Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Republican Bob Turner wins New York special election - The Washington Post

G.O.P. Gains House Seat Vacated by Weiner(NYT) * Republican defeats Dem Weprin to take Weiner's seat (NYP) * Republican wins Anthony Weiner's old House seat (CBS)

Turner Victory Speech
Turner: "We are unhappy. I am telling you. I am the messenger. Heed us."
"This district is sending the practical non politician businessman to Washington with his practical point of view. I promise you I will ..."
Turner says this victory "will resound into 2012"
  "We've been told this is a referendum and we're ready to say, 'Mr. President, we are on the wrong track."

David G. Greenfield (Twitter) Headline on beneath photo of President Obama: "Revenge of the Jews; Dem Seat Turns in NYC"

maggie haberman (Twitter) Drudge Report lead in banner red headline under Obama pic: "Revenge of the Jews; Dem seat turns in NYC"

"Revenge of the Jews" Drudge Report

All the Kings Men and All the Political Whores Could Not Elect David

Josh Robin (Twitter) Weprin came in to deliver the speech just as we were calling it. He didn't know race was called when he took stage. 

BREAKING: AP calls for the Republican, Bob Turner.
Turner has increased his lead, 53 to 46 percent, with 53 percent of precincts reporting.
Weprin actually ahead 52-48 now in Queens. Not far from what he needs/needed there. It's Brooklyn that's the problem.
: Tonight's result makes redistricting more complicated. Scrapping NY-09 was the easy way out before, but no longer.
Turnout in projecting to 65,000. Not huge, but a bit ahead of expectations . High turnout was supposed to be good for Weprin, but no.

35 percent reportiing, 177 precincts. 11,670 Turner, 10,856

Weiner last won Queens part of district by 30. Weprin tied there.
30% of Queens in, and Turner is up 52/48. Up 72/28 in Brooklyn. This could be a blowout.”
25 percent in. 8462 Turner, 7949 Weprin
30% of Queens in, and Turner is up 52/48. Up 72/28 in Brooklyn. This could be a blowout.”
We are at 20 percent reporting, finally. 103 precincts. 6838 Turner, 6013 Weprin
15% reporting: Turner 55% and Weprin 45%  10:50 PM
Getting more votes in: Turner ahead 54-46 in Queens, 71-29 in a few Brooklyn precincts. It's early, but starting to look dicier for Weprin. 10:45 PM

With just over half the vote counted in NY's : Espinal 40%, Gonzalez 31%, Towns 28%
Colin Campbell

REPORT: Rafael Espinal won

The Organization Man(Gotham Gazette) Vito Lopez Gets His Man

Lots of Jewish supporters here at Turner's party, and an Israeli flag is displayed on stage alongside the American flag 9:14 PM
* Mark Weprin at the Weprin election party in Forest Hills, said they "are feeling very confident"#Ny9 9:34 PM
* Turner just pulled up to HQ. Big applause from supporters. Shakes a few hands and disappears inside.   9:35PM
* Ed Koch arrives to cheers of thanks from crowd outside party "You're doing great mayor!" one woman yells 9:46 PM
* Queens boss Joe Crowley spotted by ....in DC. 9:49 PM
* Ed koch is giving a history lesson about Israel. No joke. 10:23 PM
* Speaker Quinn, mark weprin, grace meng, chuck lavine among electeds at weprin party 10:26
* At the Turner event, Starquest is in the house and down on Obama   10:43PM
* Councilman Eric Ulrich says no regrets about not running in . "Bob Turner was a better candidate...wasn't my time" 10:48 PM
* Bob Turner says his farewell to his fairy godfather, Ed Koch 11:42 PM

Special Congressional Election: A Sock Puppet Candidate Becomes Important to the President

A National Election More Important Than Last Nights GOP Debate

Who knew that a dumb candidate and a corrupt political machines would be in the middle of who America will elect for president in 2012.  If Paddy Chayefsky where still alive he would have his sequel to Network.  Can you Imagine what Clinton said when he was told to do a robo calls for this jerk?  What did the White House say when they finally understood what a mess Crowley and Parkside made of the race?  What do the reporters on the consultants and the elected officials payroll privately say joke about Weprin as they write on their blogs and newspaper what a wonderful job he will do.

