Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Update: Cuomo Sides With Bloomberg Against UFT

Piling On UFT

NYP Dicker Reports on Cuomo's Bold budget move on teacher grades (NYP) School Bucks Tied to Evaluations?

In ONE of his most dramatic moves since taking office, Gov. Cuomo will use the budget he makes public tomorrow to impose union-hated teacher evaluation systems on 700 school districts throughout the state, The Post has learned.  

Every Pol Puts Children First On Their Campaign Flyers and Once Elected Put the UFT First To Get the Support of the Union Powerful Campaign Machine

Cuomo’s budget would link schools’ funding to a new teacher grading system (NYDN Ed) The popular governor will do so by including language in the budget that ties receipt of 4 percent state aid increases promised to the districts in last year’s budget — some $800 million — to adoption of the teacher-evaluation system developed by the state Education Department, which has been blocked from city schools by a teachers-union lawsuit, a source close to the situation said. * In another move that is sure to roil the unions, Cuomo is “strongly considering” including a proposal that would offer new employees the option between a less generous pension benefits plan or – for the first time – a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan. * Siena Poll: Voters Support Most Of Cuomo’s Agenda (YNN) * Cuomo Links School Reform To MLK(NYDN)

Thomas Kaplan (Twitter) Cuomo revives bureaucracy-bashing part of . "We have to realize that our schools are not an employment program."

NYS Senate GOP $4.82 million versus the Democrats' $200,000 

NY’s Senate Republicans have amassed a $4.82 million war-chest ahead of 2012 election(NYDN)

Will High Tech Be New York's Erie Canal?  
In Silicon Valley, the Ripe Scent of New Money(NYT) The start-up boom means there are more freshly minted millionaires looking to manage their wealth. And Wall Street firms are happy to help, for a fee. 
 Erie Canal Became NY's First Economic Engine
The Erie Canal grew New York State from 300,000 to 3,000,000 and made us the business capital of America. Today's NYT asks.  Governor De Witt Clinton in spite of a lack of public support, funding, untrained engineers, and unforgiving terrain had the vision and leadership skills to build the Erie Canal in the early 1800's. The canal which opened New York’s manufacturing goods to the Midwest markets was responsible for the state overtaking Boston and Philadelphia to become the commerce and jobs capitol of America - increasing the state’s population five fold, in the decade after it was open. 

We Have to Rehab $500M the Javits Center to Tear It Down 

State $463M face lift on Javits Ctr. corpse (NYP)A $463 million renovation of the Javits Center will continue through an October 2013 deadline, even though the Cuomo administration plans to tear the structure down afterward 

NJ Gambling Interests Must Approve of New Convention Center

New casinos in New York will likely need approval from the Port Authority, but with half of the commissioners of the PA hailing from New Jersey, they may not approve it, since the new casinos would cut into Atlantic City’s business. * Most Oppose Cuomo's Plan for AqueductNYT)


Mayor Bloomberg has shut down his personal campaign committee, which he used to bankroll a multimillion dollar ad campaign the last time he was at war with the UFT.





The Museum of Natural History will train students to become science teachers

Back to School, Not on a Campus but in a Beloved Museum(NYT)





Bedbugs bite into city work (NYP) The city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development is delaying court cases because an in-office bedbug infestation made it necessary to fumigate 5,000 case files


What Is the Council Cheering About?  Living Wage Comprise Will Effect Less Than 400.   How Does It Help the 400,000 City Residents Who Are Unemployed? Or the City's Other Economic Problems?

Media Ignores the Fact That the Council Has Failed to Reduce the City's Unemployment Rate Which Now Exceeds the Federal Rate and Other Bad Trending Economic Issues That the Council Avoids Addressing


City Council Ducks

How will the city council make up the continuing lost tax revenue from Wall Street?  In 2008 20% of the city's taxes come from the financial community. Today it is down to 15% according to the comptroller. The Bloomberg administration may have to deal with larger-than-expected budget gaps due to ongoing economic uncertainty and Wall Street’s anemic performance, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned. * Wall St. Pay Is Expected to Fall 20% to 30%(NYT)* New York is one of only four states facing a mid-year budget gap.

