Sunday, October 31, 2010

True News Sunday Update

NYT Tradition Becomes Arrogance, Not Reality 
Even the Paper's Editorial Board has Become Dysfunctional

The NYT has always been against Term Limits for the city's elected officials.  Today the paper calls on the voters to vote no on question number 1 which calls for rolling back term limits from three terms to two. Voting on the Fine Print.  Follow the tradition has become more important that the reality of bad government caused by New Yorkers unable to vote their elected officials out of office. The Times understands that Koch's group to throw the bums out failed in every attempt to beat an incumbent.  The NYT knows the election system in this state and city is some gamed by incumbents that the public no long has the ability to vote elected officials out of office.  Yet the NYT editorials has by continuing to following unworkable solution of counting on the voters to change government, has become somewhat dysfunctional itself.  NYT this past May 16th wrote an Jobs for Albany’s Do-Nothings in which the paper ask the voters to Throw the Bums out.

Sunday Update 

Election 2010 Kirsten Gillibrand's $10.9M makeover (NYP) * Andy presses Carl on $1M scandal aide (NYP) * Nasty gov race coming down stretch with Cuomo comfortably ahead Paladino appears to have peaked a week after his stunning primary victory. (DN) * Cuomo rips Carl's rants as dangerous ravings Cuomo suggested his Buffalo flame-throwing foe tanked his own campaign. (DN) *  GOP fears it may be left out in cold in Albany (DN) *  Cuomo's grand mission: Andrew Cuomo should be elected governor of New York over Carl Paladino (DN Ed) * A battle plan for Gen. Cuomo - if elected governor, he'll have to back up rhetoric with action * Republicans on the offensive as Tuesday nears; House could fall, Senate unlikely (Wash Post) * Paladino Camp Uses Dem Words Against Cuomo (YNN) * Voter Unrest Echoes '94, Poll Shows - Jon Cohen & Dan Balz, Washington Post * Why Americans Want Divided Govt - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune * Last Siena Statewide Survey: AG And Comptroller Tied, Cuomo Up 25 (YNN) * Andrew Cuomo Brushes Off Low Turnout Predictions -- And Fellow Dem Tom DiNapoli Too * Cuomo ‘Officially Neutral’ In Comptroller’s Race * The Battle For Kiryas Joel (YNN) * DiNapoli: We Don't Need No Cuomo(DN) * Statewide Candidates Enter Final Push (NY1) * “Mr. Cuomo will either win his first budget battle or he will be an early failure as governor,” the TU says.* Barron: Sharpton Is Voting For Me

Sunday TV News Shows  TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads * 5 Reasons Republicans Could Do Even Better Than Expected (NYT)

Yemeni police looking for others involved in package-bomb plot (NYP) * Praying & flying in tight security (NYP) * Woman busted in Yemen and her lover tied to Al Qaeda plot, as hunt for terror suspects continues (DN) * Terror martyrs are reduced to mailing it in (DN) * Cargo planes open whole new door to fear (DN) * White House: could be more mail bombs * Brennan says cargo plane explosives could detonate on their own * Bombs Were Designed to Destroy Planes, U.S. Believes (NYT) * Yemen frees parcel bomb suspect conditionally: relative Reuters

City is All Trick and No Treat
Judges are foes in budget battleThe courts are interfer ing so much in city administration that "we have one hand tied behind our backs" in trying to preserve vital services(NYP) *  No boys allowed City officials among $250 'gal only' tenants (NYP) * City using contract 'criminals' (NYP) * 'Lazy' EMTs hand off to volunteers (NYP) * Street-food vendors sleeping in their wagons overnight (NYP) * Ethics Lapse? Welcome Aboard! (NYT)

Liu's pay-to-play lesson  Joseph Goldstein reported last Sunday, Liu’s office continues to enjoy a cozy relationship with Bill Lynch, the comptroller’s former political consultant who’s now lobbying on behalf of money managers seeking a slice of the city’s $103 billion pension funds, which Liu oversees. (NYP)

