Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here Comes the Big Guns: Why Politics Might Undo the New York Economy

Here Comes the Big Guns
Why Politics Might Undo the New York Economy

What might be called the “Californiaization” of New York – the growing tendency of our political system to make promises in spending programs that it cannot pay for with tax increases or spending cuts. What’s worrisome this year isn’t economic decline but political dysfunction. Increasing the new generation of New York elected officials, Bill de Blasio, Speaker Quinn and others see their role as organizing the public (most believe for the 2013 mayoral contest) rather than make the decisions that would put the state on a sound financial footing and encourage business growth which was the way New York become the economic powerhouse they now play in. The political forces that generate deficits are just too strong: a Democratic Party in hock to public-employee unions, Republicans and Democratic addicted to lobbyists and special interest money. A mistaken belief by the mayor and others that development is the only road to growth and progress for New York. Has any leader in New York been to Paris with all it old building? Do the new leaders of New York think the city is the new AIG – spending money extravagantly on the way up, and then extending the tin cup to Washington when the bubble bursts? The year the state used federal money intended to create jobs to increase it spending. Last month Albany borrowed billions from the fund from next year when the programs is scheduled to end to plug the budget gap in this years budget. What Albany leaders want is a federal bailout, which would free them of the consequences of overspending. It’s a classic case of what economists call “moral hazard” – in that the bailouts would allow the irresponsible behavior to continue, rather than forcing a halt. Now we have pols protesting the actions of government we elected them to run. Why not the public does not hold them accountable for their actions. In reality they are protesting their own failure. De Blasio-WFP pols in alliance to organized the public to protest the actions of city government. An Uneasy Feeling Our society is in deep trouble and the fixes currently in the works are in no way adequate to the enormous challenges we’re facing * How Wall Street Lobbyists Bought Washington - Mother Jones

Quinn's MTA Red Herring
The MTA was created in part to take the heat of of pols for fare increase and service cuts. Last month Albany cut $140 million to the MTA to balance it budget. Now we have both Paterson and Speaker Quinn attacking the MTA for cutting bus passes to students.
Governor, MTA don't put our children first Speaker Quinn (leaders students in protest march against the MTA) * Quinn: "I think Project S.O.S. is a terrific statement by PIX about their support for public school students. I endorse it and I welcome PIX's assistance in saving the students MetroCard." * Save Our Subways! NYers Protest MTA Cuts * Students, Politicians Protest MTA Cuts (NY1)

Paterson Since the Gov has positioned himself against the clown show in Albany his very bright handlers are very excited about his rise in public opinion. Now they are going all out with their attack on Albany in Wednesday State of the State message - he is running against corruption. Paterson to Seek Overhaul in Ethics, Term Limits and Campaign Funding - NYTimes.com * The state of the State of the State * The speech is a high-risk matter for Paterson — and we’re just talking about getting to the chamber on time. (TU) * The governor’s campaign mounts a new fund-raising plea by castigating unnamed opponents in the pockets of special interests. (DN) *** The 'Reform Albany Act,' Explained * Paterson no example Paterson Won't Unilaterally Disarm *** Paterson Gets Tough with Lawmakers over Ethics (WINS)

New York Post
The papers hard hitting attacks have become sharper and more personal. UFT charter chicanery Why has the United Federation of Teachers placed itself squarely between New York taxpayers and $700 million in federal school aid? Because it hates charter schools -- and it doesn't care about taxpayers, anyway.

"The day that citizens need the government's aid to petition the government is the day to pronounce democracy dead."
NYP on de Blasio

NYP Political Indoctrination
ACORN's City Hall branch The Constitution's framers held as inviolable citizens' right to petition government for a redress of grievances. So what does it say about rookie Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's opinion of himself that he thinks New Yorkers need his help to wave placards on City Hall steps? De Blasio's community "partners" the WFP are the same lefty grabbers who've been picking the city dry in the first place. De Blasio-WFP pols in alliance

Gov of La Mancha Albany $queeze & freeze Gov urged: Nix raises in fiscal crisis *Budget advice: Slash pork barrel spending, freeze pay of state government workers** Fixing what's broke *** Critics drill Gov. Paterson on water plan *** Charter School Cap May Decide Fate Of Funds * Pedro park outrage Espada's Mercedes at hydrant *A blogger observes that Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. parks wherever he wants, and has a police placard to make that happen. (BoogieDowner) ** Advocates lose six MTA board seats *** Andrew Cuomo squeezed an $11 million settlement out of H&R Block *** Cash in, and then what? Feds find problems with how state Education Department is set to track stimulus funds *** Albany seeks review of operations Facing state aid cuts, Mayor Jennings calls for greater financial efficiency *** The origin of Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.'s police parking permit remains a mystery *** CSEA ads: We’re not the problem *** Skelos on Monserrate: 'The Vote Will Be Expulsion' *** Skelos: The Public Cares About Taxes, Not Ethics *** Silver Welcomes Paterson’s Support of Public Financing *** Paterson's ethics proposal would clip Tom DiNapoli.

