blitz *** The Non-Cuts in Paterson's PlanRoad to City Hall No United Federation of Teachers election nod *** El Diario Endorses Thompson, Likening Bloomberg to Hugo Chávez (NYT) *** Bloomberg: We're On Our Own for the Budget *** Mike: I need $$$ to get word out in Dem town *** Thompson lays out an economic agenda (Crains) ***Crain's Editorial Director Greg David rebuked Thompson for failing to present specific ideas on how to close next year's budget gap ***The city has a "friend in Washington for a change," and should use that relationship to get extra cash, Thompson said *** Fairway's onion bagels schmear competition, Mayor Bloomberg says *** Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV is ready to "test the waters" for Rep. Charlie Rangel's seat*** Politicos turned out en masse for the Alfred E. Smith dinner.***Tom Robbins remembers former Councilwoman Miriam Friedlander *** Revisiting Angry Moments on Term Limits (NYT)
Monserrate: Now What? The Monserrate Stain Best for everyone for him to quit. (NYP Ed) ***Hiram's fellow Dems are looking for a way oust *** Hiram convicted of assault, keeps seat *** Monserrate Is Cleared of Felonies (NYT) *** Mixed Views on Verdict in the Monserrate Trial *** Monserrate Judge Is No Stranger to Difficult Cases *** Gov. Paterson’s Warning The time for talk has ended, and Gov. David Paterson must now show real toughness to coax or shame lawmakers into doing what is necessary to keep New York State fiscally afloat (NYT Ed) *** Judge Finds Monserrate Not Guilty Of Felony Assault (NY1) *** State Sen. Hiram Monserrate 'not guilty' of felony assault - but he's far from innocent (Molloy NYDN) *** Monserrate found guilty of misdemeanor assault (DN) *** The Consequences for Monserrate (and the Senate) (Politicker) *** Sens. Ruben Diaz Sr. and Eric Adams were on hand to support Monserrate. Said Diaz Sr.: "He is keeping his position. It's a misdemeanor. Nothing is going to happen to his Senate seat." *** Monserrate's Queens constituents had mixed views about the verdict **PM** Krueger: Monserrate Can't Stay
More Law and Order Contractor Is Accused of Cheating Minority Workers Out of Wages *** 41 Charged With Widespread Mortgage Fraud *** Feds bust 41 people accused in $64M mortgages scam

White House Arianna Huffington: Biden Should Resign? *** Obama Meets Critics in New Orleans *** WATCH: Fourth Grader To Obama: "Why Do People Hate You?" ***Obama in New Orleans: Been and Gone and Got It Wrong *** Obama Has Rebranded America - William Schneider, National Journal *** There Is No New Frontier - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** Obama's Silly Obsession With Fox News - Toby Harnden, The Telegraph ***
Despite Obama, Climate Efforts Floundering - Naomi Klein, Guardian *** Barack Obama: America's Author-in-Chief - Robert Draper, GQ Magazine ***Obama's Judge Problem

Congress Rangel's million-dollar defense *** Acorn’s Woes Strain Its Ties to Democrats *** House Vote Breakdown on Detainee Transfers *** Senator Reid Starts TV Ads *** Democrats Address Their Own Rifts on Health Care *** Job Program Found to Miss Many States That Need It Most *** House Backs Detainee Transfers *** Bill Shields Most Banks From Review *** Cantor Spends Another $6,000 On Speech Coaches *** Democrats Weigh Wider Coverage *** Healthcare Reform Will Cost More Than Dems Say - John Dickerson, Slate *** Utah Senator Bob Bennett wants a greater probe of pension pay-to-play *** Pandering to Seniors Sacrifices Responsibility - USA Today *** Protecting Charlie Rangel - Chicago Tribune *** Rangel spent $255,000 worth of campaign cash on legal fees over the past three months and is on track to drop more than $1 million this year *** Harry Reid Gets the Schumer Treatment ***Cost of House Health Bill Falls (Wash Post)
Wall Street and the Economy Madoff son 'runs away' *** Federal authorities rounded up 31 people yesterday in a sweeping crackdown on bogus local mortgage schemes estimated to have cost banks and consumers $64 *** Citigroup Tries to Make Loss Sound Like Profit (NY Magazine) *** With $1 Billion Loss, Bank of America Misses Its Forecast *** G.E.’s Profit Fell 44% in Quarter *** Even as Fares Creep Up, Airlines Tack on Fees, Too *** Bank of America Chief Forgoes Pay for 2009 *** Citi Struggles Even as Other Banks Show Strong Profits *** BofA's Kenneth Lewis loses pay, bonus for 2009 *** BofA says it 'did everything proper' with Merrill deal *** Bank of America Posts Loss on Write-Downs (WSJ) *** GE Profit Slides Amid Finance-Arm Woes *** Wal-Mart Strafes Amazon in Book War *** GE, BofA Weigh on Futures *** Did the Wall Street Bailout Add Gas to the Flames? - John Taylor, Forbes *** The Banking System Is Still Broken - Ann Lee, Wall Street Journal *** How Else Goldman Might Divvy Up the $20B - David Pauly, Bloomberg *** Return of the Banker Bonus Bonanza - Edmund Conway, Daily Telegraph *** Bruce Wasserstein, Banker Extraordinaire - John Gapper, Financial Times

International Pakistan Attacks Show Tightening of Militant Links *** Puerto Rico Unions Protest Job Cuts *** Runoff Is More Likely in Afghan Vote (WSJ) *** Grim Cycle of Violence Continues in Pakistan (Washington Post)

National Rebuilding New Orleans Requires Smart Planning - *** NJ Dems 'pound' weighty GOP rival *** Democrats Recruit Door-to-Door for Deeds in Va. *** Interracial couple is refused marriage license by justice of peace in Louisiana *** A Toss Up in the Garden State - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call *** The Next Catholic Scandal

Media and New Tech Google profit soars 27% on $5.94B in sales *** Ted Turner Has Some Ideas for CNN ***Bruce Wasserstein: 1947–2009 New York could not have had a more perfect owner than Bruce *** Interview Sets Off Skeptics of Balloon Drama *** Brisk Ad Sales Spur Google in Third Quarter *** Nielsen: Huffington Post Passes In Unique Visitors In September ***Marketers Still Prefer a Paper Trail *** Google's Net Rises on Internet Advertising *** Rush Sacked By NFL - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Court labels Dave like fellow horndog Eliot *** Twitter Launches 'Fledgling' Wine Label