Friday, October 29, 2010

The Coming Economic Danger: What the Candidates and Media Will Not Talk About Until After the Election

Breaking News Devices found in two packages; jet lands at JFK with fighter escort (NYP)
* No dry run: Prez confirms that enemies wanted to attack U.S. Terror scare after two explosive devices bound for Chicago intercepted.* Chicago Jewish groups on alert for odd packages(AP)

Report: ADA Says Haggerty Copped To Stealing Bloomberg Cash (Updated)

The Coming Economic Danger
What the Candidates and Media Will Not Talk About Until After the Election

It is the Economy Again, Stupid

Report: N.Y. business climate worst in nation  (
Before the gubernatorial race became focused on who's more of an Albany "insider" and which person has the right temperament to run New York, it was about one thing -- the economy. New York has the worst individual income tax, fifth-worst unemployment insurance tax and ninth-worst property tax, according to the Tax Foundation study. New York's upstate economy in particular has been suffering for years because of the decline in population and manufacturing. Its manufacturing employment base shrank by 32 percent in the last 10 years. Statewide, New York lost 2 million people in the same time period. The state's unemployment rate was 8.3 percent in September. The Bronx had the highest unemployment rate in the state last month -- 12.5 percent -- compared to 7.5 percent outside New York City.

NYP Has Turned the Newspaper Into Negative Campaign Commerical
DiNapoli in 'pay to play' DiNapoli's campaign has reaped more than $340,000 from law firms seeking legal work from his agency (NYP) *Dump DiNapoli Not only did pay-to-play shenanigans at the state comptroller's office con tinue after Alan Hevesi was evicted, it's worse than anyone knew. (NYP ed) *  Carl $lipped aunt's home to mistress (NYP) * The Post reiterated its support for Staten Island DA Dan Donovan for AG and Harry Wilson for state comptroller.

NYT Has Turned the Newspaper Into Positive Campaign Commercial for Cuomo Negative for Paladino
 Indulging an Obsession With Motors and Muscle (NYT) * Cuomo’s Running Mate Fills Quiet but Scrappy Role (NYT)  * Paladino Calls Senator Gillibrand ‘Schumer’s Little Girl’(NYT)

Dan Rather Courage Award
Daily News Takes A Shot At Next Governor
Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo gains support by showering Democrats with cash (DN) The Kings County Democratic Committee, whose leader, Assemblyman Vito Lopez, is under federal investigation, received $5,000.(DN) * Andrew Cuomo has ripped state government, calling it a “joke,” but he had no trouble giving campaign cash to Democratic organizations, many of which are run by state lawmakers. 

Election 2010 If Odd Campaign Ads Had Their Own Special Awards * Paladino Pummeled in Poll New York City voters to Carl Paladino: Forget about it. In a Wall Street Journal poll, 53% of registered voters said they had a negative impression of the Buffalo businessman.(WSJ) * Small Parties See Double Trouble(WSJ) * Paladino Takes Message To Long Island, Bashes Cuomo (NY1) * CATSKILLS DAILY MAIL: Paladino Vows to Fight Albany Political Hacks * Republicans are poised to gain N.Y. House seats 2 to 7 seats * Paladino and Cuomo received The Onion treatment.* Cuomo on the layoffs: “We talk about numbers. These are families, right? These are mothers, these are fathers, these are children. So it’s a very painful situation, but the governor believes that the numbers mandate it. As attorney general, I’ll be defending these actions in court, and it’s a very unfortunate circumstance, as I said, but it’s a reality.” * Sen. Neil Breslin admitted he had been drinking before he was pulled over recently by a State Trooper and given a sobriety test. The contradicted a Senate spokesman’s account of the incident.* Clyde Haberman on the “Morton’s fork” term limits referendum choice.*  Can't buy me love? "Andrew Cuomo has tossed campaign cash at dozens of Democratic clubs in an effort to build a faithful army of supporters across the state. The Democratic gubernatorial front-runner forked over about $60,000 to 45 local Democratic clubs and organizations from Staten Island to Buffalo, campaign records show," with black and Latino clubs, where Cuomo's support has been weaker, benefitting the most, report our Lucadamo and Lesser. * When it comes to education, "Paladino favors a dramatic approach that would diminish the role of the state Education Department, while Cuomo wants to reward districts with a pool of competitive grant money like the federal Race to the Top competition that pits schools against one another," writes Scott Waldman.* Bringing New Meaning To A ‘Smear Campaign’ * McCain robocalls for New York GOP .* Gillibrand Fires Back At Paladino * A rundown of Cuomo’s inner circle. (Buffalo News) *  A Reminder From Carl Paladino: Halloween Is Sunday! * Gillibrand Fires Back At Paladino * Giuliani Hits McMahon For Bringing Grimm's Ex-Wife To Debate

NYT Endorses A Few Good Albany Candidates
State Senate Tony Avella, the Democrat, in District 11
Bob Cohen, the Republican, in District 37
Democrat Michael Kaplowitz in Dist. 40
Didi Barrett, the Democrat, in District 41

