Friday, January 13, 2012

Murdoch Vendetta: Is Cuomo Being Used?

Murdoch's Revenge Of A Canceled Contract

Is the NYP Using Cuomo to Get Even With the UFT Last August UFT president Mike Mulgrew the state to reject a $27 million contract with an educational technology company owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Murdoch brought Joe Klein over from the city to jump start an education company off of the city's back. Teachers Unions Urge State to Reject Contract with Murdoch-Owned Vendor(WNYC) The NYP has certainly gotten even with John Liu who they have call the UFT's sock puppet controller after he went after News Corp education contracts with the city. Controller Liu tosses $2.7 million contract tied to with Joel Klein(NYDN)

Yesterday Murdoch on Twitter call of Cuomo a chicken was to paint governor who knows how to run between the raindrops into the corner in the teacher evaluation dispute. Today Murdoch right hand man on the post Bob McManus pens a column following Up on Murdoch's Twitter attack on the governor. * During Address, Murdoch Goes After Cuomo on Twitter(NYT) On his Twitter account, now only two weeks old, Rupert Murdoch of News Corporation referred to the governor as “chicken Cuomo” while praising Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s ideas.  Mr. Murdoch wrote: “Bloomberg’s bold teacher proposals today terrific. How will chicken Cuomo respond? If UFT refuses this money good teachers will scream.” He was referring to the United Federation of Teachers, a union that often opposes rigorous teacher evaluations, which figured prominently in the mayor’s speech.

Bloomberg and Murdoch Team Up Against Cuomo, Has Dicker Been Kidnapped?

Post editorial page editor Bob McManus says Bloomberg’s speech yesterday tossed a “grenade in Cuomo’s lap” when it comes to changing current teacher evaluation Bob McManus: “(W)hat Bloomberg really did yesterday was toss a grenade in Cuomo’s lap — with the hope, if not the expectation, that when it explodes, some of the shrapnel will hit Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.” Your move, Governor – don’t blow it (NYP) 

Who is A Chicken?

 “Chicken Cuomo,” as Rupert Murdoch dubbed him, has not yet responded to the media mogul’s Twitter jab.* The NYT’s Michael Grynbaum found Murdoch’s choice of “schoolyard taunt” against Cuomo to be “decidedly strange” since Bloomberg and the governor are. * The Times notes that Andrew Cuomo isn’t used to being called a “chicken,” as Rupert Murdoch did.



Offer of $20,000 teacher bonuses puts UFT President Mulgrew in a bind

2012 State of the City Address
The News says Bloomberg’s proposal to raise salaries for good teachers by $20,000 puts UFT president Mike Mulgrew in a bind Bloomberg and Cuomo vs. the union(NYDN Ed) Calls Mulgrew “an enemy of the teachers he claims to represent.”* The mayor’s “turnaround” proposal for 33 struggling schools that he says would prevent the loss of federal funding caught education insiders by surprise.*  UFT President Mike Mulgrew accused Bloomberg of living in a “fantasy world.” Mayor Takes On Teachers’ Union in School Plans(NYT) * Bloomberg Aims at Teachers Union(WSJ) * During Address, Murdoch Goes After Cuomo on Twitter(NYT) * SchoolBook: Bloomberg Unveils Ambitious Proposals for Schools * Mike’s bold gambit(NYP Ed) * Mike aims ax at teachers(NYP) * Why evaluations matter(NYP Ed) * UFT Seeks Mediator In Effort To Overhaul Teacher Evaluations(NY1)
Capital Tonight (Twitter) UFT filed an impasse petition w/ state Public Employment Relations Board on teacher performance eval talks. Wants mediator to force talks.

Heartless Liu Covers His Ass From Law Suit on Moving Wage Scandal

Blaming Others Is This How He and His Lawyers Will Try to Get Him Out of His Campaign Contribution Mess?

Mover & shake-up on Liu team(NYP) Two officials from Comptroller John Liu’s labor law division were forced out over a battle to set a prevailing wage for union furniture movers. The fall guys Martin Moran Jr., the long-serving chief of the division, was asked to retire, and his deputy, attorney Richard Palmer, was transferred out.


