Monday, September 12, 2011

If As Poll Predict Turner Wins, Will Dems Understand the Message

Desperate For Voters

Failing with the major Jewish and Russian-Jewish voting blocks in the district the Weprin campaign targets the Asian and Spanish voters in the district.  It is interesting that they think they can deliver those groups.

Trailing in the polls with less than a day until voting begins, Assemblyman David Weprin’s congressional campaign is pulling out all the stops and hopes to win the race on turnout, especially in the district’s minority areas. 

The campaign is sending out Spanish- and Chinese-language mailers in hopes of capturing the district’s sizeable Asian and Latino population, and state Sen. Jose Peralta recorded a Spanish-language robo-call for Weprin against Republican Bob Turner. The campaign is also raising money – over $100,000 – off Democratic fundraising sites like Act Blue, which says Weprin tops its “hot candidate” list. The site’s fundraising allowed Weprin to drop $50,000 on a radio ad, produced by the Parkside Group, which started airing Friday, campaign insiders say. “They can still selectively pull enough Dems to eke out a win,” said one consultant. “But this … shows the momentum is with Turner.”(CHN) * A Democratic operative calls Weprin’s campaign “a perfect storm of horrible.”

Tuesday  On Eve of Special Election for Weiner’s Seat, Candidates Seek to Firm Up Support (NYT)

The Voters Are Sending A Message to Dems
The big question is will the permanent leaders of the party listen to the voters message or will they try to roll over a Weprin loss with excuses that he was a sub par candidate? Are panicked Democrats preparing for the possibility of a big loss that will be widely interpreted as a referendum on President Obama? Or will they work to eliminate the 9th CD to wipe out a voice in opposition in the direction the party is headed. They might find getting rid of the 9th will make other dem districts toxic.  Can you imagine  a Congressman Turner running against Boss Crowley.  A strategist for Republican Bob Turner claims Democrats privately hope he beats Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin in the Ninth Congressional District to send President Barack Obama a wake-up call, the Post says. * A Turner win “would be a real eye-opener,” says NPR’s Ken Rudin, “especially as Obama is gearing up for his re-election campaign and already is hearing grumblings from many in his party base.”

Already Starting to Control and Spin the Weprin Loss Message 
Koch said Vote for Turner and Send A Message to Obama.  That what the three largest voting groups are doing, Jews, Orthodox Jews and Russian-Jews are doing.  So what does an NYU professor say NYU prof on : "new immigrants in district r much more conservative than the people they have replaced" via   There are a lot of long time non Jewish Conservative voters  in the district that always made it hard for Weiner to get over 60% of the general election vote * * RT @jacobkornbluh: Fred Dicker on MSNBC: This race is a referendum on President #Obama... And @BobTurner9th is going to win this race. #NY9 * Breaking: Turner Campaign Takes Action on Voter Fraud in New York 9th * final day schedule: David Weprin has 7 campaign stops, votes & attends election night party 

 Latest Polls  Dem poll firm PPP: Republican Turner w 6 pt lead over Dem Weprin. Same as SienaElect Bob Turner(NYP) * Turner is good for Granny, wife says (NYP)

Special Election: Machine Vs.  Russians and the Ortodox Voters(True News)

Not One Pol Schumer Cuomo Has Done A TV Commercial for Weprin . . .  That is Telling says the DCCC’s ad slamming Turner is “false.” * Elections Tuesday in New York State(NYT) * Winner of Weiner seat could lose district to redivision(NYDN OP Ed)) * A referendum on Obama and Israel(NYDN Op Ed) * Weprin, Turner Pause House Campaign To Observe 9/11(NY1) * Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner’s firstborn will reportedly be a boy.Republican Poised for Upset in Weiner Seat Race (NBC) * Tight Race For Weiner’s Seat Between Weprin And Turner Ahead (WCBS) * . camp says Giuliani will join them at 2pm event. * El Diario Endorses Weprin * Watch Out for Voter Fraud in the New York Ninth(National Review Online) * Ugly In 54th AD(YNN) * NY9 Special Election: David Weprin vs Bob Turner--Online, It's Little Contest(Personal Democracy) * ADDED: “Proud Jewish Democrat” Assemblyman Dov Hikind robos for Turner so President Obama will “know we mean business” on his Israel policy.