* How will the city council turn around the 40% decline in new construction in 2011? The City Council has done nothing to control the city's growing pension costs. $8 billion ayear from city budget, and growing 12% of Cities budget. Manhattan contains six of the top ten highest taxed zip codes. How will the council make sure that NYC gets it fair share from Albany.  Albany shorting city $6B in taxes(NYP) * NYC Lawmakers Compromise On Living Wage Bill (WCBS) * City Jobless Rate Rises 8.7* (Over 400,000), Exceeding the Nation’s(NYT)* Council Leader Offers Compromise on Wage(NYT) * Quinn Backs Compromise on Wage Bill(WSJ) * UFT Fires Back At Bloomberg Over Teacher Evaluations(NY1) * Quinn's Living Wage Compromise Wins Over Business Groups(NY1) * Christine Quinn living-wage deal(NYDN) *A wage N.Y. can live with(NYDN Ed) * Failing teachers continue dead-ucating for years (NYP) * Quinn Con: Wage Deal Does Nothing | The Indypendent * Study of Retail Workers Finds $9.50 Median Pay(NYT) * The Post says Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s compromise on a living-wage bill and Bloomberg’s proposed minimum wage increase will kill jobs Raise wages, kill jobs (NYP Ed)

 Economic Stimulation

Casinos embraced to fight economic slump(NYDN) Once worried about their societal costs, states have embraced casinos to stimulate tourism and boost revenue


Bloomnberg Makes His Legacy Move on the UFT

Unanswered Question: In the Education War Where Do the 2013 Mayoral Candidates Stand on Teacher Evaluations?

Bloomberg Focuses His Legacy on Education Reform(NYT) * As a Broader Group Seeks Early Admission, Rejections Rise in the East(NYT) * Mayor Draws Teacher Threat(WSJ) * Mike's school plan to get OK from state eduction offiicials(NYDN) * Some Teachers Skeptical of Merit Pay(NYT) * Teachers Union Calls for Renewed Contract Negotiations(NYT) 

UFT Out on the Limb

Lew's View - UFT and Evaluations(Fox 5)* Mike’s valiant battle(NYDN Ed) * New York State risks losing $1 billion in federal education funds - $300 Million More Than Previously ThoughtCuomo vows ‘to do everything he can’ to get school funding(NYDN) * Evaluation mandate flawed: Andy(NYP) *Take ’em to school, gov (NYP) It’s time to hold unions accountable * Teacher evaluation: Faking success in the New York City school system is the same as fooling our kids (NYDN)  If all the teachers are 'satisfactory' why do only 65% of students graduate from high school? *  The DN says it was UFT President Mike Mulgrew’s “obstructionism,”* The UFT is threatening to go to court to block Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to replace staff at 33 troubled schools, and asked the state PERB to intervene in the teacher evaluation standoff.* The Post lauds Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s education proposals and incentive plan for good teachers, saying it treats teachers like professional  Mike’s school groove (NYP) Why taking on union will pay off




NYT Cover the Issues Not the Money

The NYT Should Ask the 2013 Mayoral Candidates How They Stand On the Major Issues Facing the City Rather How Much Money They Have Collected From the Special Interests

The Mayor’s To-Do List (NYT Ed) In his annual State of the City address, Mayor Bloomberg announced ambitions plans to tackle. It will require a lot of energy, tact and political muscle. The NYT agrees with the mayor's plan to limit pensions for future employees and increase the minimum wage. The NYT want the mayor to Strengthen the Commission to Combat Police Corruption. 


