Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cuomo Puts Children First Breaks the Mold

First pol to publicly stand down a city unions demands since Lindsay's 1965 transit strike and the 1968 Ocean Hill- Brownsville teachers strike.

Gov's ultimatum on teacher ratings(NYP) Cuomo will give New York’s teachers one month to agree to a statewide performance evaluation plan — or he’ll write his own educator-rating scheme into the budget for legislative approval, The Post has learned. The governor will also insist the state union drop its lawsuit challenging certain provisions of the evaluation system * The battle is joined(NYP Ed) * No deal on teacher evaluation system(NYDN)* Lobbyist for Students? New Yorkers Have Their Doubts(NYT) * Gov Cuomo Wants New Eval System For NY Educators(WCBS) *Warns he'll give evaluation plan to Legislature if unions balk(NYP)


Cuomo Goes Around Dems to Take On UFT

New York’s teacher unions will have one month to agree to a teacher evaluation plan before Cuomo writes his own plan into the state’s budget

Invoking King, Cuomo and Bloomberg Stoke Fight on Teacher Review Impasse(NYT)Can a Few Years’ Data Reveal Bad Teachers?(NYT Ed) * Cuomo Turns His Budget Focus To Public Pensions, Education System(NY1) * Bloomberg’s bid for legacy as education reformer(NYDN) * The governor held “serious” and private talks – as recently as yesterday – to try to break the teacher performance evaluation impasse, but failed to get a deal and so is going with Plan B: The budget option. * In separate MLK Day addresses, both Mike Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo bashed the teacher's unions over their unwillingness to implement new teacher evaluations. * NY Statewide Teacher Evaluations On The Skids?(NYDN)


What Else Is In The Cuomo Budget

Cuomo’s $132 billion budget is expected to cut total spending by $200 million and close the $2 billion budget gap without raising taxes or fees. Cuomo’s budget will include a pension reform plan that covers New York City workers, police and firefighters, forcing them to choose between enrolling in a 401(k) or a pension plan with less generous benefits (NYDN) * While Cuomo’s budget will seek to reduce government funded pension plans for employees, it is unclear if he will address state takeover of Medicaid costs, a major concern of those calling for mandate relief(BN)  
 Andrew Cuomo's budget likely to rile some (RNCNOW) * Gov targeting city pensions (NYDN) * Bloomberg may let Cuomo take lead on pension reform (NYDN)* Cuomo’s Jan. 15th fundraising report isn’t on-line yet, but thanks to NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney, we know the governor raised at least $486,000 since July.* A majority of New Yorkers oppose Cuomo’s plan for building the nation’s largest convention center at Aqueduct, although Siena didn’t note the state won’t have to pay a dime for that project.* There will not be money for hydrofracking regulators in the budget, a move that cheered environmentalists.
* Here’s Cuomo’s Budget(YNN) * Cuomo’s Revenue Raisers Or ‘Loophole Closing Actions’(YNN) * Parsing Gov. Cuomo's 2012-13 Fiscal Blueprint(NYDN) * Cuomo calls on lawmakers to enact a health care exchange * Cuomo now pitching Tier VI, whih includes option of defined benefit * Cuo mo likens pension costs to cholesterol that builds up in the system year after year. * Cuomo on pensions: "We never said pensions were a life time legacy for future workers who weren't hired yet." * Cuomo says Tier VI is "50 percent cheaper than Tiers 3 and 4."
"Education really isn't an employment program for the adults." * Cuomo: 758 school districts, zero teacher evaluation systems. Says state could lose Race To The Top $$$ * includes an increase of $805M in school aid, including $250M for performance grants * "We can't lose a billion dollars in federal aid from our education system."* This is the ultimatum section of the budget, ladies and gentlemen. No teacher eval system = No aid increase for school districts.* The Water Rangers were thrilled to see a “frack-free” budget from Cuomo.* There were no transit “raids” in Cuomo’s budget, but he did open the door to more debt for the MTA.* State Education Commissioner John King welcomed Cuomo’s tough approach on teacher performance evaluations and said he hopes it spurs negotiations with the unions.*  Cuomo Has Over $14 Million in the Bank for Reelection * Mayor Rings Union’s Bell, Takes UFT to Task On New Teacher Evals (NYO) * In Cuomo’s Budget, Nip-and-Tuck Cuts and Big Policy Aims(NYT)