City Hall News (Twitter) If and both win tomorrow, does Barack Obama get to ask for Vito Lopez's badge and gun?

NYDN Daily Politics(Twitter)  Earlier tweet should have said: "Obama For America puts out another email plea for GOTV help for Weprin" "

Large Press Turnout for Turner

Turner is scheduled to hold a “significant” news conference at 2 p.m. at the Forest Hills Long Island Railroad Station in Queens – the same spot he announced his campaign and where TR delivered his “One Hundred Percent American” speech in 1916. 

"It Not Like the NY Congressional Delegation is A Bunch of Nobel Prize Winners" Ben Smith

Ben Smith discussing NY-9 on Capital Tonight(YNN)

  Grace Rauh (Twitter) Turner has presser today at Station Sq in Forest Hills - same place he launched campaign. * Weprin campaigns today w Rep. Crowley and CC Spkr Quinn. Cuomo robocallsrobos for Weprin tomorrow.* Guide for the Last Minute Voter: 2011 Primary and Special Election(Gotham Gazette) * Giuliani "send a message to Obama re: over-spending. His economic policies have not worked

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Sen. Diaz helping Bob Turner in . "I praise the Lord that the NOM has given me opportunities to support Turner's pro-family values. 
Colin Campbell (Twitter) Obama just txted me to help GOTV for Weprin. Should have never signed up for txts to get his VP pick for Biden in 2008 haha * . announces GOTV effort in 3 special elections tomorrow...but not mention of Weprin in * Messages from the Weiner race (CrainsNY) 1. Voters were sending a message that they are unhappy with President Obama.  2. Voters are equally disgusted with the boss-based leadership of the Democratic Party.  3. Political gerrymandering leads to bosses like Mr. Crowley and candidates like Mr. Weprin.  The other problem that CrianNY left out is the NYS Election Law that allows party bosses to choose candidates.  White House Shocker: White House Spox Says NY-9 Special Is Not A Referendum On Obama's Israel Policy(NYDN)

Yossi Gestetner(Twitter) Here we go! NRO reports absentee ballots have been sent to dead people in who btw in NY vote 4-1 in favor of Dems

Court Ruling On Hospital: Puts Additional Press on Kruger and Boyland to Rat On Fellow Legislators  

Hospital Executive Is Convicted of Political Bribery (NYT) A former hospital chief executive was convicted on Monday in a far-reaching scheme to pay bribes to three New York State legislators.  Medisys's David P. Rosen. *  Former Hospital Chief Convicted of Offering Bribes to Albany Legislators (NYT)


At a trial this summer, prosecutors presented evidence that Mr. Rosen had funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to two of the state officials, Senator Carl Kruger and Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr., both Democrats of Brooklyn, through sham consulting contracts. prosecutors charged that the officials showered Mr. Rosen’s organization with state money and lobbied the state government on his behalf. MediSys is a nonprofit sponsor of four hospitals as well as nursing homes and neighborhood health centers in Brooklyn and Queens.

A mayor - under oath - taking questions on the seedy side of NY politics. A prosecutor - under fire - in urgent need of a win after a string of ugly defeats. And a once-powerful political party trying to save its reputation


Prosecution Seeks to Focus Trial on Election Aide, Not the Mayor(NYT) If the defense is allowed to have its way, election law experts say it could produce some awkward, embarrassing and dangerous moments for Mr. Bloomberg. *  Mayor Bloomberg Haggerty Trial Sept. 12 Rumor Mike’s Charity Use(NYC Culture Pop Politics) * Jury selection to begin in case against former political(SI Advance) 

Breaking: RT : In haggerty case judge declines to limit when can b asked of , others. Jury selection next mon. * Judge rejects limiting inquries at trial for ex-Bloomberg consultant(NYP)* Bloomberg Campaign Spending May Be Explored at Operative’s Trial(NYT) * Bloomberg Possibly Headed To The Witness Stand (NY1)

Experts: Bloomberg Broke Election Law

A Democratic election lawyer. “It appears to most election lawyers that I’ve talked to that there’s at least one, and possibly two, violations in that transfer.” Campaign finance rules prohibited money in a party’s housekeeping account from being used on a campaign. The money that went to GOP campaign operative Haggerty came from a Bloomberg contribution to the state's Independence Party.




