Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 2011

Bush and Obama: Side by Side at Ground Zero (NYT)*  Watch Paul Simon Perform ‘Sound of Silence’ at the 9/11 Memorial (Gawker) * "Now that there's a memorial, we have somewhere to go," said the sister of one victim who died on 9/11

The attacks on September 11, 2001-- as they happened(NYP) * A Look Back: Missing Person Posters Cover Armory's Walls(NY1)

Losses anew in learning to let go (NYP) *343 Bravest remembered at St. Pat's Mass(NYDN)

Flight 93 heroes hailed for fighting back against 9/11 hijackers in ceremony(NYDN)

'Tough week for the FDNY': 343 Bravest lost on 9/11 remembered at Mass(NYDN) * A Look Back: 1993 WTC Attack Survivors Lost On September 11th(NY1)

My odyssey through hell Doctor relives Ground Zero search effort(NYP) *  Hit Hard by 9/11, a Piece of Queens Struggles to Let Go(NYT) *  The Fallen: The victims of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center(NYDN)

A life of service He hunted bin Laden in Afghanistan — with the handcuffs of a fallen colleague(NYP) * Breslin: Reliving 9/11 with doc on front linesTribeca grieves and regrows Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal on rebuilding(NYP) * Downtown’s Rebirth, 10 Years and $24 Billion Later(NYT)


 911 Primary Hospital Closed

St. Vincent's is now closed, dark and a bit eerie. It was a locus of care for ground zero rescue workers on & after .

NYC's Emergency Services Grapple With Reform(The Daily Beast) The way New York's police and fire departments communicate was a problem on 9/11—and despite progress, there's more to be done. Wayne Barrett reports.

Muslim Protesters 

9/11 anniversary: Muslim protesters burn US flag outside embassy in London (The Telegraph) *  Threatening Messages Posted on White House Facebook Page (NBC) * Threats Posted on White House Facebook Page(The Daily Beast

Terrorsim Passengers Cause Scare on Flight from JFK (NBC)

Remember the 2200 Jobs Reject by the Bronx Borough President 

Borough of the jobless 12% on hunt in Bx. 

Diaz and the City Hall Have Their Jobs

City Council Rejects Plan to Turn Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx * Diaz Opposes Armory Plan - Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance

Vito Says Keep Out These Are My Government Funded Senior Centers - KEEP OUT

Vito is a bloc 'blocker'(NYP) Two candidates claim they can’t campaign in senior housing projects run by allies of Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez -- because only Rafael Espinal, Lopez’s handpicked candidate, is allowed in.


A Different Tea Party 

 What is Happening in the 9th is a Tea Party with voters who share democratic values.  If the NYT and others lump it in with the right wing tea party they will drive the voters in the 9th out of the Democratic Party.  If the Democratic Party remains a incumbent party using big money to try to control the voters (400,000 spent by Weprin this weekend) they will see more rebellions beyond the 9th.  One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman(True News)


The Daily News repeats their Endorsement of Turner Slap Dem Bosses
 DN say On Tuesday, Democrats and Republicans alike should tell bosses Joe Crowley of Queens and Vito Lopez of Brooklyn to take their schlub and stuff it.  The news also says Koch who has called for sending the Republican Turner to Washington in an effort to express opposition to President Obama's policies toward Israel. (Editorial)

Living Life in the Suites
NYT: Writes More Campaign Lit for Weprin

The Old Gray Lady only wishes that the election were taken place in Manhattan were they people read their paper and their political treatment works.  As far as the masses in the 9th, it seem not only the NYT but the Democratic elected officials have facing a revolt.  A sort of Arab Spring in Brooklyn and Queens.  A revolt against the democratic party leaders, not an acceptance of the GOP right wing values.  Siena College Poll: The Special Election is A Chance For Voters in A District That is 4 to 1 Democratic to register their unhappiness with the national economic and political climate. The poll, found that 54 percent of likely voters in the district had an unfavorable view of Mr. Obama. Fearing Loss of Weiner’s Seat, Democrats Make a Late Push(NYT) * District Dems rebel against Weprin (NYP) * Cuomo doing robocalls on behalf of Weprin in NY-9 ** Sunday Update In leaked custody filing, 'heedless' Weprin; 'dirty politics' alleged(Politico) * Republican could swipe Weiner's former seat (LA Times) * Republican’s lead in N.Y. election for Weiner’s seat shows Democrats’ vulnerability (Wash Post)

Weprin Attack Ad

NYT Calls David Weprin, a "Jewish Rambo" Weprin is More Like Clem Kadiddlehopper Or Gleason's the Poor Soul Or Saturday Night Fever David

Nick Confessore (Twitter) Dem operatv who would know tells me Weprin "will not get Orthodox Jewish votes" in NY-9; strong desire to send a message by electing Turner.

