Friday, September 9, 2011

How Long Will Congress Take to Act on the Urgent Needs of the Unemployed?

America's Forgotten People the Unemployed

Moody's: Obama plan will add 1.9M jobs

Urges Congress to stop 'political circus'(NYP) * Obama Calls On Congress to ‘Pass This Jobs Bill’(NYT) * The Jobs Speech(NYT Ed) * President's Bid to Spur Growth(WSJ) 


Quite a new tone for Obama last night. Less Mr. Spock; more Capt. Kirk

Small Business Is Focus of Tax Cuts(WSJ) * Republicans would serve themselves well politically by endorsing Obama's jobs bill (NYDN) * Lupica: Obama makes nice jobs talk, but employment office still full(NYDN) * President Obama's big speech to Congress on jobs suffered from underemployment of pertinent details(NYDN Ed)* Obama’s plan (details here)*  In the Real World, Will the Jobs Plan Make a Difference?(NYT)

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter) Would a Dem loss next week in NY 09 wipe out whatever hope his speech stirred in the faithful? (I think "yes"--your thoughts?)


***Breaking: Earthquake: Turner up by 6 in new Siena poll, Obama drop down to 43% in district

Buildings Taken Out On Weprin Attack Ad After It Was Pointed Out Plane Over NY Skyline Was A Bad Idea on the Weekend of 911
Weprin Attack Ad
NYP Attacks the DCCC and Others Fat Cats Funding Weprin TV This Weekend

The Post mocks D.C. Democrats for throwing money at Weprin's campaign, and calls their latest ad that featured a plane buzzing the Manhattan skyline "shameful"  Weprin’s big-bucks buddies (NYP Ed) * In Last Push, Rivals in House Race Try to Provoke a Blunder(NYT)

NYT Does Another Puff Piece for Weprin, too bad nobody reads the paper in the 9th

* A Scion of Queens Democrats Vies for a House Seat (NYT)

Colin Campbell (Twitter) The DCCC's original ad is the one airing on TV right now, not the skyline-free version:

Michael Barbaro (Twitter) Appears anti-Turner ad was only edited for presentation online, not changed for TV:

NYT Calls David Weprin, a "Jewish Rambo" Weprin is More Like Clem Kadiddlehopper Or Gleason's the Poor Soul Or Saturday Night Fever David 

All the kings men and all the king whores could not put David Together Again

Hah, the Rambo bit only refers to him delivering bullet proof vests behind the green line * Cash Pours into Weiner Race(WSJ) * Worried Democrats Buy TV Ads to Help Weprin (WSJ) * Weprin, Turner Hold Special Debate On NY1 * Dems’ Queens Mayday(NYP) * GOP hopeful Bob Turner refuses to back presidential candidate from his own party during debate(NYDN) * Poll Finds Turner Strong Against Weprin in Race to Replace Weiner(NYT) * Holtzman Robos On DCCC’s Dime For ‘Good Friend’ Weprin(YNN) * This Video of David Weprin Dancing Will Haunt You(NY Mag)

daveweigel DEVELOPING: Dems politely turn down Anthony Weiner's offer to aid GOTV by texting voters.



After Losing the State Senate Parkside FK Up Again  

Parkside Got $2.2 Million from the Democratic State Senate Committee

The rumor floating through Democratic circles yesterday was that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had stepped in to take control of Assemblyman DavidWeprin's floundering campaign from the Parkside Group. Everyone involved denied it, and the DCCC would legally only be allowed to work in coordination with Weprin's campaign, but there's no denying the Democrat's half-million-dollar ad buy has also garnered it a stronger role in the Ninth Congressional District race. "Everyone has just been alarmed at how badly things have gone," one leading Dem said. It's not unusual for the DCCC to jump heavily into a special election - but in a 3-to-1 Democratic district, Weprin wasn't supposed to need it. "There's so much more to lose here than a single congressional seat," said one Democratic strategist. * Both Weprin and the DCCC deny rumors that the Parkside Group has been squeezed out of running the assemblyman’s campaign as he appears to be foundering against Bob Turner.

Daily News says Gonzalez Alone has the "Gumption to Stand on His Own Two Feet Politically

The Daily News endorses Jesus Gonzalez to represent Brooklyn's 54th District in the Assembly(NYDN Ed)

Daily News: "dishonesty of trying to pass Espinal off as a liberal Dem as well as a conservative GOP is breathtaking"


A slim majority of New Yorkers - 51 percent - says they plan to visit the 9/11 memorial in the next six months, and half also believe the federal government should pay for the site's upkeep, a new Marist poll finds

Omitting Clergy at 9/11 Ceremony Prompts Protest(NYT) * Firefighters' Names Endure in St. Patrick's Towers(NYT) 

NYPD Honors 73 Who Died Responding to 9/11 (WSJ)* U.S. Muslim died a 9/11 hero - but family still plagued by bias(NYDN) * 9/11 attacks left these women widows: 'We have to go forward'(NYDN) * NY1 Exclusive: New Poll Reveals Split Feelings On 9/11 Memorial * Newly-Released Air Traffic Control Recordings Reveal First Moments Of 9/11 Attacks(NY1) * List of 9/11 ceremonies, events and closures(NYP) * An underground hero on 9/11: subway operator evacuated passengers and manuevered train to safety after system locked down(NYP) * Water Street residents helped rescuers after 9/11(NYP) * Museum will show gory pix(NYP)* Security Increased as Biden Describes 9/11 Bomb Threat(NYT)


Nadler: Christine Wanted for Manslaughter

Rep. Jerry Nadler thinks NYC officials and former EPA chief Christie Todd Whitman are “guilty of manslaughter” for telling people the air at Ground Zero was safe when “we knew damn well it wasn’t.” 