PA Cuts It Ties to Meeks and His Political Machine

PA Qns. probe (NYP) Eyeing nonprofit payouts The Port Authority’s new director has launched a “massive” investigation into the agency’s financial dealings with all nonprofits in Jamaica in the last decade, after The Post revealed last week that the agency gave $2.7 million to a politically connected group for a phantom revitalization effort. * GJDC exec quits as land deal with PA has stalled(Queens Chronicle) * Greater Jamaica, which has received millions of dollars in congressional earmarks from Rep. Gregory Meeks over the years, used $2.7 million in PA money to purchase an empty grocery store in 2004, with plans to replace it with an office tower.



Perv Ex Councilman Works for Queens Pols . . . Where are the Women's Groups?

Women Activists Has Claimed That Pols Not Taking Sexual-Abuse Seriously Has Led to An Increase In That Crime

Perv pol lands Qns. lobbyist gig (NYP) Disgraced ex-Councilman Dennis Gallagher now works with a Queens consultant who’s under attack for trying to strong-arm GOP candidates into hiring him, The Post has learned. Gallagher, who stepped down in 2008 after pleading guilty to sexual-abuse charges stemming from accusations that he raped a woman in his Middle Village office, is listed on a city government database as an “additional lobbyist” with GSP Consulting, a Sunnyside-based firm run by Jay Golub. Gallagher, a Republican, confirmed that he does consulting work with Golub and that he’s done consulting for Councilman Peter Koo (R-Queens) but said he hasn’t done any work for Republicans in Queens “on a paid basis.”* The Councilman and the Crooked Building Consultant (Village Voice) * Former boss confirms that Pinky(Gallagher) sold porn(Queens Crap) * Dennis Gallagher’s New Calling (NYO) * Judge Throws Out Rape Indictment of New York City Councilman(NYT) * Queens DA Richard Brown, who once prosecuted former City Councilman Dennis Gallagher on charges of sexually abusing a woman in his office, now finds himself joined with the former lawmaker again -- on election petitions for the Sept. 13 GOP primary.(NYP)


NY Latinos For Romney

NYC Latinos for Romney? El Diario La Prensa





The Gay Campaign Machine Rewards

Gay-nups pol benefit$(NYP) * NY State Lawmaker Quintuples Fundraising After Pro-Gay Vote(NY Magazine)




 No Subway Strike

Transport Workers Union contract runs out and the subway keeps running But Local 100 boss John Samuelsen must agree to a deal the MTA can afford * The Post pontificates on Joe Lhota’s MTA challenges *Transit union boss: Cuomo can 'shove' no-raise contract(NYP) * MTA, TWU talk past midnight deadline(NYP) MTA and TWU Local 100 'not even close' in contract talks: sources(NYP)


To the City Church and State is A Split Decision

If churches can worship on Housing Authority buildings, why not in schools? (NYDN Ed)

 Easy Budget

Experts Predict Few Tough Calls In Cuomo's Budget Plan(NY1) * Building Buffalo with New York Works (The New Republic)* A lot of people have wish lists heading into Cuomo’s budget announcement Tuesday.* The distribution of the 4 percent increase ($800 million) in education aid Cuomo promised last year is going to be a big deal during the budget battle.* Cuomo Likely To Push Pension Reform, Overall Budget Reduction (NYDN) * Cuomo: No hydrofracking funds in budget proposal (with video) (Press connect)


Asian Leaders Circle the Wagons Around Liu

Asian Groups Respond on Liu(WSJ) A number of prominent Asian-American organizations and civic leaders have joined forces to address community concerns that have surfaced since the criminal investigation into city Comptroller John Liu's campaign financing. * Liu's Fundraising Scandal Highlights Need To Educate Growing Populations On City Politics, Experts Say(NY1)

Liu Still Blasting Bloomberg   Liu Blasts City's Plan to Close Harlem's Wadleigh Middle School Grade (DNA Info)




A Lobbyists, His Wife and His Mother Are Chosen as Delegates to the Democratic Convention This Summer 