Like Father Vito, Like Son Espinal 

When newspaper were attacking Vito Lopez he created his own government funded newspaper to praise himself

What do you do when all the newspapers endorse one of your opponents? If you’re Assembly candidate Rafael Espinal, you start another newspaper. Residents of the 54th Assembly District got campaign mailings from the newly created “Prime Time News,” featuring articles about Espinal’s work in the community and how he won a recent debate. 

The crown jewel is the newspaper’s editorial evaluation of the three candidates for Tuesday’s special election. “We wanted to believe that her family name would allay our board’s fears of voting for an unproven entity,” the editorial board says about Deidra Towns. “But upon sending our investigative staff to Camp Towns, we were sadly disappointed.” The paper similarly finds Jesus Gonzalez unworthy, concluding that he “should seek to expand his horizons beyond that of political nonprofits and invisible political benefactors.” Shockingly, Prime Time News enthusiastically endorsed Espinal. * Campaign Literature that Makes You Go “Yikes!” of the Day(The Brooklyn Politics) * In 3-Way Race for Assembly, Tough Last-Minute Campaigning (NYT)

Beyond the Scenes of A Judgeship Race

ALWAYS INTRIGUE IN BROOKLYN’S JUDGESHIP RACES (PLUS SOME OTHER JUICY STUFF) *  NY1 Online: Democratic Candidates For Brooklyn Civil Court Make Their Case





What Going On With the NYPD Ticket Fixing Investigation?

Bronx prosecutor cans her lawyer in DWI case Embattled Bronx prosecutor Jennifer Troiano has canned her DWI lawyer - weeks after prosecutors revealed his daughter would be their star witness.(NYDN)


Why Are the Good Government Groups Silent on the Council's Efforts to Sabotage the Slush Fund Investigation

Council in compliance  The City Council, under heat at the time from the slush-fund scandal, created the position of chief compliance officer three years ago and then hired Emily Steed, an attorney with a long history in investigations, audits and enforcement.She left 11 months ago and has not been replaced.(NYP)  What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)


NYS Half Million $$$ Political Junkets
State lawmakers claimed more than $527,544 in travel and per diem payments since the legislative session ended June 24, with Sen. Eric Adams at the top of the list with $16,256, the Daily News says


No Floods in NYC But Hurricane TV Show Gave Bloomberg A Bounce in the Polls

Bloomberg's approval rating has shot up to 54 percent in the latest Quinnipiac University poll, perhaps because 86 percent of New Yorkers liked how he handled Hurricane Irene. Bloomberg approval rating back up to 54 percent in latest Q-poll, his highest since 55 percent in November. May be a post-Irene bounce. * Poll Finds Bloomberg Weathering the Storms(NYT) * Q-Poll: Mayor Bloomberg’s Approval Swells After Hurricane Irene, New Yorkers Happy With WTC Rebuilding (NYO)

Bloomberg's Take Charge Everyone Out TV Show Works.  Is Obama Paying Attention? 

Bloomberg-Boosting-Newspaper-Publisher-Gives-Useful-Award-Christine Quinn (Capital)

 NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn is being honored as “Woman of the Year” by a publisher who once honored Bloomberg as “King of Queens.”

On 9/11, Vows of Remembrance(NYT) * Connecting With Lost Loved Ones, if Only by the Tips of Fingers(NYT) * The TV Watch: On Slow and Somber Anniversary, News Media Try to Stay Out of the Picture(NYT) * A Decade Later, America Grieves, Reflects(WSJ) * A Decade-Old Grief, Suddenly Fresh(WSJ) * Piloting Ship of WTC Steel(WSJ) * Silence for 12 Firefighters(WSJ) * Crayon Rubbings Mark Visit For Families(WSJ) * National 9/11 Memorial Opens To The Public(NY1)