"B/c the 3 would-be terrorists have common names, cops have been unable 2 pinpoint their exact location, sources said"

Times Square Dirty Bomb Possible

Mayor Bloomberg said that the terrorist threat detected by federal authorities had not been corroborated and warned against overreaction, but declined to provide specifics about the report, the Daily News says. Sources say the threat may be connected to three "seasoned" Al Qaeda operatives with orders from top terrorist leaders

Feds probing possible anniversary attack as city steps up police presence(NYP) * Investigators Assess Threat of Bombing Tied to 9/11(NYT) * Mayor Addresses Terrorism Threat Information(NYT)

Bloomberg rode the subway to assure commuters the city is prepared for a potential terror threat 

U.S. Sees 'Credible' 9/11 Terror Threat(WSJ) * Secretary of State Clinton talks terror in NYC(WSJ) * Authorities believe three Al Qaeda thugs may be planning strike for 9/11 anniversary(WSJ) * City Beefing Up Police Activity In Response To 9/11 Anniversary Terror Threat(NY1)'Specific, credible' threat of 9/11 car-bomb attack from 3 Pakistani men(NYP) * Higher Security Throughout City Following Terror Threat(NY1) * The plot is reportedly timed to coincide with Sunday’s commemoration ceremony, but Mayor Bloomberg said the city will not be “intimidated” and the event will take place as planned.* Rep. Pete King, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, said: “No need to panic. They have not been able to confirm it yet.”

Charities and nonprofits with ties to powerful people like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Maria Cuomo Cole, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's sister, may fall under the scrutiny of state investigators examining executive pay at nonprofits, the Wall Street Journal says: * One of the first nonprofits to receive a request for information from Cuomo’s task force on executive compensation was the Met Council, which is linked to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Cuomo-connected groups like HELP USA and GNYHA didn’t get letters until a reporter inquired if they had. 

Manhattan DA Tries to Protect the Mayor and His Staff

John Haggerty Case: New Details Emerge Manhattan prosecutors are urging a judge to spare Mayor Bloomberg and his staff from answering some dicey campaign finance questions under oath.  (NYDN)


Defense lawyers in the $1.1 million grand larceny trial of GOP operative John Haggerty want to ask about his claim that the mayor routinely hid campaign expenses and used his foundation to buy political support. Assistant District Attorney Eric Seidel contends the questions are "irrelevant" to the prosecution and would "confuse the jury."

 Puppet Quinn Takes A Dive on Goldsmith to Protect Puppetmaster Mayor

Christine Quinn says no Bloomberg probe on Goldsmith bust(NYDN)Quinn Hires Pollster Tied to President for 2013 Race(NYT)

Gerson Borrero If POTUS continues the way he's going CM Quinn may be able to hire all of Obama's team.


Last Week Gambling Ripped Bloomberg for Ducking His Radio Show

Bloomberg cover up of Goldsmith's domestic violence arrest has John Gambling ripping mayor(NYDN)

This Week Gambling Wimps Out And Asks the Mayor No Questions About Goldsmith 

911 Health Administrator

 CITY HALL NEWS WINNERS & LOSERS: Summer is over, but the Winners & Losers keep coming, with winners Andrew Cuomo, Brad Gill, Sheldon Silver, Larry Silverstein and Jumaane Williams besting losers Michael Bloomberg, John Howard, Steve Israel, Betty Little and Robert Odawi Porter: 


State Heeds Minor Parties on Voting-Machine Complaint(NYT) * NY’s minor parties scored a major victory when the state’s Board of Elections agreed to alter a vote-counting anomaly that the parties argued in a lawsuit was a threat to their very survival.


Bloomberg's 'Beer Summit' Idea Antagonizes Many in Council(NYT)




Grade Their Own Students?

On the First Day of School, a Million Students Finding Their Seats(NYT)  * State Weighs Testing Curbs on Teachers(WSJ) * DOE Chancellor Visits Schools As Students Return To Class(NY1) * Teachers could be banned from administering and grading their own students’ standardized tests under a series of changes education officials are proposing after cheating scandals erupted in several other states.


Another Organize Crime Pol

Former cop who is running for office gets backing - from a mob wife(NYDN)  Republican Jane Deacy, an ex-cop running for a Queens Assembly seat, sent a letter to voters touting the support of the wife of a convicted mobster from the Colombo crime family







Subway rider's worst nightmare: Rat chomped on woman's foot as she waited for train(NYDN)

Bedford-Stuyvesant Steps Up its Game When Michael Zawacki first moved to Bedford-Stuyvesant five years ago, friends would sometimes be surprised when they heard where he lived. No more. (WSJ)


Woman busted for stuffing boyfriend in suitcase stole his checks: cops(NYDN)

Law and Order