2010 Election
Even in G.O.P., Lazio’s Bid for Governor Is Hard Sell *El Diario says Steve Levy's bid for governor is "frightening."*Steve Levy sounds up for just about anything. (PolitickerNY)* Starting a real New York conversation by Charlie King Discouraging debate, discussion and candidate participation is exactly the wrong approach to take when times are this challenging 2013 Thompson Plans His Political Comeback For 2013

Inside City Hall
Charters 'better' at readin' & 'rithmetic *** Drug flier OK: Mike * Public Officials Attack City’s Heroin Pamphlet** Autopsy for Au Bon Pain worker who died after EMTs balked *** Vance Sworn In As New Manhattan DA *** Two-term City Councilman Simcha Felder, who successfully pushed for setting a five-minute grace period for parking tickets and oversaw last year's contentious hearings about extending term limits, is resigning from his seat and taking a new job in city government, according to a knowledgeable source *Liu's Leaders* Liu's Appointees* EX-Nets star Williams likely to be charged with DUI in crash*** City Board of Elections commissioners are scheduled today to choose between Dominion Voting and Election Systems & Software to win a $40 million contract for new voting machines *** Deluge of pests enrages 2 Brooklyn neighborhoods: City confirms they're tops in mice, roaches *** Bloomberg: Newark terror scare should comfort air travellers (Updated) New York Economic Melt Down Old news: 1 WTC for sale *** Sale of Freedom Tower stake expected to take months *** 14 Queens Libraries to Close on Weekends *** 14 Queens libraries slash weekend hours amid cuts *** In Nassau, assessments drop, but taxes don't *** No ‘Tavern in the Park’ Trademark *** The Next World Trade Center Delay *** DiNapoli says state’s cash on hand at ‘historically low level’
Pay to Play Voting Machines
Machines 'elected' *** Vote-machine lobbyist was in 'rig' trouble

Dumbing Down New York
Girl, 5, left on icy bus *5-year-old left on icy bus -- as matron, driver sit in diner ** E-Mail Hoax Raises Hopes of a Day Off *** Brooklyn teacher sells kids book about Satan

More City News New mouse house for Times Square *'Disneyfication' Finds a New Base in Times Sq.** Census Push Kicks Off In Times Square *Neighborhood not sweet on Domino condo project** Brooklyn Gets New Transit Pavilion

Law and Order
'Phony-detective rapist' nabbed after 2nd attack *** Gem honcho a deadbeat *** Man Accused of Second Rape on Same Manhattan Rooftop *** WATCH: Vegas Gunman Upset Over Social Security Lawsuit *** Slam dunk on guns: No star treatment for pistol-packing NBA hotshot Gilbert Arenas (DNED) *** Blacks Lose Their Majority in Harlem
*** Mentally disturbed man accused of killing 9-year-old boy feared he would go ballistic, sister says *** New York Murder Rate Hits All-Time Low (Huff Post) *** Prosecutors: Boy Slain in Harlem Stabbed 10 Times
Behind Afghan Bombing, an Agent With Many Loyalties *** In Yemen, U.S. Faces Leader Who Puts Family First *** Chaos and Inquiry Follow Security Breach at Newark Airport
*** Getting hip to JFK danger ***Guard in Newark snafu facing the ax *** We're on jihad: US 'plotters' Five young Washington-area men captured in Pakistan claimed yesterday that they were holy warriors, not terrorists *** Brit PM rips Muslim march *** 9/11 fiend loses fed appeal *Court Upholds Conviction in 9/11 Case**Man cave is now a jail cell ***New Air Security Checks From 14 Nations to U.S. Draw Criticism ***Yemen Says It Killed Militants as Three More Embassies Shut *** Double agent posed as Qaeda defector, took 7 CIA lives ***Tarmac and feather them: All those responsible for the Newark TSA snafu must pay (DN Ed) *** Why We Read Abdulmutallab His Miranda Rights - Michael Kinsley, NYT *** Catching Terrorists: Profiling is Not the Answer - The Guardian *** Appeals Court Upholds Conviction Of 9/11 Conspirator ***Jordanian Bomber of CIA Base Deceived Family (NYT) *** Yemeni officials, fearing backlash, play down partnership with US *** Britain to set up airport body scanners this month Reuters *** Cuba Doesn't Belong on New Screening List (Robinson Wash Post) *** Child Porn Fears Block Under 18s From Full Body Scanners *** CIA bomber a trusted informant (wASH POST) *** Security doubled at Newark airport two days after breach *** Cut the Political Correctness on Terror - Tunku Varadarajan, Daily Beast *** Beware Anti-Muslim Hysteria - Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive *** Why Americans Back Harsh Interrogations - Tom Maguire, JustOneMinute *** Torture-Loving Conservative Elites - Matthew Yglesias, Think Progress *** Taking Terrorism Seriously - Roger Pilon, Cato @ Liberty *** Yemen's Ambassador Blames "Al Qaeda Central" *** Security Cameras Not Working During Newark Airport Security Breach