Convention Center Push Pull: Lobbyists vs. City Power

Behind an Army of Lobbyists, a Force in Gambling(NYT) Genting Berhad, one of the world’s largest gambling conglomerates, has amassed a swarm of lobbyists as it pursues lucrative projects in New York and Miami.* City Has Say on Aqueduct(WSJ) Despite Cuomo’s claims that the state ultimately controls the process, records show that New York City actually has a surprising amount of the power over whether a new casino and convention center are built in Queens. Genting’s lobbyist/consultant roster reads like a who’s who of NY players: John Cordo, Jennifer Cunningham, Pat Lynch, Brad Tusk, James Featherstonhaugh, Nick Spano.* The state Racing and Wagering Board has opened an investigation into whether the New York Racing Association has been improperly letting people bet on credit. * Casino gambling legislation was introduced today in the Assembly.


 NJ Goes Vegas Weddings to Go

Anything to Turn Around Atlantic City's Gambling Decline

New Jersey Weddings May Go Vegas Style(WSJ) New Jersey is hoping to bring a little Las Vegas razzle-dazzle to Atlantic City with a law making it easier to get married on a whim.



Lipsky is Not the Only Lobbyists Came Back After Illegal or Questionable Activity  Global Strategy, Patricia Lynch, Roberto Ramirez, Hank Sheinkopf (List in Formation)

Is Richard Lipsky back lobbying, following his plea on two felony charges for bribing former Sen. Carl Kruger? We received this link ( in an email yesterday from Willetseminent domain at the Willets Point development in Queens. It is written in Lipsky’s trademark firebrand blogging style, and Lipsky had been writing for the group before his guilty plea last week on bribery charges. But Lipsky insisted to us in an email he no longer is lobbying for the group – and says Robert Loscalzo is now doing the group’s writing. (CHN)

NY1 Reporter Gets A "C Grade" For Her Question to the Mayoral Candidates On the Mayor's Speech
A Safe Question Vs. the People Right to Know

The problems from the question NY1 reporter Courtney Gross asked the mayor candidates was that it was too general.  The question she did not ask the candidates is what would they do to solve the teacher evaluation dispute between the teachers union and the city, that is costing the city $60 million dollars in federal education funds. The NY1 report allowed the pols to duck the important issue of the loss of federal education funds and the teacher evaluation conflict, while protecting their hope of getting the union's campaign endorsement and support.  Elected Officials Criticize Bloomberg's Approach To Education In State Of The City Speech (NY1)

"I think the lone ranger approach to education reform just doesn't ever seem to work, and to use this forum to go after teachers in a very hostile way just is not going to get us the changes that we need," said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. "Rather disheartening that he almost threw down the gauntlet against our teachers, who have already been through a great deal of anti-teacher rhetoric where City Hall takes credit for everything that goes right in schools and blames teachers for things that aren't going so well in school," said City Comptroller John Liu. "This struck me as an attempt to set up a line between them and talk about differences rather than unify," said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, known as a Bloomberg ally, took a different tact. She said the mayor set forth an aggressive education agenda and that it was up to the teachers union to respond.* BP Stringer's Statement on the Mayor's State of the City Address

Panel Chief Raises $450,000 as She Eyes Manhattan Post(NYT) Julie Menin, the influential chair of Community Board 1, has raised a staggering $450,000 for her Manhattan borough president campaign since mid-November,




Diaz's Reality Check 

Diaz Finally Get Smart With Filling Kingsbridge Armory with Jobs (NYDN Ed) The News says “reality has smacked” Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. in the face on his decision to make a deal to develop the Kingsbridge Armory * New push to develop Bx. armory (NYDN) * NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn is trying to get herself out of an political corner by negotiating a living wage bill compromise. * Bx. armory’s ‘sporting chance’(NYP)


Vow to Fight Police Misconduct Faces Skepticism(NYT) * Plea Deal for Officer Accused of Civil Rights Violation(NYT) * And there was skepticism about the mayor’s plan for greater oversight of the NYPD, since the agency charged with oversight has a modest budget, no subpoena power and relies on the department’s good will for information.





Ravitch: Big Business, Cuomo Have Failed to Lead on Transportation (Street Blog)







What Is the Council Cheering About?  Living Wage Comprise Will Effect Less Than 1000.   How Does It Help the 400,000 City Residents Who Are Unemployed?

