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2012: Turner Vs. Crowley or Does Albany Create A Jewish District for Him

Turner Formally Sworn In
Turner Staying Put

Bob Turner, on redistricting: “I will be ready to take the fight into ’12, no matter what the district is called, and I just don’t know who the opponent will be.” * Just Elected, and Already Talking of Staying(NYT) * Republicans could try to make Turner's seat a conservative Jewish stronghold and force Democrats to give up another downstate district (AP)* Or Republicans could sacrifice Turner and strengthen Rep. Michael Grimm's district while Democrats give up one of their three Western New York seats during redistricting, the Gannett Washington bureau reports. * Following Turner’s win, it’s now possible there will be two “fair fights” (in other words, primaries) in 2012, thanks to redistricting – one between Republicans downstate, and another between WNY Democrats.*

Rep. King Introduces Newly Elected GOP Congressman Bob Turner - Video (NY-9)


With the Crowley Loss of the 9th and the Haggerty Trial the DN and NYT Sill Refuse to  Explain How the City's Corrupt Party Machines Operate

The NYT Gives Us More Information On How the Rebels in Libya Operates Than How The Queens or the Brooklyn Democratic Machines Work

After Choosing a Candidate Who Lost, a Democrat Stands in an Unfavorable Light(NYT) NYT's reporter David Chen offers the well know reason why Weprin lost.  Obama, economy. gay vote Yada Yada Yada.  Chen did add the fact that Crowley was able to avoid a serious challenge when he first ran for congress because the congressman in the seat before him who was also Queens Democrat Boss Manton times his retirement late in the election process. 

Did the NYT Interview Crowley At His Home in Virginia?

The story even included top democrat defending the Queens Boss. “I don’t think you can heap blame on Crowley or any one person,” said Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Not one word how Crowley uses the election law and his control of the BOE to knock candidates, including this year a college student off the ballot.  NYT and DN should write about how both bosses Crowley and Lopez control who gets elected to the courts in their boroughVito Lopez scores a win in Civil Court Judgeship race(Law Journal) * Queens Democratic Party Chair/Rep. Joe Crowley was absent from Assemblyman David Weprin’s side on election night, but that didn’t surprise his neighbors, who say he’s rarely around.

Or why the NYT candidate for mayor Quinn has loaded her City Council staff with Crowley flunkies and loaded his non profits with member item funds. Besides Crowley and Lopez how many non profit political machines does the speaker fund that she intends to use to help her become mayor?  Why does the NYT ignore all the elected officials supported by Crowley's machine who have been sent to jail? Or about a major federal investigation who will send a lot more of his Queens pols to jail?


Anonymous Sources Why?   Daily News' reporter Alison Gendar: Why not identify sources when all they are doing is repeating well discussed reasons for how Boss Crowley caused the GOP victory in the 9th? Nothing about Boss Crowley machine or how he makes money off his control of the surrogate court.  Joe Crowley's decision to choose David Weprin as candidate was 'toxic to the party': Dem strategist (NYDN)




I Must Be Going

Gov. Cuomo and the Democratic bosses helped Republican Bob Turner beat David Weprin for Congress (NYDN Ed)  Daily News Editorial blames Cuomo for calling a special election that allowed Queens Boss Crowley to pick sock puppet Weprin.  The boss knew that Weprin would  quietly sit in the seat for 14 months and disappear so the district can be divided up and included into Crowley and Ackerman's new districts. 

Under fire for selecting Assemblyman David Weprin as a candidate, Rep. Joe Crowley insisted the Democrats would have won if NY-9 was only located in Queens (when he happens to be party chairman).* .: "If this were only in Queens, we would have won N.Y. 9"* NY Dem Rep. Joe Crowley: “I had a good day yesterday in Queens”(Wash Post) *  Turner pledged to “keep it real” and not buy into his own hype as a self-described GOP “messenger,” adding: “I now have a job to do.” * Turner received a congratulatory call from Mike Bloomberg, but the call was promptly disconnected due to lousy reception in Turner’s home neighborhood of Breezy Point.* Call Him Congressman: Turner Is Sworn In(NYT)

Weiner vote 47,004, Weprin 27,469 falloff 19,535 41%; Turner 2010 33,330 Turner 2011 32,212 falloff 1,118 .03%. Reps got their vote out.