Wall Street BofA gagged *Ford sales surge 33 percent** How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market *** Health Spending Rises in 2008, but at Slower Rate *** Kraft Offers More Cash in Cadbury Bid *** Divergent Views on Signs of Life in the Economy *** Tax Enforcers Intensify Focus on Multinationals *** Charlie Gasparino: Why A Business Writer Wishes Wall Street Wasn't Such A Big Story *** Judge rejects leniency for UBS whistleblower *** What U.S. Needs to Remain No. 1 Economy - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call *** The Card Game - How Visa, Using Fees Behind Its Debit Card, Dominates a Market - Series - NYTimes.com *** Gerald Levin is Sorry for Losing Shareholders' Billions *** California Lawyer Refuses To Pay BofA Credit Card, Threatens To Sue *** Buffett votes against Kraft bidCNNMoney.com *** Bankruptcies Rose in 2009 *** Drop in Home Sales Triggers Fear *** Ford Is Only U.S. Automaker to See December Sales Rise *** The Great Recession's Aftermath - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek

International In Transit: India Tightens Tourist Visa Rules *** Hate Begets Hate The U.S. and others should make clear to Uganda that if it passes a law imposing the death sentence for homosexual behavior, it will be shunned globally (NYT Ed) **Dubai opens world's tallest skyscraper * Dubai Opens a Tower to Beat All *** Burj Dubai: The New Pinnacle of Vanity - Stephen Bayley, Daily Telegraph ***Iceland Keeps U.K. in the Cold *** Zuma Weds Third First Lady *** Report: Ahmadinejad's Web Site Hacked *** Behind the headlines: The Palestinian refusal to negotiate peace *** 1,000 people homeless on Solomons after tsunami
National Odds Against Gay Marriage Grow With Setback in Trenton *** Chafee Announces Bid for R.I. Governor's Seat *** The Life of Justice Sonia Sotomayor - Lauren Collins, The New Yorker *** States prepare to tighten the belt in 2010. (USA Today) *** Fla. Man Calls Police After Pot Plants Stolen *** Facing Federal Scrutiny, Gun Shop Got Clean Slate - Journal Sentinel *** Watchdog: Tiny Calif. Office Delaying Stimulus Projects - Sacramento Bee *** Politicians Rely on County Parties to Avoid Campaign Limits - California Watch *** Safety Issues Persist as Air Deaths Drop - Wall Steet Journal ($) *** Data Breaches Affect 1 in 6 Mass. Residents - Boston Globe

NY considers list of 85 chemicals to avoid buying *** C.I.A. Is Sharing Data With Climate Scientists *** Copenhagen's Dodged Bullet - Pete Du Pont, Wall Street Journal *** "We believe that it is too risky - that it is wrong - to subject not just the water supply of New York City, but of surrounding areas and the entire state, to something this risky," Representative Jerry Nadler told a rally at City Hall

Media and New Tech
Google unwraps 'Nexus' phone *** Cablevision to cut Newsday's pay, vacations *** Jobs sets new 'iDay' *** Google Moves to Keep Its Lead as Web Goes Mobile *** LISTEN: Morgan Freeman Replaces Walter Cronkite On "CBS Evening News" Voiceover *** The Washington Post: R.I.P. *** Comcast Launches "TV Everywhere": Say Goodbye to Free Online Television *** Rush Limbaugh returning to the airwaves a week after hospital scare *** New Specs on Apple iSlate *** ESPN to Launch 3-D Network *** Blagojevich Joins Celebrity Apprentice *** Discovery, Imax, Sony To Form 3D TV Channel *** There's speculation Bloomberg will buy the Financial Times *** Kathy Griffin BANNED From CNN *** The Lincoln Fountain on Film (New Yorker) *** Online Journalism Makes Money, Mostly in Print *CBS Heads Into The New Year #1 In Primetime, Late Night and Daytime (in viewers)** The Apple Tablet Won’t Save David Carr*** Nexus One REVIEW (VIDEO, PHOTOS, UPDATE): The "Best Android Phone To Date" *** Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Leads ABC To Ratings Win" TV Ratings: Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Leads ABC To Ratings Win *** Google's Sexy Nexus One Pushes Android to New Limits Wired News *** First Look: Ellen DeGeneres As 'American Idol' Judge

Page 6 Q-tip heiress Casey Johnson dead Train-wreck heiress *Casey Johnson, Daughter of Jets Owner, Dies at 30* Socialite Casey Johnson, daughter of Jets owner Woody Johnson, found dead in Los Angeles* Tiger shots green for Annie ***Brit Hume Digs Deeper: 'Jesus Christ Offers Tiger Woods Something He Badly Needs' ***Enquirer: Elizabeth Edwards Wants To Meet Rielle Hunter's Daughter*** Joan Rivers grounded when passport makes airline antsy ***'Wedding Crashers' star Vince Vaughn is married ***Beyoncé Sings at Younger Qaddafi's Party ***How Tiger Woods became black The Daily Voice