Latinos Want Their Piece of the Budget Pie

Cuomo’s Agenda Faces Latino Pushback (C&S)  Cuomo's agenda faces Latino pushback, with community group leaders upset about cuts, reforms and a seat at the table 



The Liu Murdoch War Continues
City Comptroller John Liu disapproves of a $10 million no-bid contract that would pay a News Corp. affiliate run by former schools chancellor Joel Klein to track student test scores

Murdoch's Revenge On Liu Becasue Of A Canceled Contract (True News, 1,13,12)


Courtney Gross (Twitter) After raising nearly $37,000 and refunding contributions, #2009 campaign account still in the hole $9,165.37

The Surrogate Court is A Political Toll Booth Exacting Tribute From Widows and Orphans - Robert Kennedy

Brooklyn City bookkeeper in 600G ‘scam’(NYP) A bookkeeper stole more than $600,000 in taxpayer money by creating a phony check from the Brooklyn municipal office that handles the estates of people who die without wills or next of kin, court papers allege.

Queens  A Court, Not Votes, Sustains a Political Machine in Queens (NYT, 11/28/11) *Were Have All the Journalist Gone After Newfield (True News, 7/14/11)) Not since the death or old school investigative report Jack Newfield in 2004 has any reporter in New York covered how the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine use the courts as there personal bank.

Bronx  Bronx Surrogate Judge, Facing Discipline (NYT)  Judge Holzman, the Bronx surrogate since 1988, is in the midst of a disciplinary hearing in which he is charged with allowing his staff to run amok and to take fees that were excessive and unearned from estates that it was handling. Judge Holzman could lose his job as a result of the hearing. 

Staten Island Expose Corrupt Courts: Cover-Up Continues in Surrogate's Court 

Brooklyn Lawyer makes millions with no details on fees - New York Daily NewsIs ex-Surrogate Judge Michael Feinberg of New York a degenerate crook?

Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go (True News)


 De Blasio's Secrets

De Blasio's emails supporters about his 'secret' fund-raising period | Capital New York

Data And Field Services Held In Contempt | New York Daily News * Bill De Blasio Surges in Mayoral Race Fundraising Contest(DNA INFO)


Fund Raising Results

 ., said to be eying run for NYC comptroller, has raised over $1 MM, incl. $280,000 in past 6 mos, campaign says *Stringer Announces $500K In Latest Fundraising Haul(NYO) * Councilman Domenic Recchia, who’s term-limited out in 2013, reported raising over $275,000 with $540,000 in the bank, while Councilman Dan Garodnick sent out an email to supporters announcing $1,000,000 in total fundraising and $280,000 over the last six months. * A “shadow campaign” for NYC comptroller – a post currently still held by John Liu – is underway.* John Liu’s Still-Healthy Fundraising Shows Slowdown(NYO)* John Liu's fund-raising fell off by 50 percent. [@DavidwChen] * Leroy Comrie's fund-raising is trailing Vallone's, but he said he's still considering running. [Chris Bragg]

 Goo Goos Are Double Crossed Those Fighting for Independent Redistricting by Giving Up

Students Devise New Voting Districts In Fordham Competition(NY1)

 A Good Government Corrupt Monopoly Working Together to Screw the Public

Good gov coalition drops 'nonpartisan' from redistricting lingo(WNYC)



How Many MTA Cleaners Does It Take to Change A Bulb? 

MTA wants clean start on janitors(NYP) How many MTA cleaners does it take to change a light bulb? None — their union contract won’t allow it.