Democrats Boost Effort to Hold Seat A final rush of robo-calls from President Clinton, mailings and even a text message from President Barack Obama's campaign targeted voters in Brooklyn and Queens ahead of Tuesday's special election to pick a successor to Rep. Anthony Weiner. (WSJ) * Areas in NY-9 to watch tonight as returns come in: Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale, where Obama and McCain split their votes in 2010. * Another NYer with a lot to lose if NY-9 goes to the GOP: DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, who dumped $600,000 into the race to help Weprin.* David Weprin and the Problem with Boss-Picked Candidates (Capital) * Outside groups spend $1.65 million on House races in Nevada, New York (I Watch) * If Weprin loses, it will be the fourth time in two years a New York special election has gone badly for a candidate hand-picked by the dominant party. * For the record: The last time a Republican won in NY-9 (albeit not the same district it is today) was 1920. (The winner had a brush with scandal!) * A NY Dem sees the NY-9 race as “the Ames straw poll of NYC’s ethnic center left.”

 Putting the Pieces Together

Special Election: Machine, Russians and the Orthodox Voters (True News) * WeprinVs Turner (True News) * NY Corrupt Party Bosses Crowley and Vito Lopez(True News) * New York's Corrupt Political Parties (True News)


Bowzer with David
Jeff Greenfield (Twitter)  Why Dems will freak out if NY-09 goes GOP. "When Louis XVI lost his head, every monarch clutched his throat." Survival fear will kick in.

Live Blog of the 9th CD - Updated All Election Day

John Podhoretz (Twitter) Dem excuses for a GOP victory in NY-9 will have merit, but if Turner wins tonight, it's a disaster for Obama:*

Nick Confessore (Twitter) Actually, I don't think 1199 and 32BJ can work their usual NYC mojo in , . District's demographics blunt their impact.

Nick Confessore (Twitter) Sincere question: What is recent evidence of Queens Dem org's avowed strength? Seems like it's been fading for several years.

Live Blog on NY-9 

* First Pussian told to go home at Madison HS by the machine  backed BOE Inspectors 8:50 AM
* At my polling station on Austin St in Forest Hills. NOT jumping.  9:40 AM
* Constituent in tells me he had to vote on two separate machines: one for Primary (judges) and another for Special Election (congress). 10:30 AM
* Heavy Russian Vote 11:50 AM
* Weprin: Republicans are jamming our phones!(In an age when everyone has a cell phone how do you jam a campaigns phones?)
* Turner spox fires back: "why is a manufactured group calling itself 'Jews for Jesus for Turner' calling into Jewish precincts?" 1:55 PM 
* RT : That doesn't say in which direction RT : 29% in NY9 say marriage is "very important" to their vote.2:00 P.M.
 * Voter turnout beating low-ball expectations in Middle Village, Rockaway Beach(WNYC)
* Turner supporter complained signs were ripped down by pl from "outside" the district. Turns 2 Queens County Dems:"just giving u a hard time" 4:10 PM  
* : Overarching theme from voters: they don't like either party, very frustrated with increased partisanship 4:30 PM  
* What’s a stake in the New York special election? (Wash Post)  5:20 PM
* NY-09 Update: The Dirty Last-Minute Tricks, Fueled by Social Media (NYO) 5:40 PM
* RT 8 out of 10 dentists recommend colgate, 10 out of 10 Orthodox Jews in Kew Gardens Hills are voting for Bob Turner.
* David Weprin Served Papers on Street As Turner Challenges Election Results Before It’s Over (NYO) 6:40 PM
* Spotted in Queens stumping for Wills; DC 37 ED Lillian Roberts, Controller John Liu, Council members Tish James, Leroy Comrie 6:53 PM
* At Turner elex night hq, an Israeli flag was on stage (next to American flag), but his campaign manager just pulled it off. 6:55PM
* spokesman for says "higher than expected" turnout in many areas of -9 race to replace . 6:59 PM
* Israeli flag back up on stage. Turner campaign manager says the Israeli flag needed to be same height as American flag.   7:00 PM 
* Over 500 people interviewed and so far only a total of 8 on and off camera told me they voted 4 Weprin. 7:30 PM 
*  Bob Turner Express Is On The Move (Video) 7:40 PM
* Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch predicts "blowout" 4 his candidate, Turner, admits no inside intel but strong turnout in key Jewish areas. 7:50 PM
* Israeli Flags at Turner Election Night Headquarters Under Height-Related Siege 7:52 PM
* Overheard convo in diner in Qns Blvd - elderly woman says she normally would vote Weprin, turned off by last minute DCCC attack ads   8:16 PM
* If only Cuomo were so committed. RT Bowzer is driving down Queens Blvd blasting his vote for david weprin song on loudspeakers. 8:22PM