Play to Play Political Parties
Third-party plague  New York is the only state that allows minor parties to cross-endorse Democrats and Republicans — and that’s the problem.  . .  That is, what once was an ideological check on the two major parties has become a political extortion racket that feeds on Albany’s corrupt patronage system.  Even as the party’s chairman, Michael Long, accused the then-governor of moving “out of step” with the GOP, the Conservatives kept endorsing him — while enjoying significant Pataki patronage.
NYP Don't Vote On Minor Party Lines
But now it’s up to voters to take matters into their own hands — since New York’s political leadership has proved too cowardly to do so. They can do this by voting for Cuomo or Paladino only on either the Democratic or Republican lines, in hopes that the minor parties all fall short of the 50,000-vote threshold.

Why Minor Parties Were Formed
The late, unlamented Liberal Party was formed as a progressive alternative to the Tammany-controlled Democrats and the pro-Communist American Labor Party — but soon became nothing more than a patronage mill before vanishing altogether. . .  Take the Conservative Party. It was created in the early ’60s to reverse the leftward drift of the state GOP, then controlled by liberals Nelson Rockefeller and Jacob Javits, by fielding candidates truer to Republican principles.

Bloomberg Uses Minor Parties To Pay Off 
Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. lays out case against Bloomberg, but decides not to follow through (DN)

True News Background: Political Parties for $$$ale Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again * Organized Crime Politics - The Rigged Election System

 Jon Stewart 
Rally Includes Lesson in Media Criticism 301 

"The country’s 24-hour political pundit perpetual panic conflictinator did not cause our problems, but its existence makes solving them that much harder. The press can hold its magnifying up to our problems, bringing them into focus, illuminating issues heretofore unseen — or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden, unexpected dangerous flaming ant epidemic.  If we amplify everything we hear nothing." Jon Stewart's closing remarks at The Rally To Restore Sanity

Almost Half of Judge Candidates Unqualified to Run, Says NY Bar (Village Voice)

Paterson 'T Was Silver'

Paterson accuses Shel Silver of 'collusion' Paterson secretly accused Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver of "collusion" after complaints of corruption surfaced over the selection of a politically connected firm to operate an Aqueduct casino, The Post has learned.  Paterson's stunning claim was laid out in never-published "off-the-record" statements the governor made during a recorded interview with The New York Times and recounted in explosive internal staff e-mails. (NYP)

Election 2010   Well Ahead, Cuomo Wraps Up 62-County Odyssey (NYT) * Paladino Improvises His Final Swing (NYT) * A Carl Paladino Volunteer Shares the Anger (NYT)Volunteer for Andrew Cuomo Is Calm Under Fire (NYT) * Cuomo Rally's Capital Region Dems * Cuomo On Campaign, AEG, And Hevesi  * DioGuardi: Gillibrand Is A ‘Puppet’ (DN) * Cuomo Unsure About Jail For Hevesi (Fox 5) * Cuomo vs. the Unions *Gotham Gazette) * Carl Paladino Can't Catch a Break, Even From GOP-Loving Murdoch (Robbins Village Voice)

Saturday ***
Carl's 'little girl' slap (NYP) * Paladino Not Backing Down Over Gillibrand Comment (CBS) * Duffy Attacks Paladino Over Haggarty * Gubernatorial Candidates Begin Final Push Upstate (NY1) * Marist: Cuomo Up 19, Schumer 24, Gillibrand 15 * (What Looks Like) An Important Tax Message (From Carl Paladino)

Control of the State Senate
Siena On SD 3, 40, 48, 58…GOP Up In Three
Joseph Mercurio Zeldin (R) has a commanding 53% to 37% lead over incumbent Foley (D) in the 3rd state Senate district Suffolk County. Five weeks ago the race was at 44-43 percent for Foley. Siena poll (Facebook)
Bad news for Dems: new Siena #s have Ball, Ritchie & Zeldin up, but also have Jack Quinn down. Would make a 32-30 R majority. #nysen 

Organized Crime Politics

Paterson Says Albany Needs To Be Investigated to Follow the Law Paterson said Fisch's probe provided the impetus for the state to clean up its selection process. Under the new procedure, lobbying was banned and the professional judgment of state lottery officials held sway.