Manhattan DA Moves to Protect the Mayor's Team Others Believe the Highly Political Manhattan Courts Will Also

Campaign hangover  Bloomberg campaign aide John Haggerty’s larceny trial formally gets under way next week, but the prosecution seems more inclined to protect the mayor’s reputation than to allow Haggerty to mount a positive defense. A Tale Of Two Cys: Colin v Haggerty (Stone Zone)

* Trial of ex-aide Haggerty, accused of pocketing $1 million from mayor, is still Bloomberg's problem(NYDN)

Horse-trading on term limits, any number of campaign-related issues, politically-related issues."
A mayor - under oath - taking questions on the seedy side of New York politics.  A prosecutor - under fire - in urgent need of a win after a string of ugly defeats. And a once-powerful political party trying to save its reputation.  New York's Corrupt Political Parties(True News) * HaggertyGate (True News) * Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale(True News) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again(True News)


Only the NYP is Pushing To Get the Haggerty Story Out: What is Going On Between Bloomberg and Murdoch?

Last week, Assistant DA Eric Seidel reportedly wrote to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel asking that Haggerty be blocked from claiming that his use of the campaign funds was in line with similar arrangements that the free-spending Bloomberg re-election effort had with other third-party operatives -- including Bloomberg’s foundation.  Haggerty evidently wants to get the mayor and high-ranking aides -- such as Deputy Mayor Patti Harris and former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey -- under oath to shed light on the campaign’s structure. Deputy Mayor to Bloomberg Will Also Run His Charity - * John Haggerty Case: New Details Emerge(NYDN) * E-mail-strom Mike stonewalls on Haggerty (NYP)

Roger Stone (Twitter) FREE JOHN HAGGERTY  

 THE FBI secretly listened in on veteran state Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) speaking "baby talk" with an "initimate associate" during a lengthy corruption probe.  Kruger, Turano and six others were charged last April in what Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara called a wide-ranging bribery scheme. Kruger and Turano have pleaded not guilty and await trial.

Looks Like the FBI Is Trying to Get Kruger to Rat on His Friends By Embarrassing Him
"Kruger and gynecologist Michael Turano sometimes spoke to one another in baby talk."  In one chat, Turano recounted Kruger telling him he fell in love with him the first time they met at Brooklyn's Thomas Jefferson political club. "From the day I walked into the TJ club, you loved me and you wanted me," Turano says.

Employers Say Jobs Plan Won’t Lead to Hiring Spur(NYT) * Obama Jobs Bill Prompts Careful G.O.P. Response(NYT) * President Obama vs. the Nihilists - George Packer, The New Yorker * Obama's Big Government Jobs Plan - Larry Kudlow, Investor's Business Daily * To Pass Jobs Act, Obama Should Channel LBJ - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * President Obama Was On Fire Thursday - Charles Blow, New York Times * Obama Goes on the Offensive With Jobs Plan - Chicago Sun-Times * Dems Fret Aloud Over Obama's Re-Election - Michael Barbaro, NY Times

W’burg the roomie-est Most shared pads(NYP)


UPDATE: Fighter Jets Escort Flight to JFK (NBC) Two F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to escort a flight from Los Angeles to John F. Kennedy Airport Sunday afternoon after passengers refused to come out of a bathroom. The passengers were reportedly drunk.(NBC) * Fighters escort jet into NY after passenger flips over bathroom breaks(NYP)



The Daily News endorses Tony Cannataro in Manhattan and Cheryl Gonzales in Brooklyn for Civil Court(NYDN Ed)