Security put in place last week for a psbl 9/11 terror threat remains in place

No Solace for Some(WSJ) * Witnessing Horror and History From the Staten Island Ferry (WSJ)*  Spirits of World Trade Center heroes can still be felt, even 10 years after their deaths(NYDN) * Inner strength of youngest survivors shows world what true nobility looks like * NYC marks gutsy resurgence with prayers, healing hearts(NYDN) * Thousands gather at Ground Zero to hear names of 2,977 victims(NYDN) 

 Poignant, emotional moment for kids who lost a parent(NYDN) * As nation remembers 9/11, father 'finds' dead son at memorial(NYP) * City Marks Tenth Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks Under Heavy Guard(NY1) * NYPD Pays Tribute To Fallen Comrades In Blue(NY1) * Elected Officials, Loved Ones Honor Port Authority's 9/11 Losses(NY1) * Brooklyn Firehouse Remembers Lives Lost, Families Gained(NY1) * Forever etched in the city’s memory (NYP) * Tears for those lost(NYP) * Kelly: No Reason To Lower Security Level Just Yet (NY1) * Victim's Name Misspelled on 9/11 Memorial(NBC)

Jet Incidents Show Unease(WSJ) * Passengers cause scare on flight by behaving suspiciously in bathroom (NYDN) * 'Loo'ny terrorist air scare(NYP) 



MLB Refuses to Let Mets Wear FDNY, NYPD Caps(NBC) 

Keith Olbermann Blasts MLB For Forbidding Mets To Wear First Responder Caps


Kids jump turnstiles to save, skip fare hikes(NYDN)




Department of Transportation doesn't fix holes in street because they're not potholes(NYP)




Mayor Grasso?

Former New York Stock Exchange chairman Dick Grasso tells the Post's Cindy Adams he's considering running for mayor if NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly doesn't * Former NYSE head and Eliot Spitzer nemesis Dick Grasso reiterates to Cindy Adams that he’s “seriously thinking” of running for NYC mayor in 2013 if NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly doesn’t. 




NYS Not Moving on Obama Health Care Reform - Albany Tea Party?

G.O.P. Senators in Albany Block Federal Aid to Fulfill Part of Health Law(NYT) Senate Republicans are resisting setting up a mandatory state insurance exchange. The Republican-controlled state Senate is balking at returning to Albany to pass insurance exchange legislation that would implement Obama's health care reform, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo isn't forcing the issue.

Closing a Nursing Home, and a Chapter of New York History(NYT) Mounting debt attributed to inadequate Medicaid rates is forcing one of the last major Jewish institutions on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to close after 82 years.


Anti Fracking NYT Tell Cuomo to Go Slow the Pro Fracking NYP Says Speed it Us 

The DN seems to be leaning in favor of fracking, but warns Cuomo to make sure protections for the NYC watershed are “rock-solid.” 

Too Fast on Drilling Gov. Andrew Cuomo should move cautiously to make certain that extraction of natural gas with hydraulic fracturing is done without damaging the lands and communities involved. * Gov. Cuomo must guarantee safety of city's watershed before he permits hydrofracking upstate (NYDN Ed) * The pro-fracking Post wants Cuomo to speed up the approval process, reasoning this will help upstate recover from recent storm damage.

Heralded Girls Basketball Star Is Shot to Death in Manhattan(NYT) * Teen's death case of mistaken identity: family(NYDN) * From the redneck to the drug pusher: The evolution of violence against blacks (NYDN Ed) * High-school hoops star killed in case of 'mistaken identity'(NYP) * Promising female basketball star shot to death(WABC)


Law and Order

 3-year-old kidnapped boy returned home unharmed(NYDN) * Video: Cops Dry-Hump Civilians At West Indian Day Parade (Gothamist) *  Judge dismisses heroin charge against ex-cop cleared of rape(NYP) * NYPD investigating video showing cops' dirty dancing at West Indian Day Parade (NYP)


Terrorism Rep. Pete King is crossing the pond to testify during a British Parliament committee hearing called “Roots of Violent Radicalisation.” * NYC Man Denies Helping Terror Group(NBC)


Boston Globe Launches Pay Site: Post)


Florida takes center stage in 2012 campaign (Wash Post)





Bloomberg Gives Larry David a Hard Time(NYT)




Bank of America to cut 30,000 jobs(Wash Post)

White House Would Cut Tax Breaks to Pay for Jobs Plan(NYT)