Bloomberg's Establishment Pressure Haggerty  in A Press Trial 
To Make  A Deal
 An Offer You Can't Refuse?
It seem that when  your in Bloomberg circle the press becomes the DA.  Both Haggerty and Steve Rattner are being tried in the press.  For three weeks there have been press stories about the SEC giving Rattner a tap on the wrist penalty an the the AG wanted more.  Now it is Haggerty turn for a press trial.  The Manhattan DA office filed court papers that said that Haggerty admitted to Manhattan prosecutors that he "lied" to and "misled" the mayor's campaign in order to conceal his intention to pocket the money, prosecutors allege in a new court filing. Haggerty lawyer Dennis Vacco "This is an over-the-top action by the DA's office, and it's got severe consequences on John's ability now to get a fair trial."  Bloomberg and his friends in the establishment do not want Haggerty to go to trial.   Haggerty was there when they bought term limits and knows who got what. If this matter goes to trial he will bring the whole house of cards down. Mike '$cammer' powwow (NYP)  * New Allegations Against Bloomberg Operative(WSJ)  We still do not know why the money was funneled to the Independence Party and why the money came from the personal account of the mayor and was not reported to the Board of Elections.  Oh boy do they want this case to disappear.  Why did the DA release this information gotten months ago right before the election  Maybe this is why?  Andy presses Carl on $1M scandal aide (NYP) * Former AG Dennis Vacco Defends John Haggerty Against Bob Duffy Swipe

The Big Lie: "It's either a contribution or it's an expenditure."
Haggerty's lawyers say that if Bloomberg's $1.1 million was truly a donation to the Independence Party, then prosecutors can't claim it was stolen just because they don't like how the party spent it.

In last week's filing, though, Vance scoffs at the idea Bloomberg's money was a donation to the party.  "This argument seeks to mischaracterize the nature of the transferred funds," prosecutors wrote. "Haggerty deceived Bloomberg and his staff into sending the money to pay for a fictitious ballot security operation."
If Bloomberg's $1.1 million wasn't really a party donation, it should presumably have been reported as part of his campaign spending.  Whatever happened, Bloomberg appears to be in the clear. He has poured at least $6.2 million into Republican and Independence housekeeping accounts in the past nine years - and if he's spending more right now to influence Tuesday's election, we won't know for months.
Rule Number One In City Hall: 'The Mayor Is Always Right' (DN

Pay to Play Monserrate
Hiram Monserrate's Cheating Ways  An ex-rebel's publicly funded self-empowerment program

Pay to Play Nelson Castro
Why is this pol is smiling despite having $8,600 in parking fines Unlike the New Yorkers Bronx Assemblyman Nelson Castro represents, he'll never get towed because of a little known perk. (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown NY's cash-strapped courts losing 1,800 workers * NJ tunnel closure cost: 44,000 jobs (NYP) * Drinks come with 18% twist (NYP) * Up, up & away Prices are rising, despite what Ben Bernanke and other economists... * How the Banks Put the Economy Underwater  The mortgage mess goes well beyond foreclosures and “robo-signers.” (NYT Ed) * Bernie bankruptcy trustee's big fee (NYP)

A Mosque Problem in Brooklyn Also
The Culturist Brooklyn Tea Party Fights the Voorhies Mosque 

Terrorism   Yemeni woman arrested in bomb plot (NYP) * Yemen Arrests Suspect in Plot as U.S. Eyes Qaeda Group (NYT)

Al Qaeda sends explosive packages to Jews in US (NYP) * New York airports, synagogues on alert after mail terror plot exposed (NYP) * Explosives From Yemen Target U.S.(WSJ)
Bomb scare shows the bad guys never stop plotting to kill us (DN) * Packages had explosive devices meant for synagogues * Panic in Brooklyn over UPS terror plot (DN) *Get the bastards (DN) * Mail bomb plot shows lax cargo, parcel security * Device could have brought down plane (NYP)

Meskini, Millennium Plot Terrorist, Is Sentenced Anew (NYT)