The New York Times maps out where exactly Bob Turner's votes came from in his victory in Tuesday's special congressional election

What the Fuck Happen

Anatomy of a Rebuke (Map)

The loss shook House Democrats. “It’s a wake-up call,” said Eliot Engel "The Jewish vote is in play" * After New York Race, G.O.P. Sees a Ripple in Jewish Vote(NYT) * Behind Turner's Win: Jewish Voters Opposed to Gay Marriage(WSJ) * Gyory: GOP is overspinning Turner's victory(NYDN) * Startling ‘wake-up call’ for House Dems(NYP) * GOP Ties House Wins to Obama's Woes(WSJ)* Giddy GOP leaders suggested their presidential candidate – as soon as they settle on one – could carry Democrat-dominated NYS for the first time since 1984 when Ronald Reagan won here. More Spin Crap (ABC)

NYT Spins 9th to Offer Us A Defense of Obama's Israel Piece Plan

Does the NYT really believe that Turner win will embolden the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuDo They Not understand he will do whatever he has to do to save his county? What if the editorial smoking?  How lost are these jerks? Where is their common sense?   Israel and New York’s Ninth District(NYT Ed)  No political win, or loss, here alters the fact that a peace deal is in Israel’s best interest. * Strains Mounting As Israelis Facing Three Crises(Jewish Week) * Ed Koch swipes at NYT editorial board (Politico) * New Gallup: Obama slips with Jews (Politico) * Waxman: Jews vote Republican ‘to protect their wealth’(Daily Caller) * Mayor Bloomberg has President Obama’s back on Israel.



Capital Tonight Should Investigate Parkside Group

Liz Benjamin is one of the best New York political reporter bloggers.  But like ever other journalist in the city she needs to do a better job investigating the backgrounds of the consultants she is reporting on.  With the conviction of Hank Morris and fines paid by Global and Patricia Lynch for ripping off the pension funds she needs like all journalists to better inform the public how lobbyists consultants are contributing to the political corruption .  The taking of the 5th by lobbyist political consultant Hank Sheinkopf when questioned about AEG.  The indictment of Richard Lipsky for bribing Carl Kruger is more evidence that there are many political consultants out there using their political contacts to get around the law and make $$$ * Parkside Congratulates ‘Victorious Clients’ (And Weprin)  *Consultants Come To Crowley’s Defense(YNN) * After Weprin Debacle, Parkside Plugs Its Victories (NYO)

What True News has Reported on Parkside

Stavisky's Parkside of the Group's wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County.  Evan is a district leader in 26th Assembly District in Queens.

Parkside's Evan Stavisky is The Modern Boss Tweed

In 2005 in a NYT article Dick Dadey executive director of Citizens Union expressed concern about what he called "a growing problem" of council members being lobbied by firms that serve as political consultants to many of them. "It clearly gives a lobbyist who does campaign work unfair advantage, because it gives them a level of access to the elected official that they otherwise would not have." In 2005 the Parkside was paid a total of $1.7 million by more than 40 clients last year, many of them nonprofit receiving member items from the city council.  The Parkside Group, carved out a dual role in New York politics: as lobbyist for nonprofit groups seeking city money and as a political consultant to a dozen council members, including the speaker and the Finance Committee chairman, who have a major hand in approving budget requests from those same groups. Miller who became so close to Parkside after it helped him win his speaker post asked one of Parkside partners to help him hire a chief of staff. Did Parkside Get Funds from Millers Slush Fund?  In 2004, Miller launched his ill-fated drive to become mayor right from Parkside's offices. Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed (City Sun 2008)


The Dong Goodbye: Jon Stewart Claims Anthony Weiner Lost NY-9 To The GOP




Independent Democratic Conference: The Redistricting Untouchables

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos has agreed not to touch Bronx Sen. Jeff Klein and the three other members of his Independent Democratic Conference when district lines are redrawn (DN)





Stubbornly Incompetent: Why the BOE Counts So Slow

Not Flash Drive Crowd

Board of Elections incompetence keeps vote counting in horse-and-buggy era(NYDN Ed)

More than 18 hours after the polls closed, they were still missing 8% of returns. Computerized machines be damned - the board insists on staying in the pencil-and-paper era. Here's what it does:


1) When voting ends, each optical scanning machine prints out a strip of paper with totals by election district.
2) Workers cut every strip into pieces by election district and assemble them into piles.
3) Using calculators, they add up the totals for all the contests within each election district.

4) They copy the tally for each candidate by hand onto forms.
5) A cop takes the forms to a stationhouse.
6) There, the numbers are entered into a computer and sent bit by bit to The Associated Press.
This is madness. The voting machines download data onto removable flash drives. Their tallies should be dumped electronically, run through a calculator and distributed via the Internet.

