Monday, November 1, 2010

NY'S Confusion and Dysfunction Election of 2010, Blame the Press

NY'S Confusion and Dysfunction Election of 2010
For the First Time in Generations New Yorkers are Not Going to the Polls to Vote for Better Government

Press Failure
It is time to start blaming the failure of New York's government on the presses.  True News will be examining in the coming weeks how the press covers campaigns.  The press floats in and out at times attacking bad government and corruption but seem at election time to have a sole mission of getting the candidates they endorse elected.  Some say this coverage is because the corporate owners need elected officials in their financial matters. Other says the press owners believe the only way to sell their product is to sensationalize.  Lets review a few words Jon Stewart spoke at this really this past weekend about press coverage.

"The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems, bringing them into focus, illuminating issues heretofore unseen. Or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire, and then perhaps host a week of shows on the dangerous, unexpected flaming ants epidemic." 
The press is our immune system. If it overreacts to everything, we actually get sicker--and, perhaps, eczema. And yet... I feel good. Strangely, calmly, good. Because the image of Americans that is reflected back to us by our political and media process is false. It is us, through a funhouse mirror--and not the good kind that makes you look slim in the waist, and maybe taller, but the kind where you have a giant forehead, and an ass shaped like a month-old pumpkin, and one eyeball."

 A Defeat for the Press
Andrew Cuomo deflected the mandate question, noting a candidate only needs “one point” to win.*
Andrew Cuomo openly mocked GOP opponent Carl Paladino and urged New Yorkers to reject what he said are attempts to prey on their fears and anger.

Son of Sam II

NYT Obsessed with Paladino's Dog Duke
 Paladino charged the NYT sent a reporter to Buffalo to see if Duke had a license, he did.  Today on the day before the election the NYT has a picture of the candidates dog and a story about giving out Halloween candy  It all about the economy does not apply to the old gray lady. * The Times stakes out the homes of Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo for trick-or-treaters. * The Times Trick-or-Treats With Paladino and Cuomo (Obsever)

On Halloween, Two Candidates and One Costume (of Sorts) Andrew M. Cuomo answered his own door for trick-or-treaters, but Carl P. Paladino was not to be found. And the candy was nonpartisan.(NYT) * Carl Paladino got into the Halloween spirit, and said he’s “scared” of Cuomo.

Daily News Goes Shumer (Why Wait Till the Last Day?)
Sen. Chuck Schumer is a real asset to New York and should be reelected * Gillibrand “a work in progress” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gets the endorsement of the Daily News over Joseph DioGuardi Luke Warm endorsement that said "The next two years will be crucial to determining whether she can develop into a sure-footed, effective senator with a clear agenda of her own."

NYP Goes After Schneiderman  Eric no fan of antiterror bills (NYP Ed) *The Post's picks(NYP ED) * Madam gets 'hooked up' with new $$ Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis' broke campaign for governor has received a sudden infusion of tens of thousands of dollars to buy TV ads attacking Andrew Cuomo -- and she won't say where the money's coming from. (Dicker, NYP)

Election 2010: The Last Day
In Albany, Democrats Face Losing the Senate  Despite a financial advantage and a popular candidate for governor, the party’s majority rests on a few close races. (NYT) * Campaigning Down to the Wire (WSJ) * Statewide Candidates Enter Final Push (NY1) * Experts say color Empire State a bluer shade of red Democratic legislators in New York are expecting less of a threat from GOP takeover * Bloomy's endorsements leading in polls Bloomberg's fortunes in Albany may be about to change after elections (DN) * NY attorney general, comptroller races tied: poll (NYP) * Cuomo trouncing Paladino in governor's race: poll (NYP)* Andrew Cuomo still leads over Carl Paladino, but battle for NY Controller remains tight (DN)  * “God is good that he gave us such a self-evident clown as a Republican candidate,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler at a Democratic GOTV rally.* The AG and state comptroller races are both dead heats, according to Siena.* Be careful what you wish for candidates, says Dan Jansion  * Andrew Cuomo Is Enlisted to Aid New York Democrats (NYT) * The Trail: Locals Come Out For Halloween, But Will They Come Out To Vote? (NBC) The Mandate Question: How Big Does Cuomo’s Win Need To Be? * Paladino’s Appeal ‘From The Heart’ * The Siena College poll shows gubernatorial front-runner Andrew Cuomo cruising - but suggests for the first time that the GOP now has a good shot to win the races for attorney general and controller. The Republicans are also in position to reclaim the state Senate * "The tone and tenor of [Paladino's] gubernatorial campaign can be explained not only by the Republican candidate's temperament, but by the bare-knuckle tactics long employed by key members of his campaign team," writes the BN. * The Rent May Be Too DAMN High, But These Items Aren't Too DAMN Expensive * Last Minute Stumping: Where The Candidates Are Today * The Madam’s Money * Carl Paladino, GOP candidate for New York governor, invokes dead son in campaign video appeal * Pataki For Paladino (Finally) * Former Gov. Pataki Bites Bullet, Endorses Carl Paladino (DN) * Cuomo On His Mandate, Sheinkopf Meeting, And Tom DiNapoli [VIDEO] * Pataki Endorses Paladino (NYT) * A Senate Dem Departure (YNN) * Andrew Cuomo On Tax Cuts: Don't Hold Your Breath, New York (DN) * Cuomo Steps Up Attacks In Race To Replace Him * Kiryas Joel To Go With Nan Hayworth in NY-19 * Paladino’s last ad * Wall Street Watches Attorney General Race (WSJ)