Police flood the streets amid 9/11 anniversary terror threat(NYP) * Hearing Rumors of a Plot, Cities Make Their Security Forces Seen(NYT) * Threat Has City on Edge(WSJ) *  Cops flood NYC streets and transit hubs amid bomb threat(NYP) * Pak terror tipster’s ‘never been wrong’(NYP) *  Ceremonies to put lower Manhattan in lockdown(NYP) *The persistent threat(NYP Ed)


Three People Sought In 9/11 Anniversary Plot (WSJ) * Many Ways to Mark Anniversary(WSJ) *  City's beefed-up safety ahead of 9/11 threat meant to foil plot, ward-off would-be terrorists (NYDN)

 Terrorism Albanian in New York Charged With Supporting Terror(WSJ) * JFK ‘terror’ bust(NYDN)



Killed on Sept. 11, 2001, but Destined to Be Mourned Only Quietly, Only by a Few(NYT) * On Anniversary of Attack, Many New Yorkers Will Try Not to Dwell on It(NYT) * For Museum and Memorial, Issues of Money and Fence-Mending Lie Ahead(NYT) * WTC Rises as Memorial and Workplace(WSJ) * Bloomberg Reiterates Religion Exclusion(WSJ) * Architects Answered Call(WSJ) * How 9/11 Changed 17 Lives(WSJ) *  Therapy dog back at work grounds: WTC site (NYDN) * The 9/11 Decade - Wall Street Journal * National 9/11 Memorial Gets Finishing Touches(NY1)

9/11 As It Happened On TV(Huff Post)

PHOTOS: Magazines Reflect On The Decade After 9/11(Huff Post)



When Wall St. played on America’s team(NYP) *  The Enlightened Rich Want to Be Taxed Some of the world’s wealthiest people recognize that the burden of the economic downturn cannot be borne entirely by the poor and middle class. (WSJ)

Top girls basketball star shot dead in Harlem after partying with friends * Harlem Teen Basketball Star Fatally Shot in Head(N BC)

Pimp of Spizter hooker loses pants in courtroom(NYDN)


 CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Gunman opens fire on street, kills woman, hits boy(NYDN)

* Family to honor slain Brooklyn mom with birthday barbeque (NYDN)

Law and Order

Judge Orders Disclosure In Rutgers Suicide Case(WSJ) * 'Mikey Scars' Gets Repaid For Informing(WSJ) * Gambino mob rat (Mikey Scars) DiLeonardo gets out of prison(NYDN) * Lawyer: Sheehan shot cop husband dead in self-defense(NYDN) * Woman who stuffed dead boyfriend in suitcase stole his checks: cops(NYDN) * Park Avenue burglar bust(NYP) * Matter of wife & death(NYDN) * Crime & Safety Report(Video)   Report * Crown Heights Rapist At Large(NY1) * Three Robbers Behind 10 Attacks On Metro PCS Stores(NY1) *  Al Sharpton Presses For Information In Senseless Crown Heights Shooting (Gothamist)


No, Ground Zero Was Not Attacked Again. @NBCNews Was Just Hacked



City Hall to Give Council Role in Bike-Share Program(NYT)


 Blogger Report  Ridge ‘terrorist’: Money’s tight in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Daily) * MTA Debt Downgraded As Governor Cuomo Sits On Lockbox Bill (Bensonhurst Bean) * The New York Times Takes an Editorial Position on the Subject of Encouraging Competition and It’s Inconsistent With Its Position on Atlantic Yards(Noticing New York) * Survey Says Turner By 6!!! (The Jig is Up Atlas) * Crow Hill Community Association Response to the Shootings at Park Place - Updated (I love Franklyn Ave) * Mail in GOP District Leader race prominently features blog(The Brooklyn Politics) * Brooklyn Revealed Traces History of Street Names(Bay Ridge Journal) * 5,000 Join Hands in Battery Park City for 9/11 Anniversary (DNAINFO) * "Comrie comes here only when he needs the vote"(Queens Crap) * Jeff Klein Spends $1 Million on Staff (Bronx Political Chatter)* An Edible Park Grows on Stockton Street (BushwickBK) * Lt. Clesse 5K Run Commemorating 9/11 Held Earlier Today on Pelham Parkway(Boogie Downer) * Bill Driscoll on THE PEREZ NOTES * YouTube Mulls Service for Investigative Reporting(I Want Media)