The Council Has Failed to Reduce the City's Unemployment Rate Which Now Exceeds the Federal Rate

NYC Lawmakers Compromise On Living Wage Bill (WCBS) * =City Jobless Rate Rises 8.7* (Over 400,000), Exceeding the Nation’s(NYT)


NYPD suspects veteran officer Monty Green moonlighting as a pimp(NYPD)





How About A Say Hay Kid Field?

Parks Dept. Weighs New Rules on Permits to Free More Fields for Youth Sports(NYT)



Back to the Robber Barons (NYT) The Supreme Court did enough damage by freeing corporations to make unlimited donations to independent groups. Now Republicans want to lift the ban on direct donations to candidates?








Insider Trader Gingrich Uses Congress to Make $$$ 

Wall Street, Washington and Gingrich(WSJ) Gingrich and his consulting companies helped Credit Suisse gather exclusive Washington information, showing that the candidate benefited from a legal practice that's come under fire from lawmakers. * “60 Minutes” probes congressional insider trading(Slate) * MF Global customers learn they're unlikely to get back 100 percent of their money


 Election 2012

The Truth About Private Equity: Politicians Need It, Taxpayers Fund It (The Daily Beast) * PACs’ Aid Allows Romney’s Rivals to Extend Race(NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: Risks of Intraparty Attacks(NYT) * Romney Backers, Rivals Spar Over Bain(WSJ) * The Tea Party's Not-So-Civil War - Matt Bai, New York Times Magazine * South Carolina May Settle on Romney - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Candidates Who Fail to Connect Often Lose - Michael Leahy, Wash Post * Romney Debates Romney on Health Reform - Michael Kinsley, Bloomberg

America Isn't a Corporation - Paul Krugman, New York Times * Ron Paul's Achievement - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post * How Daley Died the Death of a Thousand Cuts - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * For Romney, Newfound Southern Comfort - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Mitt Can Lose SC - If Conservatives Toughen Up - Tim Stanley, Telegraph * If Romney Wins Count on Obama to Dig Up Bain - Byron York, Examiner * The GOP's Blatant Racism - Gary Younge, The Nation* South Carolina Primary: 28%, 21%, 16%, 16%...(Rasmussen Poll)'* Mitt Romney and the Right - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal * As Romney Rolls On, Can Gingrich Stop Him? - Erick Erickson, RedState * Will Bain Claims Come Back to Haunt Romney? - Ryan Lizza, New Yorker * Gingrich & Confusion About Capitalism - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * Romney's TARP Support Shows His Hypocrisy - Richard Viguerie, Politico * Romney Ad: Rivals' Attacks "Embarrassing" - Rachel Streitfeld, CNN

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter)  In new SC poll, Mitt is at 13% among evangelicals, 48% among non. Hard to think Mitt's Mormon faith isn't one signficant reason for the gap.




Fed Showed Little Alarm Before Housing Bust(WSJ) Fed transcripts from 2006 paint the most detailed picture yet of how top officials at the central bank didn't anticipate the storm about to hit. * Fed Didn’t Expect Housing Bust in '06 (The Daily Beast)




The debate over closing Indian Point rages on.*  As the Assembly mulled a future without the plan, Indian Point officials announced their off-line reactor will be back up and running next week.* Business groups are concerned about the mayor’s push for a living wage.



Cops kill Brooklyn man at home(NYDN) * Man Shot And Killed By Cops In Brooklyn(Fox 5) * Cop kills gunman outside Brooklyn home(NYP)


2 suspects wanted for beating man into coma(WABC) 




Shopping-cart victim revived by doctor at Harlem Target(NYP)

Law and Order

Tea Party Leader Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge(NYT) * Store Credit Used In Identity Thefts(WSJ) * Hate Crime Charge(WSJ) *NYC parks worker faces hate crime charge(WSJ) * NYC guilty plea in Damien Hirst fake prints(WSJ) * Trial in NY teen's slaying set to start in spring(WSJ)* SI unfare rip-off(NYP) * ‘Racist’ cop plea deal(NYP) * Questions over security camera after assault in parking(WABC) * Arrest Made in Rangers Fan Beating(NBC) *  Philly PD arrests man for Rangers fan beating(NYP) * NYPD Internal Affairs believe that a veteran officer has been moonlighting as a pimp.

Imam Gets Life Sentence For Role In JFK Terror Plot(NY1) 


‘Today’ at 60 (NYP)

A homecoming, 60 years in the making(NBC)