Following the Money  As anonymous donors expand their role in national politics, New Yorkers on Tuesday will decide whether to require more disclosure of who provides campaign cash in city elections. Read more» (Gotham Gazette)

GOP Gains in the State Senate Predicted By Both Sides
"Some top Democrats are privately conceding that the Republicans will regain control of the state Senate in tomorrow's balloting, although the margin is likely to be tight. Some key Senate Democrats, while generally tight-lipped about their prospects, have told colleagues they're fearful that their majority is lost. Incumbent Democrats Brian Foley of Suffolk County and Darrel Aubertine of Watertown are described by Democratic insiders as "goners," and they also give Republicans a good chance of defeating incumbents Suzi Oppenheimer of Westchester and Antoine Thompson of Buffalo. While Senate Democrats are publicly hopeful of defeating longtime incumbent Republicans Frank Padavan of Queens and James Alesi of Rochester, other Democrats say they doubt either will lose. One of the state's best-known Democrats predicts Republicans will control the Senate 32-30, the same two-vote margin won by Democrats two years ago after 43 years of GOP control." * In Albany, Democrats Face Losing the Senate The AEG scandal gave the out-gunned GOP (at least from a fundraising standpoint) “fresh ammunition,”  (NYT) * NY Senate, Assembly face rare election uncertainty (CBS6)

Hard to Build Big Mo When Pols Change the Law to Fix Their Needs
Term Limits Are Popular but Draw Less Fervor (NYT)
First the media works against the public vote for term limits now they tell us that we are not enthused to return to the two terms we already voted for twice  Mayor Has Secret Meetings with Media Moguls on 3rd Term - Gothamist

Elections brings voting booth changes  Adjustments spurred by complaints during primaries
Paterson Broken Field Running Again
Retire & rehire binge for Dave The Paterson administration put nearly 200 state employees back on the public payroll this month -- just days after giving them a lucrative early-retirement bonus intended to thin the government ranks and save money (NYP) * The TU is puzzled by Paterson’s timing on layoffs.

 New York Economic Meltdown Economic Development Corp. spends thousands on frills * Editorial: Scratch OTB ripoff Gov. Paterson's administration has cooked up a rescue plan for Off-Track Betting that would shaft city taxpayers out of $200 million. It's a raw deal that must be humanely destroyed. (DN Ed) * Borough President's budgets could be slashed. * Casualties of Coney Island’s Upheaval * Northern Manhattan Subway Riders Say Rats Abound (NYT) * New York State Budget Has $315 Million Deficit After 3 Months, Report Says

Top JFK aide Sorensen dies  National Elections Will Women Give the Edge to the G.O.P.?  Polls show the Democrats losing support among female voters this year. Why are we seeing this shift? (NYT Ed) * Obama & his party hope for best, brace for worst (DN) * Chuck in Charge Schumer to be Dem Savior? (NY Magazine) * “It’s not the fad to be politically knowledgeable and active,” said a disenchanted 21-year-old voter. * Final Gallup Poll sees historic GOP wave into 'uncharted territory' of a 60-seat gain or beyond

benpolitico RRT @WilliamBeutler: Via @TheElectoralMap, the most volatile U.S. counties by vote plurality, 1976-2000:  (Facebook)

 Terrorism Only Suspect in Bomb Plot Is Released (NYT)* Germany Tried to Thwart Bomb Delivery (WSJ) * Yemeni Officials Release Suspect In Mail Bomb Plot (NY1) * He planted bomb inside his OWN BROTHER (DN) * Yemeni student held over cargo bombs is released (DN) * Evil explosives whiz being hunted in Yemen mail-bomb plot (NYP) * Increased security at 15 CPW in wake of mail-bomb plot (NYP) * Counter-terrorism Officials: Bombs Intended for Planes (NBC) * Yemeni Officials Release Suspect In Mail Bomb Plot * Freed inmate told Saudis about cargo plane bomb plot (NYP)

Law and Order   Suit Seeks to Silence Queens Judge on Interview Tactic * Man Is Charged in Killing of Clerk at Queens Deli (NYT) * Arrest Made In Shooting At a Bodega(WSJ) * Driver Sought In Fatal Queens Hit-And-Run (NY1) * Queens Man Arraigned In Deli Owner's Murder (NT1) * Two men shot as Bx. Halloween party ends in gunfire (DN) * HRA probing staffers' thefts of clients (DN) * Gotti teen grandkid busted (NYP) * Bronx man working on motorcycle shot by thugs wearing Halloween masks(NYP) * Halloween slay probe: Was it robbery or a hit? (DN) * Hit and run reclassified as deadly beating (WABC) * US advises local officials to watch out for suspicious packages: Fox News Channel * Ray Kelly's Publicity Piggy Bank: The Police Foundation (Village Voice)

Media and New Tech  Sun-Times Media cutting jobs to stem red ink * Want to Lend the New York Times Some Money? (All Things Digital) * Content Is King? Broadcasters Keep Upper Hand In TV Disputes(Huff Post) * National Enquirer Publisher Filing For Bankruptcy (Huff Post) * The New York Times and Twitter: Now Worth the Same! * Despite Bankruptcy, National Enquirer to Continue Putting Smut on Newsstands

National Economy More on the Mortgage Mess Even after the financial meltdown and taxpayer bailout— and all those vows about accountability — regulators are still behind the curve.(NYT)

Who Will Control Congress?