DN Says Crook Newly Reelected Wills Right At Home With the Other City Council Organized Crime Members

The Post congratulates Queens Councilman Ruben Wills for winning Tuesday's special election, saying the accused criminal will feel right at home in a Council that legally steals taxpayers' money (NYP) * Party time!    Asked to choose between an accused criminal and a howling-at-the-moon loon, Queens voters Tuesday sent the alleged crook back to the City Council -- where he’ll no doubt feel right at home. Ruben Wills, who faces criminal charges going back to the ’90s, is now the Democratic nominee for the 28th council district. (NYP Ed)

Ex-Senator’s Chief of Staff Is Expected to Plead Guilty(NYT) Raymond Maguire, who served as chief of staff to former State Senator Vincent L. Leibell III, is expected to plead guilty to obstruction of justice on Thursday.


Aide’s class hole Goldsmith Quits teach gig at Columbia (NYP)






On Staten Island visit, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott gets an earful of anger from parents - Video (SI Advance)



HEAD OF CUOMO-FOUNDED NONPROFIT RESIGNS: As Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration probes oversized salaries for nonprofit executives whose organizations receive state funds, one group with a special relationship to the governor no longer has its highly paid chief executive - who is married to Cuomo's cousin (CHN) * Laurence Belinsky, the highly-paid CEO and president of HELP USA, a housing non-profit founded by Cuomo, resigned to pursue a private sector job. He’s married to the governor’s cousin.

New York families getting by with lowest incomes in 14 years(NYDN) * Unemployment Benefit Requests Jumped To 428,000  * NYC’s unemployment rate has ticked up to 8.7 percent.





St. Vincent's Site Moves On The Rudin family has obtained $525 million in construction financing and begun the government approval process for its ambitious plan to remake the St. Vincent's Hospital site in Greenwich Village.(WSJ)


Pol ‘Happy’ with McD’s(NYP)






 Will Library Cameras Be Able To Identify What Your Reading?

Security cameras proposed for all libraries after 7-year-old molested(NYDN)


New York Chooses Company to Run Bike-Share Program(NYT) * Shared-Bicycle Initiative Rolled Out for City Streets(WSJ) *  Starting 2012 residents can hail cab, hop on train or pick up bike to get around town (NYDN)



Marty: How Do You Say Forgetaboutit in Mandarin

Asian population booming in Brooklyn along N-Line(NYDN)



NYS made $1.83 million last fiscal year from merchandise with the "I Love New York" logo, which sells especially well in Japan

Everybody (heart)'s New York! Iconic brand raking in millions for city in licensing fees(NYDN)




Two-year-old girl struck in face during gunfight at apartment complex(NYP) * Girl, 2, Shot in Head by Stray Bullet on Staten Island(NYT) * Toddler Is Shot in Head(WSJ) * Girl just shy of second birthday loses eye after struck by stray bullet (NYDN) * 19-year-old arrested after toddler shot in the face in Staten Island(NYP) * S.I. Man Charged With Shooting Toddler In Face(NY1) * SI tot's family shouts at 'shooter' during court appearance, King ordered held(NYP)

 Law and Order

Man Is Arrested in Harlem Murder(WSJ)Drunken, off-duty officer kills young man with his car, cops say(NYDN) *Cop nabbed in fatal 'DWI'(NYP) * Jacob wants ‘pay back’ from Andrew Stein (NYP) * Lower Bail Is Set in Prostitution Case(WSJ)  * Woman busted after mixing cocaine into her boyfriend's dinner(NYDN) * Judge Cathy Siebel rightly shot down a legal challenge to state gun law(NYDN Ed) * Housing Project Feud Cited in Killing of Basketball Star(NYT) * Death of Vinny Gorgeous pal was no suicide, widow claims(NYDN) * Teacher in molest rap was fired for fondling other pupil(NYDN) * Cabby ‘stole from rider’(NYP) 


Satmar political fixer charged in federal court* Influential Rabbi Charged in a Rent-Subsidy Scheme(NYT) * Former Jail Rabbi Charged(WSJ)


SEC Widens CDO Probe Securities regulators are stepping up their probe into mortgage-bond deals at the heart of the financial crisis, including by pushing for a settlement of more than $200 million with Citigroup. (WSJ)



Stephen Colbert Praises Michele Bachmann’s Scientific Research On HPV Vaccination

Bachmann’s Former Chief Of Staff: Her False Statements Are The Result Of Her ‘Impulsive Nature’


Political Ads To Bring TV Stations $3.3 Billion  Media advertising analysts Ken Goldstein of Kantar says that should be a record take for local TV next year, driven by the proliferation of Super PACs spawned by last year’s Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. (TV News Check)

Rick Perry, Donald Trump Have A Dinner Date In NYC(