Evan Stavisky - an absentee District Leader and founder of the Parkside Lobbying Firm – will be accompanying  his mother State Senator Toby Stavisky as two of the seven delegates selected from New York’s 5th CD to nominate President Obama in North Carolina.  Evan’s wife Kristen Stavisky, the chairwoman of the Rockland County Democratic Party, is also a delegate. His mother State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky is also going. Other delegates from Queens(Queens Politics)


Where Does Evan Stavisky Queens or Rockland County?
The Parkside Group's Evan Stavisky wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County.  Evan is a district leader in 26th Assembly District in Queens.  The blogger and journalist protect this corrupt bum who was paid over $2 million to deliver a Democratic State Senate and failed. Stavisky ran the Weprin congressional campaign disaster.

Today's Daily News Print Edition Looks Like the NYP
Looks Like Colin Myler, the former editor Murdoch's London-based but now closed News of the World, is off to a running start at the Daily News.  Girly Girls on page 3 and graphics and layout that looks like the NYP  Olivia Munn: The actress that can't keep her clothes on (NYDN)

Dirty Revenue 

‘Fine’ dining (NYP) City fattening its coffers on violations at ‘B’ & ‘C’ eateries

Local Homeless Moved To Shelters Overnight(NY1)

The late Gov. Nelson Rockefeller’s secretary remembers his time in Albany. She says his alleged serial womanizing never extended to her and he was always a “perfect gentleman.”

NYU Seeks To Expand Polytechnic Institute In Downtown Brooklyn(NY1)


Officials Question Legality Of Collapsed Brooklyn Billboard(NY1)

Single dad trying to reclaim home OWS took over with family(NYP) * Occupy Wall Street Plans Candlelight Vigil for MLK Day(WNYC)




The New Fat Seat

Transit Agencies Face the New Calculus of Broader Backsides(NYT)



Election 2012 Monday Update

Huntsman exits GOP race, endorses Romney(Wash Post)  * Huntsman Says He Will Drop G.O.P. Bid and Back Romney(NYT) * Donors Gave as Santorum Won Earmarks(NYT)* Poll: Obama, Mitt Romney dead heat (Politico) * Romney in Home Stretch in South Carolina - Major Garrett, Nat'l Journal * Is South Carolina Last Gasp for the Tea Party? - Huma Khan, ABC News * Huntsman Ends His Baffling Campaign - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail * How Obama Will Outsmart All His Critics - Andrew Sullivan, Newsweek * Election May Seal Health Law's Fate - Jennifer Haberkorn, Politico * Obama's High Speed Rail Vision Crumbling - Michael Fletcher, Wash Post * Romney's Advantage: Weak Challengers - John Harwood, New York Times * Private Equity Career an Asset for Romney - James Pethokoukis, Examiner * The "Angry Black Woman" Fights Back - Laura Washington, Chicago ST * MLK, Economic Equality & the 2012 Election - Joel Kotkin, Forbes* National Republican poll: Mitt at 40, Santorum 15, Newt 14, Paul 13, Perry 6, Huntsman 5. Fox News * GOP voter turnout down in N.H., Iowa - The Boston Globe * What to Watch for in G.O.P. Debate in South Carolina(NYT) * The DNC sent out a video highlighting Huntsman’s past criticism of Romney, which Huntsman’s campaign tried (in vain) to hide.* A new CNN poll has Romney at 48 and President Obama at 47.* Jon Huntsman decries ‘toxic’ tone of Republican presidential primary race(Wash Post)