Weiner Has Left the Building

Flees amid Dem panic over vote today(NYP)

 Where's Weiner? At The Polls, If Not On The Ballot(NYDN)

The Before/After Look(NYT)



There are other primaries around the state. More here, here, here, here, here. The Daily News endorses Jesus Gonzalez in the three-way 54th Assembly District special election in Brooklyn and mocks opponent Rafael Espinal for inventing his own newspaper to endorse him *  Ugly In 54th AD, Take II (YNN) * Another Helping Of Drama In Council District 28(NYDN) * Tangled Web: Players in 54th Assembly Dist. Election (Buswick BK) *

Vote Dead
Who Put Lila Prymus On The Ballot? The Queens District Attorney's office is investigating how Lila Prymus ended up on the ballot for a Republican County Committee seat in today's primary. The 88-year-old Maspeth homemaker died in May 2010. (NYDN) * Dead People Trying to Vote in the 9th? (Gotham Gazette)


The witness stand in an upcoming campaign larceny trial may well turn into a hot seat for Bloomberg and His Top Aids

Bloomberg and Top Aids To Answer All Questions . . .  A Political Trial

A judge refused to bar defense lawyers from exploring Bloomberg’s campaign spending habits in the trial of one of his former political consultant, John Haggerty, although he reserved the right to revisit this ruling during the trial.  * Mike facing grill(NYP)  Ex-aide on trial in ‘$cam’ * With Ruling, Mayor’s Spending May Enter Trial of Former Aide(NYT) * Setback in Bloomberg Case(WSJ) * Bloomberg Possibly Headed To The Witness Stand(NY1) * Bloomberg: Money Transfer Did Not Violate Campaign Laws(Huff Post) * Howard Wolfson isn't worried. [John Eligon]


Bloomberg Know All That Goes On In City Hall And Nothing About Harrerty Operation in His Campaign? 

 Reporters who cover Mayor Michael Bloomberg know it's hard to stay out of his reach: When they ask a question or file a Freedom of Information request with any far-flung city agency, it immediately ends up in his City Hall press office. Still, it's unusual to see the policy in black and white. "Please notify me immediately when you receive an inquiry from anyone at a major media outlet," Deputy Press Secretary Samantha Levine wrote to several agency press officers last week. "Other press outlets can wait until the end-of-day wrap-up." Her memo, forwarded around until it reached us at First Read, says she must approve all press releases and statements from those agencies. There's also this: "Alert me ASAP when a FOIL is submitted by any Room 9 reporter or anyone from the New York Times." Still, the tight control may hold the seeds of a more accessible mayor: "The Mayor will be holding more Q&As and the information you provide is critical in keeping him fully briefed in advance of those Q&As.


Boss of a group of hospitals was convicted yesterday of bribing 3 NY politicians in exchange for favors in the statehouse

Ratting Already Carl?

Former Hospital Chief Convicted of Offering Bribes to Albany Legislators(NYT) * CEO Guilty of Bribery(WSJ)

Hospital Shake Down By Pols

 Who is Boyland Going To Give Up?

Hosp honcho guilty in sick bribe scheme(NYP) The federal criminal conviction of ex-MediSys CEO David Rosen, who faces up to 70 years in prison at sentencing, is bad news for state Sen. Carl Kruger and Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., who soon will go on trial for related charges.

Diaz Block A Deal to create 2200 jobs in the Long-dormant Kingsbridge Armory because the salaries were to low


Ruben’s got his (NYP Ed) Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. declared two years ago that “no jobs” were preferable to just “any jobs” in his beleaguered borough. Well, that’s what he got: no jobs. As The Post reported Sunday, The Bronx has become the “borough of the jobless,” with 12.3 percent of its residents unemployed, easily the highest in the city. The Post also blames the Bronx's high unemployment rate on Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., who killed the Kingsbridge Armory mall redevelopment because the 1,200 permanent jobs wouldn't pay enough


A Study On How Education Department Handles Complaints About Test Cheating

Amid Cheating Complaints, Regents Move to Improve Test Security(NYT) The Board of Regents authorized an independent investigator to look at how the state Education Department handles complaints of educators cheating on standardized tests, but critics say it's not enough.