Law and Order 

Man charged with killing Queens deli owner (NYP) * Tears on the turf for slain student (NYP) * The federal government must help cities fight the murderous traffic in illegal guns (DN Ed) * One Dead, One Injured In Brooklyn Housing Complex Shooting (NY1) * Arrest Made In Fatal Shooting Of Queens Deli Owner (NY1)* Man arrested in tragic murder of Queens deli clerk, Juan Torres (DN)
Halloween party horror: Woman in costume shot dead in B'klyn * Bronx DA Internal Email About NYPD Undercharging (Gothamist) * Arrest Made In Fatal Shooting Of Queens Deli Owner


*** Saturday Dead tot was drugged, beaten, starved and dehydrated (NYP) * 'Life' of a super mob rat (NYP) * DWI-slay mom sentenced to four to 12 years (NYP) * Mob Killer and Defector Receives Time Served, and Will Live in Hiding (NYT) * Malnourished 4-Year-Old Girl’s Death Is Ruled a Homicide (NYT) * Finished Probation in '80s, but Now Facing Deportation (NYP) * The Shame of New York  An extensive report filed with a class-action lawsuit asserts that many of New York City’s police stops are unconstitutional. (Herbert, NYT) * Todder's Death Is Ruled Homicide  * Drunken Mom 'Asking for Tragedy' A Bronx woman whose drunken-driving accident took the life of a young girl and injured several other child passengers was sentenced Friday to between four years and 12 years in prison (WSJ) * Gas Station Heist Leaves One Dead (WSJ) * NYC attorney suing FOUR-year-olds for fatal accident that killed his elderly mother (DN) * Accused 'texting' rapist tells News: Jury knew I'm innocent (DN) *  Killer mob rat Sal Vitale sprung from jail sentence (DN) * Granny-mugging teen nabbed for assault charges (DN) * 'Hell' for murdered realtor Linda Stein's daughters (DN) * Judge's vicious cycle: Shame on Justice Paul Wooten who ruled 4-year-old girl liable in lawsuit * Police Search For Co-Op City Gunman (NY1) * Underweight Brooklyn Girl Died From Abuse, Neglect, Says Medical Examiner (NY1) * Woman Whose Drunk-Driving Crash Killed Young Girl Receives Prison Sentence (NY1) * Woman dead, another wounded in Sheepshead Bay shooting (NYP) *Three shot outside Qns. chicken restaurant (NYP) * Parole Worker Leaked Info To Gang Member (Fox 5) * Man and woman shot in Brooklyn apt. lobby (WABC)

A Rally Signifying Absolutely Nothing - David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun * Jon Stewart points finger at media  * Stewart Closes Rally With Biting Critique of Media | Rolling Stone ...Keith Olbermann Thinks Jon Stewart Jumped The Shark Yesterday
 Media and New Tech The Noise About Public Radio  Ending federal support for all public broadcasting over NPR’s firing of Juan Williams would be the worst possible outcome of the situation. (NYT Ed) * Huffington springs for 10,000 NYers' trips to D.C. rally (DN) * A New York Baseball Giant Through and Through -* Bill Maher Afraid Mohammeds, Islam Taking Over Western World * A Moment of Zen on the National Mall (NYT) * Yemeni Officials: Woman Suspected Of Sending Mail Bombs Arrested (NY1) * A Polish-American Paper’s Final Edition (NYT) * Blackout ends: Fox, Cablevision deal (NYP) * The Election on TV and Online (NYT)

MarkSimoneNY  Jon Stewart says that Olberman is just as bad, and just as harmful as Beck, so now crazy Keith is on the warpath: (Facebook)

How Behavioral Science is Remaking Politics (NYT) * The Divider in Chief - Patrick Caddell & Douglas Schoen, Washington Post * Drowning in Campaign Cash Shrill political attacks have saturated the airwaves for months, but behind them is the real problem of this demoralizing election: the dark flow of dollars. (NYT Ed) *

Will Lincoln Prevail?

It's 150 years ago, and New York State looms large in Abraham Lincoln's election prospects.

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