Election 2012 Sunday Update Romney Opens Up 21 Pt Lead in SC  Theology Feeds Christian Unease With Romney(NYT) * Romney Offers Praise for a Donor’s Business(NYT) * Super PAC Supporting Santorum Jumps on Christian Conservatives' Endorsement(WSJ) * Pro-Gingrich Radio Ad Causes a Stir(WSJ) * Romney opens 21-point lead in South Carolina: Reuters/Ipsos poll (YahooNews) * Record $11.3 Million Spent On South Carolina TV Ads(Huff Post) * In S.C. GOP Forum, Romney Gets Implicit Jabs (NPR) * Jon Huntsman was endorsed by Columbia's The State newspaper on Sunday (The Hill) * Why Wall Street Is Grudglingly Supporting Obama (The Daily Beast) *  Mitt Romney's Life as a Missionary: Nearly Killed in a Car Accident (The Daily Beast) * Romney's Rivals Don't Have Time on Their Side - Michael Finnegan, LAT * Right, Wrong, and Romney - Andrew McCarthy, National Review * Evangelical Divide Lifts Mitt Romney in S.C. - Tracy Jan, Boston Globe * Newt Seizes Pole Position as Romney Alternative - Scott Conroy, RCP * What Does Ron Paul Want? - Josh Lederman, The Hill * Romney Is a Stunningly Weak Candidate - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast*  Rick Perry appeals for slot on Virginia ballot (Politico) * Fat lady warming up? Retuers poll in SC has Romney at 37, Paul & Santorum at 16, Newt at 12. * Gingrich will release tax return this week(CNN) * Bob Schieffer Confronts Gingrich: Some Say You Are Doing Obama’s Work For Him(CBS)* Approach of Vote in South Carolina Is Met by a Fury of Ads (NYT)* Santorum and Gingrich Fight for Conservative Favor(NYT) * Santorum on Romney ad: 'Yuck' (MSNBC)


Gingrich Calls for Withdrawal of Anti- Romney and Bain Ad(NYT) * Obama Bid to Cut the Government Tests Congress(NYT) * Mitt Romney's Bain Capital issue may not stick in South Carolina(Political) * Tough Fight Ahead for Blue-Collar Votes - Richard Stevenson, NY Times * The Truth About Bain and Jobs - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal * Romney's Been Pegged as a Phony - Dana Milbank, Washington Post * Mitt Rolls Out the Big Guns in S.C. - Ashley Parker, New York Times * Why Romney Is Weak vs. Obama - Quin Hillyer, The American Spectator * Obama Seeks to Revive '08 Enthusiasm - Stephanie McCrummen, Wash Post * Obama Pushes for Authority to Streamline Govt - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * MLK, Economic Equality & the 2012 Election - Joel Kotkin, Forbes * The Role of Sympathy & Trust in U.S. Politics - Peter Wehner, Commentary * First Lady's Unhappy, But Wrongly So - Melinda Henneberger, Wash Post * GOP Hypocritical to Bash Obama on Appointments - Las Vegas Sun*  Newt Gingrich Calls For SuperPAC To Correct Errors In Anti-Mitt Romney Bain Film * Santorum: Obama would 'destroy' Romney in November(CNN) *Rick Santorum Wins Endorsement Of Evangelical Leaders (Huff Post) * Mitt Romney’s complex relationship with religion, family explored in new book (Wash Post) * South Carolina Primary: Mitt Romney Opens Up Big Lead In The Palmetto State(Huff Post) * Religious Leaders, Seeking Unity, Back Santorum(NYT) * For Romney, Attacks on Bain Career Have Upside(NYT) * Romney gives cash to struggling supporter at rally(CNN) * Is social conservatives’ embrace of Santorum too late? (Wash Post) * Jeb Bush will endorse Romney


A Silly Campaign by a Deeply Serious Performer(NYT)  In his bid to join the Republican presidential contest, Stephen Colbert is a contrast with the media and political world who are deeply silly but pretending to be serious. 