What the Public Wants to Do With Both of Them
New Yorkers' Picks to Exit Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Rev. Al Sharpton tied for top honors in a new poll: They are the public figures New Yorkers most want to exit the public stage and never be heard from again. (WSJ)

Serphin Maltese   The Rev. Al Sharpton, our next attorney general? (Facebook)

Board of Jerks
Bloomy not so chummy with Board of Elections crew (DN) Bloomberg said he has “no idea” whether New Yorkers can count on the city Board of Elections to count their ballots accurately next Tuesday.
Schumer is navigating a fine line between trying to help his friend, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, live through next Tuesday and maneuvering for his leadership post. * Bloomberg Hanging On Chads * Bloomberg continues to press for all-electronic voting machines.

New York Economic Meltdown Co-op, Condo Sales Drop Off(WSJ)
* Property Bust Can be Plus for Arts The continuing commercial real-estate slowdown in New York can open up opportunities for local artists and arts organizations to snag space they otherwise couldn't afford (WSJ) * Gonzalez: Firm to Yank parking prices at Stadium (DN) *  (DN Ed) * State worker unions made it clear they will go to court to block Gov. David Paterson’s layoff plan.*  The New York State Theatre Institute may close in December for lack of cash.

Education  In Sharp Rise, 47 City Schools May Close Over Performance (NYT) * Officials: 47 Schools Considered For Closure (NY1) * Sex and violence plague illiterate principal's school (DN)

Sugar Lobby Gets in Its 2 Cents
E-Mails Reveal Dispute Over City’s Ad Against Sodas (NYT) NYC Health Department emails show a very thin line between science and PR when it comes to getting people to cut down on sugary drinks
Report Shows Plight of Puerto Rican Youth Young Puerto Ricans are faring far worse than the young Dominicans, Mexicans and other Latinos in New York (NYT)

FDNY Faces Discrimination Complaint From Electrical Workers  A group of four workers have filed a discrimination complaint against the city's Fire Department, saying it denied them the opportunity to collect overtime pay because of their racial backgrounds.(WSJ)

Terrorism Just a matter of time Farooque Ahmed, 34, is the second would-be martyr arrested in a week -- and part of a growing wave of American Muslim men who seek to take up arms against their country. (NYP Ed) * U.S. Judge’s Ruling May Return a Convicted Terrorist to Prison (NYT) * Finally! Obama lets aid flow for 9/11 ills study (DN) * Money-bags Saudi prince says move the mosque (DN) * A billionaire Saudi prince whose money for a 9/11 fund ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani once rejected says the Park51 project should be moved even though he’s a supporter of the imam behind it.* Man Charged In D.C. Metro Bomb Plot To Appear In Court (NY1)

Law and Order Hate-crime 911 (NYP) * Suspect in fatal Queens deli shooting being questioned (NYP) * Activists push to arm 14,000 delis with legal guns (NYP) *Killing Prompts Push for Bodega Owners to Get Gun Permits (NYT) * Rape-text suspect is acquitted in stunner (NYP) * Duo executed at Queens cemetery (NYP) * Killing for the Mob, Then Decimating It in Court (NYT) * Two Portraits of Triple Killer, Offered to Jurors, Are at Odds (NYT) * 4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case (NYT) * Search Continues For Man Who Tried To Snatch Boy In East Village (NY1) * Judgment day for Bonanno family turncoat (DN) * Bravest in hit-run probe has gang bash rap (DN) * Granny-mugging teen busted in Staten Island * Woman Whose Drunk-Driving Crash Killed Young Girl Receives Prison Sentence (NY1) * Medical Examiner: Underweight Brooklyn Girl Died From Abuse, Neglect * Woman Whose Drunk-Driving Crash Killed Young Girl Receives Prison Sentence * Member of Gambino Crime Family Receives 11-Year Prison Term (WNYC) * Gas Station Worker Shot Dead Over Candy Bar (NYT)

Media and New Tech  
 White House satisfied with President's 'Daily Show'  * The Daily Show's Olivia Munn Previews 'The Rally to Restore Sanity' When Does a Fake Political Rally Turn Real? Do satirists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert help increase voter engagement or cynicism? (NYT Ed) * Google yearns to make YouTube a TV network  * On Cusp of Expansion, WSJ. Magazine Brings In New Publisher
* Spitzer Madam To Appear On 'The View' Monday

Tribune braces for competing bankruptcy plans  Unhappy creditors face Friday deadline to offer alternatives
* In Week After Juan Williams Firing, Emails to NPR Ombudsman Topped 22,000

National Politics 65% of voters would ax every Congress member (NYP)

National Economy  Informer: BofA hawked risky deals to customers pushed complex derivatives products on customers in the midst of the financial meltdown without warning them of the substantial risks associated with them (NYP)

Joseph Mercurio Stu Rothenberg up his House prediction to 55-65 (Facebook)

Who Will Control Congress?