One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

In Deal, Hundreds of Mentally Ill People Will Leave Confinement of Nursing Home(NYT)




Stop and frisky Cops got raunchy at parade (NYP) *  NYPD made right decision to release detailed reports of each police shooting in recent years (NYDN Ed)

Update: Police Commissioner Downplays Investigation Into Dancing Officers' Video (NY1)








Bronx prosecutors drop cases in over twice the rate than other city DAs 

Bronx is best place in NYC to get arrested The best place to get arrested in the city is the Bronx. That's because the Bronx district attorney's office declines to prosecute an alarming number of cases. (NYDN)


Surrogate judge let lawyer pal loot estates: panel(NYDN)

Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go(Gotham Gazette)




More New Yorkers Living in Poverty(NYT)





The healing begins at last(NYP) * Cops may hit brakes on car stops(NYP) * Public Pays Its Respects(WSJ) * Officials Scramble To Fix Typo On 9/11 Memorial(NY1)





Jon Stewart Honors 9/13: The Day We Forgot Lessons We’d Sworn Always To Remember


As Perry Rises, G.O.P. Elite Look Toward Romney(NYT) * Perry Is Target at Republican Debate(NYT) * Sharp Mitt Romney hammers shaky Rick Perry on Social Security during Tea Party-sponsored GOP debate (NYDN)


Colbert: Pawlenty Endorsement Of Romney Like ‘Miracle Whip Endorsing Mayonnaise’

CNN/Tea Party Debate Crowd Cheers Trying Fed Chair Ben Bernanke For Treason



Rockefeller on the Attica Raid, From Boastful to Subdued(NYT)

 After the Attica prison riot 40 years ago, President Richard Nixon taped calls with Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in which the governor said "the whole thing was led by the blacks" and ended in "a beautiful operation." * The Post looks back ruefully at the Attica prison riot, saying it marked the moment when people became more worried about victimizers than victims(NYP) * Remembering the Massacre at Attica 40 Years Later (Gabe Pressman, NBC)


Advisory: "National Exec Dir. of National Action Network is calling upon community members to start 'snitching' about gun violence.  Hoop star’s murder 'no mistake': family(NYP) * Feud Killed Basketball Star(WSJ) * Police: No Suspects Held In Connection With Fatal Shooting Of Teen Basketball Star(NY1) * Update  Police: Arrest Made In High School Basketball Star's Death (NY1)

 Law and Order 

DJ dad in Taser bust at Jet game (NYP) * Out of Prison, Ex-Procurers for Client 9 Get New Jobs(NYT) * Police Drug Count Dropped(WSJ) * NY teenager pleads in 'Russian roulette' fatality(WSJ) * Slain informant's mom suing two cops for failing to protect her son(NYDN) * NYPD recruit dies during department training run along FDR Drive(NYDN) * Serial pervert tied to two more sex attacks in Brooklyn(NYDN) * One-time Genovese mob boss gets life sentence for ordering hit(NYDN) *Killer’ rep for S&M’er (NYP)

The couple that ran Emperor's Club VIP, the prostitution ring patronized by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, are now offering a $35,000-per-person empowerment seminar based on their book "The Science of Activating Your Supreme Power,




Rape-trial cop clear of drug rap (NYP)



Terrorism TSA: JFK Flight Diverted Over Security Concerns(NY1) * Security Scaled Back, But Still on Alert (NBC) but NYPD is still on high alert, now ahead of the Jewish holidays



James Murdoch has some more explaining to do, will face Parliament again

News Corp's James Murdoch to face 2nd grilling by Parliamentary committee investigating cell phone hacking (CBS)



Nearly 5,400 former congressional staffers have moved from Capitol Hill to K Street in last decade.   Revolving door of employment between Congress, lobbying firms, study shows(Wash Post)

Almost 100 lobbyists have ties to debt panel members(PRWire)