Meanwhile the TWU Secret Negotiations
Transit union boss John Samuelsen has told MTA brass he could accept raises as low as 1% in the new contract negotiators have been trying to hammer out

Transit Workers Seek Wage Hikes(WSJ) Contract negotiations between the MTA and Transit Workers Union Local 100 are stalling as the union seeks wage increases pegged to inflation * MTA Proposes Five-Year Deal To Transit Workers' Union(NY1) * Call it a token raise(NYDN)

UES Residents Concerned About Smoke From MTA's Second Avenue Construction(NY1)





Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembered

Elected Officials Crowd Sharpton's Tribute To Martin Luther King(NY1) * BAM Tribute To Martin Luther King Attracts Politicians, Protesters Alike(NY1)  * Bronx soup kitchen scene of day of service on MLK Day(NYDN)* Equity and Quality Debated at M.L.K. Event(NYT)

Sharpton To Defense of Booed Mayor

He’s Mayor Boo!berg (NYP) Crowds jeers his MLK ed. speeches * Bloomberg Booed At MLK Day Events(Fox 5) * Bloomberg And His Ed Plan Booed At MLK Event(NYDN)

Man Gets Taken to the Hospital In Front of Rally to Reopen St. Vincent's Hospital

MLK Vigil Turns Into 911 Emergency 120 W St. Rudin Lux Condos


Scammers Using Anti-Semitic Symbols to Cover A Real Dispute or Crime

First Report Jewish cars set alight in Brooklyn antisemitic rampage on anniversary of Kristallnacht!

Later Police Report  Brooklyn Anti-Semitic Firebombing: Really Insurance Scam(NYT)


OWS Running Out of Money

Protest Sapped of Cash(WSJ) The Occupy Wall Street movement has nearly spent more than $700,000 in donations it received last fall, and its monetary support is drying up * 'Occupy Congress' Gathers on National Mall (Newser) * Occupy Wall Street has imposed a partial spending freeze to make sure there’s sufficient cash to bail protestors out of jail. OWS has spent more than half of the $700,000 in donations it has received since October and now has a balance of about $300,000.

Some Schools Buck Trend of High Costs(WSJ) In an age of private school educations that cost up to $40,000 a year, eight Brooklyn schools that have opened or planned major expansions recently are attracting attention with a simple appeal: lower tuition. * Lower-cost private schools are opening in NYC, where tuition ranges from nothing for low-income students to as much as $23,000 (affordable, comparatively speaking).

Report alleges retail industry discrimination (NY Metro)

Recalling Blast at a House Where Bombs Were Made(NYT)




NJ Drivers Avoiding Turnpike, Garden State Parkway After 50 Percent Toll Increase (WCBS)





Rochester Survival After Kodak

Kodak’s decline has been painful, but ultimately not a death knell, for Rochester. 

Trash runneth over Bronx litter baskets(NYDN)







Election 2012

Rick Santorum Confronts Mitt Romney Over SuperPAC Ad At South Carolina DebateRomney under siege (NYP) Santorum snipes at Mitt over felon votes * Romney Is Opponents’ Main Target in G.O.P. Debate(NYT) * Discord in G.O.P. as Conservatives Air Differences(NYT) * GOP Race Intensifies(WSJ) * Romney Faces Heat on Immigration(WSJ) * Candidates Vie for Scott's Blessing(WSJ) 

 Romney solidifying lead, Times poll finds (Wash Times) * Newt was the star of the South Carolina debate last night. Now what? (Wash Post) * Colbert Super PAC Backs Cain(Political Wire) * Newt Gingrich And Juan Williams Rumble Over Proposed ‘Child Janitors’ Claim * South Carolina Republican debate: Winners and losers(Wash Post) * Romney Is Opponents' Main Target in Debate - Zeleny & Rutenberg, NYT 

Stephen Colbert's Real Advantage: Free Air Time ((The Atlantic)

Phone Hacking May Have Happened At Piers Morgan's Paper: Editor



Colin Vs. Colin

New Daily News editor Colin Myler takes on his former boss Colin Allan at the Post. (Crains Vs Crains)


Subway Rider Caught On Video Harassing Women (NY1)

Boy shot through door lives in terror(NYP)



Male and Female Cops Posing as Prostitutes Help Nab 200 Johns in Sting (DNAINFO) The largest number of arrests occurred in Brownsville, Brooklyn, where 16 people were rounded up. Fourteen were arrested in Jackson Heights, Queens. * Police Seek Thieves Impersonating Detectives (NYT)

Law and Order

Druggists’ cure for anxiety: a pistol(NYP) * Fake-gun fine unreal(NYP) * Hidden-cam XXXploit bust(NYP) * Waiter ‘helped self’ to $6,400 wines(NYP) *Killer of Four Pleads Guilty to an Attack in the Subway(NYT)

My Governor, My Lobbyist