Colbert Super PAC Airing ‘Mitt the Ripper’ Ad In South Carolina Narrated By John Lithgow


Poll shows more bad ratings for Congress


Chaotic Night Leaves 1 Dead(WSJ) A Brooklyn man who police say armed himself with a .38-caliber revolver as he rushed to the aid of his stepbrother was fatally shot by an officer who mistakenly believed him to be a threat, authorities said. * Answering Call About Armed Intruders, Police Kill Resident Holding a Gun(NYT) * Officers In Fatal Shooting Of Brooklyn Man Taken Off (WCBS) * Cops release details in police-involved shooting in East NY(News 12) * Police: Mother turned in suspected Bronx tire slasher(News12) * Details Emerge In Fatal Shooting Of East New York Man(NY1)

Police Kill Alleged Robbery Victim's Half-Brother During East New York Altercation(NY1)


DA busts dozen in connection with drug sales at end of ‘Heroin Highway’ (Times Ledger)


 Law and Order

Heroin Ring Is Busted(WSJ) * Brother of sex offender busted for covering up alleged sibling (NYDN) * One-legged millionaire ex-con convicted of smacking a stripper(NYDN)* City heroin ring smashed, cops say(NYDN) * New York State needs an law requiring DNA samples from all convicted criminals (NYDN Ed)* Rikers Guards Arrested for Alleged Inmate Beating, Cove(NBC) Heroin Much Cheaper in NYC Than Long Island(NY Magazine) * Dead Body Discovered On Queens Beach(NY1) * Wu-Tang Clan Members Linked to Drug Dealing, Guns and Murder, Feds Say(DNAINFO) * Bronx crime spike causes concern(NYT)* Bloody slay in B’klyn store5(NYP) * Hubby slay-suicide horror(NYP) * Employee Stabbed to Death at Sprint Store in Brooklyn(NYT) * Armed NYC Man Shot During Traffic Stop(Fox 5)* 1 Dead, 1 Wounded In Brooklyn Stabbing(WCBS)* Queens man kills wife in front of daughter(NYP) *NYPD: Watch out for ‘Oceans 11’  heists(NYDN)* Brighton Beach butcher Gelman: I killed six more no one (NYP)* Tense Relations With Officers in a Crime-Ridden Precinct(NYT) * Suit on Police Treatment of Livery Riders Is to Proceed(NYT)


What Happened to Baby Annie?(NYT) Annie Li in 2007, the year she died in Queens. A criminal complaint described her death as a "homicide by shaking and blunt impact of the head." Four years after a Chinese immigrant couple were charged in the death of their 70-day-old daughter, supporters say the two are the true victims, vulnerable targets of the American justice system.


Trinidad Man Sentenced to Life for JFK Plot(WSJ) * Imam Gets Life Sentence For Role In JFK Terror Plot(NY1) * JFK Airport terror bomb imam sentenced to life in prisoner(NYDN)

Bill Maher Defends Ron Paul: ‘[He Is] In My Heart On Foreign Affairs, Not Barack Obama’


Romney Wins New Hampshire, Fallon Debuts Tebowie, and More Viral Videos




The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for January 14, 2011




Blogger Report  Bedford Armory revitalization plans draws large crowd and ideas (Real Time Press) * Meet the borough’s busiest old-timers Carmine Santa Maria and Lou Powsner have been fighting for neighborhood improvements in Bensonhurst and Coney Island for decades.(Brooklyn Daily) * 8 "Official" Brooklyn Neighborhoods We Refuse to Recognize(L Magazine) * Aging Sewer Systems Will Contaminate Gowanus Canal Even After Clean-Up, Says EPA (Park Slope Patch) * Video: Brooklyn Handicap At Gravesend Race Track, 1904 (Sheephead Bites) * NYPD: Guns Recovered After 2 Arrested In Baychester(WCBS) * Cops nab alleged groper in subway station attack (Brooklyn Paper) * Guest Post: Brooklyn Heights Cinema Owner Kenn Lowy Responds to Possible Closing(Brooklyn Heights Blog) * Bill to legalize using City buildings for religion (Bronx Political Press)